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Part 1

Yes, Huo Yuhao had buried his hatred deep within his heart. The hatred had become pernicious and drove him to give up everything to avenge his mother. But, this was Shrek Academy. He needed to become stronger here. His vengeance did not involve a massacre, but had to comfort his mother’s spirit in heaven. He knew what his mother’s greatest wish was. He wanted to realize the wish his mother had not the slightest hope of accomplishing when she was alive. So, he could not give everything up for revenge right now. Whether he could win against Dai Huabin or not, he would not abandon his greatest dream for this one person. If he was exposed like this, he might not be able to continue studying at Shrek Academy. So, all he could do was endure. To bury his hatred deeper and use his own methods for revenge.

Semifinal match. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s opponents came from Freshman Class Ten. All three were Spirit Grandmasters with variant spirits.

To have come so far within the Freshmen without a single three ring Spirit Elder means that they were definitely not weak.

All three of the Class Ten students were male and looked to have heroic vitality.

“Freshman Class Ten, Zhou Sichen, offense type Spirit Grandmaster.”

“Freshman Class Ten, Long Xiangyue, agility type Spirit Grandmaster.”

“Freshman Class Ten, Cao Jinxuan, control type Spirit Grandmaster.”

Their sonorous and forceful voices showed their confidence. Facing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, they did not have a hint of fear.

“Freshman Class One, Huo Yuhao, control type Spirit Master.”

“Freshman Class One, Wang Dong, offense type Spirit Grandmaster.”

Because of Wang Dong’s amazing performances in previous matches, their proctoring teacher was switched to a sixty something elder. This teacher had a strong aura that made everyone standing there feel his powerful presence. It was obviously done to avoid any errors from arising.

“Match begin,” announced the proctoring teacher. The semifinals officially began. On the other side, the one with Dai Huabin, a fierce competition had also started.

Since only two were left, it was impossible for Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong to separate. They knew clearly that if they don’t use HaoDong Power, there would be no chance in winning a two versus three.

This time, they switched to Huo Yuhao in front and Wang Dong at the back. The two of them released their battle spirits at the same time. Wang Dong’s pair of wings extended in front of him to enclose Huo Yuhao within.

Their opponents, the Zhou Sichen trio, had obviously researched their tactics. They especially focused on the battle yesterday afternoon when Wang Dong used an explosive force. Because of that, the moment the match began, they had fully revealed their abilities.

As an agility type battle spirit master, Long Xiangyue did not charge forward but rapidly dodged behind Zhou Sichen. The control type Cao Jinxuan did the same. The three of them maintained a straight line.

Their special battle spirits appeared at the same time.

White light surged within the offense type, Zhou Sichen’s hand, and a book actually appeared. His two hundred spirit rings shone at the same time and the book’s pages flipped open, releasing two rays of light. The rays stagnated in front of him.

This was Zhou Sichen’s special battle spirit, Treasured Book.

Normally speaking, book type battle spirits tend to be trash. Very few are able to be cultivated. But this Zhou Sichen was a variant type. His Treasured Book battle spirit gave him an innate spirit power of level 7. When his spirit power reached bottleneck, it can automatically absorb the spirit ring of a spirit beast he killed and turn it into his own abilities. The most unique point was that it did not have any attribute limitations. Any spirit beast’s ability can be absorbed. After it was absorbed, it can also be used. That means, it was likely that he had just used an ice spirit ability, followed by a fire spirit ability. This was a very special tool battle spirit.

Just then, he released two spirit skills. One turned into a bear covered in yellow light and another turned into a fierce tiger with his entire body covered in flames.

After obtaining the Treasured Book battle spirit, Zhou Sichen set a goal for himself to become an offense type spirit master. Because of that, he could choose any spirit beast for additional spirit ring and to fulfill his offense type dream, he naturally only focused on offense type spirit skills.

The bear and tiger quickly blocked in front of the three of them and roared toward Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Behind him was not the agility type spirit master, Long Xiangyue, but the control type spirit master, Cao Jinxuan. Cao Jinxuan had a focused gaze. His entire body was releasing a layer of distorted light. Even in close distance, it still seemed blurry. And on top of his head, a beautifully crafted clock gradually rose up.

The entire clock was shaped like the opening of a city’s walls (TL: arch/horseshoe shaped), rounded on top and square on bottom. The white bell was around half a meter in length. The dial within was circular. On the bottom, there was a pendulum, engraved with golden flower pattern, swinging slowly. And Cao Jinxuan’s two hundred-year spirit rings seemed to become part of his body after the clock appeared, swinging at the same rhythm as the pendulum.

Zhou Sichen’s Treasured Book battle spirit was already a rare sight, but this Cao Jinxuan’s clock was even rarer. His battle spirit was called Time Fleeing Clock (TL: tentative). It was a tool battle spirit as uncommon as the Bright Goddess Butterfly for beast battle spirits.

The three moved at the same time, so of course it didn’t lack Long Xiangyue. He had maintained a large distance from Cao Jinxuan but still maintained the single line. As an agility spirit master, he actually also had a tool battle spirit. Following battle spirit release, a humongous boomerang appeared in his hand. Even the length of one side was more than a third of a meter. Within the hands of Long Xiangyue, who was not even twelve years old yet, it looked a little unsteady.

After the boomerang appeared in his hand, he paused for a moment, Then turned his body and twisted it back suddenly to release the boomerang. The moment he released it, both of his spirit rings started shining at the same time.

However, just as he released the boomerang, the color of his face suddenly changed as he suddenly felt a sudden hesitation to his originally clear decision.

The opponent’s three person formation was obviously designed against Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. How could they just ignore it?

Of the five people on this battlefield, the first to release his battle spirit was really Huo Yuhao.

The moment he saw his opponents lined up in front of him, he realized that he could not repeat the same tactic as in the last battle. It didn’t matter who the opponent was, he would always release his Mental Detection first. This was a skill that could not be detected by opponents, while also giving great aid to him and Wang Dong.

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