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Chapter 806 - Du Ke Comes To Visit

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Master Ghost Face Mask was actually just a blurred light shadow!

It was as though a bucket of ice water was poured over Ji Ze, the sensation that everything was within his control immediately disappeared without a trace. What made him even more shocked was that he was actually unable to sense the Master's aura at all.

There was clearly a blurred light figure standing in front of him, but he was actually unable to sense its existence, it was as though he was staring at a ghost in front of him, and a bone chilling sensation crept up from his feet.

Ji Ze was clear of his own strength, and losing to Master Ghost Face Mask was not surprising, but previously, he had sensed that he was close to Tang Tian. At his level, the ability to sense power was extremely astute. Even if it was Du Ke, he was able to sense the distance between them.

~Is the reason of this because I am not familiar with the new Bewitching Blade?~

Ji Ze tried his best to suppress the fear and shock in his heart, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to even sense the Master. That blurred light figure was like air, with nothing being there.

~How….how is this possible!~

The light screen gradually grew smaller, and everyone sensed the blood red vision receding.

Tang Tian sensed that Ji Ze's face was white and rigid, and asked curiously: "What, is there something you are unhappy with?"

When the others heard him, they all turned to look at Ji Ze in disbelief, they already felt that it was inconceivable, why would Ji Ze still be unhappy?

Ji Ze who was being stared at by everyone regained himself, seeing that they were filled with envy, jealousy and their unkind gazes, his straightened back was like an overcooked break that started to turn soft, he nodded his head and bowed: "This subordinate is too happy, to the point that I lost myself!"

"Really?" Tang Tian became suspicious of him.

Ji Ze's back started perspiring, he immediately nodded: "Really, really!"

"Then that's fine." Tang Tian also heaved a sigh of relief, although the blade was not his, if he were to truly break it, he would had lost face. ~I, Godlike young lad, can lose anything, but not my face.~

Suddenly, Fu Zheng Zhi rushed over like a gust of wind, and before he had even got close, he was already shouting out loud: "Master, Master, not good! Not good!"

Tang Tian turned his head and looked at Fu Zheng Zhi with confusion.

Fu Zheng Zhi rushed before Tang Tian did not even have time to catch his breath, he immediately reported: "Master, Du….Du Ke is also building an army."

~Du Ke is also building an army?~ This news surprised Tang Tian slightly, but it was just slightly.

~So what, there's nothing to be so anxious about~, he looked at Fu Zheng Zhi with doubt.

Upon seeing his Master's nonchalant behavior, Fu Zheng Zhi became anxious: "Master, Du Ke's power to rally people is unlike any others in Sin Domain, as long as he calls out once, half of the experts in Sin Domain will follow him. I heard that there are around 20 experts from the List of Powerhouses. Even the most ordinary soldiers have to go through three rounds of filters, every single person is an expert on their own! Master, what should we do?"

Upon hearing that, Tang Tian was truly surprised. He was surprised that Du Ke's rally had called out 20 experts from the List of Powerhouses. That was undoubtedly terrifying. Tang Tian already had a good grasp on the power levels regarding the List of Powerhouses' experts. The List of Powerhouses only had 50 names, but upon adding the Infamous Men, who had strength equal to the experts on the List of Powerhouses, the total was still less than a 100.

Du Ke's summon had already obtained 20 of them, his power was truly terrifying.

~But, how can I, a godlike young lad, be so easily scared?~ Tang Tian snorted: "What are you panicking about, do you think an army is so easily built?"

These words were not feigned, Although Tang Tian was not a military general personally, but under the influence of Bing, he understood that building up an army was not a simple matter. The Sin Domain who was used to fighting solo, to want to accept the army style, how could it ever be easy?

~I am still grasping the Law Surface Resonance!~

"Master, they must definitely be doing it for us! When they form their army, they will definitely come look for us! Master, they are already calling themselves Sin Domain's First Army." Fu Zheng Zhi said with a pained look, that was where he felt the real pain. Ever since Tang Tian had made up the God Armor Army, Fu Zheng Zhi had always used the name "Sin Domain's First Army", and was filled with yearning towards the future, as it represented his own limitless future.

~Now, everything is gone!~

No wonder Fu Zheng Zhi felt so lost, Du Ke held an extremely high position in everyone's heart, something that Tang Tian was unable to imagine. And Du Ke's army was known by everyone, causing them to talk about it. Compared to that, Tang Tian's side was too miserable.

Du Ke's army had 20 List of Powerhouses martial artists, while on their side, they only had 2.

The difference in power between both parties made them feel dejected.

Tang Tian did not have any fear towards Du Ke, so he could hardly understand what Fu Zheng Zhi Felt, but when he looked at the rest, he realized that all of their faces were pale as well, as though their spirits had left their bodies. Even Ji Ze who had obtained his new Bewitching Blade was dumbstruck like a chicken.

Seeing their disappointed looks, Tang Tian immediately flared up: "Look at all of your frightened faces! All of you do extra training!"

He watched as they stumbled to do more training, but seeing their lowered heads, Tang Tian could not help but frown.

