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Chapter 762

Chapter 762 – Strange Fish

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A strange consciousness barged into Tang Tian’s mind.

Cowardice, unease, fear, this strand of consciousness transmitted into Tang TIan’s dazed state of mind. It was unthinkable, how a strand of flame would actually personify a person’s state of mind, it was truly mystical.

The Blue Flame’s consciousness had already done an initial probing, and seemed to understand that Tang Tian did not have any bad thoughts on it, and thus immediately became intimate with him.

Tang Tian’s thoughts were void of evil, and also felt that it was fun to play with, as the Blue Flames reminded him of Ya Ya. ~I wonder how Ya Ya is doing now? If Ya Ya’s here, they will become good buddies.~

Very quickly, the blue flames and Tang Tian became very familiar with each other, and was no longer strangers. The Blue Flames did not have very high intellect, and could only grasp the simplest of emotions, like happiness or unhappiness.

Tang Tian named it Xiao Lan (Little Blue).

After having Xiao Lan, his journey was no longer as boring. Although Xiao Lan only had the simplest of emotions, but it made Tang Tian felt as if he had a companion.

Upon seeing Xiao Lan as his own friend, Tang Tian became much more careful. Xiao Lan would become extremely joyous when feeding on other blue flames, like a puppy biting on bone, and Tang Tian suspected that if Xiao Lan had a tail, it would definitely be wagging with all of its might.

Tang Tian guessed that Xiao Lan was a lower grade flame than the blue jellyfish flames, as it was afraid of the blue jellyfishes. When the blue flames of the jellyfishes did not go through the Grasping Flower Seal of the Demon and continued to have its evil tendencies, Xiao Lan would immediately go into hiding.

The Demon was lofty and majestic, giving off a very solemn bearing that demanded respect.

Every day, Tang TIan would observe the Demon in him, which would make him feel slightly shock, as his innerself would become extremely calm and gentle.

After knowing Xiao Lan, Tang Tian’s Grasping Flower Seal improved quickly, which made him extremely surprised. He realized that his own Grasping Flower Seals could form a connection with the Demon’s Grasping Flower Seals through Xiao Lan.

The Angry Fist Seal’s light aura was red, which tempered his power of the physique.

The Grasping Flower Seal had no light aura, and was tempered with his state of mind.

Tang Tian felt that his state of mind had become more and more pure and sparkling like glass. This feeling made Tang Tian feel extremely weird, a state of mind was an intangible thing, how could it become like glass? ~For me to have this weird sensation, oh, it must be Xiao Lan that pulled down my intelligence.~

Tang Tian’s swimming speed was extremely fast, and he astutely realized that the blue jellyfish around had become lesser and lesser, as he had not met any of them for a long time.

Not only did Tang Tian not relax, but he became even more cautious.

He travelled from the south to north, and had passed through many strange places and the different inhabitants that stayed in each of them. But along the way, he had only met the blue jellyfish, and never met any other living beings. The blue jellyfish had very strong and violent tendencies, and throughout the journey, Tang Tian had killed off countless of them, no, it was Xiao Lan that had devoured countless of them.

But after travelling for a long time, he had not met any blue jellyfish, leading Tang Tian to guess that he had barged into the territory of a different organism.

The future will always be dangerous.

Right at that moment, Tang Tian suddenly sensed a dangerous aura approaching, from the corner of his eye he gla

nced a vague blue figure, which was actually less than 10m away from him, causing all the hairs on his body to stand immediately!

He did not even sensed it approaching!

The blue vague figure could not be seen if one did not carefully look out for it. Even when Tang Tian looked at it earnestly, he could only see the region of blue sea becoming slightly darker.

Without thinking, Tang Tian unleashed a Heavy Demonic Execution out.

He did not hold back at all.

His hand blade slashed out a transparent water blade which ferociously cut into the dark figure.


A sharp shriek sound almost broke Tang TIan’s ear drums, and ripples started releasing in the water around the dark figure. Tang Tian was caught off guard, and met it head on, the sound drilled into Tang Tian’s mind, like awls drilling in.

Only after two to three seconds did Tang Tian regain his senses, his mind filled with shock.

The dark figure had revealed its true appearance, it was a fish half the size of a man. The lower fish part of the mermaid resembled blue gemstones, and on its back were a row of spikes, the scales continuously releasing blue mist. All of this blue mist surrounded its body, flowing around the surface and never dispersed. Tentacles extended out of the flat fish head, where pulsating blue flames danced on them.

But Tang Tian’s Heavy Demonic Execution was extremely powerful, and with their close proximity, the weird fish was not able to dodge. Caught head on, its body revealed a deep cut wound, where blue mist kept on leaking out.

The weird fish opened its fish mouth, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, but the most scary thing was its tongue, which was like a tuning fork that kept on trembling.

Xiao Lan was terrified, and did not dare to move.

Tang Tian had no time to think, as the weird fish’s tuning fork tongue trembled and released a circular and invisible ripple that move towards him.

Tang Tian was previously spooked by the sharp shriek immediately moved out of the way like a fish. The circle ripple brushed past his body, which allowed him to take the opportunity to unleash a Devil, I, execution upwards.

The slash was released extremely close to the circular ripple.

The slash was silent, and looked to be extremely weak, but when it got near the weird fish, its might suddenly expanded, like a mountain toppling the sea.

