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Once Bai Yunfei and the others were back in the village with a haul of two wolves, one deer, and one grizzly bear, the entire village started to buzz with excited fervor.

Two wolves and a deer in just half a day’s hunt was already quite the haul. An adult grizzly bear…now that was something else!

A grizzly bear was an animal that was meant to be avoided at all costs. A good half of the village’s entire able-bodied hunters would have to gather for a hunting party on a bear, and even that would require an extensive amount of coordination to pull off. 

But even that would mean having most of the hunting party heavily injured and more probable than not a failure.

So the fact that this hunting group—one that consisted of two older hunters and three young ones—managed to kill a grizzly bear. That…how else could this achievement be described other than being impossible?!

It wasn’t until they went back up the mountain to bring back the corpse of the grizzly bear that the villagers finally believed it. With proof like that, how could anyone not be surprised!

They were surrounded by villagers the moment when the carcass of the bear was dropped in the center of the village. Over a hundred of them had their eyes glued to Bai Yunfei as if he was an exhibit. It made him feel uncomfortable, to say the least, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but notice Stone speaking to a smaller subsection of the village.

He could see the villagers talking to Stone gasp every once in a while and give Bai Yunfei a look. That sparked curiosity in Bai Yunfei and made him wonder what they could be talking about, so he walked on over to them.

“Are you telling the truth, Stone? How can a single person just send a grizzly bear flying? It’s crazy just hearing it…”

The voice of one of the villagers could be heard now.

“I saw it myself, you think I’m lying? Sis Lucid, you can ask my dad if you don’t believe me! They’ll tell you it’s true…my big brother Tang is amazing! Not even the strongest bull in the village is stronger than he is!”

It seemed like Stone was a little angry with how doubtful this girl was.

“What are you talking about, Stone?”

Bai Yunfei suddenly asked him from behind.

“Ahh!!” Having been too engrossed in his conversation with the other girl, Stone was not prepared for Bai Yunfei to suddenly appear behind him. He leapt into the air in fright before turning around to smile at Bai Yunfei. “Big brother Tang, you’re back?! Haha, I was just talking about how cool you are! Can you believe they don’t believe you? Hmph! Just they wait, they’ll believe it once they see!”

Like Stone, the others talking to him started in surprise. Some even took a few steps back in fear or curiosity of Bai Yunfei. Some were even giving him looks of adoration and respect… 

He noticed that these villagers were all of the same age of Stone. There were even a few kids here.

He felt like shaking his head. “Stone, uncle Wu was calling for you, he says he wants to teach you how to treat the corpse. Since today’s your first hunt, you’ll need to know how to do this.”

“Really!?” Stone’s eyes lit up with excitement. Learning how to take apart a corpse was something he was really excited for and had him speeding towards uncle Wu at once.

“Help! Help! Someone come help! Uncle Wang is hurt!!”

Suddenly, a panicked voice from the other side of the village. A few of the quicker-reacting men were already turning and running towards the source of the voice.

“Ah! Father!!”

Another cry rang out in the village. This time, it was someone from Bai Yunfei’s side that did. It was Lucid, the seventeen-year-old girl. Her face went white when she heard the voice and began to run towards the back of the village where everyone else was running to.

Bai Yunfei raised an eyebrow, but he followed after the others.

It wasn’t long before the entire village saw a group of people bring in a bloodied figure to the center of the village. By his side was Lucid with enough tears falling from her eyes to wash away a portion of the blood on the person’s body.

Bai Yunfei watched from the center of the crowd as the injured man clutched at his left arm. It was bent at an awkward angle and had blood spilling out from the injury on it. The wrist, in particular, was especially bad. Fragments of the bones in his wrist could even be seen… 

Several of the villagers were whispering to several others that another party had been on the hunt for a boar. During the hunt, uncle Wang was unable to get out of the way of the boar’s charge and was struck in the arm by the boar’s hoof… 

“Step aside! Elder Zhong is here, don’t block his path!”