He never thought that the news of Du Ke building an army was enough to scare everyone. It was something Tang Tian had never thought of, from the start, the people who stayed around him were all people unafraid of dying, and even the Lupus Race who were weak, were stubborn in nature. He had never worried about such problems, everyone would move with him proudly, not one fearing death.

Fu Zheng Zhi and the rest did not dare to disobey Tang Tian's orders, but their morale had dropped rock bottom, where the results of trainings proved further.

~This cannot go on!~

Although Tang Tian was not considered intelligent, but he was not dumb at all, and knew of the complications.~

~How can I make them not feel discouraged?~

What Tang Tian did not know was that Du Ke's announcement of building up Sin Domain's First Army had stirred a sensation in Sin Domain. Du Ke was publicly known as the number one man of Sin Domain, but he was a very reclusive man and rarely appeared in public.

When he made the announcement of building up an army, the seven great families near the Four Main Cities immediately publicized their support, and following that, the geniuses and elites of the various families flooded to the Du Residence. In less than two days time, the news had spread through every corner of Sin Domain, and countless powerful martial artists had replied.

It was Du Ke, Sin Domain's number one man.

When he stood out, the entire Sin Domain would move for him.

No one focused on the Null DIvision in Galloping Horse City anymore, no one cared about Ghost Face Mask in Sharp Wind City, the entire Sin Domain had their eyes on Du Ke. The higher ups of the Four Main Cities who were initially attempting to balance the power had all kept quiet out of fear, no one dared to voice out their discontent.

An Army, Sin Domain's First Army.

Just as Tang Tian was furious about the morale, Fu Zheng Zhi barged back in and stammered out loud: "M-master, someone wishes to see you!"

Upon seeing Fu Zheng Zhi's panicked look, Tang Tian was so angry that he opened his eyes wide and scolded: "What the hell are you panicking about, look at yourself now! Who is it?"

"He calls himself Du Ke." Fu Zheng Zhi gritted his teeth and said.

~Du Ke…..~

Tang Tian was startled.

He had never expected for Du Ke to personally find him.

He looked at the extremely ordinary middle aged man standing in front of him. ~This is Du Ke? Sin Domain's number one, Du Ke?~

Du Ke was also sizing up Tang Tian with interest, he suddenly laughed: "Brother Gui, do you mind taking your mask down?"

Hearing that, Tang Tian happily took his mask down and said outrightly: "My surname is not Gui, my name is Tang Tian."

Upon seeing Tang Tian's face, Du Ke was shocked: "I never expected Mister Tang to actually be so young!"

He was truly taken aback, but it was not only him, Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze who were by the side were equally dumbstruck. They had never thought that the ferocious and cunning Master Ghost Face Mask was actually so young. It was especially so for Ji Ze, he was already considered the youngest and most outstanding talent, but upon seeing Tang Tian who looked to be younger than him, yet so much stronger than him, he almost could not believe his own eyes.

~This….this is too much!~

"Hahahaha, what can I say, if your talent is great, it is easy to be young!" Tang Tian said happily, immediately revealing his true identity.

Du Ke replied somewhat emotionally: "When I was at Mister Tang's age, my strength was far lacking compared to Mister Tang, the next generation will always be more powerful ah."

"Hahahah!" Tang Tian laughed without any control and waved his hands: "Don't compare with me, don't compare with me, this godlike young lad will forever be more fierce, hahahaha…."

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze stared at Tang Tian in shock.

~Is….is this still the firm and decisive, emotionless and unfathomable Master Ghost Face Mask?~

~This seemingly dumb looking man, exactly where did he crawl out from!~

On the contrary, Du Ke did not seem to mind, geniuses were always so exotic, he was nowhere much different when he was young, but instead felt that Tang Tian was a frank person, and laughed: "I, Du Ke, am not wiser despite being older than you, I wonder if I can call you junior brother?"

Tang Tian already felt that Du Ke was an extremely nice person, and without further ado, he replied: "No problem, then I will call you Old Du."

Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze looked at each other, their faces were covered with confusion, feeling that the scene in front of them was extremely strange. ~Shouldn't the two of them be talking about fighting and killing each other? Why did they start calling each other with such intimacy? What sort of situation is this?~

Du Ke laughed: "Then everyone will be family from now on! Relax, junior brother's matters will be Old Du's matters from now on! I have already gotten the various cities to send junior brother's subordinates back to Galloping Horse City."

"Then I have to truly thank Old Du!" Tang Tian retracted his laugh and said earnestly.

"Although we had some differences and friction between us in the past, but it shouldn't be much, the exchange of blows will eventually lead to friendship." Du Ke revealed a harmless expression: "But us brothers have no benefits in being in conflict. The people below will think that junior brother, you are trying to steal their rice bowl, but Old Du knows that the Sin Domain can't old junior brother, and junior brother ultimately wants to fight your way back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy."

Tang Tian raised a thumb: "Old Du, you have good eyes!"

Du Ke then looked at Tang Tian: "Can Old Du ask something? Is junior brother friends or enemies with Honorable Martial Continent?"

"Mortal enemies." Tang Tian said without hesitation.

