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Chapter 13 – An Old Fox Harbouring Evil Intentions

Perhaps feeling that awkward atmosphere, Lei Xu immediately laughed, "Min'er, why is it that you are unable to speak after seeing your Little Sister Fengyan? Really… Fengyan, don't mind him. Min'er had always had an introverted nature. Day after day, he thought of you, even after having left the Imperial Capital for so many years. Knowing that you would be coming to Ji City, he was quite happy for a time and is now feeling nervous."

Ji Fengyan only smiled and didn't say anything

She wasn't blind.

Lei Min's lips shifted, wanting to say something. However, under Lei Xu's stare, he only barely and slightly nodded his head.

"Instead of standing, why don’t we sit and talk?" Lei Xu still had his warm expression. Searching for a stool to sit on, he found as a result, that the stool was covered in dust. With a slight repulsion flashing in his eyes, he turned towards the two guards standing blankly at the entrance, yelling for them to sweep the stool clean.

The two guards felt really conflicted about Lei Xu. However, thinking that he was their young lady's future elder, they could only swallow their anger. Stepping forward docilely, they extended their sleeves, preparing to wipe it off. The result…

"My legs are already numb after sitting for the entire trip, so let stand while talking." Ji Fengyan laughed brightly.

Lei Xu didn't think that she would say something like that. As the host, Ji Fengyan hadn't sat, which meant that it would be really improper for them to sit. They could only dryly laugh before letting those guards leave, standing in their original locations with a face full of smiles.

"Fengyan, this journey has been difficult for you. Today, I brought Min'er over for two reasons. The first is to receive you, while the second is to discuss the marriage between you and Min'er."

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows. At this moment, she finally understood what these people came for.

Oh? Was this supposed to be the rising action stage? A love-hate relationship where her father died, so now the relative-in-law is hurrying over to break off the engagement?

She felt a little excited. Ji Fengyan was only too eager to make this disgusting father and son pair screw off out of her sight.


"This year, Min'er isn't that young anymore. Fengyan, although you haven't reached the age of maturity, but you are still aware; life exterminators who inherit the Life Annihilation Armour will have to enter the army after they are sixteen years old. So, I plan to let you and Min'er quickly get married within this month. We'll take advantage of the fact that you haven't reached the age where you have to enter the battlefield and let you live a peaceful life. After all, in the following days, you'll have to fight the demons on the battlefield. At that time, you'll constantly be on the move and have little time to return. However, right now you're already Ji City's City Lord. If you enter the battlefield, and Ji City is missing your control, it'll become quite chaotic. Since that's the case, you and Min'er already have an engagement, just quickly complete the marriage and later on when you enter the battlefield, Min'er will also be able to help you take care of the things in Ji City."

Lei Xu spoke cheerfully, swiftly revealing his main objective. Each word was prettier than the last, as if he was considering everything for Ji Fengyan's sake.

However, when these words entered Ji Fengyan's ears, it made her itch to immediately give this old fox a hit with her Five Lightning's Bombardment Talisman.

This fellow didn't come here to break off the engagement!

Instead, he came here to snatch the position of city lord!

According to the rules, a life exterminator will have to begin taking on their responsibilities after sixteen years old. They had to don the Life Annihilation Armour and enter the army to kill their common enemy, opposing the demons.

Even though Ji Fengyan was Ji City's City Lord right now, but after she turned sixteen, she had to leave the city. While she would have the title of City Lord, she still had to enter the battlefield. In this period of time, the authority to manage Ji City would remain vacant. The reason Lei Xu came today was for the authority to manage Ji City later on!

Chapter 14 – Two Women Sharing One Husband

Once Ji Fengyan and Lei Min were married, in the following days when she had to leave Ji city to fight the enemy, he would easily have a reason to "substitute" for her and control Ji city.

Their idea is really… shameless enough.

Ji Fengyan was almost completely sickened by Lei Xu's hypocritical face.

"I understand Uncle Lei's good intentions. Still, Uncle Lei should also know that once a life exterminator turned sixteen and entered the army, they would suffer many injuries if not outright dying. Few have a good ending. I just thought that… it would still be better not to burden Lei Min." Ruefully, Ji Fengyan couldn't bring herself to say those three disgusting words.

Want to take advantage of her?

They still had to see if she was willing!

Unfortunately, Lei Xu practically couldn't hear the refusal in Ji Fengyan's tone. With how infatuated she was with Lei Min, he truly thought that she was saying such things so she didn't burden Lei Min. Immediately, the smile on his face became even deeper. Even more certain of Ji Fengyan's "deep love" for Lei Min, he took a step back and pointed at that beauty with furrowed brows standing next to Lei Min.

