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Chapter 830 - New Metal

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Aside from the blood all over, Tang Tian did not have much of an opinion. Sima Xiao was not his subordinate, but considered a partner. But even if it was his subordinate, Tang Tian would rarely impose his own ideas onto others.

From that point, Tang Tian was not very qualified to be an overlord.

Of course, Tang Tian did not think of himself as an overlord, it was the bearing of the names that made him feel happier. But what made him even happier was his own nickname of [Godlike Young Lad].

For the Western Traders to not fear anything made Tang Tian rather unhappy.

He felt that he should have more qualifications to be unrestrained and fearless, but they were actually more arrogant than him, which was something he could not tolerate.

Cautiousness and prudence can never be related to him.

Suddenly, a group of people flew over, they were the city guards of Arthur City. But when they saw the scene of blood, their faces all took a great change, and a few weaker ones instantly puked.

The Captain's face was the first to change, Arthur City's law and order was not stable, but the fights that occurred were always minor. His gaze swept the entire street, and his face became whiter and white. ~How many bodies are there?~ Corpses piled all over the street, and there was still blood flowing, causing the entire street to look as though it was flowing with blood.

A river of blood.

Those four words instantly came up in his mind.

There had never been such a huge fight in the history of Arthur City. What made him even more afraid was that on the bodies, there were emblems of the Western Traders. It would be a huge matter for the Western Traders to suddenly have 200 men dead.

And when his eyes swept across one particular body, the familiar face made his hands tremble.

~Ao Deng!~

Oh my god, that's Ao Deng!~

He had sparred with Ao Deng many times, although the majority of them were bad memories, but when he saw Ao Deng's body, he was stunned. Ao Deng did not have a good temper, and was not a good human being in all aspects, but in terms of strength, he was someone almost unbeatable around the few continents.

~Wait a minute!~

~That's Ao Deng's personal protection unit!~

It was as though the captain of the city guards had received a punch in the head, causing him to turn numb.

Jonathan was able to act as a tyrant was because of Ao Deng and his protection unit. This protection unit was filled with specially selected elites, all of them were powerful with staunch and unyielding personalities, having gone through tough times with Ao Deng, they were all strong in their own rights.

It might not be weird for Ao Deng to die, but Ao Deng and his entire protection unit was killed.


As the captain of the city guards became more and more afraid, he completely turned numb when he saw Jonathan's body.

~This will blow up.~

Jonathan was an important clan elder, and his position held high authority. For such an important clan elder to die, the Western Traders would definitely not leave it to rest. The rage of the Western Traders would drown out the entire Arthur City, and he naturally would not be able to escape.

But right at that moment, he no longer cared about that. No matter how terrifying the Western Traders' rage was, it was a matter to worry about in the future.

What he needed to face right there were the bandits in front of him, no, not bandits, but butchers.

He saw that they had already noticed him, and the gazes they had towards him was not one of kindness. He immediately regretted, ~Why did I rush over upon hearing the commotion?~

He did not even have any thoughts of resisting, if Ao Deng and his protection unit were not even able to fight them, then they, the city guards, were definitely not enough. And what he saw was that the butchers that saw him immediately flew into a formation, instantly scaring the spirits out of him.


He dropped down from the sky like a rock, upon landing, he immediately sprawled onto the floor and begged: "Good masters, spare me!"

The other city guards only reacted after hearing him, they flew down in a panic, and with all the plopping, they all knelt down, begging to be spared. The fresh blood flowed on the ground like a river, and the heavy blood stench that entered their noses had spread fear to every inch of their bodies.

The people before them were butchers that did not even blink when killing!

~Oh my god!~

~Not even one was left alive!~

They were like geese hung by the neck, their bodies trembled like sieves, awaiting the judgement for their lives.

Tang Tian and the rest jumped in shock by their actions, almost taking action when they flew down.

And the other shop owners that saw them instantly ran away in panic, the street had instantly become empty, and the shops all closed shut.