"The entire Sin Domain are mortal enemies with Honorable Martial Group as well." Du Ke said calmly: "Many people think that Old Du I, have built an army just to defeat you, junior brother, but they do not know that Old Du, I, only have one goal, that is to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy. For the sake of leaving the Sin Domain, many of our ancestors have died, but no one succeeded. My teacher died for this, as well as my grandfather. I know that the methods of the past have no use, and for many years, I have been thinking of how to get out of this goddamn place. It was until I came to Galloping Horse City, did I finally realize, it is army, only with armies can we get out of this place!"

When he finished speaking, Du Ke's expression was extremely sinister.

Chapter 807 - A New Breakthrough

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

No one would have ever thought that Du Ke and Ghost Face Mask would end up in an alliance, even for Tang Tian himself. But after thinking about it, Tang Tian felt that it was extremely logical.

Only the people who were willing to make the Sin Domain their home would see Tang Tian as their enemy. For Du Ke, a man who barged to the Sin Door, the man who stood at the peak, how would he have such feelings?

Tang Tian saw that Du Ke was a nice man to be with, he had seen many people in Sin Domain, but Du Ke was the only man who had not lost his fire. Tang Tian did not like Sin Domain, because he hated the atmosphere, which was filled with people who had resigned themselves to their circumstance, a place with no courage, like ostriches that had buried their heads in the sand, living in fear. He felt vexed, and the godlike young lad hated vexing things.

Of course, Old Du could tell that Tang Tian was out of the common run, his eyes, were extremely strong! That meant that they were both the same, a man can be old but be young, and a middle aged uncle could have the heart of a youth.

Du Ke was the number one of Sin Domain, and that required some standard.

What Tang Tian did not know that Old Du was not just that.

After Du Ke announced his alliance with Ghost Face Mask, with lightning quick methods, he quickly gained control of the other families of the Four Main Cities. The reason why the Four Main Cities initially wanted to balance the powers, but were helpless against Du Ke.

Tang Tian did not take heed of such information, he himself had many things to do. Null Division and Zhong Li Bai etc were once again returning back to Sharp Wind City, and most of them did not immerse themselves in the joy of gathering back together, as all of them threw themselves back into training. After experiencing the tribulations in Sin Domain, everyone deeply realized that strength was the most important.

The alliance with Du Ke meant that he no longer needed to waste time engaging in battles in the Sin Domain. The only thing left was how to rush through the Death Path to Home and how to breakthrough the Sin Door.

Du Ke had had once barged his way to the Sin Door, but returned with a failure. The Honorable Martial Continent had an extremely strong defense placed at the Sin Door.

No one wanted to fall at the last crucial moment.

The majority of the Null Division members who were returned needed to quickly familiarize themselves with the brand new fighting methods, even Sima Xiao had to put his identity down, and like an ordinary member, he immersed himself in training.

Also training fervently were Zhong Li Bai and the East Immortal Division, who had changed its name to the Zhong Division. It was because his troops had swelled to a scale far larger than what it initially was. When Du Ke announced his desire to build an army, many of the head bandits all turned tail and ran alone, leaving behind the group of bandits that had lost their heads, and all of these were rounded up and taken in by Zhong Li Bai. What made Zhong Li Bai unhappy was the entire incorporation was completed under the help of Null Division.

The Zhong Division was much larger than the Null Division, and after a careful selection process done by Zhong Li Bai, he still had 10 thousand men, but their fighting capabilities were still far lacking compared to Null Division. Zhong Li Bai was unable to see his subordinates be treated as cannon fodder, and especially after thinking about how he owed Nie Qiu a favor, it was as though he was swallowing a mosquito. He could only helplessly owe Nie Qiu more and more, causing Zhong Li Bai to place all of this anger onto his army. That was how the Devil Zhong Clan Special Training raised its curtains.

Zhong Li Bai who was filled with so much anger and hatred that he directly placed his camp next to Null Division, and that was how the two divisions started to compete.

Tang Tian was busy with his own God Armor Army. Both Nie Qiu and Zhong Li Bai were unable to achieve Law Surface Resonance, and only Tang Tian could. Law Surface Resonance's might cause both of them to be dumbstruck, but he still required to train to truly put it to use.

Luckily for Tang Tian, he did not need to worry about morale, ever since he and Du Ke formed the alliance, his subordinates looked as though they were all on adrenaline shots. This made Tang Tian somewhat unhappy, ~This might be Old Du's prestige, hehe, you thugs, wait till we arrive in Sacred Saint Galaxy will you truly know how powerful this godlike young lad is!~

Tang Tian who looked at them in anger silently increased the difficulty of the training, causing the God Armor Army to immediately jump in front.

Old Du who disappeared for a few days once again appeared in Tang Tian's training grounds with an ice cold lady behind him.

Du Xin Yu was curiously sizing up the training camp that was in full swing, everything was extremely unfamiliar to her. Ever since her elder brother had decided to build an army, she had agreed, and set her heart to it. She had even ran over to the vicinity of Galloping Horse City and observed the battles between Null Division and the bandits.

In terms of intellect and foresight, Du Xin Yu was undoubtedly the number one in the Du Family, and that's why Du Ke had handed the responsibility of building the army over to her. She did not let his expectations down, and very quickly made great progress. But she was never arrogant or proud, she knew that she had a better hand compared to the Null Division, as all the elites of Sin Domain were under her.

