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Chapter 884 - The Performance of His Life

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

For a genius like Ji Ze, he had always looked down on people with wild arrogance. To them, their goal in life was always to be the number one under the Heavens, even if they could not be the number one, then their future goals would still to be number one. It was the same even for Du Ke, the strongest of Sin Domain, Ji Ze could admit that Du Ke was stronger than him, but definitely did not assume that he would always be weaker than Du Ke, or even be recruited by Du Ke.

~Become someone else's subordinate? What kind of joke is that!~ Ji Ze did not think that it was an honor, but felt that it was a humiliation to himself.

~Yes, humiliation!~

In his eyes, the only one in the world who had the qualifications of recruiting him was Tang Tian. In truth, Ji Ze was not completely convinced towards Tang Tian, but instead, he was initially only afraid and shocked by Tang Tian's strength, and lowered his head in the face of death, but in his heart, he had always plotted to escape.

But as time went past, he became more and more convinced by Tang Tian. It was a strength no ordinary man had, and his shocking speed of improvement made Ji Ze's heart to rebel dissipate quickly. To him, even Du Ke, the strongest man in Sin Domain, was not Tang Tian's opponent.

Tang Tian did not convince Ji Ze with just his fists.

In the Sin Domain, when someone was about to obtain some powerful inheritance, he or she would be afraid of others knowing. But Tang Tian did not care, he actually passed down the powerful Heavy Demonic Execution without the intent of concealing it. He was not greedy with treasures as well, and would always share treasures generously with everybody. The Death Thumb Ring was an extremely powerful treasure, but he gave it away. He had also refined their treasures, and whatever enlightenment he gained, he would share it with everyone.

Ji Ze was convinced, for he knew that he himself could never be like that. For the sake of the Null Division, Tang Tian disregarded his own safety and flipped the entire Sin Domain, creating a lot of noise and disturbance. At that time, Tang Tian was not as powerful as he currently was, but dared to make enemies out of the entire Sin Domain for the Null Division. This bravery and camaraderie had completely subdued Ji Ze.

Furthermore, Tang Tian was a huge benefactor to the Sin Domain, that's right, a huge benefactor. Without Tang Tian, would the Sin Domain be able to escape from its cell? Based on this, even Du Ke had to admit that. Who didn't see Du Ke joining Tang Tian's banner without hesitation? This huge grace was something that no one could argue against.

In Ji Ze's eyes, Tang Tian was already the strongest man in the world, the most heroic man in the world, the man that he respected the most!

For that, Ji Ze completely accepted being recruited by such a man.

But, what about Claudia?

Ji Ze squinted his eyes, not hiding his own killing intent, sneering silently behind the mask. ~Why is it that after we leave Sin Domain, every single woman we meet doesn't know the difference between Heaven and Earth?~

He had an extremely bad impression of Melissa. Melissa's initial pride and arrogance made him even reveal his killing intent. Instead, it was Melissa's grandfather whom Ji Ze felt was good, a knowledgeable, sharp and decisive man. Although Melissa quieted down after that, Ji Ze could still feel that she was not truly sincere in them joining, and always left herself a way out. As a rampant and aggressive man, Ji Ze was extremely opinionated, once he decided to truly serve Tang Tian, he would not hold back, and thus he despised and looked down on how Melissa was.

But Tang Tian did not care, and thus he could not do anything. Since he did not like Melissa, he naturally did not care about giving her face, and thus would initiate the teasing of Claudia.

But Claudia's initiative to recruit them touched upon the most taboo matter to him, and thus the anger in his heart was understandable.

It was not only him, all of the entire God Armor Army revealed unkind expressions, they had followed Tang Tian for an even longer time, and was naturally proud and arrogant. This arrogance was not passed on to them from Tang Tian, but was through the daily interactions with top grade martial techniques, completing the harshest of trainings, and the consecutive victories in battles, that accumulated and carved them to who they were.

All of them were proud to be members of the God Armor Army, and for some random passerby to actually appear and actually want to recruit them, it changed all of their facial expressions. Like Fu Zheng Zhi, who had the identity of head of a family, in terms of family history, his was much older than this unknown Elizabeth Tradings.

But Fu Zheng Zhi was much older than Ji Ze, and as he was experienced with the world, the anger in him was naturally not as large. When Claudia openly asked to recruit them, he only felt that it was a joke, and not as furious as Ji Ze.

But when Ji Ze spoke out sternly with a sense of justice, that's right, to Fu Zheng Zhi, Ji Ze's words was for justice.

And when he suddenly reacted and realized that the boss was still at the side.

~Devious, too devious! Shameless, too shameless!~

~He actually managed to bootlick in front of Master.~

~Who knew Ji Ze, this seemingly no brained fellow, is actually such an expert in bootlicking~ That was Fu Zheng Zhi's train of thoughts at that moment. ~What a show, his powerful and resonating decision to portray his loyalty, matched with his rather die than submit attitude, oh no, it is the killing intent stemmed from humiliating his honor. Truly a God level performance, truly worth to be called a masterpiece, I have truly underestimated him.~

Fu Zheng Zhi used his hand to arrange his mask properly, his eyes flashed with a cold light aura.

