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Part 1

After hearing Beibei’s introduction of this teacher, Huo Yuhao was greatly shocked. “Elder Brother, doesn’t the school care about this teacher’s practices?”

Beibei answered with a low voice, “Even though Teacher Zhou Yi is very harsh, she really is a good teacher. Not a single student who graduated from her class has said a bad thing about her. Teacher Zhou’s strictness is due to her high expectations from her students and the harsh methods she uses to teach. But, almost a quarter of the students she taught have successfully entered the inner school. This number is one of the best in the entire school. The only reason she was relegated to the first years this time was because of the commotion. If you work hard and be outstanding, then being a student of Teacher Zhou will be quite beneficial.”

Huo Yuhao was relieved, “Oh so it’s like that. Teacher Xiao Ya, Elder Brother, please carry on with what you have to do. I will head to the dormitory now.”

Beibei smiled and said, “Okay. Teacher Xiao Ya and I will need to take the graduation exam now. If we can pass, we will be successfully ascending to the fourth year. I live in dorm three hundred twelve. If you need anything, just come find me there.”

Beibei and Tang Ya actually had many things to do. The reason Tang Ya was in a hurry to obtain her third spirit ring was to smoothly pass the forth year entrance exam. After entering a higher grade, there will be even more matters awaiting them. Huo Yuhao had gone to Star Dou Forest by himself to obtain a spirit ring so there should be nothing for them to worry about.

Walking through the white new student academic buildings and the yellow second/third year buildings, Huo Yuhao finally saw the dormitory. It encompassed a wide area and also had the four colors: white, yellow, purple and black. These, obviously, representing the four different areas people of different years would live in. In total, the dormitory has six floors.

Huo Yuhao went to the door of the white building and saw an old man sitting in front of it. The old man wore a grey outfit. The wrinkles on his face were enough to kill at least ten flies at once. He had yellow eyes with baggy lower eyelids and looked to be in his twilight years. The sun fell perfectly on his body and he looked very comfortable halfway lying on the chair.

Huo Yuhao went up to him and respectfully said, “Grandpa, hello. I am a new student, here to move in. Do you need to check my new student badge?”

The old man extended his trembling right hand without lifting his head and said with a low, hoarse voice, “Let me see your badge and dorm keys.”

Huo Yuhao hurriedly handed them up.

The old man waved them in front of his eyes, “Go ahead. Dorm one hundred eight is the third room on the left on the first floor. From fourth floor up are the girls’ rooms. You are not allowed to go up there. If we find out that you did, you will be expelled.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Huo Yuhao once again bowed to him before going inside.

The old man maintained his previous position but muttered, “A rare sight to see such a polite child.”

During the time he was muttering, a few new students had also arrived but they didn’t even see the old man sitting next to the building’s entrance and walked straight in. The old man also didn’t stop them. He just sleepily sat there.

Huo Yuhao followed the old man’s directions and quickly found his room. The student dorms were in a simple apartment building. There was a long hallway with rooms on either side labeled with a number. It was clear that this building’s interior was quite old and probably had been in use for many years. There were bathrooms at the ends of the hallway for shared use.

Opening the door with his key, dense stale air gushed out and Huo Yuhao quickly shifted away. After a few moments, he rushed in to open the windows. No one had been living here for at least a month. There was dust everywhere.

Taking advantage of the ventilation provided by the open window, Huo Yuhao started cleaning the entire room. It was very small, not even ten square meters, and the two beds took up most of it. There was also a large desk, two metal wardrobes, a ceiling light and metal bumps on the wall. Beibei had told him that the light was a simple spirit device and can be activated by infusing Spirit Power into those metal bumps.

After airing the room out, the stale air inside the dorm finally cleared up. Looking at this tiny room, Huo Yuhao had a hard to describe excitement. From today, this will be his room for a whole year. It looks like he will also have a roommate and should probably clean a bit.

There is a saying that children from poor families become masters of a household early on. Even though Huo Yuhao was born in Duke’s Estate, his living conditions had not even been on par with simple commoners. He bought a little basin from the student convenience store outside of the dorm using most of his money. He also asked for a piece of used cloth and immediately started cleaning the dorm.