All of them had all experienced countless battles and had outstanding talents, with a bit of instructions, they would quickly gain enlightenment on the matter. In a short span of time, the first army that she built up was formed.

But everything that she was witnessing had a stark difference as compared to what she knew.

It was not only Du Xin Yu, but Du Ke himself was shocked.

~That….that's Tang Tian?~

Du Ke's eyes focused, his heart overwhelmed with shock. The last time he saw Tang Tian, he only felt that Tang Tian was a direct and frank person with a good personality. But as to how strong Tang Tian was, Du Ke in truth did not hold much hope. To him, the only one he could rely on was still himself, and the Sin Domain army. His alliance with Tang Tian was that he hoped to borrow the strength of the Null Division.

Du Ke could still recognize the Null Division's strength, to be able to be the teachers for Sin Domain Army. And from what he had heard, he and Tang Tian had no conflicts in interest. So when he met Tang Tian the last time, although he did not place Tang Tian's strength in his eyes, but he was not neglectful.


~Is this seemingly cool and indifferent guy wrapped completely in Law Threads, as though he was born from the Heavens truly Tang Tian? Why can his body hold all types of Law Threads? Why is Tang Tian's aura so strange?~ Du Ke had seen countless of experts with all types of power, all of them had aura and strength that were unique to themselves, but Du Ke had never seen an aura such as what Tang Tian was emitting.

It was not a bone chilling cold, but Tang Tian was like a God that had an apathetic and indifferent demeanour as though he clearly understood all living beings, like a God overlooking humans without any thread of emotions.

When this thought surfaced in Du Ke's mind, he scared himself. ~Gods? Damn it! What am I thinking? What a joke….~

As though he had sensed Du Ke's attention, Tang Tian who was in the air glanced towards Du Ke's direction.

An indescribable and extreme sense of danger instantly enveloped Du Ke's body without any warning, causing Du Ke's calm and collected face to finally change!

Ever since he had stepped into the Law Domain realm, no one could be his opponent, and the intuition towards danger became extremely unfamiliar to him, as he no longer remembered when was the last time he had such a feeling. But he knew that the sense of danger was not because Tang Tian had any hostility towards him, but it stemmed from his own instinctive reaction towards Tang Tian's glance.

His instinctive sense towards danger was what made Du Ke truly felt fear and shock.

That meant that in his subconsciousness, Tang Tian was already strong enough to pose as a threat to him. If it were anyone else, they would definitely exclaim that it was an impossibility, and doubt their own senses. But Du Ke did not, he understood and trusted his senses, and his intuition towards power and danger had long became instinctive to him. At his level, he had attained a deep level of understanding towards himself and the world.

He was very clear that if he sensed danger, then it meant that danger truly existed around him.

For a man who had not stepped into the realm of Law Domains to actually be able to pose as a threat to him, the answer definitely lied on the "armor" on Tang Tian's body. Du Ke's understanding of Laws was something no one in Sin Domain could contend with. With one look, he could tell that the "armor" on Tang Tian's body was made up of countless of Law Threads. All of these Law Threads were fantastic oddities of every description, and between each of them, there were no relation, it was like a mash-up of all Laws, to the point that there were some laws that even Du Ke found unfamiliar.

Du Ke had never seen such a type of "Armor".

Du Ke was overwhelmed with shock, but even more excited, and started to scrutinize it. All of the law threads were not truly in a mess, but as though they were woven with each other.

If Tang Tian had known that Du Ke had only used one look to see through Awakened God Armor's profound mysteries, he would had definitely been shocked. Tang Tian's Awakened God Armor had improved greatly, due to his enlightenment from Bewitching Blade.

The Law Threads attached to his body were combed and woven like how the Bewitching Blade had done it.

Currently, the Awakened God Armor on Tang Tian's body was no longer as messy as before, but had a rough outline of a real armor. It was just that there were still many law threads floating on its exterior, as Tang Tian's understanding of Laws was still shallow, all of these myriad of laws engendered even more laws, and even sorting out a portion had already spent a great deal of his mental strength,

But of course, this effort was not wasted, although he had only sorted out a portion, but the Awakened God Armor's might had greatly increased.

This could be seen when he tried synchronization, as his synchronizing had improved greatly.

The rise in synchronization made Tang Tian satisfied, but there were many problems that were revealed in training that made Tang Tian feel upset. His previous thought about combining the power of 200 Law Surfaces into one was an attack that was definitely unstoppable.

But after the subsequent trainings, Tang Tian found out that it could not be realized.

It was due to the attributes of Laws, amongst many laws, there were many that were basically incapable of merging. This reality made Tang Tian feel distress, but after that Tang Tian found out that it might not be a bad thing.

In terms of strength, although it might not be able to reach the expected degree of terror, but the diversity of attacks had its benefits as well. The merging and combining of different laws could produce different variations, and causing the attack to be filled with a myriad of changes. To the enemy, it was definitely a nightmare, as it meant that they were incapable of predicting the attacks.

Even Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi were excited about this point.

Everyone tried out different combinations with abundant spirit, to see what sort of attacks they could produce. It was a brand new world, all of them only trained in one type of law, and they had never thought that the power of laws could be merged in such a way.

Just based on this thought was enough to make them all excited, the originally vast and boundless laws were able to merge and transform, making the world even more vast and boundless!