~How can I let you hog all of the limelight of such a dazzling stage, right under the eyes of the Master? Come, Little Ze, let this senior teach you, by using a beautiful performance, I want to show you that you are still naive in being shameless!~

His eyes immediately turned red, his body trembled slightly, as though he was shivering from the wind, he spoke out with a hoarse voice: "Humiliating us by trying to recruiting us right in front of the Master, it is definitely unforgivable! Even if Temple is here, they are unable to shake our decision to follow the Master. Even if the mountain collapses, or the river water dries up, or thunder appearing in winter, or if it snows and rains in summer, even if Heaven and Earth merges, even until the end of time or if it's the end of the worth, I will follow my Master, and will never sway. In life, I am My Master's subordinate. In Death, I am my Master's ghost!"

His last sentence was spoken through gritted teeth, as though he was using all of his strength to shout out every word.

Melissa was dumbstruck, ~What…..~

For Melissa to be dumbstruck, one could only imagine Claudia's reaction. She was completely stupefied. ~What is going on, what follow, even if you are unwilling, there isn't a need to talk about life and death. Alright, even if you're humiliated to the point of wanting to fight to the death, where did these mushy and emotional speech all about…..~

Claudia suddenly felt that she was a brothel owner breaking up a couple, an evil tyrant breaking apart an affectionate couple. ~But…..I was just trying to recruit you guys…. That's all…..~

Claudia, who usually felt that she was experienced enough and had the confidence of handling all sorts of situation suddenly felt that she did not know what to do.

Awkward silence, it was a completely awkward silence.

A high velocity wind blew past, causing everyone to be in disarray.

Everyone of the God Armor Army were dumbstruck, even Ji Ze, who was soaring with killing intent was stunned, he was completely shocked by what had happened.

Immersed in his own thoughts, Tang Tian was completely oblivious to the hubbub around him, something that frequently happened. Upon being lost in his own train of thoughts, no amount of noise could influence him. But, it was the sudden silence around him that awakened him.

"Hey, what're you guys doing?"

Tang Tian was startled by everybody's dumbstruck appearance, evidently, he did not know what was going on.

Fu Zheng Zhi froze, ~Was my heartfelt performance just now not seen by Master?~

If it was Ji Ze, a young man, he would definitely be embarrassed. But, who was Fu Zheng Zhi?

~What a pity, I've wasted my emotions….. Little Ze, let this senior teach you once more, when you've wasted your emotions, oh, then pull everyone down with you.~

He sorted out his expression calmly, his red eyes instantly becoming normal, his voice no longer strange: "Oh, we were just rejecting Young Miss Claudia's invitation, and slightly revealed our decision to follow our Master forever. Everyone shares the same sentiments and are on the same page."


Everyone almost puked.

Tang Tian understood, then turned to look at everyone.

Everyone, who were experiencing completely different emotions from Fu Zheng Zhi, were completely caught off guard, they were implicated just by being present, and were scolding Fu Zheng Zhi heavily in their hearts. But when Tang Tian's gaze swept past them, all of their hearts trembled, they subconsciously stood straight up, puffed their chests up and lifted their heads up, they preserved a corrected postured and everyone's actions were in unison, all of them stood in formation and nodded their heads, then spoke with determination: "Following the Master for life!"

This was completely a subconscious movement, the long grueling and torturous trainings had left a shadow in their hearts, and had long become their instinct.

~Sob sob sob sob, why are our bodies so honest….~

Tang Tian was moved, he suddenly stood up and replied excitedly: "Great, we will forever fight alongside each other!"

Melissa and Claudia were once again dumbstruck, but both of their reactions were completely different.

Melissa simply wanted to cover her face, ~How embarrassing…..and its even in front of Claudia, oh my god, why did I disguise them as the Iron Mask Army? The prestige of the Iron Mask Army, Mace Field Tradings' fame….~

On the other hand, Claudia herself felt that she was being played, ~That's right, it must be this bitch, she intentionally made this play out, just to make me a fool.~ Her face flushed red as she became furious. She had never suffered such a humiliation since she was young. Furthermore, it was right in front of Melissa, an unprecedented shame filled her heart. Due to the stir of emotions, her eyes turned bloodshot, all of her ruse completely disappeared as she screamed: "Kill them all! Kill them all!"

The moment Claudia screamed, whoosh, all of her bodyguards that were all longing to take action soared into the air as they leapt out, and pounced towards the trading ship below.

Melissa's face changed: "How dare you, Claudia! The Holy Bell prohibits this! Under the Holy Bell, whoever dares to cause an internal strife will be killed!"

Claudia turned sluggish, The Holy Bell had not rung for a long time, there were many rules that many had forgotten. Upon Melissa's reminder, she suddenly remembered it, there truly was such a ban. The Holy Bell meant that Temple was at a critical juncture, and at such a moment, any internal strife would weaken Temple's strength, thus it was forbidden.

