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Chapter 827 - Moving Separately

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Wright's hands were tied in a dead knot, the black rope that was made of an unknown material was extremely firm, regardless of how he tried to get free of it, it was futile. By his sides, his other members were also tied up and huddled together on the mining vessel.

A few mechanical weapons stared at them like tigers watching their prey, if they were to make any strange movements, they would be attacked.

Wright secretly observed the mechanical weapons, the mechanical weapons had great differences compared to the mechanical weapons from the Gold Continent that he knew of. In the East Region, the Gold Continent's mechanical weapons had meticulous style and were made with superior qualities, and were never as crude and sloppy like the ones in front of him.

They truly looked to be made out of random materials put together, it was his first time seeing truly ugly mechanical weapons.

"Who are you guys?"

Wright could not help but ask.

No one bothered with him, as though the few mechanical weapons did not hear him at all. Their eyes were fixated on Zhong Li Bai who had returned, they were afraid of making even the slightest movement that would attract Boss Zhong's attention, that was truly seeking death.

Disorganized and ill disciplined were characteristics of bandits, and for them to listen and be obedient was an extremely difficult task. But even the most evil person would have their demons, and meeting Zhong Li Bai, a person who was even more cunning and emotionless than them, all of them were brought under control.

Although Zhong Li Bai was a wild card, he was still someone from the traditional academies, and viewed discipline as something basic. And after being mocked by Nie Qiu, Zhong Li Bai's heart was filled with an evil flame, thus his strictness towards his army had reached a jaw dropping level.

Wright and the captain looked at each other, both overwhelmed by shock at the scene in front of them. They previously thought that they had met with bandits from the Gold Continent, only to realize that the bandits were far from normal, as how would bandits ever possibly be so strict and disciplined.

Zhong Li Bai controlled the Monster, rumbling forward as he made a round trip to inspect the area.

What he controlled was [Monster King], personally created by Sai Lei, which used plenty of new alloys, and its capabilities and endurance far surpassed that of [Monster]. Its entire black body with its stout stature looked to be extremely dense and strong, and its fiery red eyes declared to the world that it was an extremely dangerous monster.

Zhong Li Bai fondly admired [Monster King], as its way of fighting suited his taste completely. Its unstoppable assault and qualities for head on clashes, was wonderful to the point of addiction, made him content and unable to leave it.

He licked his lips and controlled the [Monster King], taking large strides as he walked towards the vessel.

He looked down at the captives on the vessel: "I only need one guide, bury the rest."

Whoosh, all the faces of the captives on the boat changed, and they flew into an uproar.

Wright clenched his teeth and stood up.

"Master, your army is so strong and powerful and so large, you will need more guides. In the White Field Continent, we are familiar with every mine cave, including every city. Master, allow our petty lives to work for you, in exchange for our lives."

Wright spoke respectfully yet not losing his bearing, causing Zhong Li Bai to be somewhat surprised, and he sized up the scrawny Wright again.

~To be able to maintain his calm at such a time is not easy.~

The rest of the captives kept quiet, Wright's words made them see a bit of hope to live.

"That will depends on whether you guys are even worth it to let live." Zhong Li Bai's words was filled with unhappiness: "What is the closest city to here?"

Wright did not beat about the bush and said: "Master, That will be Arthur City."

Zhong Li Bai licked his lips: "I need warships, brat, do you have any ideas to tell me?"

Wright's mind worked quickly and almost without hesitation, he replied: "The Daylight City and Red Soil City. You can buy warships there, our mining vessels comes from either one of those two places."

Zhong Li Bai scoffed: "We have no money."

Wright's heart trembled, he scolded in his hearts, ~They truly are lowly bandits~, but did not hesitate to speak: "Then we can only go to Daylight City, other than the few businesses that sells warships, the Daylight Army's warships are also docked there."

"Very good, I like intelligent people, I hope that all of you are as intelligent as him."