"It is not difficult for us to spare you." Tang Tian said: "Where is the warehouse for the Western Traders? Bring us there."

Since they already had grievances with the Western Traders, Tang Tian might as well take it on step further, and be a bandit.

The city guards all trembled, if they did not agree, they would be killed. If they were to bring the bandits over to the Western Traders' warehouses, then the Western Traders would look for them in the future, as they would not care if they were forced or not.

~Alright, who can care about the future right now?~

The captain of the city guards clenched his jaws: "This lowly one will bring Master over right now."

Upon opening the doors of the Western Traders' warehouse, everyone were stunned by what they saw.

All sorts of metals were laid out neatly and orderly, the different colored metals formed piles of various colored mountains, all of them not less than 20m tall. The pure, sparkling and transparent crystals were even more lustrous beneath the lights, dazzling everyone to the point that they could not open their eyes.

Every three months, the Western Traders would have a fleet to transport the ores and metals away.

What made Tang Tian even more excited was the large quantity of star rocks piled up in the corner of the warehouse. The Western Traders were truly overbearing with their wealth, as all of the star rocks were considered the highest grade star rocks in Heaven's Road. All of them were used to resupply the mining vessels.

Two words sprung up in Tang Tian's mind, ~We're rich!~


Three Spirits City.

The commotion of spending all effort into building mechanical spirit weapons in Three Spirits City was over, and upon talking about it, everyone would become pleased and proud. Whenever the citizens gathered, they would discuss and guess on which constellation would the master lead the large mechanical army to trample.

But after the endless nights and days through the week of manufacturing the mechanical spirit weapons, they were all overdraft with their physical strength. After the large movement that stirred everybody's hearts, everyone's standard and eyes increased, thus the former orders that could excite them no longer stimulated them like before.

Three Spirits City actually became even more lazy.

Qian Sen was the same, it was not only him, the mechanical engineers of his shop were all not excited with the new orders. For some reason, everyone kept thinking about and longed for the urgent mission, the blood boiling time, the feeling of unity.

Mechanical engineers was never a mainstream profession, and the uprise of their position had only occurred in the recent years. Everyone was adapting to the changes, with the rise in their profession, they had more money, but always felt that they lacked something.

It was until the urgent mission that everyone got together when things started to change silently.

Qian Sen did not think about it too much, he was just a mechanical engineer, although he had a profitable small business, he could not be ranked at the top within Three Spirits City. ~Those are things that the major figures will think of, as for myself, I should just stick to my workshop.~

But seeing everybody's lazy bearing, he did not urge them. For that period, everyone was too tired and fatigue.

"Father!" His son, Qian Lian, rushed in anxiously.

"Didn't you go for class?" Qian Sen immediately frowned, his face becoming dark: "Why did you come home?"

To be able to hear the better mechanical engineers teach was an opportunity hard to come by, one which he had spent countless of efforts to obtain. ~Is this kid skipping classes?~

"Initially there was a class, but in the end, the teacher said that Master wants to give everyone something, thus he stopped the class." Qian Lian was perspiring all over and gasping for breath as he told his father.

"Give everyone something? What thing?" Qian Sen's eyes lit up,.

Upon hearing that, the few lazy mechanical engineers all roused up and came over.

"Yeah, yeah, Little Lian, what is it?"

"Anything that comes out from Master's hands is definitely not ordinary!"

QIan Lian shook his head: "Teacher did not say. He only said something about Master wanting to thank us for the support. For those who had accepted the Monster mission, they can all go to the bronze hall."

Hearing that, Qian Sen rushed out of the workshop without saying a second word, and rushed to the bronze hall.

By the time Qian Sen had arrived, the bronze hall was already filled.

"Master is too loyal to us!"

"We will definitely not lose anything by following the Master. Compared with the other constellations and you can tell, Master never took anything from us, and is even giving us things!"

"Yeah, but I wonder what is Master giving out?"

"That's right."


