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Chapter 882 - A Serious Problem

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The atmosphere in the Honorable Martial Continent became tense, the number of warships in the sky increased, all of the warships with all sorts of insignias opened Tang Tian's eyes. Even the trading ships and transport ships were filled with people, every single one of them had ominous glints in their eyes, from one look, he knew that they were all powerful people.

"The situation is very dire. Collin's Army was destroyed and we are no longer able to stop the Sin Domain's revival. They have a deep hatred against Temple that runs deep in their blood that is irreconcilable. The advance to the Southern Alliance is not going well, it is said that Gou Cheng WenDao's plea for reinforcements have piled up many problems on their tables. But now, the most critical event for Temple is the Wei Ye Guan Continent, a large army from the Savage Continent suddenly appeared outside of Wei Ye Guan Continent, the scale of this army is immense and unprecedented. When Temple received the news, all of the clan elders went into panic."

While Melissa was talking, she did not even look at Tang Tian, trying to conceal the shock in her heart.

In such a crucial moment, it was too much of a coincidence for the Savage Continent to produce an army. She thought about the lady called Qian Hui that Tang Tian had spoke about, ~Wasn't she from the Savage Continent?~

Her grandfather's decision to join Tang Tian had always worried Melissa. In her heart, Temple's strength was as unfathomable as the ocean, like a majestic and impenetrable citadel. Although Tang Tian was very powerful, had outstanding strength, had powerful armies under him, and had Southern Alliance behind him, but to her, tall of these strength was a world apart from Temple.

~Why did Grandfather choose Tang Tian?~

When she had completely gained all the information, she finally realized that Tang Tian actually also had the power to influence the Savage Continent! And the Sin Domain that had revived from the death was also under him, causing her to be stupefied.

The worry in her heart had unknowingly lessened. A man holding the status of the Southern Alliance Leader was nothing against Temple. But by adding the Savage Continent and Sin Domain into the equation, even Melissa had to admit that Tang Tian had the qualifications to fight with Temple.

When the Holy Bell was rung, she had inwardly guessed that most likely Tang Tian was the one who forced Temple to a corner, but she realized that she was still underestimating Tang Tian.

~Forced to a corner? It is simply forcing Temple to the doorsteps of death!~

~No wonder Temple wants to ring the Holy Bell!~

Even Temple could not resist a three pronged attack. Regardless of whether it was the Sin Domain or the Savage Continent, all of them had the intent to place a knife at Temple's throat.

"The Holy Bell was personally rung by the Great Clan Elder himself. Because the situation has turned for the worse, the Great Clan Elder cannot continue being in closed doors cultivation, and thus came out to take command." Melissa said: "All of the aristocratic families in the Honorable Martial Continent have been mobilized, and the Honorable Martial Continent have begun to shift into a war state, all the goods on the market will inflate by more than five times its original price."

Tang Tian was rather excited: "Sounds like it's going to be rowdy."

"Extremely." Melissa then called for the guards to bring in a chest. Inside the chest were many neatly placed metal masks, and she threw one over to Tang Tian.

Tang Tian casually waved his hand and caught the mask. It was a simple looking mask without many designs, it was made from a piece of iron, with its grayish luster only revealing the user's eyes.

"Everyone will have one." Melissa got everyone to take a mask, then continued to explain: "Temple is now extremely anxious, so we need to be careful. Do not look down on Temple's intelligence gathering, it was just that they did not attach importance to all of you previously. Once they deem you as important, all information about you will quickly reach their hands. Temple will not check every family's army, but we cannot reveal anything. For example, Ji Ze, your bewitching Blade is too distinct you need to keep it."

Ji Ze nodded his head and kept the Bewitching Blade. He knew that his Bewitching Blade was too eye-catching.

"Your identities now will be the Mace Field Tradings's Internal bodyguards called the Iron Mask Army." Melissa said: "Rest easy, every trading organisation has an Iron Mask Army who seldom reveal themselves, so there is no need of being revealed. As long as no one reveals themselves, it should be rather safe, but be careful of the other armies."

"Be careful of the armies?" Tang Tian was surprised: "Will they find trouble with us?"

Melissa revealed a bitter smile: "It is easy for something to happen with so many armies gathering. Furthermore, all the various families fight openly and maneuver covertly, so who will reveal their cards? Now they have an opportunity and it is normal for them to probe. But there is no need to worry, winning or losing doesn't matter, more importantly, do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. Absolutely do not use the tactics that all of you frequently use, it will easily lead to suspicion. At that time, we will truly be in trouble."

Tang Tian hit his own chest and spoke with confidence: "Relax, we will definitely not lose, and definitely not let you lose face!"

Melissa almost blurted out ~It's ok, just let me lose face….~

What she was most worried about was that Tang Tian and his group would not hold back and massacre the enemy's army! That would truly be trouble!

Suddenly, Melissa had an extremely strong feeling that the journey would definitely not be smooth.

But she was helpless against it, Tang Tian and Qian Hui's meeting location was in the Saint Continent. The Saint Continent was the Honorable Martial Continent's capital city, and because of Temple's existence, it was hailed as the Saint Continent, whereby Temple's most Divine place, the Honorable Martial Palace was situated. The Saint Continent was in the Center Region of the Honorable Martial Continent, and was the most flourishing continent of the Honorable Martial Continent. As long as a trading organisation was large enough, or families that had a certain prestige, would have a place in Saint Continent.

