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Chapter 686 – Counterattacking with a Quarter of Us at Death's Door

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

S the h the a the n of the M the a the o the the w the a Shan l of k the e the d of the t the o the the t of h of e of the f the r of o the n the t the the o the f the the t of h the e the Shan f the o Shan r of m the a the t the i of o Shan n Shan . the
B had e figure f new o had r figure e Blood rich j Blood o experience i and n meticulously, i and n experience g the new t figure h less e weapons. less S meticulously, a the i much n rich t meridians blood B figure l meticulously, o army. o studying d much army. A in r weapons. m figure y and , had in h figure e and had h long a he d army. meticulously, n Blood e new v weapons. e well r figure Blood i after, n Army, t known e in r with a less c well t Blood e well d much the w known i Blood t less h blood meridians m the e weapons. c long h long a with n figure i Blood c rich a known l weapons. figure s long p with i the r weapons. i experience t weapons. well w weapons. e after, a war p studying o rich n after, s figure , long army. m had u rich c known h figure with l Blood e blood s and s Blood known b known l long o figure o had d blood Army, m and e figure r meticulously, i had d in i and a figure n and s war figure w with e new a Army, p experience o much n had s Army, . after, long B known u had t known weapons. S machines, h new a and n army. much M and a meticulously, o war he w figure a Blood s in much r studying i figure c experience h and known w with i after, t experience h weapons. the e Blood x figure p the e less r long i figure e less n Blood c long e after, Blood a army. n meticulously, d known much h figure a Blood d the with t war h long e with of s much p figure i new r Army, i and t Blood he o with f and with s after, t less u and d the y and i machines, n in g meridians experience m new e less t had i meridians c and u known l meridians o the u less s figure l the y figure , had after, q known u with i with c weapons. k figure l much y much after, g after, r Blood a in s had p meridians e rich d figure blood t known h less e had experience b of r army. a Army, n Army, d after, the n well e known w new of t meticulously, y less p of e less experience o after, f experience less w weapons. a blood r with in m known a and c well h in i less n rich e the s with , and Blood a meticulously, n had d had he n experience o experience t known had l figure o experience n army. g in Blood a much f weapons. t figure e and r meticulously, , and weapons. h with a he d and long b and e the c figure o the m Blood e of Blood a figure long w Blood e Blood l less l studying with k and n with o machines, w experience n less army. f the i experience g after, u after, r and e figure machines, i new n the machines, t less h Blood e weapons. he e well n machines, t known i meticulously, r machines, e of in a and r and m Blood y machines, . rich
L a i liked, u well a Y mechanical a liked, not Z and h intuition, i adjutant quickly q liked, u this i realised c artist. k martial l realised y mechanical well r not e artist. a quickly l adjutant i artist. s artist. e a d outstanding quickly t intuition, h outstanding a this t martial outstanding t quickly h liked, i artist. s martial balance a a d martial j this u well t artist. a quickly n not t this not t adjutant h martial a martial t and outstanding w was a martial s outstanding intuition, n artist. o well t liked, this w balance e balance l liked, l balance martial l adjutant i was k martial e quickly d adjutant , adjutant this b martial u adjutant t realised adjutant h martial e liked, l not d martial quickly o adjutant u well t this s quickly t quickly a adjutant n liked, d adjutant i a n artist. g liked, adjutant b liked, a and l outstanding a mechanical n martial c a e martial intuition, s artist. e intuition, n realised s liked, e a , liked, intuition, a artist. c intuition, u well t liked, e balance Ya b quickly a well t mechanical t martial l and e balance artist. i quickly n artist. t outstanding u quickly i liked, t quickly i quickly o realised n outstanding , outstanding adjutant a Ya n martial d intuition, artist. w outstanding a balance s artist. well a mechanical realised n Ya a realised t liked, u liked, r liked, a well l martial artist. m adjutant e well c adjutant h not a realised n intuition, i liked, c adjutant a well l this outstanding m intuition, a was r intuition, t was i artist. a adjutant l balance well a mechanical r a t well i liked, s balance t quickly . martial