Instantly, Du Ke and Du Xin Yu watched the scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

Chapter 808 - What The Hell Is Going On!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Zheng Zhi felt as though his lungs were on fire, his throat was filled with smoke and ash as he glanced at Ji Ze who was near him. Ji Ze's face was also covered in perspiration, the dark red blood light flowed from his body as he remained unmoved like a statue.

Fu Zheng Zhi could not help but feel envious, ~Being young is so good!~ Of course, he was more envious of Ji Ze's Bewitching Blade, not only could the new Bewitching BLade influence an enemy's blood flow, but at the same time it could be used on oneself, nursing himself back to health, increase recovery and reducing fatigue.

"Prepare for the 213th round, Tactic 33."

Tang Tian's voice was monotonous, like a lifeless robot.

Fu Zheng Zhi trembled, and threw the thoughts to the back of his mind. Ji Ze who was like a statue seemed to come back to life as well, his tense body immediately relaxed as he opened up his eyes, breathing heavily, his face revealed color once more. The rest immediately focused, all of them revealed looks of fatigue, but all of them still did their best and made themselves focus even further.

They were doing their best to remember Tactic 33.

It was truly a nightmare training, but everyone was completely numb to it, and even the unbridled and arrogant people could not even hold onto any thoughts of anger, it was not that they did not dare to, but it was because they did not have any energy to do so. There was no distinction between days and nights, Master Ghost Face Mask, oh no, he was Master Tang Tian, never knew what fatigue was, and continued to make them try new things continuously.

At the start, everyone was filled with excitement, the combination of Laws, it was something new! Everyone started discussing about what the combinations would unleash what uses.

But after going through 500 cycles of probing, breaking up, forming up, breaking up again, forming up again, everyone felt splitting headaches and were extremely tired. At the end, whenever the order was given out, they were almost moving on instinct.

No one discussed about the combination of Laws, and even if they had the energy, they would be scolding about the damned combination of Laws.

But what a pity, they had no strength at all.

Everyone was now completely in admiration of Master Tang Tian, ~look at him, Master is still so energetic and focused, it is like a breeze in the park for him to do this training, does he not know what tired feels like at all?~

They all felt that it was inconceivable.

And when Tang Tian took out thick tactics handbooks and threw it to them, and asked them to memorize all of it, the 200 men on the field became petrified, looking like Terracotta soldiers.

67 different type of tactics, and 328 types of combinations of various sizes, the simplest was a combination of 2 men, and the most complicated was a combination of 12 men, just by looking at these numbers made their eyes confused and their scalps numb. Furthermore, these tactics contained different types of combinations, the attack sequence and type of coordinations were all different.

The level of complication was too numbing!

~Master, you must definitely be joking, yes, you must definitely be…..~

The soldiers who had sluggish expressions and their mouths wide opened looked towards the Master, who in their vision had an expressionless face.

After 500 rounds of training, how many types of combinations have they tried? Even they themselves did not know. Everyday, their training schedule was so packed it made all of them panic.

~But Master actually memorized all of them!~

The terracotta soldiers were all so frightened that they almost broke into pieces, ~Are you still a human, Master? Are you!~

The terracotta soldiers painfully began frantically memorizing the 120 page tactics handbook, compared to this tactics handbook, facing Master Du Ke was no long as terrifying. ~Master, we can help you kill Du Ke, just let us go…..~

"Pay attention on the attacking sequence."

Tang Tian's gaze swept across everyone, he was extremely not satisfied. It was already at their 213th cycle of training, but all of them were still not fully proficient and frequently made a lot of mistakes, and countless faults started to appear in the training. But, it did not cause his mood to falter, as even he himself had to admit that the tactics were extremely complicated.

If not for him being in the state of Awakened God Armor, he would definitely be unable to complete the surprising tactics handbook, and even memorizing it would had been difficult. In the Awakened God Armor State, all of these extremely complicated combinations were as simple as A,B,C to him.

But, only he had the Awakened God Armor.

Tang Tian was clear about this point, he who was in the Awakened State was extremely quick-witted. He was not a real military general and did not have any experience in tactics, but his understanding of laws had given him the ability to merge all of their fighting capabilities.

It was enough, he did not understand strategies, so he would use strength to speak. As long as he could do that, the 200 men army could explode with astonishing might and devastate the enemies in front of them.

Of course, the prerequisite was that his thoughts could be realized.

The 213th cycle of training was not wasted, although the members were extremely tired, but they performed far better than before. They all had relaxed their bodies and breathed slowly, they gathered their focus, and every single figure looked like bows that were slowly being pulled.

Killing intent silently pervaded out.

The current Tang Tian was extremely sensitive to the changes in the surroundings, he could clearly feel the invisible killing intent in the air, and could clearly sense the state of every single member.

Tang Tian's expression did not change, but his focus reached the peak, he was the core of the entire army, and he controlled the attacking rhythm of the entire army. Every member's Law Surface had to be linked to him to be able to complete the Law Surface Resonance. If it were pair by pair combinations, it meant that he had to organize 100 resonances.