Tang Tian suddenly thought of a problem: "Wait a minute, are all of these armies going to Saint Continent?"

"Yes they are." Melissa nodded: "The Palace is in Saint Continent, and only Saint Continent can hold so many armies."

Tang Tian was dumbstruck and stupefied.

Melissa was shocked from Tang Tian's expression, and asked weakly: "Is there something wrong?"

Tang Tian was crying without tears, he finally had the feeling of picking up a rock to smash his own feet. According to their plan, with Honorable Martial Continent enveloped in the flames of war, Temple's military strength would be stretched tight, and should be terribly busy trying to mobilize manpower in the various battlefields. With that, Temple would become empty, allowing Tang Tian to gain the opportunity to strike at them.

There was no problem with the plan, but no one had expected that the Great Clan Elder would actually ring the Holy Bell.

Armies from the various families would all gather at Saint Continent. Tang Tian and them had thought of all sorts of plans against the empty Saint Continent, but instead, the manpower in Saint Continent would quickly become robust.

~Wouldn't that mean the plan has gone bust? Seems like it has…~

Tang Tian finally reacted, ~Why am I reacting so slowly now? Alright, it seems to be more normal like this.~ Obviously, Tang Tian decided to throw the problem to the back of his mind, ~Anyway, I will be meeting Qian Hui soon, I can leave it to her.~

~I'll do just that.~

After thinking about it, Tang Tian started to consider Melissa's words, ~She's right. If we were to engage in conflict, our identities will be exposed and we will just be waiting for a beating.~ Although Tang Tian was extremely confident of his own strength, he was not foolish, he knew that ganging up and beating on others was a satisfying feeling, but he did not want to experience being the one being ganged up on.

~I can't look terrible when meeting Qian Hui~ That was actually the first thought that Tang Tian had. But he immediately felt that it was right to think so, ~I haven't met Qian Hui for so many years, I can't let her see me being ganged up and beaten up.~

~That'll be too embarrassing!~ Tang Tian felt that it was even worse than dying, and could not accept that.

~Furthermore, it is the time to reunite with Qian Hui, how can I waste it on fighting others? At the very least, we can fight after enjoying the passion of reuniting.~

~Wait a minute!~

Tang Tian's face changed, he thought of another extremely important question - ~At that time, how will Qian Hui and I be intimate?~

~Eh, why's my heart beating so fast? Eh, why are my palms perspiring? Shit! I can't think of an answer, why can't I think of an answer! Damn it! I'm so nervous, what am I supposed to do?~

When Melissa saw Tang Tian going into deep thoughts behind the mask, she finally heaved a sigh of relief. ~Seems like he finally recognizes the severity of the problem, he knows the consequences if they are to reveal their identities. Since that's the case, he will definitely treat it seriously.~ As long as Tang Tian treated the matter seriously, Melissa believed that there would not be any problems, for she knew how terrifyingly powerful he was.

Right at that moment, Johnson noticed a situation behind them, a warship was speeding towards them.

The other party was moving extremely fast, evidently rushing straight for them.

Johnson's eyes were stronger and could see further, upon seeing the insignia on the other party's warship, his face changed: "Young miss, that's Elizabeth Tradings' Matchless Ship!"

Melissa's face instantly darkened, by her side, all of the other members of Mace Field Tradings revealed looks of resentment. Elizabeth Tradings was the Mace Field Tradings rival, both parties were like fire and water, for many years, Elizabeth Tradings had suppressed Mace Field Tradings. They suppressed the Mace Field Tradings in all sorts of aspects, causing the Mace Field Tradings to decline day by day, aside from their own heirship, the Elizabeth Tradings shadow could be seen everywhere else.

Every member that had remained in Mace Field Tradings knew that Elizabeth Tradings had the ambition of taking over Mace Field Tradings.

The distance between both parties closed in, as the Matchless Ship's astonishing body grew larger and larger, causing Melissa's face to turn green. The Matchless Ship was Elizabeth Tradings' strongest warship, and was a gold grade warship. Temple was not strict in controlling armies, and every family and business entities were allowed to build their own armies. But with regards to warships, especially for gold grade warships that were extremely powerful, there was a strict and stringent control.

Only prestigious houses recognized by Temple had the qualifications to own a gold grade warship. For those who did not have the acknowledge from Temple, regardless if they bought or built a gold grade warship, they would be punished.

Melissa stared at the incoming Matchless Ship with dispirit, In the past, the Mace Field Tradings also had a gold grade warship.

It was only after the business suffered from trouble that they had no choice but to gift the Gold Grace Warship away.

That was Melissa's most painful memory, it was also on that day that her kind grandfather seemed to aged over a decade in a night.

Melissa knew that the disaster that struck Mace Field Tradings had something to do with Elizabeth Tradings.

"Damn it! They are still not slowing down!" Johnson's face changed.

The Matchless Ship was extremely close, but did not have seem to have the intention of slowing down, making it feel as though a large mountain was descending down on them.

The shadow casted by the gigantic hull clouded over the small trading ships.

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