The bronze hall was like a bustling wet market, everyone was filled with excitement and anticipation.

When Gui Yuan and a group of people appeared, everyone kept quiet. Their gazes all landed on the gigantic and heavy wooden chests brought in by the men behind Gui Yuan.

~Is that for everyone?~

Everyone's curiousness were quickly caught in a suspense.

Walking to the main stage, Gui Yuan revealed a smile and looked around, she then spoke out: "In the urgent mission the last time, everyone gave us all your support, and Master is immensely moved. Other than the rewards from the mission, Master is giving out some unique gifts for everyone. Everyone will have a share, so do not worry, as for the quantity, it will follow accordingly to the output everyone gave in the mission."

Everyone became even more curious.

"Miss Gui Yuan, what's that?"

An anxious and more brave person could not resist but ask.

Gui Yuan smiled: "This time, what we are giving out are two unique type of metal materials."

~Metal materials?~

Some revealed looks of disappointment, but there were many who revealed even more anticipated looks.

~These are two newly discovered metals, and are different from any metals that are presently known."

Everyone sounded out with exclamations of shock, even the mechanical engineers who were initially disappointed were all surprised. Mechanical engineers were all extremely sensitive towards metals, because the properties of metals directly affected the properties of mechanical spirit weapons.

Everyone knew what the value and endless possibilities from the two new metals meant.

They all revealed looks of excitement.

"According to Miss Sai Lei's research, these two metals can greatly improve the performance of alloys, and most importantly, they are far more compatible towards energy compared to any currently known materials. I believe everyone knows what this means."

This sentence was like a bomb that exploded in the bronze hall.

The bronze hall immediately flew into an uproar.

Chapter 831 - Saint Crystals

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian laid on the floor, not wanting to even move his fingers.

Pi Pa had gently reported to him: "We are mainly broadcasting the Deadwood Silver and Paired Star Iron. We are unable to digest so many materials, as Miss Sai Lei's main interests lies in research. By taking out a portion of materials and giving it to everybody, we can allow the relationship between the mechanical engineers and us to become more intimate. For our future plans, Miss Sai Lei's workplace will be more focused on research. As for the manufacturing side, we will delegate it more to the various workshops. Thus we need to increase their standards and strengthen the relationship between us, that is the main point that the Three Spirits City internal affairs is placing importance on…."

~So sleepy…..~

Tang Tian who was extremely tired felt his eyelids growing heavier and heavier, and after a moment, he was snoring.

He was the only one who could move through places, that also meant that only he could move everything alone. Relying on his own strength and transferring all of Arthur City's Western Traders' warehouse materials made Tang Tian feel like a human transport ship. Even for his extraordinary body, by moving everything, he was instantly fatigue. The Aquarius Cabinets could greatly decrease the weight, but in truth there were too many items, to the point that even with the decrease in weight, it did not help much.

Pi Pa carefully covered Tang Tian with a blanket and quietly left, she had too many things to settle.

Deadwood Silver and Paired Star Iron then became the hottest subject in Three Spirits City.

The two brand new materials exploded the passion of all the mechanical engineers in Three Spirits City. Almost all of the mechanical engineers had participated in the urgent mission the last time, thus almost everyone had a share to the new metals.

The heart of the mechanical engineers to seek and discover new metals would never stop.

Each and every person obtained different quantities of the Deadwood Silver and Paired Star Iron, but everyone had the same enthusiasm towards new materials. All the various workshops started to research on these two new metals, and tried various methods of mixing.

Very quickly, the mechanical engineers who had obtained lesser quantities were shocked to realize that unknowingly, they had consumed all of their two new materials.

Along with that, there would be new information spreading in the market from time to time, someone's newly researched mix of alloys would be purchased by the government, somebody had used the new materials to create a mechanical spirit weapon, which was extremely powerful, and were bought at sky high prices.

The hottest information in the market were related to the new materials.