The God Armor Army's battle style was something that no other army could replicate. Unless they had someone who was like Tang Tian, who was able to link everybody's Law Surface.
(TN: The author could not decide between Awakened Army and God Armor Army, but they are the same thing, I might stick to the God Armor Army)

The God Armor Army in the air suddenly plunged into a strange silence, and the air around them congealed.


The biting cold order sounded out in the air.

Fu Zheng Zhi moved, he unsheathed his Chief Green Swords, and a green mist that corroded the air instantly appeared ahead of them. After that, the member beside him moved as well, looking from below, it looked as though an invisible lash had swayed, the two ends of the lash had moved towards the same direction.

Following that, this invisible lash's two sides lit up with a splendor at the same time, and many ice crystals sprinkled out along with countless of wind blade gales, converging together, it was Ice Laws and Wind Laws, the completed combination formed a white hailstorm that screamed out.

It was the effect of 10 members attacking at the same time.

Before the hail storm had subsided, 13 members who trained in water blades made their moves, a great quantity of water bubbles enveloped the white hailstorm. When the water bubbles touched the hail storm, they were quickly frozen, but the flexible yet fast water blades actually split the hailstorm into 13 parts. 5 members who trained in Vortex laws made their moves at the same time, the 13 parted hail storms were quickly compressed, then stretched, then revolved, and 13 long hail storm ice pikes revolved at a great speed in the air, releasing extremely cold hissing sounds.

Then came a dazzling myriad of light auras that blossomed onto the 13 hail storm ice pikes, which were enveloped with flames, poison, death aura etc.

The members who trained in Spatial Laws had already prepared, spatial undulations appeared in the formation, and every hail storm ice pikes' edge all started to flicker with a faintly discernible black dot, an extremely hard to detect ripple started pervading out with the black dot at the center.

They were the spatial blades formed from Spatial Laws, and were serving the role as the spear tip.

Du Ke was unable to remove his gaze from the hail storm of ice pikes. If we were to describe Tang Tian's gaze as one that made him instinctively feel danger, then the 13 hail storm ice pikes' formations had made his heart thump extremely hard and fast, causing him the intense urge to make a move on them.

~What the hell is going on!~

He could not believe his own eyes, even a pike formed by a Law Domain expert was unable to shock him as immensely as the 13 hail storm ice pikes. ~What am I watching? Combinations! Combinations of Laws!~

~Laws can actually be combined! Oh my god!~

He subconsciously reenacted the scene of having the pikes landing on an enemy's body, there was no protection that could possibly stop the terrifying pikes. Even he himself, when facing the pikes head on, could face the possibility of his Law Domain crumbling. Furthermore, there was poison mist rippling in the spatial undulations, which would actually weaken the enemy prior.

Everything that was happening before his eyes was completely capsizing all of his knowledge.

He forcefully suppressed the overwhelming shock in his heart, his gaze that was filled with fear swept through Tang Tian's formation.

In the formation, there was another scene of lights, lightning gathered and formed into many lightning balls. Suddenly, from the shadows of the formation jumped out a black figure, that devoured the lightning balls and instantly disappeared.

Dense Dark curtains that varied from the Night Laws had enveloped the Lightning Balls, concealing every bit of aura. Devouring one lighting ball after another, which were all compressed inside the dark curtain. If they were to be unleashed, their might would be inconceivable. The Dark Curtains that had shrouded the lightning balls were like sharks swimming in the deep, dark sea, which could launch fatal attacks at any time.

Du Ke's pupils trembled again.

The lightning balls that were compressed alone were fine, such an attack could be blocked if prepared well. But using the Dark Curtains to conceal the lightning balls, in a chaotic battlefield, would become the best weapons for ambush.

Receiving the highly compressed lightning balls without any preparation would definitely feel like being heavily struck by a stick in the gut.

Ji Ze's Bewitching Blade unleashed the blood screen, that revealed many holes, transforming into a blood web. The faint green light rain that sprinkled onto the blood web caused many green dots to form on the blood web, those were "buds", a product of Life Laws, upon coming into contact with the enemy, it would start absorbing the enemy's vitality, and grow bigger and stronger.

Du Ke's gaze was already trembling once again, and at the moment, even his lips were trembling.

~Too sinister, too ruthless!~

The blood devouring web adding the buds, as long as anyone were to touch it slightly, they would be sucked dry.

Inside the formation flew out many dazzling light disks that looked as though the sun was rising, all of these light rays flew up into the sky and like magnets, they started to merge together, at long last forming a gigantic light disk. This "Light Disk" was the most ordinary form of attack in light lights, but when more than 10 of such light disks merged, it had become extremely terrifying.

The light disk that spanned over 10m in diameter was instead not as bright as individual light disks, instead, the teeth of the disks had dark gold lines.


Du Ke jumped in fright from the thought that had just entered his mind, ~Hold up!~

His eyes seemed to have grasped something, and when he swept past the light disk, his pupils instantly dilated.

A sword light had blossomed behind the light ray without any omen.

~Just surrender now!~

That was the only thought that appeared in Du Ke's mind.

Du Xin Yu who was by his side had an extremely pale face, her legs gave in, causing her to fall onto the ground.

Chapter 809 - Du Xin Yu's Judgement

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Tang Tian flew down, Du Ke eagerly stepped forward.