Zhong Li Bai's tone of speech was indifferent, but the killing intent made all of them tremble.

Zhong Li Bai carried Wright and turned to leave.

Returning back to the barracks, Zhong Li Bai was about to report to Tang Tian, when upon entering the conference room, he was showered with curses.

"This is your standard?"

"It is truly a waste for the monsters to be in your hands, I have never met such low quality mechanical martial artists in my life before!"

"If I were you, I would find some tofu and strike myself in the head to die!"

"What kind of assault is that? It is truly dog shit!"


Zhong Li Bai was struck by the curses and scolding, causing a rage to birth in his chest, and a trace of killing intent pervaded out uncontrollably, but when he saw who was the man scolding him, he immediately quivered, and had his hands behind his back as he listened on earnestly.

Screw was truly enraged, and scolded for a full 10 minutes before stopping.

Zhong Li Bai maintained an extremely obedient front. When Screw had just come, he ignored him, but when he realized that Screw was the creator of [Monster], his attitude towards him turned a 180 degrees.

When he heard from Tang Tian about what Screw had lived through, he received an immense shock. Ten thousand years was enough to cause metal to degenerate, and mountains and rivers to disappear, yet it could not extinguish the conviction of a shattered spirit.

He was a true warrior!!

Everyone's face towards Screw was one of respect, even Zhong Li Bai, an arrogant and unbridled man, had respect towards Screw. What made him even more submissive towards Screw was that Screw instantly showed him, a man who switched to a profession that he was not trained for, what was true professionalism in the fields of mechanical techniques.

The tactics that he made himself, were all evaluated by Screw and changed completely. The crux was that every change had an extreme purpose.

Even Nie Qiu would always run over and respectfully sit by the side and listen like a student.

When Screw finished scolding, Zhong Li Bai then raised his head, and spoke out like a deflated balloon: "This assault could be said to be done quite alright to me."

"Quite alright?" Screw had a look of ridicule: "One assault, and three men were injured. Oh, the reason being their own teammates trampled on them, you call that 'Quite alright'?"

Nie Qiu chuckled.

Zhong Li Bai's face flushed red, he was so ashamed that he so badly wanted to find a hole to hide himself in.

Ever since he came in, Wright was stunned. ~It was such a fearsome assault, but it was considered a failure to these people?~ Seeing Zhong Li Bai's ashamed expression, for some reason, Wright felt a cold intent jumping from beneath his feet.

Nie Qiu glanced at Wright, then coughed: "Master has already moved out, he is heading to Red Soil City."

Upon thinking about that, Nie Qiu had a headache as well, the Master liked to jump ahead of the rest. Although there were many bodyguards by his side, and with his own personal strength, but as the lord and king, he had no need to take such a risk.

Nie Qiu who was innately cautious felt that with their current strength, they could completely settle everything safely.

"Master has already gone to Red Soil City?" Zhong Li Bai's eyes opened wide.

"That's right." Nie Qiu replied: "Master clarified. The White Fields Continent has two places that has warships, one is Daylight City and the other is Red Soil City. Daylight City's warships are mainly controlled by their local army. Master said that this problem will be handed over to you. Master is heading over to Red Soil City to see if he can buy a few warships."

"Buy warships…." Zhong Li Bai had a look of doubt.

"Yes, people say that Master is experienced in this aspect." Nie Qiu changed topic: "Daylight City is the White Fields Continent's main city, and is also the most flourishing city in White Fields Continent. The Daylight Army that is garrisoned there is relatively strong, the crucial point being they are very cautious. I suggest waiting for Master to return, then we will change our plans accordingly."

Zhong Li Bai knew that Nie Qiu was not speaking blindly.

As there were many mining groups spread across the wilderness, the mining groups became natural sentries. As long as there was any news, it would quickly be reported to the nearest city. This made the White Fields Continent's spreading of news extremely quick, and Arthur City, which was closest to them, had most probably obtained news on them. Since they were advancing so boldly with such shocking momentum, people from far away would have most probably noticed them.