When the mechanical engineers wanted to purchase them from the market, they realized that no one was willing to sell the new materials. Someone even tried to ask the government to purchase, but was rejected, the two new materials were not sold to public, and were only given as a reward for missions.

Immediately, the bronze hall was once again packed with people, any new mission that was pushed out would instantly be grabbed by someone.

The enthusiasm of the mechanical engineers in Three Spirits City completely exploded once again.

Maybe, a new age was about to arrive.

Tang Tian was pulled up and dragged out by Sai Lei in a blur.

"Hey hey hey, what're you doing, I want to sleep…."

Tang Tian subconsciously struggled.

"Sleep? You still can sleep at such a time?" Sai Lei's sharp voice pierced into Tang Tian's ears: "Break through! We had a breakthrough! We are able to open up a new age! Do you understand! A new age!"

Tang Tian forcefully opened his eyes due to the sharp voice, his face was down and his eyebags were huge: "Oh oh oh, let me sleep a bit more, as long as I sleep sufficiently, I will give you a new stone, no, two…."

"Sai Lei completely ignored him and said excitedly: "We have already researched out a new super bronze! It is completely new! Never seen before! Revolutionary! It surpasses any currently known bronze alloy! Do you know what it means…."

Tang Tian who was still sluggish subconsciously nodded his head: "I know, I know, a new stone…."

"That's right! A new age!" Sai Lei was completely riding on the wave of excitement: "Super bronze, a brand new super bronze, as long as we have sufficient amounts of it, we can create unprecedented mechanical spirit weapons, unstoppable! We will earn so much money that our hands will go cramp!"

Maybe it was because he heard the earning money part, Tang Tian finally became slightly more awake: "Super bronze? Don't toy with me! Just by adding the word super, do you think you can sell the stone?"

Sai Lei took a deep breath, she resisted the urge to kick Tang Tian and explained: "The materials that you brought from the Sacred Saint Galaxy, we have specially analyzed them. They have a similar unique trait, where both of them are extremely compatible with energy. Do you know what it means?"

"Know what it means?" Tang Tian was at a loss: "It'll smell better?"

Pi Pa who had just entered chuckled.

Sai Lei completely ignored him, and continued to immerse herself in the excitement: "Our current mechanical spirit weapons follow our meridians and the energy paths. But these energy paths are extremely crude and simple. It can only allow simple energy to revolve, that is why our mechanical spirit weapons are unable to reach the grade of saints. saints are able to directly form a communication with the natural energy in the world, if they control mechanical spirit weapons, the mechanical spirit weapons will not only be unable to help the saints but instead hinder them. But with this super bronze, it is completely different, the energy can freely flow without being stopped or suppressed."

Sai Lei took a deep breath: "Previously, we had been researching on mechanical saint weapons, which are mechanical spirit weapons for saints. Now that we have the super bronze, as long as there is an adequate quantity of it, we can truly create a Mechanical Saint Weapon. This allows saints to use mechanical spirit weapons. This is a new era, a new age, that has never been seen before!"

"Mechanical Saint Weapon!" Now, Tang Tian was completely awake.

Sai Lei's ultimate goal had always been Mechanical Saint Weapons, which were mechanical spirit weapons that could be used by Saints!

He finally sort of understood what Sai Lei meant by a new age. If the Mechanical Saint Weapons could truly be realized, it was definitely the rise of a new age!

Tang Tian also became excited: "Have you made one yet?"

"No." Sai Lei regained her calmness and shook her head.

"What problem did you encounter?" Tang Tian asked with concern.

"We don't have enough super bronze.' Sai Lei said.

Without saying a word, Tang Tian waved his hands and said tyrannically: "Make more of it then, don't worry about money, I now have plenty of money!"

Sai Lei revealed a smile that Tang Tian was extremely familiar with, instantly making him sense that something was wrong.

"Super bronze requires a unique material, called a Saint Crystal." Sai Lei said uprightly: "Oh, it is a name I gave."

Tang Tian already had a bad premonition, and asked cautiously: "Is it very expensive?"

