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Huo Yuhao stood still, dazed momentarily. He shook his head and laughed uncontrollably. Forget it, it wasn't really a bad thing, anyways he could still continue to cultivate with this fourth soul skill.

Huo Yuhao's condition had been almost fully restored by this point, and his second mental sea could once again unleash the immense power of the Destiny Soul Gaze.

He wondered how Ju Zi and Ke Ke were doing. He had to meet up with them soon.

Huo Yuhao looked at the sky while thinking. He wanted to proceed towards the outside of these branching mountains. He could tell that this branching trail wasn't the same one they'd passed when they entered the main trail. It should be a neighboring trail.

A loud boom suddenly sounded and Huo Yuhao stopped in his tracks as he heard it.

He looked in the direction the sound came from with a puzzled expression. It seemed to be from the main trail, but the loud boom wasn't unleashed by a soul beast's soul skill. The explosive, metallic smell seemed to be reminiscent of a soul engineer.

Were they…?

Huo Yuhao immediately changed directions without thinking. He didn't even use a flying-type soul tool, instead running in the direction of the sound. As he burst forward, he pointed his finger outwards, and a golden figure caught up to him. Huo Yuhao lifted his hand to pat the necromantic golden wolf. Huo Yuhao extinguished its preserved soul, and put its corpse away in his storage-type soul tool.

Ju Zi and Ke Ke were in a very awkward situation right now. Since they lost contact with Huo Yuhao, they hadn't been doing too well.

When Huo Yuhao threw the mechanical legs of the all-terrain exploration soul tool, Ju Zi already knew that she didn't have a choice. Huo Yuhao was bound to turn the soul tool over. Hence she could only passively control the soul tool to ensure their safety.

The golden wolves were not as quick as the soul tool when it rolled down the mountain. When it finally stopped rolling, there were no longer any golden wolves chasing after them.

Ju Zi and Ke Ke rushed out of the all-terrain exploration soul tool at the first possible moment to vomit. How could they feel good after rolling almost a kilometer down a mountain in five minutes?

Then they passed out, they didn't even crawl back into the all-terrain exploration soul tool

They were in rather good luck though. No soul beasts found them while they were unconscious. They regained consciousness slowly on the second morning as the sun shone upon them. Next the two of them decided to return to find Huo Yuhao, just after resting for a moment.

The two of them were in different states of mind, but they remained silent, and didn't interact with one another. This was especially so for Ju Zi, who experienced the large spectrum of emotions. At times, she was panicked and anxious, at others, she was sad and hot-tempered.

This was Ke Ke's first time seeing her display so many emotions in one go.

Ke Ke was more straightforward compared to her. She only thought of Huo Yuhao's resolute expression and confidence when they were separating.

Ke Ke could still clearly recall the reverberating sound that came from the top of the mountain as they rolled down. Without a doubt, the sound came from the pack of golden wolves Huo Yuhao had attracted! At that moment, she knew that she couldn't ever forget Huo Yuhao. They might only be friends, or she might have developed feelings for him. Regardless, Huo Yuhao had left a deep impression on her heart.

Although they didn't interact much, they still silently recognized that they had to rescue Huo Yuhao!

That was why they only rested for a while. After their bodies recovered, they immediately controlled the battered all-terrain exploration soul tool to venture deep into the Jing Yang Mountain Range. They tried to find Huo Yuhao, and had already spent two days doing so.

They met many soul beasts over the past two days. They were never in real danger since they were Class 5 soul engineers, and even had the all-terrain exploration soul tool to protect them.

However, they could only see traces of battle when they finally reached the top of the mountain. They couldn't find Huo Yuhao.

They also tried to search for him in the nearby mountains. They didn't believe that Huo Yuhao was dead. Despite this, they still didn't make any progress.

When they were prepared to leave and proceed towards the rendezvous point, they were attacked by powerful soul beasts.

Enemies often crossed each other's path. They met the pack of golden wolves that Huo Yuhao shook off that day.

The three golden wolves were dealt a huge blow by the Silvermoon Wolf King's death. The Silvermoon Wolf King was extremely sensitive to the raw material that was most suitable for the metal-type wolves' cultivation. The abilities of the entire wolf pack increased by about twenty percent under its guidance. This was a staggering figure! This also meant that a golden wolf could have a hundred and twenty years of cultivation even though it had only cultivated for a hundred years.