"Don't worry about this little bit, Fengyan. You and Min'er liked each other since childhood. How would this small problem stop you two?"

Lei Xu laughed, "It's true that in the following days you'll have to enter the battlefield, with very few opportunities to see Min'er and unlikely to have a child anytime soon, but your Uncle Lei has already found a solution for you. This lady here, Su Lingsheng, is a branch member of the Su Clan. She will also marry Min'er along with you. At that time, you can relax as you perform the duties of a life exterminator. Min'er will have Lingsheng at his side, therefore there is need to worry at all. Later on, the child you have can also be raised by Lingsheng, saving you from having any future worries about both father and child while on the battlefield."

Every word that Lei Xu spoke was clearly enunciated and all carried a smile within. If someone didn't know anything, that appearance of genuine concern would look as if has sacrificed much for Ji Fengyan.

What this persistent old man said almost angered her into laughing.

Ji Fengyan was just thinking about why that girl entered the room with such an expression of great bitterness and deep grudges.

Is this Lei Xu stupid? Or did he think she was stupid?

Seeing Ji Fengyan just happily smiling without saying anything, Lei Xu secretly glanced at Lei Min off to the side. With a bit of unwillingness, Lei Min knitted his brows and abruptly spoke: "Lingsheng's disposition is very good. She understands how to take care of people, so in the future, you don't need to worry about what happens in the family."

Ji Fengyan just laughed.

Whatever. This entire family truly thought that the original owner was a cheap idiot. As a life exterminator, the original owner would have to live days of where her blade licked the blood of enemies outside. Meanwhile, this Lei Xu essentially planned for his son to live an honourable and luxurious life in Ji City with a beauty in tow. All of that would be exchanged for Ji Fengyan laying down her life and spilling blood.

If that punching bag of an original owner was still residing in this body, it wasn't impossible that she would have truly agreed to it with gratitude and thanks.


This body has already changed owners!

"I understand Uncle Lei's good intention. Still, Big Sister Su grew up so charming and pretty, wouldn't it be a pity if she had to share her husband with another? I know that my days after becoming a life exterminator won't be good, so I have already planned to remain single." Ji Fengyan cheerfully smiled as she blocked Lei Xu's positive thoughts.

Her words dazed the others in the room, especially Lei Min. The impatience on his face instantly transformed into displeasure. As he looked at Ji Fengyan, his eyes clearly became a bit sharper.

As for Lei Xu, his face didn't look too well.

Chapter 15 – Do You Think I'm Blind?

"Fengyan, even though Lingsheng is the Su Clan's branch's daughter, right now she is an attendant at the eldest princess' side. This isn't something a normal woman can compare to. Out of deep respect for your status as a life exterminator, she is willing to marry into an inferior position. If it was someone else, this would basically be impossible." Lei Xu's brows slightly furrowed while the smile on his face faded by quite a bit.

"You also know that even though there is a lot of honour in being a life exterminator, the danger is also just as great. While you're outside killing our enemies, you won't know how many demons will come for revenge. Min'er and Lingsheng are both willing to bear the concern of losing their life for you, so you shouldn't decline that much," he continued.

"Among the ranks of life exterminators, there are very few women. A lot of those female life exterminators would have to live out their lives alone because others are afraid of being implicated by being too close. Lingsheng stands at the side of the eldest princess and has no lack of guards. Therefore, she can protect the safety of both Min'er and your unborn child. This type of situation is something that other female life exterminators can't have even if they wish to."

Lei Xu's tone had changed into one of condescension. As if Lei Min being willing to marry Ji Fengyan was already a type of great favour.

"In the following days, you also don't want for Min'er and your child to live in the midst of chaos and suffering, right?

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Xu's gloomy face and coldly laughed inside her thoughts. She redirected her gaze towards Su Lingsheng to the side, who had continued to remain silent.

Su Lingsheng had a sweet and charming appearance. Right now, her brows were slightly wrinkled while that clear face was also a picture of misery and grief. Even if it was just a wrinkled brow, those who grew up looking good would still arouse the compassion in people's hearts. So when Lei Min saw Su Lingsheng's appearance, he was itching with an impulse to take her into his arms and comfort her well. As for this "unaware of good and bad" Ji Fengyan, he was more resentful towards her.

Compared to Su Lingsheng, who's skin was as fair as jade, the sallow and emaciated Ji Fengyan that had been abused by the Ji Clan since childhood immediately appeared that unremarkable.

"Ji Fengyan, Lingsheng has already compromised, What else do you want? Even though you and I are said to be engaged, but you also know that this engagement was mostly said as a joke. Right now, I am willing to comply with this farce of an engagement, so why are you making things so difficult? Are you truly that vicious?" Li Min looked at Ji Fengyan with eyes full of disappointment.