But, with so many families gathered together, and with the few generations of accumulated hatred between them, how can there not be friction?

Thus, there was some leeway with the Holy Bell bans, as long as no human lives were lost, the Temple would not care.

Claudia revealed a sinister laugh: "Break their legs! And slap every single person's mouth 50 times!"

In the air, many figures descended with killing intent.

Chapter 885 - Forbidden Hoop

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Claudia's eyes were sinister as killing intent surged from her heart.

She did not even put Melissa in her eyes, no one could stop the Mace Field Tradings decline. Regardless of her using her ship to suppress the other party, or openly ridiculing Melissa, she did everything unbridledly. She did not even truly place the Iron Mask Army in her eyes. Elizabeth Tradings had many elite armies under their belt, so what was one Iron Mask Army to them? Could an army of a hundred men pose a threat to Elizabeth Tradings? What a joke!

Her "interest" towards the Iron Mask Army was just a pretense. She wanted to leave a mark on Melissa, to be betrayed by her trump card, she wanted to feel that joy!

She was extremely confident of her own charms, compared to directly ridiculing Melissa, she enjoyed playing with Melissa more.

But…..the Iron Mask Army actually challenged her, to ask what qualifications she had to recruit them!

Claudia felt as though she had received a tight slap to her face, furthermore, it was right in front of Melissa! To her, the Iron Mask Army was intentionally playing with her all along, and it had been a trap right from the start.

Upon thinking about how she was the one to look like the fool, she was so furious her entire body started trembling.

~When have I ever been disgraced to such a point? This is unforgivable!~

In her rage, Claudia so badly wanted to see them beaten up, and did not care even if she had to engage in a full blown battle with Mace Field Tradings. ~What's Mace Field Tradings worth even? A business entity that doesn't even have a gold grade warship, they are not worthy to have their wealth.~

~Damn the Holy Bell Prohibitions!~

If not for the bans, she would never let any one of them go, and would kill all of them!

She clenched her fists tightly, she had already decided, even if they could not be killed, she would never let them go.

But, she started to laugh, and gradually loosened her fists. ~These idiots, don't they know that in front of absolute strength, all of their methods are useless, and will only make it worse for themselves?~

For the sake of supporting Temple, Elizabeth Tradings had dispatched all of their elites, and the entire warship held all of them, true blue elites. ~Wouldn't it be easy for them to handle a mere dilapidated trading ship? I just have to wait for a while, and my bodyguards will be able to bring these damned people in front of me.~

~At that time, I want to enjoy seeing them kneel and beg for mercy.~


Claudia's eyes landed on one person, ~Even Hank who doesn't usually make a move, can't resist to take action, this is truly exciting!~

Tang Tian was startled, he felt that everything was going too fast, he was just in a daze previously.

But with regards to battle, he had never retreated before, furthermore, to actually act so unbridled in front of him, they were truly sick of living.

"Break their legs, and slap every single person's mouth 50 times."

Tang Tian repeated Claudia's order, and then his body flickered as he disappeared and rushed straight for Claudia. To win the bandits, start with the bandit Head, he did not like Claudia, so he decided to capture her first. Furthermore, Tang Tian had an interest in her gold grade warship.

In a flash, he was already in midair.

But, he quickly realized that other people were eyeing on him. A small group of guards appeared before him.

These guards were clearly dressed differently from the others, all of them in black. Their eyes were cold and gloomy, and without even saying a word, they separated, revealing their violent temperaments. The biggest sized man, presumably the leader, was expressionless, with a look as if he did not have sufficient sleep, his eyes were bloodshot and wide open, lookin around with his fearsome glare causing others to be alarmed.

Tang Tian was surprised, his gaze swept through the guards, and immediately noticed their formation.

~Seems like a miniature war formation…..interesting.~

Tang Tian laughed, and before his smile even disappeared, he made his move, his toes unleashed strength and he shot forward, leaving afterimages behind him. Like a lightning bolt, he immediately plunged dead center into the group.

Hank was Claudia's head bodyguard, and hardly had to take action. Claudia's father extremely adored her and spoiled her, thus all of her bodyguards were extremely powerful, every single one of them recruited by spending a large sum of money. In any usual cases, a few of the bodyguards could resolve the situation, and they never needed Hank to take action.

But this time, Hank had initiated the move.

It was not because of Claudia's anger, Hank's position was extremely high, he only needed to ensure Claudia's safety, and had no responsibility or obligations towards Claudia's mood. At the start, he was also having fun watching the show, to his own young miss' foolish actions, he simply laughed it off, not taking it to heart. But for the consideration of safety, he was used to observing the other party.

When his eyes landed on Tang Tian, he suddenly sensed a whiff of danger.

When he scrutinized him further, he could not find anything, as though the sense of danger was a mistake.

Not only did Hank not relax, but he became even more cautious. He knew that the sense of danger was definitely no fluke, he believed in his own intuition. This made him extremely cautious, and when Claudia ordered for them to take action, he hesitated for a second, but still decided to initiate the move.

Hank's initiation made the other guards excited.

