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The figure in white floated gracefully in the air like a butterfly. Flitting through the skies, the figure threw themselves into Bai Yunfei’s embrace… 


Bai Yunfei repeated. His arms wrapped tightly around the trembling figure of the person in his arms. Strange as it felt, Bai Yunfei’s throat felt a little raspy. He opened and closed his mouth several times, though no words were spoken after that first time.

“Please…don’t say anything. I’m afraid I’ll wake up again if you say something…” 

A trembling voice whispered into Bai Yunfei’s ears. He grew quiet at once.

“A moment longer…is all I ask if this is a dream…”

The voice spoke again. It was a lithe voice filled with raw emotion, but each word felt like a stab of pain to Bai Yunfei’s heart… 

Bai Yunfei forced himself to become calm. Putting on a small smile, he lifted his right arm to gently stroke the silky hair of the person he was hugging. “Don’t be afraid.” He whispered back, “This isn’t a dream. I’m back, Xinyun.”

Xinyun trembled again. Her hands pressed lightly against Bai Yunfei so she could look up. Her teary eyes met with Bai Yunfei’s own. A hand touched softly at Bai Yunfei’s cheek.

Chuckling, Bai Yunfei caressed her hand as it touched his cheek. “I’m not lying, you know.”

This was no dream. Xinyun didn’t have to fear of waking up and having Bai Yunfei disappearing anymore like before… 

The fear of this all being a dreamed slowly drained away from Tang Xinyun’s eyes. The longer she looked at Bai Yunfei, the more her hope grew. Soon, the corners of her lips began to twitch with the beginnings of a cry. Nodding, she buried her head into Bai Yunfei’s shoulder and began to cry… 

And so the two stood there up in the skies, saying and doing nothing but embrace one another.

Having no idea what was going on, Yao Wuchen motioned to Dan Teng, “And these people are…?”

“She’s Bai Yunfei’s lover and these two soulbeasts are his contracted soulbeast and friend. I had no idea he was waiting for them…the bond between Xiao Qi and Bai Yunfei must’ve alerted them of Bai Yunfei’s position.”

“Two Late-stage Soul Kings and two Early-stage Soul Kings…” Yao Wuchen nodded. “So he was waiting for them? It’s a considerable show of strength, but again, I’m afraid up against two Soul Emperors…”

This entire time, Yao Wuchen thought Bai Yunfei was ‘waiting’ for reinforcements on the level of a Soul Emperor. Would these newcomers really be enough to fight off two Soul Emperors?

“This isn’t good!!” Suddenly, Yao Wuchen’s head snapped up in horror. “There’s no way our enemies won’t notice the energy trails just now! We’ll have to leave at once!”

“Rumble rumble…”

As if responding to his fears, two beams of light—one gold and one dark—shot through the skies toward Bai Yunfei and his group!

“There’s still a lot I want to talk to you about, Xinyun, but that’ll have to wait. Wait for me in the Core World, okay?” Bai Yunfei whispered soothingly to Tang Xinyun.

No longer crying, Tang Xinyun tilted her head to look back up at Bai Yunfei. Her face shifted softly when she realized the auras of the incoming two people, “Are they…enemies, Yunfei?

“What terrifying auras they have…” She shuddered.

“It’s a long story,” Bai Yunfei gave her a reassuring smile, “I’ll tell you all about it in a moment. But for now…I have to deal with them. Wait for me in the Core World, okay?”

“No…I’ll fight with you!!”

Bai Yunfei hadn’t expected her to respond that way. The soft and soothing look on his lover’s face was gone. In its place was a determined expression and…an edge of killing intent.

Thinking about it now, Xiao Qi, Long Lan, Tang Xinyun, and her soulbeast partner the quickshade bird must’ve been looking for him all this time, especially in the last half year. Her anger for the enemies was to be expected.

“Fine. Then you, Xiao Qi, Long Lan, and Xiao Bai will deal with the Soul Kings. Be careful.”

Not willing to argue, Bai Yunfei decided to compromise with her.

He looked back to the large figure standing slightly away from them. “It’s been a while, Long Lan. You’ve gotten a lot stronger.”

Long Lan hadn’t physically changed at all since three years ago, but he was stronger now. He nodded at Bai Yunfei’s words, “We all knew we’d find you, Yunfei. We knew you’d be fine.”

“Life was hard for us these past few years, Yunfei…now that we’ve found you, I won’t forgive you if you mistreat Xinyun.”

The voice of an unknown female spoke out then, startling Bai Yunfei. Looking at the source, he saw the quickshade bird perched on top of Long Lan’s shoulder.

“Xiao…Xiao Bai?! You can talk?!” His eyes grew wide open.

Xiao Bai flew close to Bai Yunfei. “What is there to be surprised about? I’m a class seven soulbeast now too, am I not? Is it strange that I can talk?”

“Er…” Bai Yunfei grew embarrassed, “Haha, it’s a little hard adapting to that out of the blue…”

A blast of energy from the two incoming Soul Emperors caught Bai Yunfei’s attention. “We can talk more later. Xiao Qi, Long Lan, prepare for battle!!”

“Yunfei, the enemy is nearly upon us, we should leave now!!”

Yao Wuchen was growing frantic now. The enemy was coming far too close for his liking.

Tang Xinyun passed a black ring into Bai Yunfei’s hand. Taking it, he turned to the three men there. “No need. We’ll bring everything to a conclusion right now.”

“What?!” Yao Wuchen exclaimed, “You want to fight them?! But why!”

“Is this a joke, Bai Yunfei?” Wu Dijian nervously asked. “You’re the only one capable of fighting on par with a Soul Emperor. What can we do against two?”

“Xiao Qi and I will deal with the two Soul Emperor. You can deal with the others.”

A shocking statement. Hardly any of the three Soul Kings could believe the words Bai Yunfei was saying.

Bai Yunfei waved his hand and brought all the Soul Kings of the Yao clan out from the Core World. All of the class seven familiars were brought out as well.

“Clan head, my complete recovery was solely due to your Yao clan. As such, I vow to your clan—the enemies of your Yao clan will be destroyed! I won’t allow even a single one of them to leave this place alive today!”


A surge of power exploded from Bai Yunfei the moment he spoke the last word. Skyrocketing in both power level and height, Bai Yunfei flew at the two incoming Soul Emperors!

The sky was awash with elemental fire at once. The more Bai Yunfei’s aura grew, the more elemental fire that spawned! Soon, Bai Yunfei’s aura was on par with the auras of the two Soul Emperor!

Dual Flame Arts: ‘Berserk’ Mode!


Above the golden beam of light, a golden tiger appeared out of thin air. A wave of energy exploded from the tiger when it tilted its head up to bellow at the heavens!

The streak of black on the right side had a demonic figure made from the shadows from above it. Sprouting two identically black wings, the figure looked especially evil.


A thunderous voice cried out from the black beam of light. It was just a statement and not a soul attack, but the demonic figure above the black figure brought its right arm up high into the sky. It swung its palm downward with as much force as it could muster to squash Bai Yunfei!

The Extinguishing Seal!

The giant tiger lashed out with one of its claws. The power behind its claws felt like it was ready to tear the heavens apart as beams of golden light shot out from the claws towards Bai Yunfei!

Straight off the bat, the two Soul Emperors were sending their strongest attacks at Bai Yunfei!

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