The weird fish panicked and wanted to escape, but it was too late, Devil, I, Execution’s slash ferociously cut its tail.


Countless scales scattered out as blue mist spewed out. Its tail was completely cut off, and only a small piece of meat was left connected to it, which made it look pathetic.

The weird fish seemed to know that it had difficulty escaping, and suddenly, all the scales on its body trembled.


A dense ripple was released with the weird fish at the center, scattering outwards.

Tang TIan did not expect for the weird beast to know such a technique, it encompassed all angles, causing Tang Tian to have no way to hide, and could only face it head on. Subconsciously, Tang Tian formed the Grasping Flower Seal.

He had control over his Grasping Flower Seal, and with the completion of the seals, his state of mind suddenly became tranquil and calm, coincidentally where the strange ripple struck.

Tang Tian’s body felt slightly numb, he was pushed back a few inches, and the sharp scream continued relentlessly, but it was not as painful as before.

After the weird fish’s attack, it’s vitality was greatly injured, and was at its last breath.

~So the Grasping Flower Seal could be used like that!~

Tang Tian was immediately joyous, the Demon Six Seals was extremely profound, and after every new phase, he would experience something new. With a thought, he gained some understanding. The weird beast’s attack did not rely on just sound, but contained a mental attack.

The Grasping Flower Seal could dispel mental attacks, that was Tang Tian’s new finding.

Seeing the weird beast at its dying breath, Tang Tian did not go close, but sent another heavy slash.

The beast no longer had the strength to escape, its body was split into two, and the blue mist that originally congealed that originally did not dissipate, started dissipating into the surroundings.

Xiao Lan that was laying low jumped out right at this moment and prompted Tang Tian. Tang Tian saw the strand of blue flames on the tentacles of the fish head, and immediately understood its intent, and swam over.

Tang Tian extended his hand out and touched the blue flames, and Xiao Lan immediately came out from Tang Tian’s fingertip.

When the two flames were next to each other, Tang Tian could tell the difference. The strange fish’s blue flames was much denser than Xiao Lan, and had even more strength in jumping. When the two flames collided, the fish’s blue flames was slowly devoured by Xiao Lan.

The entire meal took a full 10 minutes, causing Tang Tian to be puzzled. Xiao Lan was able to eat up the blue jellyfish blue flames without any effort. But Xiao Lan needed to slowly nibble at the weird fish’s blue flames.

Xiao Lan became much smaller after finishing the blue flames, and once again became the size of a candle light, but it was much more congealed. Every time it jumped, it would emit a faint aura.

Xiao Lan became extremely languid, as though it was falling asleep.

Seeing that, Tang Tian did not disturb it. He could tell that Xiao Lan was evolving after devouring the flames. He was extremely curious at Xiao Lan’s final state.

His eyes was suddenly attracted to something, which was the spikes on the weird fish’s back.

The corpse of the strange fish dissolved into the blue sea like the blue jellyfish, but only the few bones did not. Tang Tian floated over and took them in his hands.

There were a total of six bones, the longest being a meter long while the shortest was half a meter, they were all extremely straight and sharp, resembling blue crystals. Tang Tian tested it for a while, they were extremely durable that he could not break them.

~Good stuff!~

Tang Tian immediately tied them up together, the longest bone resembled a sword, and in his hand, it felt extremely harmonious.

With a flick of his wrist, the fish bone arched across, unleashing Blade Devil Transformation!


The extremely fine water blade shot out suddenly, only after sweeping through over 150m did it disappear.

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, compared to his own hand blade, the water blade formed was even sharper and could fly even further.

Tang Tian tested it out with other moves, and immediately fell for the fish bone. The imposing and tyrannical Heavy Demonic Execution, coupled with the fish bone, had formed a totally different taste, something sinister and sharp. Every slash was silent, the power unleashed was even more congealed without a trace of leakage, completely no repercussions from the attack, with only the sharp invisible water line visible.

And being concealed was the strongest point of Devil, I, execution, after being slashed out, there was not even a visible line, there were no trace of the slash.

Tang Tian who had obtained the new toy was eager to test it out on a few strange fishes.

Xiao Lan seemed to have devoured too much, and only recovered after a long time. This sense of time was Tang Tian’s sensation of time. He realised that the time inside the water was strange, and he had difficulty grasping the speed of the flow. This was hard to imagine, he was a powerful martial artist, and had a grasp and control over time to a powerful extent.

Tang Tian suspected that time was being distorted.

Out of the time, spatial, life and death laws, the three great laws, the time laws were the most terrifying. If one was stuck in a chaotic flow of time, Tang Tian was afraid that he would not be able to get out.

A pity, being uneasy did not do anything.

Tang Tian wanted to find the crux of the problem, he wanted to see what was messing with him!

And, he had a sense, that thing was his way back.

Tang Tian could clearly feel Xiao Lan becoming stronger and stronger, it had even more emotions, and was able to communicate better with Tang Tian.

This exchange of consciousness was a ease in the park for Tang Tian, as Xiao Lan’s intellect increased, it became even more fluent.

On one side, it said that the weird fish tastes extremely exquisite, and begged Tang Tian to find another.

On the other hand, the young man patted his own chest and promised it to have how many it wanted, under his hands, they would capture all the fishes.

Then, the young man accidentally looked ahead, and the hand that was patting his own shoulder froze.

Ahead, a school of the weird fishes were swimming fiercely over.

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