~Boss Hank is personally fighting, that is a rare event, could it be that the other party is truly powerful?~

When Hank reminded them to prepare for their formation, they became even more excited. In the Sacred Saint Galaxy where armies meant power, tactics, formations and synchronization, all of these were taught and imparted to everybody from a very young age, and everyone had to be extremely familiar with them. But yet, an army formation was not easy to be used in a protection unit. Bodyguards emphasized more on individual strength, but their formation had been specially designed by Hank, and it became even more versatile.

But, although they had trained in their formation for a long time, they never had the opportunity to use it. They were all strong individuals and had plenty of past experiences, therefore no one dared to provoke the Elizabeth Tradings.

If it was not for Hank's reputation amongst the bodyguards, they would never had trained in the formation.

Everyone became excited as they had a long anticipation towards finally being able to use the formation that they had trained for so long.

They did not have any idea of how powerful the formation would be. But, did they even need to use it? Only when Hank brought them to surround Tang Tian, did they realize that the opponent they were facing was him. Before, when they saw how the others were so loyal towards Tang Tian, they knew that this seemingly ordinary person was the leader of the Iron Mask Army.

~Alright, the leader of the Iron Mask Army should be worthy for us to use the formation.~

Although many of them felt that Boss Hank was making a big fuss out of a small problem, but they still went according to their training without hesitation.

Tang Tian's reaction quickly scared them, in the blink of the eye, he had already rushed up in front of them.

Tang Tian's body was inclined forward with both hands protecting his head, his upper body was curled up, like a wild beast burrowing its head down and sprinting.

The guard right in front of Tang Tian only felt his vision distorting slightly. His face changed, it was a vision formed from the atmosphere being stirred, which meant that the enemy's speed was actually fast to a horrifying level!

Without even thinking, he had both hands protecting his chest as he fervently transferred all the energy to his arms, producing a light energy barrier that protected him.

Tang Tian's afterimages collided into the energy barrier head on.


A clear and crisp shattering sound came out, the guard felt as though he was smashed by a thousand catty heavy hammer right in the chest.

He groaned, blood oozing out from the corner of his mouth as he was instantly flung out,.

The other guards were shocked, they initially felt that Hank was making a big fuss, until they realized they had met a strong opponent. In that instant, another guard had took up the injured guard's position.

A circular light hoop flew out from Hank's hand, while the rest all shot out bullets of light simultaneously, causing an invisible shockwave to disperse, and the light hoop violently expanded.

~Huh?~ Tang Tian revealed a look of surprise, ~Energy synchronization undulation!~

If it was as he suspected, Tang Tian would be even more interested, an extremely perfect energy synchronization, furthermore, it was somewhat different from an army's energy synchronization.

Tang Tian felt as though he was plunged into a swamp, the air around him suddenly congealed, and his movements became extremely delayed and sluggish. What surprised him further was that the energy around him also became extremely viscous. It was Tang Tian's first time encountering such a situation, his Godfist could distort the laws in a specific area, and from there he could produce a freezing effect in that space. But the formation formed by the group of people in front of him was different, not only could their formation change the density of the air around them, they could reduce the activity of energy in the area.

~What a powerful technique!~ Tang Tian could not help but praised them inwardly.

One had to know, that if a Sacred Saint Galaxy martial artist was in such a situation, he would lose his fighting ability in that moment. The energy in the surroundings was isolated, and the energy within the hoop became uncontrollable, a Sacred Saint Galaxy martial artist's fighting strength would plummet, adding that the air around had become shackles, he could only wait to be captured.

Hank had absolute confidence in the formation that he designed, it was called the Forbidden Hoop, which was a martial technique that Hank gained enlightenment on. But he quickly realized that a person's individual strength was insufficient to unleash the power of Forbidden Hoop, and thus designed it as a formation used by a group of around 10 people.

But very quickly, his face changed again. He felt as if they were shackling down an inexhaustible wild beast, the other party was struggling with all of his might, causing a horrifying power to continuously assault the Forbidden Hoop. If he alone was up against such a force, his Forbidden Hoop would have long shattered.

"Is he still human? What kind of strength does he have!" One of the guards exclaimed.

The rest all became serious, they continued to increase the energy undulations, while still maintaining a perfect synchronization. The Forbidden Hoop's light aura became brighter and brighter, the light so dense that it was becoming tangible.

The strength of the Forbidden Hoop continued to increase, every single person did not dare to hold back. The Iron Mask Leader inside the Forbidden Hoop was like a berserk wild beast that was chained up, gradually being calmed down. One could tell from his trembling body that he had not given up, but it was due to the excessive power of the Forbidden Hoop that had suppressed him.

Hank and the other guards were drenched from perspiration that instantly became vapor even before it could flow.

The light hoop above shot down a light pillar that enveloped Tang Tian. Inside the light pillar, Tang TIan was like an insect stuck in a flame, unable to move.

Sensing that the enemy had been firmly locked, Hank heaved a sigh of relief. Once the forbidden Hoop was completed, it would continue to absorb the energy from the air around and become more and more secure.