"What is this tactic? Why is it different from the Null Division?"

Tang Tian removed the Awakened God Armor, revealing his pale white face. To activate the Awakened God Armor, it required him to be at his peak state, and the Law Surface Resonance had an extremely huge stress on Tang Tian. Although the majority of the stress was absorbed by the armor, but as the controller, Tang Tian needed to bear some of the burden as well.

"Law Surface Resonance."

Tang Tian did not hide anything, seeing Du Ke's anxious expression, Tang Tian knew he was not faking it, and he himself had to flaunt some of his abilities from time to time. But as he was so tired to the point that he could just lay on the ground, he could only explain it in a few words.

"Law Surface Resonance?" Du Ke's eyes widened, he exclaimed out loud: "How is that possible!"

In terms of the understanding of Laws, there was no one that could compare with Du Ke in Sin Domain, with Tang Tian's one line sentence, Du Ke could roughly guess everything out. He was able to understand the resonance of Law Surfaces, and was able to understand the power produced by the resonance would be tremendous, he merely muttered to himself, and was able to think clearly. But, he also knew that to achieve Law Surface resonance required extremely harsh and demanding conditions.

Like how there were no two leaves the same in the world, there were no two completely identical Law Surfaces in Sin Domain, people trained in different laws, people had different talents, the duration of how long they have trained were different, the depth of comprehension between each person were different, and thus the Law Surfaces formed by every person would be completely different.

For two Law Surfaces to completely resonate, how much coordination and understanding was truly needed, Du Ke could understand.

If it were only two person, Du Ke would not be as surprised as he currently was, but how many people were there?

200 of them!

~How did Tang Tian do it?~

If Du Ke claimed that his understanding of Laws was second in the world, no one would dare claim to be first. The things he saw far surpassed ordinary people. The 200 men could be considered a small army, Tang Tian was the true core of the army, and he was able to connect 200 Law Surfaces.

That was what Du Ke felt was inconceivable.

To successfully gather 200 people's Law Surface to resonate, then completely match their undulations and to synchronize all of them, how terrifying was that?

Just by calculating this much, Du Ke knew that the power was able to sweep out a few cities!!

No one was able to bear such an intense power, no one! Even he himself, Du Ke, the number one of Sin Domain, in the face of such power, would instantly perish.

~How does he do it?~

He looked at the youth who still had a tinge of naivety to his face, and was speechless.

In a short few breaths, Tang Tian had already recovered much more, he immediately shook himself and said with please: "How did I do it? It is a long story!"

After that, Tang Tian used an extremely exaggerated tone, and talked about his enlightenment on the Awakened God Armor, the process of discovery of the Law Surface Resonance, the important point being the brilliance of the Godlike young lad. ~He he, this Old Du has not seen the world, I shall scare him!~

Du Xin Yu was absent-minded, she had not regained herself from the shock previously.

But the scene before her made her feel amused.

The crowd that was seated all over in front of them with a young man standing amongst them facing her elder brother with exaggerated hand gestures and talking about his experiences, along with her elder brother's expression that was either stunned, strange or shocked.

She was at a loss, her eardrums were buzzing, she could not make out a word he was saying, and was just subconsciously watching the amusing scene.

In terms of comprehension of laws, she was lacking compared to her brother, but Du Ke had handed the task of building the army to her, naturally because she had her own forte. The law she trained in was similar to Nie Qiu's [Yin Yang Formation], and as she was a calm and decisive person, she was the most perfect candidate.

She did not disappoint her brother's expectations of her, the army she formed out was extremely meticulous, and with the Null Division tactics, she quickly formulated her very own tactics. Upon seeing it, even Du Ke had to praise her.

It made her feel proud.

But all of her pride was completely demolished upon seeing the training grounds.

She was immensely affected and shocked.

The 200 men army displayed a power far more than what she thought was the limit. The unprecedented combination of Laws was brimming with exponential creativity and power. In the few centuries of Sin Domain, no one had actually thought that Laws could be combined.

It's deadly offense and myriad of variations along with the abundant layering was unblockable.

She even thought of herself as an enemy of the army in front of her, ~What can I do with my army against this small army?~ 10 Seconds later, her entire body trembled, she realized that regardless of what she tried, she was unable to defend against them.

The two were on completely different levels.

This was what had struck her the most, there was nothing that could make her feel as much pain, being an arrogant person.

She stood in position as though her spirit had left her body, leaving behind a puppet like exterior.

Every ounce of strength had been sucked up from Fu Zheng Zhi and everybody else's bodies, all of them laid on the ground weakly, trying to use the time to recover as much as possible. Hearing the Master exaggerate and talk to Master Du Ke, making him stunned again and again made them feel immensely pleased. It was Master Du Ke, the number one man of Sin Domain, to scare and surprise him was something not easy to do.

No one dared to waste time. They knew of the Master's perverse recovery rate. After the continuous training, they had long grasped Tang Tian's habits, if they did not grasp the time to recover, they would suffer even more in the next cycle.

As expected, in the next few seconds, they heard Tang Tian speak to Du Ke without hesitation: "I'll talk to you later again, I need to go back and train."

With that, he turned and shouted: "Get up, all of you get up, let's prepare to start again!"

