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Chapter 100 – Stormy Winds in Ji City (1)

Nobody was certain yet how big a storm Lei Xu's death would cause in Ji City. What happened today was like an unending nightmare that had enveloped the hearts of all the commoners who had witnessed everything.

They revered Ji Fengyan's strength and was thankful that she didn't slaughter the innocents. In their minds though, they told themselves to never offend this lady, after all nobody wanted to follow in Lei Xu's tracks.

Except for when Ji Fengyan took action, this time Yang Jian also completely displayed his overpowering strength, startling Ling He and the other guards. Although Yang Jian was big and looked strong, but from the time he was first carved out, if he wasn't mining ores everyday, then he would just be standing still in his room. It was to the extent that even Ling He and the others had never thought that Yang Jian's battle strength would actually be so strong. Not only was he far stronger than soldiers like them, but he was far fiercer too!

With that in mind, when Yang Jian had just returned to the residence, he received worshipful gazes from everybody there. Many soldiers crowded around him with their blood boiling, enthusiastically calling out "Big Brother Yang Jian". What's more, these excited guards continued to call out for Yang Jian to drink wine with them as well.

Ji Fengyan couldn't help but laugh as she watched everybody surround Yang Jian, "Okay, enough. You guys can all leave. Stop trying to swindle him too. Who knows if mushrooms or something would start growing on this block of wood if it got soaked in wine?

After being reminded by Ji Fengyan, everybody suddenly realized that Yang Jian wasn't the same as them. It was very likely that Yang Jian wouldn't be able to drink wine at all.

"Yang Jian, follow me over first." Ji Fengyan waved her hand towards him. Yang Jian followed with a stiff face.

In that battle, Yang Jian had killed many people. While the majority of the spilled blood had been splattered on his scaled armour, but since he only knew how to follow Ji Fengyan's instructions and didn't have any other considerations, there were still a few traces of blood left on both of his hands and face.

If she didn't take care of it, then once those traces of blood completely soaked through the wood that made up Yang Jian's body, it was very likely that he really would have a "painted face".

As Ji Fengyan cleaned up the splatters of blood on Yang Jian's body, she released a breath in relief that she had made it before those traces of blood could completely soak in. When she had first created Yang Jian, her objective had been to use him for mining. However, after today's battle, she realized that she had overlooked a few things from before.

The quality of the wood that she had created Yang Jian from was too low. Checking if Yang Jian's body had suffered any damage, she also considered whether or not she should change Yang Jian's body to a higher quality one.

"Uh, my lady…" Ling He stood outside the door as he quietly poked his head in.

"Yes?" After Ji Fengyan finished examining Yang Jian and let him move freely again, he silently left while Ling He walked inside.

"My lady, Lei Xu is already dead. It's very likely that the commoners inside the city will soon receive news that you're Ji City's true city lord. Therefore, I would like to know… When exactly are we going to move?" Ling He asked.

She blinked as she stared at Ling He. "Move?"

"Correct! While we've brought this residence to a presentable state, it is… still a bit too old. You are the city lord of this city, thus according to custom, we should move into the City Lord's Residence!" Ling He said resolutely. It took a lot of effort to get their young lady to act so decisively this time, so how could he not wish for her to take that final step?

Ji Fengyan's small lips scrunched up. Lacking any interest, she waved her hand. "Don't worry about it."

"Huh?" Ling He was a bit muddled.

"After a person like Lei Xu has lived in that place for so long, even if you invited me there, I still wouldn't go." She explained.

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