Only then did Hank have the time to observe the rest of the people.

What he saw stunned him instantly.

Chapter 886 - Hank's Discovery

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Hank was completely stunned.

To him, the battle should not have any difficulties, there was too huge a disparity in terms of numbers between both parties. ~How many people did the Iron Mask Army have? Roughly a 100, but how many do we have? Exactly 500! That's a 5:1 ratio, five men against one, no matter how powerful the Iron Mask Army is, they are still overpowered, but why hasn't the battle ended?~

It was fine that it was not over yet, but what made Hank dumbstruck was that his own men were actually at a disadvantage!

Although the Iron Mask Army had very few men, they were extremely agile, like agile and fierce sheepdogs, coming and going, continuously outflanking and interweaving. His own guards were the herd of stupid sheep, continuously being herded out by them, they could not even touch the clothes of the enemy.

~Idiots!~ Hank was fumed with anger by the performance of the guards, their response had become sluggish, they were fatigued, completely led by the noses by the enemies.

500 against 100 and unable to secure a victory, that could not be let go. Their performance was so horrible that Hank had already decided to take care of them when the matter was over.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Hank started to scrutinize the Iron Mask Army, and slowly, his expression became serious.

The more he watched, the more surprised he was, ~How did the Mace Field Tradings get so many experts?~

The Iron Mask Army members were all individuals with outstanding personal strengths, they were extremely fast, their movement techniques were unpredictable, making them hard to catch. His own guards was not used to such opponents, and in no time, they completely lost their own rhythm.

Aside from that, the enemy's coordination was also outstanding, he could tell that they had great rapport amongst one another. They were an extremely mature group with trust between one another. Hank had already witnessed it a few times, it was as if they never bothered watching their comrades' attacks, but continued on by their own rhythm. When one of them was about to be struck, there would always be another comrade sprouting out from nowhere and resolving the crisis.

It was obviously a type of tactic.

A cold intent surfaced from Hank's heart. In truth, the enemy members that encountered danger only needed to stop their attacks to resolve the danger they had placed themselves in, but they still chose to continue their attacks. One could see the trust they had in one another. If it were one or two persons, it could be accepted as a tacit understanding between both members, but the frequency of such a scene occurring was too high, that only left with one possibility, the Iron Mask Army had frequently carried out such tactics in their training.

It was too scary!

~Someone actually dared to design such a dangerous tactic, and even use it as a common tactic!~ To Hank, such a coordination could display extreme strength, and was able to help them grasp the rhythm of the battle, but it required extremely high tacit coordination between every single member, and that was extremely dangerous and bold! As long as one of them was inattentive, and the support was half a step too late, that would immediately lead to a severe injury if not death.

Such a tactic was like walking on a tightrope, as long as there was one mistake, there was no hope of reprieve.

But very quickly, Hank was frowning again, because he suddenly realized that although the Iron Mask Army was using such a dangerous tactic, they never overreached themselves.

~How is this happening…..~

Hank firmly believed in his own judgement, furthermore it was such an elementary judgement, ~how can I be wrong? Is there something that I have not paid attention to?~

Hank was not anxious, he opened his eyes and scrutinized further, afraid of missing one detail.

His eyes were experienced, adding the doubts already in his heart, he quickly gained new discoveries. His face became paler and paler, his steady expression revealed a look of shock as perspiration started to gather on his forehead.

If he was not personally witnessing it, he would never be able to believe what was happening.

~Intuition, every single of one of these Iron Mask Guards all have frightening fighting intuition, they are able to sense danger before it arises, allowing them to avert disaster at the crucial moments, allowing themselves to react calmly.~ Hank finally understood, the reason why he felt that they were extremely skillful when he watched them.

~But, how is that possible!~

Hank felt that his knowledge was being capsized. At the same time, he firmly believed in his own intuition, because he was an extremely experienced veteran. His reliable fighting intuition was tempered through a hundred battles. It was far more difficult to obtain than martial techniques or tactics, because it did not have a starting point.

Hank had always been proud of his powerful battle intuition, but….

All of the Iron Mask guards that were flying around had battle intuition not inferior to his.

~What kind of people are they!~ It was as though Hank's heart was going through a tsunami.

Hank would never know that there was a brutal and savage land in the world called the Sin Domain, that where if a person wanted to continue living, they had to fight, they had to keep on fighting! There was no mercy, they were born to battle, something no Honorable Martial Continent citizen could ever imagine. The so called fighting experience in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was nothing when placed in the Sin Domain.

But no one could blame Hank, from the start, he did not associate them to the Sin Domain. Despite the fact that the Sin Domain's revival had stirred Honorable Martial Continent, but the reports they have on the Sin Domain was extremely pitiful. Even Temple was not clear of how the Sin Domain was currently, their understanding of the Sin Domain had stopped a few hundred years ago.

But compared to their intuition, the synchronization of the Iron Mask Army was barely passable, and they only had one tactic, but their overwhelming individual strength had overridden their weaknesses.

