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Chapter 710

Chapter 710 – The People from Lu Family

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Black Iron Stones were far sturdier than he had imagined, but knowing the strength of the Golden Steel Gravel, Tang Tian was not too surprised. Luckily, the Black Iron Stones were not as excessive to require the need for the Spatial Law thread to cut them.

The requirement for the Black Iron Stones size was extremely harsh, and Tang Tian recalled back the time when he trained in Minute Collapsing Fist by crushing rocks. In terms of crushing rock materials, Minute Collapsing Fist was the most suitable method.

~I don’t have that much strength left.~

Tang Tian became calm and focused, and slowly recalled back the Minute Collapsing Fist.

The Minute Collapsing Fist is a relatively low rank fist technique, it uses True Power to induce a high frequency vibration. Tang Tian currently had no more True Power in him, but it did not stump him. His body was extremely tyrannical, and could easily mimic such vibrations.

Tang Tian did not do that. Using his muscles to mimic the vibrations could be done, but its efficiency was too low. He did not have much strength left, and if he mimicked the vibrations, he could only break a few of the Black Iron Stones.

He thought about laws.

He had been frequently using laws, and thus became much more familiar with them.

He suddenly thought about the incomplete punch, causing his eyes to light up. ~Not a bad choice.~ Tang Tian then revealed a bitter smile, it was because he had no strength left in his body the previous time that it remained incomplete. Currently, he too did not have much strength left, and would not be able to complete the punch.

Tang Tian smacked his forehead, thinking himself as a fool, ~Why must I complete the punch? I can test out the incomplete version first, it doesn’t require much strength anyway.~

Tang Tian decided to do it, and carefully thought about the punch. At that time, his initial thoughts were to change the complications to simplicity, inferring in a reverse method, and condensing all the variations in punch techniques into one punch.

Although it was incomplete, but the might of the punch had already revealed signs of its loftiness. Tang Tian believed that the punch’s might would definitely surpass everything he had ever seen, even all of the martial techniques and spirit techniques.

Upon thinking about it, Tang Tian immediately realised that all the countless inferred variations flooded back into him like a gushing tide.

Tang Tian did not panic, once he confirmed a path, he never stepped back. When in Bing’s training, he had learned to tackle such problems. He did not care about the Black Iron Stones and sat down cross legged and started to create a mind map.

Fist techniques had countless of variations, and every variations had marks. Easy to difficult, small to big, Tang Tian chose the main variation mark out of the thousands of marks, and assimilated it into his fist technique.

The last time when Tang Tian was in the state of enlightenment, all of these thousands of variations appeared like flickering lights and shadows that flashed past his heart effortlessly. But currently, he was inferring them extremely slowly, and it became an extremely arduous process which was extremely hard.

Tang Tian’s physical strength was already low, after thinking extremely hard, he became even more tired, and unknowingly he once again fell asleep.

In the conference room, although it was late at night, but lights splendidly burned, the atmosphere was extremely tensed with the state of mutual hostility.

“Miss Ming Zhu, what about it?” Lu Ling Nan smiled, he was unscrupulously admiring Ming Zhu’s appearance, a look o

f lust flashing across his eyes. He had long heard of the beauties of the Xue Family, and they were truly living up to their name.

The other Lu family members all had arrogant expressions, their faces revealing disdainful expressions.

“Actually, following my Lu Family will be better than following the Qin Family.” Lu Ling Nan spoke with a glib tongue: “The Patriarch has already said that as long as the Xue Family realigns your allegiance, there will be preferential treatment. As the saying goes, under a big tree there will be plentiful shade, the Lu Family is such a big tree, we will be able to block the wind and rain for the Xue Family. All you need to do is feed your silkworms in peace, and any other matters, you will not need to care, how peaceful would that be.”

The ladies behind Ming Zhu all revealed awkward looks, they had never thought that the Lu Family would be thinking of swallowing the Xue Family as their own, and all of them looked towards Lu Ling Nan’s people angrily.

Ming Zhu’s expression turned cold and replied coldly: “The Lu Family is a big tree, but unfortunately it is something my Xue Family cannot enjoy. If the Lu Family wants to buy our products, it will be at market price, for anything else, I request that you keep it to yourself.”

“Haha, it is said that Miss Ming Zhu is naturally unyielding, to see it personally, it is indeed true.” the smile on Lu Ling Nan’s face remained, he spoke leisurely: “The reason why we are here to discuss with Miss Ming Zhu is because we respect Miss Ming Zhu. If not, with the strength of the Lu Family, if we wanted to take something, what can’t we take??”

Ming Zhu’s face finally changed, and she replied coldly: “Young Master Lu is overly pleased to the point of forgetting. We are in the Purple Cuckoo City, not the Galloping Horse City.”

The smile on Lu Ling Nan’s face became even wider, it was like a cat and mouse game, he lifted up his teacup and took a sip: “Yes, this is the Purple Cuckoo City, the Qin’s Family Purple Cuckoo City. But, did Miss Ming Zhu think about the fact that I came to the Xue Family residence but there is no one from the Qin Family here?

Ming Zhu’s body swayed slightly, her complexion turned pale. It was not only her, Xiao Yao who was behind her also had a change in expression. For a large family to enter the Purple Cuckoo City, the Qin Family would definitely be very cautious, but up till now, there were no Qin Family members that appeared.

“It seems like Miss Ming Zhu is unwilling to give up until you see a coffin.” Lu Ling Nan sighed, he then retrieved out a letter from his bosom, he flicked it, sending it flying to Ming Zhu: “Why not take a look at this first before speaking.”

