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Inside the Core World.

Bai Yunfei and Lao Sha appeared on top of a grassy hill.

The world inside the Core Stone was the same as ever. Bai Yunfei found himself sighing in sorrow. It had been three years since his last time in here. It almost felt like a whole life time ago that he was inside this world.

Bai Yunfei placed Lao Sha gently inside one of the nearby caves before turning around. “Xiao Fang.”

No response.

“Xiao Fang.”

Still no response.

“Ehhh…?” Bai Yunfei’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

He distinctly remembered not seeing Xiao Fang appear in the outside world, but not seeing Xiao Fang inside the Core World felt very wrong.

Why wasn’t Xiao Fang here?!

Xiao Fang was the spirit of the Core Stone. As long as the Core Stone was intact, Xiao Fang would be there. The two were one and neither could be separated. Bai Yunfei could even sense Xiao Fang’s presence inside the Core Stone, but for some reason, there was a peculiarity. 

Bai Yunfei had a feeling that Xiao Fang was…stuck in the same situation as the Soul Sentinel Scarf!

“What’s going on here…” Though not clear on the situation, Bai Yunfei had a guess on what might’ve happened. 

Xiao Fang said before that a spirit of the soul armament was the same as a type of ‘energy’. If too much energy was used, then the spirit would be inversely affected and would most likely go into a ‘hibernation’ state. It was even possible for their very personality to be returned to the void and for a new one to be born anew. What Bai Yunfei went through three years ago must’ve affected Xiao Fang as well.

He remembered his battle with Nether ending with an attack that should’ve killed both of them. Bai Yunfei just never imagined surviving it, let alone somehow ending up going from the Lost Swamps to the Qimang Mountains.

Giving up on calling out for Xiao Fang, Bai Yunfei decided to think. Curious, he waved his right hand to summon something.

A figure in violet and green popped out less than a hundred steps away from him. The figure was hazy in nature and glowed white on the outside. Around the figure was a palm-sized object that floated there.

Duan Leiting’s avatar.

In the battle before, the light coming from Duan Leiting’s avatar made his person hard to see. But now that everything was calm, Bai Yunfei could see the avatar fully now. It was semi-translucent and gave him the feeling of being an illusion almost.

“A Soul Emperor, though just an avatar. I wonder if the Core World will be able to hold him…”

Another memory of what Xiao Fang said before popped in Bai Yunfei’s mind. Xiao Fang said that while the Core World was powerful, it wasn’t invincible. A powerful enough attack could cause some severe consequences. For example, a Soul Saint could force the Core World into releasing them if inside.

As for a Soul Emperor, it depended on the strength and the methods… 

“It should be fine if it’s just an Early-stage Soul Emperor…”

Making up his mind, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand. All of a sudden, the entire world turned red as elemental fire converged into the area. It surrounded Duan Leiting’s avatar like a cage before Bai Yunfei gave the command for the Soul Sealing Mandate to be undone.

Once spoken, the Soul Sealing Mandate trembled slightly and took back the white light around Duan Leiting.


And pouring out from Duan Leiting’s avatar was a tremendous amount of energy!

“The…the Soul Sealing Mandate! The Core World!! You’re…you’re Bai—aghh!”

Duan Leiting began to shout at once as he realized who he was just fighting. Before he could finish, however, the elemental fire transformed into a fiery shackle that wrapped tightly around his person!

He tried straight away to use elemental wind and lightning to free himself, but he found himself unable to escape!

Despair filled Duan Leiting’s face. This was…the Law of Fire!

Within the Core World, Bai Yunfei was free to make use of the Law of Fire to do his bidding. He was also free to constrict the effectiveness or even usage of other elements in here if he so wanted. That meant Duan Leiting’s avatar could only make use of the elemental energy within his body if he wanted to use any. It was easy to see which side would win if they fought.

A shimmer of light flashed in Bai Yunfei’s eyes. Waving his right hand, Bai Yunfei had the space around Duan Leiting grow transparent, locking the trapped man in a different dimension!

With Duan Leiting’s avatar dealt with for the time being, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand to call the Soul Sealing Mandate to him.

Unique Equipment
Equipment Grade: Mid Divine
Elemental Affinity: None
Soul Compatibility: 60%
Equipment Effect 1: 100% Regeneration rate to the soul.
Equipment Effect 2: Summon a white halo. Soulforce recovery is increased by 100%.
Other effects cannot be activated within the duration of this effect.
Equipment Effect 3: Seal the soul of a single entity. Entity will be unable to take any actions.
Upgrade Requirement: 700 Soulpoints

A notification of the Soul Sealing Mandate’s stats popped up in Bai Yunfei’s mind the moment he touched it.

“So the Soul Sealing Mandate had other effects other than just ‘sealing’. I see some overlap with the Soul Sentinel Scarf…” Bai Yunfei noted with a sigh.

“But why does it have 60% soul compatibility already?” Bai Yunfei was rightfully confused. He never had the time to even inspect this item before he made use of it in his battle with Duan Leiting. From when he awoke from taking the Truth of Reincarnation to now, he wasn’t even able to upgrade the Regalia.

“Soul Sealer.”

He sighed again and tried to speak into the Soul Sealing Mandate.

It had a spirit, so Bai Yunfei was trying to see if he could get a response from the Soul Sealing Mandate.

But…there was no response! He didn’t see any spirit pop up!

“If it used too much ‘energy’, then this will probably help it…”


It was time for him to start using the Upgrade Technique.

A while later… 

Upgrade SuccesfulUnique Equipment
Equipment Grade: Mid Divine
Elemental Affinity: None
Upgrade Level: +10
Soul Compatibility: 100%
Equipment Effect 1: 100% Regeneration rate to the soul.
Equipment Effect 2: Summon a white halo. Soulforce recovery is increased by 100%.
Other effects cannot be activated within the duration of this effect.
Equipment Effect 3: Seal the soul of a single entity. Entity will be unable to take any actions.
Additional Attribute: 20% Increase in Equipment Effect 1 and 2's effects.
+10 Additional Attribute: Create a spiritual barrier by using soulforce. Gain immunity to a single spirit-based attack for up to 5 seconds.
Cooldown of 24 hours.
Upgrade Requirement: 700 Soulpoints


Bai Yunfei could hear a slight buzzing sound from within the Soul Sealing Mandate the moment he upgraded it to +10. White light began to pour from it and shine!

Something within his mind seemed to connect with the Soul Sealing Mandate, prompting Bai Yunfei to stare wide-eyed at the brightly-shining Regalia!

“100% Soul compatibility!!!”

He breathed out loud—he couldn’t believe his eyes—the Soul Sealing Mandate reached 100% soul compatibility by the time he was able to get it to +10!

In other words…Bai Yunfei managed to earn himself another lifebound armament. This would make it his fifth!

“Ah…that feels goooddd…”

A rather lazy-sounding voice spoke into Bai Yunfei’s mind at that moment!

Something began to materialize out from the white light at the same moment Bai Yunfei heard the voice. Taking a material form, the white light soon transformed into a tiny white tiger.

It looked very realistic in shape and lifelike in action. Stretching its back like a housecat, the tiger blinked its eyes twice and stared up at Bai Yunfei… 

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