~Seems like 500 men isn't enough.~

Ji Ze and the rest did not know of Hank's annoyance, they were extremely happy to be able to fight. Ever since they left the Sin Domain and entered the Honorable Martial Continent, they were faced with a huge problem, and that was adapting to the Sacred Saint Galaxy's dense energy environment. The crux of it was for battle, the energy in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was too dense, and their old style of fighting was completely not suitable in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, thus they needed to change.

Since the first day that they left the Sin Domain, they never stopped their gruesome and demonic training. In truth, the demonic training dated back from the establishment of the God Armor Army. In any other aspects, the Master was good, whoever wanted something, would get it. But in terms of training, the Master was a tyrant that never gave them slack, constantly scolding them and drowning them with his saliva.

~He had replaced the journey with training, oh, the Master recently let us sit on the trading ship, that was too kind!~

~But also, it's because Master is afraid of us revealing our identities….~

But it was under such harsh training that Ji Ze and the rest started to get used to a brand new way of fighting, and very quickly, they were able to experience for themselves the benefits of the new style. By using laws to control the energy, they discovered how powerful they were, that their laws were able to control numerous different energies! Compared to the Sin Domain,

Furthermore, their profound understanding of laws caused their control of energy to reach an extremely meticulous extent. Even Sima Xiao from Heaven's Road could not help but be in awe of their control over energy. As long as the Sin Domain martial artists could overcome their discomfort over energy, even if they had never learnt a Heaven's Road martial technique before, with their fine control over energy, they could beat any Heaven's Road Saint.

That was their unique advantage.

They had spent tremendous strength to overcome the energy obstacle, resulting in them never having the chance to perform. Most of the time, it was the Master himself who would handle and resolve the situation, thus they did had a very minimal chance to perform, which to them was even more cruel than the demonic trainings.

This battle, oh no, this brawl, made them excited. They were finally able to fight, a pity that it was not a real battle, preventing them from enjoying it to the fullest. ~Alright, a mosquito is still something after all.~

The group of them pounced onto their enemies in an uproar.

Because of the Forbidden Hoop, they were somewhat constrained. On one side, they were like wolves and tigers, on the other side, they were bound at their hands and feet, thus pulling the distance in terms of their morale. In a brawl that disallowed them from killing, morale was the most important, and the second most important was not tactics and coordination or techniques, but their bodies. Since they could not kill, then they had to see who was more durable, obviously the ones with stronger bodies could sustain longer.

Ji Ze and the rest rushed head on like a gang of bisons.

When Ji Ze produced an energy barrier and rushed head on to the enemy, the opposing guard did the same thing, and produced an energy barrier and rushed towards him.

The result was Ji Ze and the rest being fine, as for the opponents, although their energy barriers were not shattered, but they were tipsy, all of them spinning in circles, swaying and falling towards the ground.

Everyone else found the method effective, no one would die, but it was extremely satisfying, causing them to be excited. Immediately, everyone started imitating Ji Ze, producing energy barriers and rushing to their enemies. When their enemies saw that, they would not cower back, but fight head on. ~Us five can't take one of you down?~

That was how the curtains was raised to an unprecedented collision match.

Bang bang bang!

The incessant thunderous collision sounds exploded in the air continuously, to the point that everybody's eardrums were numb.

Hank was stupefied, he had never witnessed such a scene before, but he had to admit, the unfanical head on decisive battle was truly instigating.

"Damn it, I have the urge to go up and do it as well!" By Hank's side, one of his comrade could not resist and spoke out.

"Too satisfying! This is too satisfying!"

The Matchless Ship was long excited, all the guards onboard were shouting at the top of their lungs, encouraging their companions, occasionally letting out exclamations.

On the Mace Field Tradings' trading ship, the atmosphere was extremely tense, in the air, the hundred man Iron Mask Army was facing against an enemy five times their size, their disadvantage in numbers made the scene look extremely miserable.

Johnson kept on commanding the guards belonging to the organisation, upon seeing their own companions falling, they had to receive them. He had an equally anxious expression, he did not know why Ji Ze and the rest chose to fight in such a manner, previously, they clearly held the advantage, and as long as they persevered, they would defeat their enemies in no time.

If they were to lose, he knew what awaited them. With the Holy Bell restrictions, Claudia could not kill them, but she could break their hands and legs and slap them.

~If it comes to that, we have to go all out!~ Even if they had to suffer punishments or get arrested by Temple, he did not care.

He was unable to bear such humiliation.

Just when everybody were absorbed by the unprecedented battle in the air, no one had noticed that inside the Forbidden Hoop, Tang Tian, who was completely still, suddenly blinked his eyes.

Chapter 887 - An Epiphany

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the Forbidden Hoop, Tang TIan did not even look at the battle outside, all of his focus completely on the Forbidden Hoop.

The wonderful train of thoughts on the unique energy undulation had made his eyes lit up. He was no longer the amateur he was, Heaven's Road martial techniques, Sin Domain laws, Sacred Saint Galaxy Army killing techniques, all of these had allowed his strength to improve by leaps and bounds, and had opened up his eyes to the world, upgrading his knowledge and his skills.

