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Chapter 744

Chapter 744 – Ancestor Li’s Inheritor

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A carriage flew past in the sky. The driver was a veteran, allowing the carriage to be extremely stable, with Wind Law Threads forming countless of small gusts that pushed the carriage onwards. Wind related laws were the most commonly seen laws, and its biggest usage was for flying. Drivers were Wind Law user martial artists, which was extremely common, and every trading firm required many of such drivers.

This driver was an old veteran with 20 years of experience, he had limited talent, but had strong control with his Wind Laws, and thus his carriage was not shaky at all, and if not for the strong whistling sounds of the wind, no one would be able to sense it flying.

But this carriage’s simple exterior was a disguise, inside was extremely luxurious, the body of the carriage were not made by ordinary materials, it was extremely sturdy, and its soundproofing effect was exceptionally strong, and there were no worries of the driver overhearing the conversation going on in the inside.

Tang Tian curiously observed everything for a little while, before retracting his gaze. He was still comparing the differences, regardless if it was Heaven’s Road, Sacred Saint Galaxy or Sin Domain, the martial technique systems had their differences, but their interactions extended into various professions in the normal citizen lives. That was why martial techniques would never fade into history.

To any ordinary person, fighting was something they did not need, and it was life that they were struggling with.

On the road, Xu Ye was constantly observing Tang Tian, he was still rather unfamiliar with the so called Master Ghost Face Mask.

Xu Ye did not know why Tang Tian agreed to Nie Qiu’s dangerous proposition. He felt that such a dangerous suggestion should never come out from a subordinate’s mouth, and such a dangerous matter should be handed over to a subordinate, and not a leader to execute it.

What he did not expect was for Tang Tian to actually agree without hesitation, and what’s more, his name was suggested to proceed with the plan. Of course, on the surface, it looked like a suggestion, Nie Qiu’s suggestion, but it did not have any difference in being chosen, so how could he reject?

The moment the Master turned his head, he agreed without hesitation. The current Xu Family was already being used as the Master’s war carriage, and if the war carriage were to be successful, the Xu Family would have its merits, but if the Master were to fail, then the Xu Family would be unable to escape from being decimated.

According to Nie Qiu, the Master needed someone familiar with the environment to be the guide, Victor was also a good choice, but he was injured by Qin Zhen and had not recovered, so the astute Xu Ye became the next best candidate.

Xu Ye looked at Nie Qiu in surprise, ~This blind man, although he can’t see anything, but he is powerful.~

“Where will we be starting at?” Tang Tian asked languidly.

Before leaving, he had absorbed a great quantity of Life Origin Essence. Although the Life Origin Essence could not be directly transformed into Origin Force, but it could greatly strengthen his flesh body, and a greatly strengthened flesh body could continuously produce a large amount of Origin Force. The Origin Force continued to accumulate in his body, but there was no way for him to drain it out, so the surging power that seemed to want to spill out had compelled him to be extremely careful with his every action, it looked like a lion that had just feasted and was moving lazily.

Xu Ye was prepared for the question: “The Lu Family sold all of their Null Division Prisoners to the Qin Family, Qin Zhen was previously at Galloping Horse City wantonly purchasin

g Null Division Prisoners, but the Lu Family did not stop him, which shows that they do not have any ambitions towards the Prisoners. Although I do not know why, but we can act as another powerhouse.”

“Another powerhouse?” Tang Tian asked with puzzlement.

“Yes.” Xu Ye’s gaze flashed with a bright light: “Currently, the news of the Qin Family being destroyed has been spread far and wide, the Lu Family will definitely know of it, but they will not think that it was us, and suspect a third party. We just have to feign as this third party, run over to Galloping Horse City, and purchase the Null Division Prisoners.”

Tang Tian started to perspire when he heard that.

Xu Ye then continued to explain: “We will send out news that it was because of the Null Division Prisoners, that’s why we attacked the Qin Family. And we have already taken charge of Purple Cuckoo City. Most likely, the Galloping Horse City will wait for a good offer. As to why we need these prisoners, it is because we are building up a city.”

“Building up a city?” Tang Tian perspired even more profusely.

“Yes.” Xu Ye sighed: “We managed to find some records when we searched the Qin Family, and realised that they have always been looking for something. To explain this, I need to tell you about everything from the start. On that year where the families were banished to Sin Domain, it was extremely terrible. But it was all the inheritances from their long–established line that allowed them an edge for laws. The first to completely change their inheritances were five families. The five families were families with longest histories behind them out of all that were banished. Four of them built up a city, and occupied the most fertile lands, which is the current four main cities. The last family, only had one man as his entire family died, so he became the target to be recruited by the other four families. His name is Li Zhi Gong. Not only was he the earliest to gain enlightenment on laws, but his strength is publicly known as number one.”

“秦家一直盯着薛府,就是冲着李至公的传承。李至公当年曾在薛府中逗留过一段时间,他并无子嗣,后来消失不见。”许烨道:“但是秦家一直没有找到 李至公的传承。薛府的天魔重斩他们已经翻烂了,也没找到李至公的传承。我怀疑,卢家也冲着李至公的传承,才想买薛府的。”
“The Qin Family has always eyed the Xue Family, was mainly for Li Zhi Gong’s inheritance. Earlier on, Li Zhi Gong had stayed in the Xue Residence for a period of time, he had no heirs, and disappeared after that.” Xu Ye said: “But the Qin Family never found his legacy. The Heavy Demonic Execution was also turned over and over again by them, but they could not find anything relating to Li Zhi Gong. I suspect that the Lu Family are also trying to find Li Zhi Gong’s inheritance, and thus wants to buy the Xue Family.”