However, the Silvermoon Wolf King was taken away by Huo Yuhao just like that. They didn't even know that the Silvermoon Wolf King was already dead. Over the past two days, the three golden wolves led the rest of the wolf pack as they searched for the Silvermoon Wolf King frantically. When they met other soul beasts, they would kill them mercilessly. Around the main trail, there were no other soul beasts that could compare to this wolf pack.

The three golden wolves were intelligent. Once they saw the damaged metal ball, they didn't hesitate any further. They immediately commanded the wolf pack to attack them. Ju Zi and Ke Ke were immediately embroiled in a tough battle.

They had many soul tools since they were Class 5 soul engineers. They managed to kill many low-level golden wolves.

However, their soul power was limited! They didn't dare to use flying-type soul tools in broad daylight either. They didn't possess the Imitation skill like Huo Yuhao. Once they entered the air, they were bound to be attacked by soul beasts. Moreover, the three golden wolves could leap more than ten meters high, and wouldn't give them the opportunity to escape.

"Boom一" The huge cannon in Ke Ke's hands fired against a leaping golden wolf king, and sparks flashed on the golden wolf's king body. It was sent flying more than ten meters back, temporarily incapacitated.

This was Ke Ke's Wind Lightning Cannon. It possessed the speed of wind and crackled like thunder. It was extremely powerful, and was especially useful against metal-type soul beasts.

However, it also greatly depleted Ke Ke's soul power. These golden wolves were too defensively resolute. Even the ordinary wolves were only critically injured as they were struck. The golden wolf kings were only numbed temporarily.

The more advanced students from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy had their own fortes in soul tool research. Just like how Ke Ke chose heavy cannons and Ju Zi chose tangerines. They used different types of soul tools

Ju Zi flung countless tangerines at the wolf pack. An intense ball of light suddenly shone before piercing screams were heard. The light touched the golden wolves' bodies, and tremendous explosions sounded.

There were many Class 5 soul tools. However, Ju Zi's problem was with her body. She wasn't as physically tough as Huo Yuhao. Even Ke Ke was far inferior to Huo Yuhao. That's why she chased the advantage of having more soul tools.

The two of them worked together. One of them was responsible for resisting the wolf pack, while the other one focused on attacking them. This managed to put them in a relatively comfortable position against the wolf pack. However, they were not hopeful.

This wolf pack was very strong even without the Silvermoon Wolf King. How did Huo Yuhao manage to resist them at the top of the mountain? How were they going to escape now?

"Ke Ke, we can't go on like this. Our soul power can't last for much longer." Ju Zi shouted as she resisted the wolf pack. Her eyes still revealed her sense of composure.

"What do we do?" Ke Ke asked anxiously.

Ju Zi replied decisively, "We break out of this trap. We'll return to the all-terrain exploration soul tool. I'll control the soul tool while you'll set up the cannons to open a path for us. We'll force our way out."

Ke Ke hesitated. "Can we make it faster than the wolf pack?"

Ju Zi said in a deep voice, "Did you forget how we escaped the other time? We can use the same trick if we make it to the top of the mountain in front of us."

Ke Ke's eyes brightened. "Alright, let's go." The two ladies erupted and forced the wolf pack to retreat. They both looked extremely dismal at this point. Ju Zi's fifth soul ring shone and released two tangerines with purple skin. She threw one towards Ke Ke quickly and stuffed the other tangerine into her mouth. The two of them also squeezed their way into the all-terrain soul tool.

Many tangerine soul bombs were scattered, forcing the golden wolves back. Ju Zi had already controlled the all-terrain exploration soul tool to move at its fastest speed.

The six mechanical legs stood up as they supported the distorted metal ball. The legs took big steps as they burst towards the closest mountain.

Ke Ke's heavy cannons were positioned in front. She couldn't be bothered with conserving her soul power at this point. Although the tangerine Ju Zi gave to her previously was very sour, it managed to restore her soul power to about thirty percent. This was the strongest ability of Ju Zi's food-type martial soul.

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