The number of techniques that could allow his eyes to light up like the Forbidden Hoop got less and less, ~I finally encountered one after so much difficulty, Naturally, I need to study it.~

Ji Ze and the others' fighting style seemed to be flawless to ordinary people, but they were about to barge into the Saint Continent, where the majority of the barracks were held, where the number of experts filled the skies, if they were not careful, they could possibly be consigned to eternal damnation. Like Sophie, whom Tang Tian saw the last time, who had unfathomable strength. And upon listening to Melissa's words, the strongest of Temple did not seem to be Sophie, but the Great Clan Elder.

Sophie had already left a restraining fear in Tang Tian, so how strong was the Great Clan Elder?

No one knew, Melissa had said that no one had ever seen the Great Clan Elder taking action, but no one dared to ever go against the Great Clan Elder's orders. Even Sacred Son Charles would have to be punished if the Great Clan Elder said so. The only confirmed information about the Great Clan Elder was that his Holy Flame was gold color, in the entire Temple, only the Great Clan Elder's Holy Flame was gold.

Tang Tian had seen the Holy Flame before, and had a deep impression of the terrifying flames. Out of all the flames he recognized, the Holy Flame was the most terrifying flames, even more terrifying than the flames of hell.

Gold Holy Flame!

That meant that the White Holy Flame had undergone a transformation, but before they truly fought, Tang Tian was unable to extrapolate and guess how much stronger the power had transformed.

~I shouldn't be thinking about that right now, let me first resolve this problem.~

Right when Hank had unleashed the Forbidden Hoop, he had already sensed the power of the technique. To the current Tang Tian, the simplest methods and techniques did not mean much. He cared more about the rules, laws and hidden areas formed within the technique itself, that were not easy to detect. How could an expert like Hank allow people to see through his killing technique?

No matter how powerful a killing technique was, once its essence is seen through, it would be easy for the opponent to find the method to break the technique.Thus, every single killing technique usually had a lot of puzzling factors to confuse the enemy.

Tang Tian wanted see through its marvel, and only personally experiencing it was the most effective and straightforward way. Of course, for Tang Tian to have that confidence, he naturally had something to rely on, which was his glasslike mental state that could not be affected, reflecting the various profundities of the Forbidden Hoop.

Hank could never ever imagine that his self created Forbidden Hoop would be so easily seen through by somebody.

Tang Tian, who had blinked his eyes, saw a glimpse of the sky. He immediately understood what Ji Ze and the rest were trying to do, and calmed down. For direct collision that did not involve any tricks, what they competed with was physical strength. ~How can martial artists of the Sacred Saint Galaxy compare with Sin Domain martial artists in terms of physical strength?~ Tang Tian wanted to shake his head, the current Sacred Saint Galaxy was blind and had no knowledge towards the Sin Domain, after everyone familiarized themselves with the Sin Domain, there would definitely be no one who would engage in such folly anymore.

Tang Tian's attention landed on the Matchless Ship.

He eyed the gold grade warship in envy, ~Come to think of it, this Godlike young lad doesn't have a gold grade warship yet. Although the Honorable Martial's Roar is an Ultimate Army Warship, but it is afterall rebuilt from trash.~ He did not have a gold grade warship like the Matchless Ship in his hands yet.

~Should I take the Matchless Ship for myself?~

After thinking about it, he could not retract it back. It was perfect that Tang Tian felt annoyed by Claudia, and with the number of bodyguards onboard the Matchless Ship, anyone could tell that Claudia was a person who had position, and since they had offended her, she would not let them go that easily, and it would only become more of a tangle in the future.

Tang Tian frowned, he did not want it to implicate themselves further. The situation in the Saint Continent was complicated, there were many powerhouses, and if they got themselves in a difficult position, they risked exposing themselves. If it were any ordinary times, Tang Tian would not care exposing themselves, at most, they would just fight to their heart's' content and make a huge scene. But to Tang Tian, it involved meeting with Qian Hui, and for such beautiful days, Tang Tian did not want to cause the situation to go into a mess.

Even though after taking Claudia's ship, they would still make a scene, but without the gold grade warship, Claudia's arrogance would be brought down a notch.

~Furthermore, I am going to meet Qian Hui, how can I meet her with a dilapidated trading ship, that's too humiliating.~ If Tang Tian did not experience the luxurious Matchless Ship, he would never have had the thought, But after seeing the Matchless Ship, Tang Tian then understood the meaning of throwing the old to let in the new, and immediately felt that riding on the trading ship was too unpresentable.

~How can I let Qian Hui sit in such a wretched ship?~

The more Tang Tian thought about it, the more convinced he was, meeting Qian Hui was something that he had been waiting for for a long time, and there was no need to even mention anything else. Tang Tian did not care even if Temple were to appear, much less Elizabeth Tradings counter-attacking them for seizing the Matchless Ship.

His mind only had space for the beautiful lady that he thought of day and night.

After affirming his decision, Tang Tian's mind flew very quickly, his gaze landed on Claudia.

~She is the key!~

Claudia's identity was enough to cause the rest to be restrained from acting.