Tang Tian suddenly became extremely excited over the story and asked: “What happened next, what happened next?”

“Master, you can disguise yourself as Li Zhi Gong’s descendant.” Xu Ye’s eyes flickered with a bright light: “Master does not know, but in Sin Domain, inheritances and legacies usually means position and resource. Qin Zhen is the most talented martial artist in the Qin Family’s history, but his rank in the List of Powerhouses is just 42. Purple Cuckoo City, in the 17 cities of Sin Domain, is also at the bottom. The Lu Family has their eyes on the Xue Family, most likely for Li Zhi Gong’s inheritance. Galloping Horse City is near the Four Main Cities, but its position and prestige is far weaker than the four cities. Lu Sheng Xiang looks to be an ordinary man, but he has a big heart, and wants to bring the Lu Family to greater heights.”

“That sounds interesting.” Tang Tian felt that the matter was rather interesting, as expected, with a knowledgeable man like Xu Ye, he could save a lot of time. If it was him by himself, he would never be able to think of such ideas.

That’s right, to Tang Tian’s understanding, it was complicated. WIth his standard, he did not know how to consider elaborate plans, and only knew to run to the Lu Family, burn the house down, and sneak onto the important elders.

“If the Lu Family are really going for Li Zhi Gong’s inheritance, then they will react.” Xu Ye said: “Compared to Master, the descendant of Li Zhi Gong, the unknown Xue Family’s importance will lessen greatly. With that, along with Lu Tian Wen’s news, we can delay them. Furthermore, Master can use the descendant statues to lure the Lu Family out and purchase your Null Division prisoners.”

“That’s good too!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, but he immediately felt suspicious: “But I do not know what is Li Zhi Gong’s inheritance, how can I act as him?”

“Master’s hand seals.” Xu Ye said: “Master does not know, but in the past, Li Zhi Gong relied on six bizarre and unfathomable hand seals to become the top. This subordinate saw Master’s hand seals when you saved Master Gu Xue, and therefore thought of this idea.”

After breaking through, Gu Xue’s strength amplified multiple folds, and in Sin Domain where power is king, although everyone looked towards families as well, but in the face of power, families were nothing but passing clouds. Xu Ye was even convinced to call out Master Gu Xue.

Tang Tian then realised something, and his face turned weird: “Wait, you said that Li Zhi Gong used hand seals in the past?”

“Yes.” Xu Ye’s face was filled with reveration when he talked about Li Zhi Gong: “Ancestor Li was the first distinguished man to gain enlightenment on Laws. At that time, the families which entered Sin Domain were crippled, and many died horrible deaths. It was said that Ancestor Li watched as the various families flowed with rivers of blood, seeing how everyone became predators preying on each other, he was filled with grief, he travelled alone up a mountain peak and meditated for three days, and finally gained enlightenment on Sin Domain Dao of Laws. On that day, he stepped down the mountain, and brought the families to a canyon, and he alone guarded the canyon entrance, and killed all of the murderers. After that he walked back to the various families and passed down the dao of laws. It was said that Ancestor Li did not use any weapon, with his hand seals, he faced his opponents, even smiling when he did battle, some even called him crazy.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian almost blurted out the name of Demon Six Seals!

~Could it be that inside the Heavy Demonic Execution contained the consummate skills of Li Zhi Gong? Why didn’t Qin Zhen and the rest find it?~

Xu Ye looked at Tang Tian’s strange expression, and could not help but ask: “Master??

Tang Tian rubbed his nose and said with embarrassment: “My Demon Six Seals was enlightened from the Xue Family’s Heavy Demonic Execution.”

It was as though Xu Ye was struck by some restriction technique he was suddenly stunned, after ten breaths of time, he became flushed red with excitement, the red appearing visible to the naked eye, as though he was drunk on alcohol.

“Master, you must never mention this to another person from today on! You cannot!”

Xu Ye’s voice was trembling, as he was in a state of indescribable excitement.

~No wonder Master is so powerful! NO wonder he was able to defeat Lu Tian Wen!~

All of his doubts converged together and flushed away. He did not know how powerful the Ursa Major Null Division was, but the name of Ancestor Li’s Inheritor, that was definitely a bright and dazzling gold title.

Xu Ye dared to confirm, as long as this identity was publicized, it would definitely stir the entire Sin Domain, and countless people would start acting.

He forced himself to calm down. He had initially planned for Master to disguise as a descendant of Ancestor Li, and thus started making preparations with that plan in mind. But to obtain the knowledge that the Master was truly the inheritor to Ancestor Li, the situation took a qualitative change.

~Regardless if it was something Master had learned himself, or it was imparted by someone else, he has gained everything of Ancestor Li’s inheritance, that means he is the Inheritor of Ancestor Li.~

Although the situation had changed completely, but he only needed to change a small part of the entire plan. In his previous plan, it was to ensure that his Master’s inherited identity of Ancestor Li was ambiguous, where no one could expose. But now, he needed to ensure that his Master’s identity was publicly known.

Xu Ye who had calmed down started thinking quickly.

~To prove Master’s Identity, it is extremely simple, it is to show off the Demon Six Seals to Sin Domain.~

~How do we show it off?~

~To visit families and challenge them!~

~By winning, it will be enough to bring the Demon Six Seals into everyone’s minds.~

~And what if he keeps on winning?~

Xu Ye could hardly control his excitement, he took a deep breath, and shouted out to the driver outside: “Change of plans, we are going to East Immortal City!”

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