"It is alright." Sai Lei said, and just as Tang Tian faintly heaved a sigh of relief, her tone of speech changed: "It just requires slightly more effort. Saint Crystals exists in almost all the materials in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but they are extremely faint in each material, we require a lot of time to be able to extract the pure Saint Crystal. We do not need many Saint Crystals, for 100kg of bronze, we are required to add 100 grams of Saint Crystal."

~Just a 100 grams, that's peanuts~, Tang Tian completely relaxed: "Then just go and purify a few more."

"We purified all of the materials you gave us from Sacred Saint Galaxy." Sai Lei said.

"Eh, that's rather efficient!" Tang Tian said happily: "I just moved everything over recently, and you have already refined them? Not bad not bad! Seems like you guys are not skiving, what about it, how much Saint Crystals did you purify?"

"15 grams." Sai Lei smiled.

It was as if a lightning bolt had struck Tang Tian, he stammered: "Fif-......fifteen grams?"

"It was rather easy to find the method to purify it." Sai Lei spoke up: "That's right, Deadwood Silver and Paired Star Iron has been given to everybody. These two materials do not have high amounts of Saint Crystals, but they can greatly increase the toughness and hardness of the allows. It might not be of much use to Mechanical Saint Weapons, but they are suitable to improve the current mechanical spirit weapons."

"All that I brought over…. You only purified out 15 grams?" Tang Tian looked as though he had seen a ghost.

"That's right, we definitely did not waste any." Sai Lei said uprightly.

"100kg of bronze needs 100 grams of Saint Crystal?" Tang Tian looked as though he was talking deliriously: "How much bronze does a mechanical spirit weapon need?"

"If you are talking about the line ones, about 10 tons." Sai Lei gave a professional answer.

Tang Tian turned dumb, he had transported so much materials, but it was only 15 grams of Saint Crystals? ~That amount can only manufacture 15 kg of super bronze…..~

~One mechanical saint requires 10 tons of super bronze, which means 10kg of Saint crystal….~

Suddenly, he saw an endless warehouse, endless of shelves, endless piles of metal mountains….

One small figure, carrying a hill size chest, walking alone in the dark, one trip after another through days and nights.

Suddenly, he felt that his life had become extremely dark.

"I think you already understand the situation." Sai Lei suddenly took out a plate apparatus, and threw it to Tang Tian: "This is specially used to weigh the density of Saint Crystal inside any material. I just made it out. Take it, remember to bring more back."

"I also heard that you only robbed a trading business in some city?" Sai Lei's eyes sparkled: "You cannot let the rest go! You can't let any city go! Do you know how much money we will make….as long as we manufacture them out…."

Pi Pa who was by the side added in: "Master, please do not just look at the amount of the Saint Crystals. Although other materials might have lesser Saint Crystals, but they can substantially increase our fighting standard capabilities, the pressure on the frontlines have always been immense, if we can strengthen our mechanical spirit weapons, our fighting capabilities will increase as well."

"So, Master, regardless of anything, do not let any materials go! Please!"

Pi Pa bowed respectfully.

Tang Tian did not know how he returned back to Arthur City.

He called everyone back into the warehouse.

When the captain of the city guards saw the swept clean warehouse, he was immensely shocked. The piles of materials inside the warehouse had disappeared overnight, and not even a speck of dust was left.

~They have insiders inside Arthur City!~

~If not how can they move all the things away unknowingly?~

The captain's heart trembled.

"Is everything ready?" Tang Tian said weakly.

~Is the bandit head still unhappy?~

The captain trembled, he resisted the fear in his heart and spoke out: "Reporting to Master, everything is ready! There are a total of 122 trading businesses in the city, offering 580 tons of all sorts of materials, none privately stashed. I hope Master will let the old and young of our city go, and our entire city will be grateful to Master."

~580 tons…..~

Tang Tian's lips twitched, he almost fainted hearing the number.

~My world is so dark!~

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