Tang Tian glanced at Hank and the rest, all of them had completely forgotten about Tang Tian's existence, they were completely absorbed into the heart palpitating battle in the air, all of them floated a few meters above Tang Tian, their eyes fixated on the battle.

~An opportunity!~

Without making a sound, Tang Tian suddenly extended his right leg, he moved extremely slowly with a completely focused expression. Ripples after ripples formed around him, it was as though he was wading himself forward in a pool, all of these ripples stuck closely onto his body like magnet, as they were prevented by Tang Tian from dissipating.

Only Tang Tian's body continued to move, while the pillar of light of the Forbidden Hoop remained unmoved.

Tang Tian slowly extended his hand out of the pillar of light, this time, no undulations were formed. Following that, Tang Tian's face, then his body, struggled out of the pillar of light. Struggling out was not the most apt description at all, it was more like Tang Tian floated out of a water surface, "floating" out of the wall of the pillar of light.

The entire process was done without making any noise, the pillar of light did not even tremble, and Hank and the rest, who were floating above Tang Tian, did not even sense anything.

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, feeling extremely pleased with himself. From a third person's perspective, it looked extremely easy for him to struggle free out of the Forbidden Hoop, but in truth, Tang Tian's mental state was pulled to its maximum from the start of the process till the end. He had some understanding towards the Forbidden Hoop, but he did not have the time to test whether or not his comprehension was right or wrong. If he was even a bit too impulsive and attracted Hank's attention, his own plan would had been a bust.

Since the Matchless Ship was related to meeting Qian Hui, to Tang Tian, there were no other discussions on it.

The most crucial moment went smoothly without a hitch, allowing Tang Tian to loosen up in joy. On one hand, it proved that his enlightenment on the Forbidden Hoop was not wrong, and on the other, it meant that the probability of his plan being successful had increased greatly.

Heart palpitating collision sounds came out continuously in the sky, bang bang bang, every sound was filled with power, the low bass trembles striking deep into everybody's hearts. Every single person would extend their necks out as they stared at the sky with shocks written all over their faces, occasionally letting out exclamations.

Faster, faster, and even faster, there were no dodges, no fanciful tricks, two lightning fast figures would streak across the sky with energy barriers and collide into each other ferociously.

Bang, the energy barrier would shatter, two figures would plummet down at even greater speeds, causing people to exclaim out in shock.

It was too direct, too barbaric, too serious, too bitter, that even Hank, a veteran that had seen and experienced countless of things, had to admit that even he had not seen such a ferocious battle before. The Iron Mask Army were obviously at the advantage, but what made him feel inconceivable was that he actually never heard any of the masked man letting out groans.

~Are they made out of steel or what?~

Hank definitely knew that was not true, and that the only explanation was that the Iron Mask Army had steel like determination. This revelation made him a little stunned, initially when Ji Ze ran out to tease Claudia, he snorted in disdain at the Iron Mask Army, as they looked like a bunch of hoodlums to him.

But through the battles, his judgement on them was completely toppled, and he could only look up to the sky in a daze.

The battle in the sky became Tang Tian's best cover, he was like a ghost that quietly floated beneath the Matchless Ship. His movements were extremely fast, yet made no sound, and even the air around him was not roused at the slightest.

The surface of his body had an extremely thin layer of ripples attached, and if one did not look carefully, it was basically undetectable.

From the Forbidden Hoops!

It was a method that he grasped from the Forbidden Hoops, and was truly using it. This extremely thin layer of undulation that was close to being undetectable to the naked eye not only sealed all traces of Tang Tian, but made him like air, not rousing any undulations in the air, and its strongest point was that it did not attract any energy undulations. This meant that basically all probing and investigating methods would fail on him.

Tang Tian's use of the Forbidden Hoop was completely changed, and even if Hank saw him, he would not link this technique to his own Forbidden Hoop.

His strong learning capability allowed Tang Tian to continuously learn and grasp outstanding techniques from other people. With his outrageous imagination, it allowed him to have countless of inconceivable ideas. From being a grassroot, he relied on himself to probe and grow, which also prevented him from having a superstitious belief in power. Without a fixed framework restricting him, it gave him more courage to use various techniques and methods, and allowed him to constantly be above conventional means.

This also became Tang Tian's unique style of fighting.

The people on the Matchless Ship were completely focused to the battle in the air, they were all on one side of the warship with their heads raised, eyes fixed to the sky. Even Claudia was no exception, she looked up at the sky, and was not satisfied as they had the advantage in numbers but were actually losing.

But very quickly, she calmed down, it had to be said, the ship was equipped with a full army. Although it was not at the standard of Temple, but it was far from sufficient as compared to the 100 man Iron Mask Army.

~The final victory will still belong to me.~

~Just like that brat that Hank captured~, Claudia's gaze turned to look at the Forbidden Hoop.

~Even the most ferocious of beasts will have a cage to cage it u-.....Wait, what!~

Claudia's pupils suddenly dilated as the expression on her face froze.

There was nothing inside the pillar of light.

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