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One beam of light was dark green and the other an emerald green.

How strong the people were was still unclear due to the distance, but they were without a doubt extremely powerful!

Moment after moment, the distance between these two beams of light and the battlefield drew smaller and smaller. Soon, there was no denying the nearly suffocating presence emanating from the two beams of light. These two people were without a doubt Soul Kings!

“Late-stage Soul Kings!”

Qin Bangjie was the first to voice his suspicions. His eyes narrowed dangerously at the possibilities behind the arrival.

The conclusion of this battle would inevitably be changed no matter which side these two people joined… 

He looked to the men from the Beast Taming School and the Wind Lightning School. If either of the two schools were to look at ease, then these two would most likely belong to their side. 


Not a single member from either schools seemed to be at ease. This…this meant these newcomers weren’t reinforcements!

Truly, this was a mind-numbing conclusion. 

The grim expression on Qin Bangjie’s face grew even more pronounced… 

Meanwhile, the elders from the Yao clan were also looking quite grim. If those two incoming Late-stage Soul Kings were enemy reinforcements, then things would look very bleak for them… 

It wouldn’t be until the two figures drew even closer that Yao Tianji’s eyes grew wide on his face.

“This aura…”

Disbelief spread across his face. Staring even harder than before, Yao Tianji concentrated on the person within the emerald beam of light. Gradually, the shock on his face took on a happier tone!

All around him, the elders of the Yao clan were starting to take notice of the same thing Yao Tianji did. They all looked to the person within the emerald light with uncertainty.



“Watch out, enemy reinforcements!!”

As if cutting off the relieved voices of the Yao clan, Ma Xucheng roared loudly for everyone else on the battlefield to hear. Forcing back the enemy he was fighting with both of his soulbeasts, he retreated with the others to form a defensive formation.

That was because the figures within the two beams of light were already within range to attack the three allied schools!

Once they were within just a kilometer away from the battlefield, the two figures suddenly disappeared!


The Soul Kings grew on high alert at once. They watched as ripples appeared at the edge of the battlefield before…seeing two beams of light charge straight into it!

“Ahh!!! Watch out!”

“Late-stage Soul Kings! Get out of the way!!”


Panic descended upon the Soul Kings from the three allied schools at once. Two Late-stage Soul Kings entering the mix so suddenly was just too much for anyone to handle!

There was little confusion about why the allied schools were in a panic. They were the first ones the two Late-stage Soul Kings dove at, and with their strength, there was no way the Late-stage Soul Kings wouldn’t be able to deal with them. Not even Ma Xucheng would be able to fend off the two!

And by the time he realized the enemy was within attacking range, an attack was already coming at him!

Like arrows cutting through the battlefield, the two beams of light shot towards the area where the Mid-stage and Late-stage Soul Kings were gathering. 

And on their way, the two beams of light crossed paths with two Early-stage Soul Kings. One was from the Soul Refining School, the other was from the Wind Lightning School.


The person within the dark-green beam of light flew past the side of the Early-stage Soul King from the Soul Refining School without slowing down in speed. There was only a sharp gleam of light once the dark-green beam of light passed, and in the next second, the head of the Early-stage Soul King flew into the sky!


On the other side, the person within the emerald-green light rammed into the Early-stage Soul King from the Wind Lightning School. Like a runaway train, the Early-stage Soul King was powerless to stop himself from being carried onward by the enemy and out of sight!

Both incidents took only a second to transpire and were extremely powerful. Not even the Half-emperor Qin Bangjie would’ve been able to stop either attack had they attacked him. By the time Qin Bangjie’s eyes readjusted and caught the focus of both enemies, they were already parked on the other side with the Yao clan!

With the light gone from their figures, it was now possible for everyone to see who these newcomers were.

One the left stood a tall figure in blue robes and had hair that sprawled across the back of his neck and shoulders. In his hand was an unconscious person—the Early-stage Soul King from the Wind Lightning School! 

On the right was a rather short person. His robes were gray, tattered, and evidently seemed to have missed a few washing cycles. Not even his hair seemed kept. His face was haggard and his eyes relatively small on his face. All in all, this person seemed almost like a beggar in appearance. The only thing of notice was the fact that a very long longsword was strapped to his back. For a short man, this extrlong longsword made him look all the more strange.

“Dan Teng!”

“Wu Dijian!!”

Two names were shouted out at once!

The first came from the Yao clan. They were relieved to see this first person.

The second came from the allied schools. They, on the other hand, were shocked!

Both these people were people Bai Yunfei was ‘familiar’ with!

One was the owner of the teahouse near Tianhun Academy, the Soothing Heart. Dan Teng! 

And the other was the assistant headmaster of Tianhun Academy, the ‘Invincible Swordsman’, Wu Dijian!

What…were they doing here of all places!?

Needless to say, their arrival stunned the entirety of the battlefield. All seemed quiet almost as people stopped their fighting to look up. A temporary ceasefire was had as everyone retreated to their respective sides to stand behind their Soul Kings in nervous attention.

“What’s going on?! Why have those two appeared here?!”

“Ah! Elder Jin is dead! How?!”

“Oh no! Elder Qian has been captured! How could this be?!”

“That’s…that’s Wu Dijian! Wu Dijian the Invincible Swordsman! He’s from Tianhun Academy!”

“Him?! The one who killed two of our Soul Kings half a year ago?!”

“Is it really?! What’s he doing here?!”

The people from the allied schools on the ground were quickly starting to realize who Wu Dijian was.

“Two Late-stage Soul Kings! They’re here to help us, that’s great!”

“Hey…isn’t that seventh uncle? He’s back!”

“It’s…it’s really uncle Dan Teng! He’s actually back!!”

“I just knew he’d be back! Haha!! Wonderful!”

On the other side, the people from the Yao clan were whooping with joy. They were clearly overjoyed to see two Late-stage Soul Kings join them.

In the skies above.

“Seventh uncle, you’re back at last!” Yao Wuchen cried out in joy.

Dan Teng’s eyes flickered from the enemies to Yao Wuchen. “I thought something was off and decided to come back. My apologies for being late…”

He looked to Wu Tianji next. “Big brother.” he nodded slightly.

Like Yao Wuchen, Yao Tianji was delighted to see him. Nodding back at him, Yao Tianji smiled. “Let us deal with the enemy first before we talk.”

Now wasn’t the time for the two to catch up on old memories.

Everyone looked back to their enemies. Wu Dijian’s eyes scanned across the many different Soul Kings in front of them. “The Soul Refining School, the Beast Taming School, and the Wind Lightning School…I can see Qin Bangjie, Xu Qianqing, Ma Xucheng, and He Changkai…tsk. No wonder I didn’t see them for a while, they were all here…”

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