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Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – Beauty’s Invite (2)

Ji Fengyan slightly raised a brow, “Talk?”

“Correct, we hope for the Lady City Lord to give us thus face.”

“No problem.” Ji Fengyan nodded and ordered Ling He and the others to wait outside while she followed the two black-clothed businessmen to another carriage.

Before she even entered, Ji Fengyan could smell a light scent. Unlike the fragrance of flowers that soothed people, that scent had a slight trace of bitterness in it that was more like the scent of medicinal herbs.

“Please.” The two black-clothed men didn’t plan on entering, instead they politely invited Ji Fengyan in.

She didn’t hesitate and stepped onto the carriage before opening its door.

The scenery inside caused Ji Fengyan to feel a bit dazed. From the outside, the carriage didn’t look that special aside

from being a bit bigger than normal, but inside it was like another world. A soft, light yellow carpet covered the entire expanse of the room, brimming with warmth. In the middle, there was a square table placed there, neither big nor small. Behind it sat a thin and emaciated man.

These days, the weather still wasn’t too cold while the carriage was also warm, but that man still wore a large, fluffy grey coat inside, his handsome face pale and colourless.

He didn’t seem to be older than twenty and his face was as white as snowy jade without the least trace of blood, even on the lips. His eyes were filled with smiles while those sword-like eyebrows devoid of any sharpness. Rather, they seemed to have given him a trace of gentleness.

gentleness. Looking up at Ji Fengyan, he smiled warmly, his curved eyes looking like they contained a brilliant radiance. Under his shoulder-length hair, that pure white face appeared even paler.

“Our meeting for the first time was a bit abrupt, so I do hope you’ll forgive me. Please sit.” He said in a warm and pleasant voice, elegantly lifting up a hand to indicate for Ji fengyan to sit.

The hand he indicated with was slender and clean, its shape distinct, and at a glance it was indeed very good-looking.

Ji Fengyan felt a bit dazed again. She didn’t think that the person who had spoken up early had actually looked like this. Slowly, she sat down and looked towards him, her gaze filled with a trace of interest.

“What would you like to speak with me

with me about?” Ji Fengyan directly asked. It had to be said that this man’s appearance really was first-rate. Based on her standards, he had a bit of the manner of an immortal, but… His body was too thin and that black grim aura spiralling from his forehead really did disturb that trace of an immortal.

He wasn’t in a rush to speak, instead he lifted up the warm tea pot from the table and poured her a cup of tea.

“I am the young master of this merchant group. Just a moment ago, I finished looking over the ores that my lady sent over. This also is not our first time cooperating with Ji City as the former city lord, Lei Xu, had also brought a few ores over before. Although there were quite a were quite a few rare ores, but compared to the ones that you brought, it was still rather lacking. To be frank, we desperately need rare ores and seeing that you are Ji City’s new city lord, I would therefore like to ask if you would be willingly to cooperate with us?” The man asked, his pleasant voice calm and measured, as if it was the voice of nature.

“Cooperate?” Ji Fengyan slightly raised a brow.

“We’ll use the items on our hands to trade for the ores in the Lady City Lord’s hands. Would my lady be interested in this?” He lightly smiled.

“You’re talking about the ones listed in the Golden Silk Scroll?” Ji Fengyan asked, taking a sip of tea. As the tea went down her throat, it left behind a pleasant aftertaste.

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