After only half an hour, every hard to clean corner of the room was completely spotless under Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes. Although the dormitory room was still pretty plain, it had gained a refreshing atmosphere. Huo Yuhao didn’t plan to buy himself bedding. The wooden bed was enough for the hard working Huo Yuhao to cultivate.

Since he was a little hungry, he went outside to find the cafeteria’s location. Then, he went to the student convenience store to buy the cheapest food bowl before heading to the cafeteria.

Each grade had its own cafeteria behind the living quarters. Huo Yuhao was shocked when he first stepped into it. At the time, there weren’t many people there and it appeared very empty. Not even a single table was there. Everything was clear. The only thing there was a fountain to wash hands and utensils. There were many windows selling food inside and each had a menu. The eight windows each had a different style of food and the prices increased from right to left.

How could there not be a place to sit in a cafeteria? The dining hall door even had a note that said no food may be taken out.

After a brief pause, Huo Yuhao bought a meal from the cheapest window. Stir-fried vegetables and white rice. Even though it was the cheapest meal, he ate it enthusiastically. It was already good that he had something to eat. The price was good, too. Only two bronze coins. With his income of one gold coin a month, there should be enough for food if he spends frugally.

Huo Yuhao observed the rest of the cafeteria as he ate. He discovered that the most expensive window charged for meals by gold coins. He couldn’t even bear to think about it.

After quickly finishing his meal, Huo Yuhao went directly back to his dorm. There is a saying that the dumb bird needs to go into the forest first. He knew that he still had a big gap to close with the other students and shouldn’t be wasting any time.

Sitting cross-legged on the wooden bed, Huo Yuhao quickly entered into meditation to practice the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Although his practice speed was far worse compared to Beibei and Tang Ya, it was still a significant improvement for himself. After starting on the Mysterious Heaven Skill, he could actually feel himself advancing everyday. This was already better than before. Over the last few days on the road, his initially impure Spirit Power had entirely converted to Mysterious Heaven Spirit Power. And the Mysterious Heaven Spirit Power was very effective for him. As it circulated in his body, it would nourish his vessels. Even though it wasn’t much better now, Beibei had told him that if he continued, the skill will even improve his constitution.

Part 2

Huo Yuhao had already made a schedule for himself. Every morning at dawn, he would practice Purple Demon Eyes. Afterwards, he would spend an hour practicing Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost-Shadow Elusive Steps and Mysterious Jade Hand and other techniques that Beibei had taught him. Other than eating, he will spend the rest of his time practicing Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Spirit Power is a Spirit Master’s foundation. Right now, he needs to spend more time on cultivating the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

“Mm. This skill is really good. It fits your circumstances well. You humans are quite accomplished!” Huo Yuhao had just entered a state of meditation, when suddenly, everything in front of his eyes turned into a sheet of white. The Daydream Iceworm’s voice also called out to him. He was once again dragged into his sea of consciousness.

“Brother Daydream?” Huo Yuhao called out with surprise.

The Daydream Iceworm said lazily, “Your body condition has changed a lot these last few days. It’s a good start. Your body’s endurance is also slowly increasing. Not bad, not bad. The few skills you have been practicing suit you. Especially this meditation skill and that eye skill. You have probably experienced all four of the skills I gave you by now. Practice them often. Especially the last one together with your eye skill. The result should be quite good and allow you to have an offensive spirit skill. Your condition is better than I had imagined.”

“Brother Daydream, I will definitely put effort into my cultivation.” Hearing the Daydream Iceworm’s voice, Huo Yuhao could affirm once again that fusing with a million-year Spirit Beast was not a dream.

The Daydream Iceworm said, “I’m sleepy so I will sleep for a while. Just continue practicing as you are now. Wake me up when you reach the bottleneck and need your second spirit ring. By then, the ice attribute Battle Spirit should have a physical form. It will allow you to experience a qualitative leap.”

“How can I find you when I want to?”

“If you meet an unavoidable danger, I will naturally come help you. Don’t worry. I can only be alive if you are alive! Going to sleep….”

The white light retracted and Huo Yuhao woke up from meditation. He was shocked to discover that the sky had already turned dark. He had actually already meditated for more than three hours and the Mysterious Heaven Spirit Power had also improved a little.