Everyone who was lying on the ground struggled to stand up with faces filled with solemn.

~Wu wu, we knew it would be like that….~

Suddenly, Du Xin Yu could not help but ask: "They haven't completely recovered, if you train like that, wouldn't it affect the training results?"

What she did not expect was Tang Tian's direct reply: "Yes it will."

Just as she was trying to solve the question herself, Tang Tian explained: "But this is in line with a battle situation. If they are able to accomplish the tactics at their limited state, then at any other times, they will definitely be able to accomplish it as well. And it is even easier to breakthrough while at their limit. There are so many benefits, and just by being a bit tired only."

~A bit tired only?~

Everyone's faces turned green, their faces that were solemn turned into anger, ~Master, you call this a bit tired only?~

They had to admit that training while at their limit was extremely effective, because they could clearly feel the growth in their strength. One must know, for a person as old as Fu Zheng Zhi, they had already passed their prime age of growth, but he was actually still able to feel the relative improvements. For people like Ji Ze, the growth was even more apparent.

Du Xin Yu was stunned.

~This….this is too fearsome already!~

She knew about being able to breakthrough much more easily at the limit, but knowing it and achieving it was completely different matters. It was not only being fierce to the soldiers, but he had to be fierce to himself.

Du Ke was reevaluating Tang Tian once again, he had to admit that he had to reorganize his thoughts about the young man in front of him.

A youth who was able to be so harsh to himself was extremely rare in Sin Domain.

Du Ke had extremely complicated emotions in him. His choice to ally with Tang Tian was undoubtedly the best decision. The God Armor Army's powerful fighting capabilities made him feel extremely confident of barging through the Sin Door.

~Even the Sin Door is unable to withstand such a powerful offense!~

But upon thinking about Tang Tian's age, Du Ke had a rare emotion of jealousy. Even if he was already the number one person in Sin Domain, in front of Tang Tian, he had no feeling of bliss.

He could not help but smile bitterly, ~Truly, comparing with others will simply infuriate oneself, one will definitely lose out. I have been a frog in a well the entire time, being the number one in Sin Domain is just that.~ Thinking about it, he was filled with even more desire to break out of the Sin Domain, the vast world outside was even more majestic.

Upon thinking about it, he became excited.

Du Xin Yu suddenly asked: "Can we learn to perform Law Surface Resonance?"

"No we can't." Du Ke shook his head, he knew that his sister had suffered an immense setback, but still spoke to her honestly: "Tang Tian is able to realize all of this is because of his Awakened God Armor. His Awakened God Armor is formed from his own special technique, the Godfist, Demon Six Seals and the unique critical state, The only one that I can achieve is being in the critical state."

Du Xin Yu did not know what to say.

"Seems like we will definitely be able to barge through the Sin Door this time." Du Ke purposely spoke with a bit of warmth.

Du Xin Yu was silent for a moment, then suddenly said: "We will also use this training method, to train while at the limit."

Du Ke knew that his sister had been completely incited, and could not help but smile.

Du Xin Yu raised her head: "If we can return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy, what will be our course of path?"

Du Ke was startled for a moment, he had never truly thought about that. He suddenly understood what his sister meant, the God Armor Army was strong enough, the probability of returning to the Sacred Saint Galaxy was not small anymore, but what will they do once they were back in the Sacred Saint Galaxy?

Du Ke spoke earnestly: "Sister, please advise me!"

Du Xin Yu hesitated for a moment, then said: "We will follow Tang Tian."

Du Ke was surprised, although he had formed an alliance with Tang Tian, but he had never thought about following him. But he knew his sister's character, she was never one to be reckless, and said: "Sister, please elaborate further."

Du Xin Yu chuckled: "Firstly, Tang Tian and us have a common enemy. Secondly, we have been away from the Sacred Saint Galaxy for too long, and we know nothing about the Sacred Saint Galaxy, as who knows if it might be completely different from the records our ancestors have. To travel alone, we will most likely hit a wall. Furthermore, the Sin Domain uses Laws, while the Sacred Saint Galaxy has energy, how much it will influence us, and how much we can be an influence, these are unpredictable indicators."

Du Ke nodded his head, he did not interrupt his sister, as these two points pointed to danger.

Du Xin Yue then sighed lightly: "Thirdly, if we were to seek for a place ourselves, we will be weak, and we undoubtedly need a power supporting us for us to continue surviving, and I think that brother knows the current mood of the entire Sin Domain. There are very few people who are willing to move out like brother. Without people, without a unified agenda, how can we accomplish anything?"

Du Ke was silent, he felt extremely unhappy about it: "Maybe in time, they will understand and wake up from this nightmare."

"That will be a long time." Du Xin Yu spoke honestly: "Brother, will you wait till then? I am afraid that the Honorable Martial Continent will not let brother do what you want."

"And will Tang Tian even care about the Sin Domain?" Du Ke asked solemnly.

Du Xin Yu chuckled: "Whether Tang Tian cares or not isn't important, as long as brother cares. So, brother, you need to live. You need to live as long as you can and not forget about why you want to leave, bring your goals with you, for you to be able to change the Sacred Saint Galaxy."

Du Ke was roused, and he immediately said: "I will go and speak with Tang Tian now!"

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