MIng Zhu then saw the words “To Miss Ming Zhu” written on the paper, her entire body trembled, all the blood in her face disappeared, she was extremely familiar to the handwriting, it was by the Great General of the Qin Family, Zong Zheng Yan Mei, he handled the internal affairs of Qin Family, and frequently interacted with the Xue Family.

Ming Zhu opened the letter with trembling hands.

In the letter, Zong Zheng Yan Mei’s tone of writing was extremely warm, but it contained a trace of unquestionable loftiness, Zhong Zheng Yan Mei said, the Qin Family and Lu Family are the closest allies, and the alliance between both parties would impact the future of the Purple Cuckoo City and the Galloping Horse City. He implied that joining the Lu Family would allow the Xue Family to be able to improve, and hoped that the Xue Family would see the bigger picture and move to the Galloping Horse City, the gift of the Xue Family will be another reason for the alliance. And lastly, if the Xue Family met with any problems in the future, they could seek out the Qin Family, whom will help the best they could.

An indescribable despair spreaded in Ming Zhu’s heart, she had never thought that the Qin Family would give up on the Xue Family.

It was as though she could not stand properly, without the shelter of the Qin Family, the Xue Family had become an open wound, and countless of wolves would pounce on them, and devour them whole.

But after that, an unspeakable rage filled her heart. Although the Xue Family relied on the protection of the Qin Family, but they were not a vessel of the Qin Family, but Zhong Zheng Yan Mei treated them like one.

~They are just bullying us!~

Ming Zhu’s face was pale, but she raised her head, an unbending look flashed past her eyes, and she said: “The Xue Family has never been anybody’s vessel, the Xue Family’s future will be decided by me, and does not require anybody’s permission.”

The smile on Lu Ling Nan’s face disappeared, he frowned and put down his teacup. He then spoke expressionlessly: “It seems like Miss Ming Zhu is still hell bent on rejecting us. The Xue Family is truly not anybody’s vessel, but without a big tree, how long can the Xue Family last?”

A sneer formed on his mouth, he stood up: “We will come to visit in a few days, who knows if Miss Ming Zhu will change her decision?”

The group of people stood up and left.

All of the energy in her body disappeared, she plopped back into the chair as though she had lost all spirit.

After walking out of the Xue Residence, a subordinate of Lu Ling Nan asked: “Young Master, what do we do now?”

“They are truly overestimating themselves, we should let these oblivious women wake up.” An evil look flashed past Lu Ling Nan’s eyes, he said: “Without the protection of the Qin Family, how will there be the Xue Family? Furthermore, the Xue Family’s warehouse is frequently robbed from, the Xue Family does not have any means and are helpless against it, without any capability, they still wish to clash with us? Tie Xie, tonight go and take half of their Golden Steel Threads from their warehouse.”

Tie Xie was a skinny man who was roughly at the age of 40, and had a sinister expression.

Another subordinate asked: “Should we set them up on fire?”

“The Purple Cuckoo City has more than the Qin Family.” Lu Ling Nan shook his head: “If we overdo it, we will scare them, the aftermath will not be good.”

Hearing that, the few people nodded their heads.

Tie Xie did not say anything, and disappeared under the shadows of the night.

Tie Xie was like a shadow, quietly sneaking in the darkness, and quickly arriving at the outer walls of the Xue Residence. The bodyguards in the Xue Residence were huddled together and gossiping, and did not even sense a person sweeping past them. Tie Xie quickly found the location of the warehouse, and following the walls, he quietly advanced like a shadow.

The guards of the Xue Residence were truly incapable, they were weak and were at terrible standards. Tie Xie knew immediately that these incapable guards were purposely left by the Qin Family. The Qin Family did not have plans to pull the Xue Family out from the predicament, this showed how much the Xue Residence relied on them.

~Qin Family is not good to be depended on!~

Thinking about the unfathomable Qin Family, Tie Xie’s heart turned cold.

But, despite their reasons for doing so, Tie Xie felt it was advantageous for them. With such a terrible defensive perimeter, he completely skipped past them.

He arrived outside the warehouse.

The door was closed shut, he hugged himself on the wall, and was immediately shocked.

~Someone was snoring inside!~

The rhythmic snoring sounded out so loudly that he could hear it clearly from the other side of the wall.

A look of disdain flashed past Tie Xie’s eyes, ~The Xue Family truly has fallen.~ Seeing the bodyguards chit chatting, he already felt disgusted. But the guard protecting the warehouse dared to even sleep and snore, that was truly unprecedented.

He raised his head and saw a window, and became a shadow once more. Hugging onto the wall, he quietly wiggled upwards, and like a strange liquid, he went through the cracks of the window and infiltrated in.

Mountains of goods were piled up inside the warehouse, causing Tie Xie to feel the wealth of the Xue Family.

~What a big piece of meat!~

He finally understood why the Young Master had his eyes on the Xue Family. ~Luckily the Young Master only asked me to steal half of the Golden Steel Threads, with so many things, even if I were to pull a cart, I would need to do it a few times before completing the mission.~

The snoring was like thunder, the guard in the warehouse was sleeping soundly. It turned out to be a young man.

A look of disdain flashed past Tie Xie’s eyes, he quickly found the location of the Golden Steel Threads. It was easy moving them, as the Golden Steel Threads in the warehouse did not exceed 150kg. Tie Xie alone could easily take them away.

~But a pity, Young Master only asked me for half of it.~

He licked his lips, and extended his hands out to grab the Golden Steel Threads.

Suddenly, his arm was stuck in place, his entire body became as heavy as steel, and he could not move at all.

From nowhere, a burst of ice cold sword concept locked down on him, he could feel the sharp aura pressing down on his nape, he was overwhelmed with shock, terror–stricken!

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