Since it was already night time, he was a little hungry. However, looking at the color of the sky, the cafeteria was probably closed. Fortunately, he still had some leftover food in his bag that he ate with water. Afterwards, he continued his cultivation.

Early morning, after absorbing the mysterious energy coming from the purple qi in the east, Huo Yuhao returned to his room to begin practicing the Tang Clan’s special skills.

By the time he finished, the sky was already bright. So he washed up and went to the cafeteria to buy food. When he got to the cafeteria, he frowned. Since starting the Mysterious Heaven Skill cultivation, his appetite had continuously increased. A good constitution needs more nutrients but he didn’t have the money for it. Since Beibei had already paid his tuition, how could he ask for more?

Fortunately, there wasn’t much variety for breakfast and it was also very cheap. Huo Yuhao bought a few eggs and a bowl of congee. This time, he reluctantly spent three bronze coins. At least he gave himself some good nutrients. He noticed that the food he had thought was cheap yesterday was really more expensive than food outside.

“Little Brother, you can’t be stingy for food. Inadequate nutrition is not good. The school has jobs for students that you can take to have a source of income.” Without his knowing, Beibei had arrived next to Huo Yuhao.

“Elder Brother!” Huo Yuhao called out with surprise. Until now, the only people he knew in Shrek Academy was Tang Ya and Beibei.

Beibei said apologetically, “Not giving you money is in hopes that you will learn self-reliance. Battle strength is only one part. A person’s real strength encompasses a combination of skills. The most important is to be able to survive under any circumstances. Do you understand?”

“Elder Brother, you have already helped me with so much. I understand. I still have a few coins. After school starts, I will take some work to do.”

Beibei patted his head, “Okay. I’m going to leave first then. Remember, you can earn more money but should never save it on food. You need nourishment.”

Huo Yuhao left the cafeteria with Beibei. He decided that he will follow what his elder brother said and treat himself to a good lunch today.

Back in the dormitory building, Huo Yuhao had just reached his room when he discovered that the door was open. Initially he was shocked, then he realized that his roommate had probably arrived.

Right then, a young man walked out of the room and froze upon seeing Huo Yuhao.

The young man had a delicate face with fair skin and a pair of big, light blue eyes. His neat, short hair was the same color. He was even more handsome than Beibei. Definitely the best looking person of the same age that Huo Yuhao had ever seen. The young man’s height and age seemed similar to him.

“You are?” Huo Yuhao asked subconsciously.

The young man arrogantly gave him a glare, “Get out of my way.”

“Oh.” Huo Yuhao quickly shifted to the side and the young man walked past him. After a few steps, he stopped and turned his head, “You are probably also in this room. Considering you have cleaned the entire room, I will allow you to temporarily live with me. I have a few rules that you must remember. First, never bring anyone back. Second, never be naked inside the room. Third, you are not allowed to snore when you sleep. Fourth, don’t bother me. Fifth, when you clean the room in the future, don’t touch my bed. Did you get all that?”

Seeing this young man be so arrogant, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but get angry. “Why should I listen to you?”

The young man gave a cold snort. “If you don’t listen to me, I will kick you out. Try it if you don’t believe me.”

Huo Yuhao had been bullied since he was young in Duke’s Estate and couldn’t tolerate such arrogance. He coldly responded, “Why don’t we try it then? Let’s go outside.”

Seeing how Huo Yuhao wouldn’t back down, the young man laughed. His laugh was very pretty but the sense of disdain and contempt ignited the fire in Huo Yuhao’s heart even more.

“I still don’t know your name,” the young man asked with contempt.

Huo Yuhao answered with a low voice, “Before asking for another’s name, shouldn’t you first say your own?”

The young man answered casually, “I am Wang Dong.”

“I am Huo Yuhao.”

Wang Dong slightly smiled and suddenly came closer to Huo Yuhao, “Good. I think this name will quickly disappear from Shrek Academy. Let’s go, idiot.” As he said this, he turned to walk outside.

Huo Yuhao clenched his fists tightly and walked out with large steps. Even if he knows he didn’t have a strong battle strength, he will never let anyone bully him; especially if it’s the person who will be his future roommate.

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