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Chapter 811 - Wen Kang's News

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Do you have any news about the front lines?"

Lu Kai handed over the wine pot to Wen Kang, and when the rest heard the question, they immediately rushed over. Wen Kang had just returned from state duties, and would definitely have new information. The Sin Door was separated from the world, and going from the Sacred Saint Galaxy to the Sin Door was not easy, and according to rules, they only had one chance every three years to return to Honorable Martial Continent for state duties.

In the Sin Door, the Southern Expedition was the hottest topic.

In the recent centuries, the Honorable Martial Continent had fought many wars and won all of them. They swallowed all the various continents in the west, and had become the current overlord. After the accumulated victories, it had caused all the Honorable Martial Continent citizens to have a sense of self confidence since young. They firmly believed that the Honorable Martial Continent was undefeatable, and possessed a zealotry towards battle, far more than any other normal citizens.

To not be able to participate in the Southern Expedition had made all of these soldiers who were sent to guard the Sin Door extremely remorseful, but the Southern Alliance was still their most focused on topic. It was just that they were too far apart, and only when someone came back from state duties would they be able to obtain the latest news.

Wen Kang accepted the wine pot and drank a mouth.

The Sin Door had plenty of alcohol.

According to the drill books, mounted personnel who drank on duty were to be heavily punished. But it was the Sin Door. What drill books were there?

The Sin Door was cut off from the rest of the world due to it having an extremely harsh environment without water or oil. It was an extremely terrible and cruel place to work, and naturally no one was willing to work here, as it was a place like a penal sentence. The commanders were all people who had offended the higher ups in the past, and the soldiers had to follow them unluckily. After staying for a decade, all of their great ambitions and goals were washed off.

From training every day, it became training once every three days, and then it became once every ten days. After that, they did not train at all.

The mounted personnel could not escape, and occasionally there would be random Sin Domain citizens who would challenge them, and if they were to truly let the Sin Domain people escape, their own families would follow suit. But for the past few years, the Sin Domain people never appeared, and the days were so bland it made them despair. When the last Sin Domain person appeared, the army was mobilized, and everyone came to watch the commotion.

The mounted personnel was extremely bored, and they would play cards and drink to pass the time, otherwise, they truly did not know how to live their days.

Seeing that everyone had gathered around, Wen Kang basked in the attention for a moment, before becoming serious: "General Gou Cheng has met his match this time."

"Are you for real?"

"Could it be that the Gold Continent has made their move?"

"Or could it be that General Gou Cheng is intentionally acting weak?"


Everyone immediately flew into a commotion.

Everyone knew who Gou Cheng WenDao was, as one of the Five Honorable Martial Tigers, in terms of offensive capabilities, he was the champion! The Five Honorable Martial Tigers had the highest prestige in the Honorable Martial Continent, something no outsider will ever know. The low ranked soldiers all revered and respected the Five Honorable Martial Tigers. Moreover, they were different from the famed generals of other continents, aside from Mu Zhi Xia, the four of them had extremely outstanding battle achievements. While all the other continent's famed generals were playing hide and seek with pirates, the four of them were already slaughtering and taking over continents.

Maybe there were people who were stronger than the five of them in terms of personal strength, but when it came to taking control over warfare, especially large scale expeditions, the other famed generals were a grade apart from the Five Honorable Martial Tigers.

This point had cut deep into the Honorable Martial Continent's people's hearts. So when they heard that General Gou Cheng had met his match, everyone's reaction was intense.

"There were two brats." Wen Kang extended out two fingers.

"Two brats? Did you get it wrong? Wen Kang, you better not be lying to us!"

"That's right! And they are brats? Do you think that everyone are like General Qiu?"

"There must definitely be something wrong with the information, General Qiu is an outstanding young genius that only appears once every few centuries."

Everyone were rather disdainful about Wen Kang's information, and all of them expressed their disbelief.

"Wrong wrong, one of them is not young."

Wen Kang feigned mysterious, seeing that he had gotten everyone in suspense, he then sneakily added: "One of them is called Xie Yu An. Speaking about him, he comes from a bit of a background, he is Bai Yue's classmate."

"Who's Bai Yue?"

"I've never heard of him before."

"Eh, I think I know something about him, there seems to be a man called Bai Yue in the Southern Region's Bai Family, but he isn't someone famous."

"I say, we have never heard of him before, Wen Kang, can you stop exaggerating and make it sound as if Bai Yue is like some big figure."

Everyone had looks of ridicule.

Wen Kang retracted his gaze: "You've never heard of him before right, me either. But, General Qiu Xu Hua suffered greatly under Bai Yue and lost 30 thousand men, and General Feng Yun Man died in battle."

Everyone quieted down, all of them revealing looks of disbelief.

"Three great armies, General Gou Cheng WenDao pounced straight for Southern Alliance, General Mo Xin took the left flank while General Qiu Xu Hua took the right. At that time, General Qiu Xu Hua led a great army of 150 thousand and was locked in stalemate with Southern Region's allied forces, where the Sacred Pagoda Army was the core. The Allied Forces' defensive lines were in imminent danger, and from the looks of it, General Qiu Xu Hua was about to win. But Bai Yue and his White Crow Army appeared at General Qiu Xu Hua's flank like ghosts, and launched a fearsome ambush, causing General Qiu Xu Hua to have many casualties. And you guys have never heard of Bai Yue before, the White Crow Army under him had just only recently been upgraded to a Gold Grade Army, that's right, everyone was hoodwinked by him, everyone thought that he was supposed to delay General Mo Xin."