She really wanted to laugh. This was the first time that Ji Fengyan saw someone use such a method of turning black into white. This truly opened her eyes.

Just as Ji Fengyan was preparing to say something and chase away these disgusting fellows, a low groan suddenly rang out from behind her.

Turning her head, she found that the unconscious young teenager lying on the bed had suddenly moved a bit. This movement strained the wounds on his back, causing him to release a muffled grunt.

That quiet sound had attracted the attention of everyone in the room. Lei Min's group then discovered that there was unexpectedly still a person lying on the bed in this dilapidated and dark room!

Borrowing the slight amount of sunlight, Lei Mei furrowed his brows as he looked at the young teenager with tightly knitted brows lying on the bed.

That young teenager was extremely handsome. Even though his eyes were tightly closed, it was essentially impossible to find any flaws on that perfectly beautiful and unblemished face. In the dark with a pained expression on his face; it would make anyone who saw feel their hearts ache terribly.

When Lei Min could clearly see that young teenager's suffocatingly exquisite face, his eyes filled with a slight shock. He lifted his head and looked towards Ji Fengyan with a unambiguous implication in his smile.

"So it was originally like this."

Chapter 16 – This Young Master Doesn't Lack Pretty Men

Ji Fengyan: "……."

Lei Min looked towards her and coldly laughed, "Ji Fengyan, it was my mistake. You lived so wretchedly in the Ji Clan that year, so I pitied the you who had no one else to depend on. I made daily visits, thinking of letting the Ji Clan treat you better based on our relationship. Never had I thought… In the few years we were apart, you unexpectedly changed like this."

Ji Fengyan: "……"

This scum of a man's capabilities at self-praise were truly matchless.

On the bed, that young teenager's brows were tightly furrowed. The pain agitated his slumber, his gruff pants resounding in that quiet room, intertwining with the mixed expressions of Lei Min's group.

As Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan, her expression had a trace of disgust.

Who would have thought? Such an ugly little girl with full awareness of being engaged, unexpectedly shared a room with another man. This type of promiscuity would've been held in contempt by anyone.

The depths of Lei Xu's eyes flashed with a slight smile. On his face, that gloomy expression disappeared, replaced by a tolerant and warm smile, "Ah, Fengyan. In this situation, you really were a bit excessive. However, your Uncle Lei isn't a conscientious and unforgiving person. Based on your young age, we'll pretend we never knew of this matter. It won't affect the marriage between you and Min'er"

In an instant, Ji Fengyan had become a scum of a woman that was “freely available to all”. The disgust of Lei Min, the "magnanimity" of Lei Xu, all of it completely made her speechless. Outside the door, those two guards were angered to the point where their bodies tremble after seeing the Lei father and son family vilifying Ji Fengyan. There were several time where they wanted to step forward and clearly explain the situation, but were stopped after being secretly hinted at by Ji Fengyan's gaze.

A smile suddenly appeared on Ji Fengyan's little face. She wasn't the slight bit angry when facing the slander from this Lei father and son family. Instead, she turned her gaze, completely ignoring those two human dregs' "magnanimity". Planting her butt on the side of the bed, she tenderly stretched out her hand and smoothed out that young teenager's tightly knit brows

"Since you guys and Uncle Lei found out, then there's no need for me to hide it anymore. Liu Huo received some injuries and needs to rest right now. I hope that you guys and Uncle Lei won't continue to disturb us, okay?" With her eyes full of tenderness, Ji Fengyan swept her gaze over the unconscious young teenager. After, she lifted her head and the tenderness in those eyes instantly turned into repulsion.

Lei Xu and Lei Min were stupefied. Even an idiot would be able to tell that Ji Fengyan and the young teenager laying on that bed didn't have a common relationship.

Before, Lei Min only guessed. He never thought… Ji Fengyan would actually be this shameless and admit it!

"Ji Fengyan! Do you still even remember the engagement between us?!" A sudden scorching fury began to burn in Lei Min's chest. He never thought that he would be treated in such a way by this ugly woman,

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulder casually, "Didn't you also just say that this engagement was mostly said as a joke? Right now you have Su Lingsheng, this beauty staying together with you, and I also have little Liu Huo staying at my side. This is a perfect opportunity to explain things clearly and honestly."

"You!" Lei Min glared at the fearless Ji Fengyan. Even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn't have thought that she would actually become like this.

That lowly little girl full of worship and love for him in the Ji Clan, seemed to have vanished into thin air right now.

"It's getting a bit late and little Liu Huo will have to take his medicine later. Come, send off our guests." Ji Fengyan wasn't the slightest bit polite as she ordered for them to be shown out the door.

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