If they were to head to Daylight City, it was impossible to not be caught by the enemies.

What made them the most worried was not the Daylight Army, but the mining groups. As long as the White Fields Continent were to meet a large bandit troop, they would employ the mining groups to fight against the enemy. The mining groups themselves were relatively strong, with experience in battle, adding that they were extremely familiar with the grounds, if there were many of them, it was enough to pose as a threat to them.

Knowing that Nie Qiu's last sentence was being indirect, Zhong Li Bai snorted without hesitation: "It's just a city."

"An army that has injuries by itself from an assault will definitely cause people to worry." Nie Qiu said calmly.

Zhong Li Bai became enraged: "You want to fight?"

Wright was stunned,

Screw did not bother listening to the two of them quarrel, his eyes was immediately attracted to the prize of wars that had been sent over.

The blue crystals were cut into perfect squares, and were sparkling and dazzling.

It was his first time encountering Set Blue Topaz, but as the chief mechanical engineer of Southern Cross Army, who had seen countless of materials and had experimented with all of them before, he had an astute intuition towards new materials.

"What's this?"

Screw suddenly spoke up and interrupted the two.

Zhong Li Bai looked over and was surprised: "Set Blue Topaz, they are locally mined products."

"We need it." Screw suddenly said, his eyes brightening up: "They can strength Monsters!"


Tang Tian and his group first arrived at Arthur City, which was a place they had to go through to reach Red Soil City.

When Tang Tian saw Arthur City, he was surprised. Arthur City was dull, it's black walls looked to be extremely thick. But it looked like it was declining, compared to the flourishing cities of the Southern Alliance, Arthur CIty looked like an ordinary small town.

But upon thinking of Arthur City's location, Tang Tian somewhat understood why.

The mining groups frequently moved in and out, and were often unbridled and arrogant, causing battles to occur frequently. And there were many bandits living in the area, causing Arthur City to raise its walls higher, with countless of lookout posts.

Arthur City was a typical mining city, where the most common and flourishing profession was related to mining and ores. The purchase and selling of smelted minerals was the main pillar for the city.

It was extremely clear after Tang Tian entered the city.

On the two sides of the streets were many smelters with blazing red furnaces tha churned molten metal, which was an extremely familiar sight to Tang Tian.

It was a small replica of Three Spirits City, the only difference being there were no mechanical weapons on the roads. The Honorable Martial Continent and Gold Continent were at the east and west, and they being at the very west of Honorable Martial Continent, they were extremely far from Gold Continent.

All of the workshops had their smelted metal and ores placed neatly aside. Occasionally, mining vessels would dock at the backyard of the workshops and pour out the neatly dug uncut metals and ores at the back.

It was completely different from the barren wilderness, Arthur City was bustling with activity.

But there were not many citizens living there, as the majority of them were members related to the mining industry.

Wen Kang was extremely sharp, and as long as Tang Tian revealed any interest to something, he would introduce it. Tang Tian's group did not look easy to provoke, thus people on the road made way for them.

"Wen Kang, you still has the balls to come to Arthur City!"

A sinister voice sounded out from the other side of the street, a strong man covered with tattoos all over his body brought a group of people and stopped Tang Tian and the rest. His gaze landed on Wen Kang, which was filled with flames.

Wen Kang's face turned flushed white.

The robust man's gaze moved away from Wen Kang and turned to Tang Tian, and knew that Tang Tian was the boss. He was skeptical, ~Wasn't Wen Kang supposed to be at the Sin Domain stronghold? Why is he accompanying people here? Coud it be that they are guests from Wu Xuan's Army?~

But he did not fear Wu Xuan's Army at all, comparing supporters, Wu Xuan was lacking compared to him.

He sized Tang Tian up, and could not make anything out from him.

But when his gaze passed by the people around Tang Tian, his heart trembled.

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