Wen Kang's tone was serious, a battle that lost 30 thousand men, it was something rarely seen in the Honorable Martial Continent's history. Furthermore, The Commander-in-chief was General Qiu Xu Hua, even if everyone were biased towards him, they had to admit that Bai Yue was outstanding as well.

In time, Everyone was stunned.

"Xie Yu An is Bai Yue's classmate, and his past is even more miraculous. That time, the Southern Alliance, oh, at that time there was no Southern Alliance, it was called the Shang Continent. At that time, the Shang Continent did not have an army, so they thought of a way, they decided to buy armies!"

It had to be said, Wen Kang knew how to speak, as he had attracted everybody's attention.

"Buy armies?"

Everyone was flabbergasted, their faces were filled with disbelief, they were all grown men, and had never heard of something so preposterous as to buy an army.

"Yes, when I heard about it, I was also stunned. When we talk about tSouthern Region people, we call them naturally gifted traders, and they naturally know how to do business. This Shang Continent is so rich they bleed oil, and upon encountering a problem, without saying a word, they just buy buy buy! At that time, the Shang Continent did some business with the Bai Family, and Xie Yu An was the product of the business."

Everyone concentrated on the information, it was too strange.

"This Shang Continent is truly too rich and overbearing, without saying a word, they gave Xie Yu An a Silver Grade Army's configuration. And the most, most extravagant thing, do you all know what it is? Spirit objects! This Shang Continent actually gave everyone in Xie Yu An's Swift Army a spirit object.

When Wen Kang said that, even he revealed a look of envy.

"What the hell, truly a nouveau riche!"

"No wonder we are trying to get the Shang Continent, with so much money at stake, who can hold back!"

"So what if they are rich! Alright, what do we do now that we are vying for it?"

Everyone started to exclaim out loud, all of them had bloodshot eyes and were drooling all over.

When Wen Kang saw their expressions, he was secretly pleased, in truth, when he heard of such a matter, he was nowhere better than them. He coughed lightly: "At the start, we did not even care, pffff, Swift Army? No one had heard of them before. General Gou Cheng WenDao is such a fearsome man, he is definitely an absolute treasured blade, wherever he goes, everything gets sliced up. The Southern Alliance's defensive lines quickly got crushed, and from the looks of it they looked as though they were about to crumble. At that time, they were prepared to bring down all the defensive lines, but ultimately they realized that there were still people holding up. It is because that position is strangely strategized, and if they wanted to bring everything down, they have to first get rid of this nail that is stuck there. Ironblood Brave Horse Master Cliff was just nice at that location. Master Cliff sent his third army to remove that nail, but ultimately failed, and the third army was lost. After that, Master Cliff sent his second army, but also failed. Ultimately, Master Cliff could no longer take it, and took his direct subordinated army of 300 men to fight their way up, but in the end, they still lost! Almost a 1000 men!"

Sssssi, everyone sucked in cold air.

Ironblood Brave Horse Cliff, was one of the three leading generals under Gou Cheng WenDao, who was unmatched in bravery. Everyone was army men, and they knew the strict and stringent levels in their armies, and the disparity in strength. Cliff's Army was of another grade, a few grades higher than them, and Cliff's direct subordinated army were the elites amongst elites, and the only ones stronger than them were the direct subordinated armies under the Five Honorable Martial Tigers!

~This Xie Yu An is truly powerful!~

"Xie Yu An became famous in that one battle, and obtained the title, Third Best Guardian under the Heavens. After that, he retreated to the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, where General Gou Cheng WenDao decided to make a move himself. The scene at the battle was heaven changing. General Gou Cheng WenDao brought exactly 22 large scale siege boats with him!"

Ssssi, the sound of everyone taking in cold air sounded out again, 22 large scale siege boats, how majestic was that!

Everyone's mind thought about the grand and spectacular scene, and many of them became excited.

"After that?"

Someone could not resist but asked.

Wen Kang quickly calmed down.

"After that?" Someone else urged impatiently.

But very quickly, everyone noticed Wen Kang's silence, and were all stunned.

"After that, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold suddenly launched a fearsome counterattack, no one knows what it was still." Wen Kang's voice was somewhat dry: "It was too powerful, far more powerful than the attacks from the large scale siege boats. At that time, three of the Large Scale Siege boats exploded because of the attack."


"That's right, how is it possible to have an attack that strong?"

"What attack can be stronger from the attack of a large scale siege boat?"

Everyone flew into an uproar again, large scale siege boats were the ultimate war monsters. Although they had many weaknesses, but they possessed devastating offense, giving them the position to overlook the entire battlefield.

"It was some sort of spirit object attack." Wen Kang was silent for a while before continuing: "The higher ups have already guessed that it is a type of spirit object attack. It uses the spirit objects' ability to absorb energy, forming energy vortices that resonates with each other. The higher ups have already calculated it, they require more than six spirit objects to launch such attacks. Every attack also demands a high price from the soldiers."

Everyone plunged into silence, they wanted to refute him, but they had nothing to say.

An attack that required six or more spirit objects was something they could not imagine.

"The battle was intense." Wen Kang could feel that his own throat was dry, and his body started trembling: "The Stronghold is unable to move, and unable to dodge. The large scale siege boats had also dropped their anchors to attack, and were unable to move. At this time, there were no other tactics possible, and both parties just shot at each other."

Everyone's mouths were wide opened, their faces pale white, in the short few sentences, it had described the entire battle, causing everyone to choke.

"The battle lasted for exactly six hours."

Wen Kang's voice was trembling, as though he was speaking deliriously.

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