Another voice called out from the back of everyone to clear the way. At this voice, everyone began to clear a path to allow for the same elder who had treated Bai Yunfei to hurry towards the injured man. When he saw the injury, the expression on the elder’s face darkened.

“Elder Zhong… please save my father! His…his arm, can it be healed?” The girl named Lucid cried pitifully.

“Be at ease, child.” Elder Zhong replied, “It seems doable.”

Lucid heaved a sigh of relief, but Bai Yunfei was surprised. Had he heard things correctly? This type of injury was ‘doable’?! The arm was practically gone! How could treatment be doable?

Bai Yunfei watched as the elder took out two bottles from a medicinal box. They were about the circumference of a small chicken egg. One of the bottles had some sort of pill the size of a peanut and the color of pink. Pinching the pill, he gently pried open the injured man’s mouth open and had him swallow the pill.

The swallowing of the pill was a reflexive response from uncle Wang. Everyone watched attentively as the pill was swallowed, and then when several seconds passed, Bai Yunfei was shocked to see… 

The wounds on uncle Wang’s hand was starting to knit together and heal at an extremely accelerated speed!!

Elder Zhong was already taking out another pill—this one white in color—to place in uncle Wang’s mouth.

The coloration on uncle Wang’s face was already gaining its original pigment back when the second pill was swallowed. The sweat on his forehead was already drying up and his breathing was starting to stabilize. Bai Yunfei could even see that the bone fragments setting back into place as if nothing was wrong with them to begin with!

“What…what is this?!”

Naturally, Bai Yunfei was shocked by such a sight. Though he might’ve lost his memories, he was still fully aware of the ‘common sense’ that ruled in this world. A grievous wound like the one uncle Wang had earlier shouldn’t have been able to recover so quickly. But…somehow it was done after he ate two pills?!

Stone sniggered at the look of astonishment on Bai Yunfei’s face. “Hehe, are you surprised, big brother Tang! We call them ‘elixirs’! They were brought to us by the Immortals, they’re magical! It can heal any wounds!”

“Elixirs? Immortals? What do you mean by that?”

“They say…the Immortals live deep in the forests! They can fly anywhere they want and are super powerful! I heard our elders say before that the Immortals once descended to our village to save a bunch of the villagers who were dying here. They even left behind several elixirs and stuff before flying away…”

He looked up to the sky in worship as if expecting one of those ‘Immortals’ to suddenly come flying down. 

“I heard that the elixirs they first brought down were so powerful they could regrow an arm! But I think there was only one of those and was used a long time ago. Elder Zhong must’ve used one that can heal the bones and skin. Those can heal any wound as long as the body part isn’t totally gone!”

Bai Yunfei was speechless. Elixirs? Immortals? Did this world really have people like that? People that could fly?!

“Elder Zhong…will…will my father be fine?”

Lucid’s meek voice snapped Bai Yunfei out from his thoughts. Looking back to her and her father, Bai Yunfei watched as the older male fell into a deep sleep. It seemed like he was fine now. His arm didn’t even look like there was anything wrong with it in the first place.

But elder Zhong had a contemplative look on his face. He reached his hand out to touch at the man’s arm. He was tracing a finger along the veins and skin where the injury had been as if trying to look for something.

“No…the pellets I made aren’t as potent as the elixirs from the Immortals. A single Bone Healing Pellet wasn’t enough to heal the entirety of his wrist bones…” Elder Zhong responded at last.

“Ah! Then what is there to do?” Lucid was panicking now, her hands clutched at the sleeves of elder Zhong’s robes. “Elder Zhong…please…please give my father another elixir! Please!”

Elder Zhong gave her a pitiful sigh and tipped both bottles he had in his hands over. Nothing came out.

“The ingredients to make these pellets have been sparse over the recent years. We have used up all the elixirs in our stocks. Unless newer ingredients can be found, I am powerless to help your father…”

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