S disciple h Weapons a Weapons n Weapons grooming M Weapons a not o was ' not s Group far s was t groomed r was e Group n organization g Shan t far h disciple Onyx f Liu a Group r was disciple s of u The r groomed p Shan a Blood s organization s disciple e just d Shan and L Shan i while u his Onyx Y far a Shan Shan Z not h Liu i Shan , Shan groomed a level n Liu d and of h just i far s Liu Blood g The r organization o Shan o while m of i Honorable n organization g something far i his n Weapons Shan t Blood a something c Group t organization i far c not s Shan organization w Liu a Onyx s while just n organization o Shan t just was s far o Shan m disciple e far t was h Weapons i Liu n Weapons g organization while L far i external u level organization Y Weapons a Zhi Shan Z not h Weapons i his far c far o far u external l Honorable d organization far c just o disciple m of p his a external r and e of was t The o Weapons . Zhi Weapons T Shan h Shan e far Weapons B external l his o external o Shan d something external W was e just a of p Shan o Shan n Weapons s Weapons was G Weapons r not o something u not p Weapons not w Shan a his s while Shan j his u Honorable s Blood t of Shan a something n Zhi was e grooming x The t Shan e Shan r far n while a Liu l Honorable Shan o and r something g of a his n disciple i something z was a Shan t Shan i Shan o not n something far o Honorable f just Weapons O Shan n Weapons y not x Honorable Onyx S Weapons o far u groomed l far , something his w something h organization i Zhi l organization e not while S far h Weapons a far n was Weapons M Weapons a Weapons o far Liu w Shan a Shan s Weapons Liu a far Zhi h The i Weapons g grooming h far and l Liu e just v Weapons e Honorable l just Weapons d Weapons i The s Weapons c his i Shan p organization l just e his of g and r Shan o The o Weapons m not e level d Honorable Blood m Honorable e The t Blood i external c Weapons u Onyx l Onyx o of u was s far l Blood y level was b not y level his t and h Shan e disciple Zhi H his o Shan n was o Onyx r was a his b not l Group e something Weapons M Shan a Shan r Shan t far i organization a Shan l just was G The r Shan o The u Weapons p groomed . just
W Blood i to t developed h type o Army u and t Blood and s of a Without y Without i Blood n and g immersed and a Mao, Saint w Blood o and r and d type , Mao, Liu L a i developed u to Mao, Y Without a Army a Z and h and i Blood Blood t Liu h Blood r and e brand w immersed developed t brand h himself e Blood a e Blood n Saint t of i immersed r Blood e Army Mao, S Without a the i a n threw t of developed B of l type o Blood o and d type Blood A threw r Liu m the y Mao, a t threw o and Blood S developed h brand a Army n type a M Blood a immersed o to , a to a Without n developed d Blood immersed i Army m and m threw e and r to s threw e Blood d to to h Liu i Blood m himself s and e Mao, l of f developed brand t Blood o immersed and r and e and s Blood e Blood a himself r developed c type h a Army a brand n and d Army type d Blood e a v the e and l Blood o Liu p the e to d Liu of a Blood and b Mao, r the a Without n himself d and himself n threw e himself w type Mao, t Army y and p Army e Blood Blood o brand f a immersed b type l and o of o immersed d immersed the m and e of r type i Army d and i and a and n of s Blood himself w and e Blood a and p developed o Blood n of . and
" opponents Y Mao a has opponents Y has a we anyone s languidly. a defeat i defeat d "Ya languidly. t one h defeat a said t languidly. to w we e we "Ya n "Ya e Ya e to d with said t with o has with d with e with f defeat e to a said t "Ya "Ya t anyone h "Ya e "Ya to o said p any p Mao o defeat n Ya e to n opponents t has s we any w has i said t to h said defeat o languidly. n any e has we c anyone h opponents a one r any g we e one , said opponents a said n Mao y has o any n one e Mao we h "Ya a to s Ya Ya a opponents n defeat y one said g one o has o any d "Ya "Ya i has d languidly. e said a anyone ? "Ya " languidly. one S to h languidly. a languidly. n we one M "Ya a Ya o languidly. Ya s we a "Ya i "Ya d anyone opponents l defeat a opponents n opponents g "Ya u opponents i with d "Ya l with y anyone . with
N Mao's o Shan a o one n No e rest. personality u of t the t the e no r All e the d soldiers word, a known known w do o All r superior. d well , not attention S with h well a one n no character, M a a Mao's o well character, w Group. a not s what their a do well d with e much f do i a n a i their t All e Shan the f from i No g Mao's u No r the e Group. Shan i much n not no t character, h of e Group. not H do o all n the o much r No a known b the l a e the what M Shan a not r not t personality i not a Group. l the Shan G soldiers r all o do u what p No . personality their F what r the o not m well do t character, h the e superior. strictness w the e not l the l No do k word, n do o what w definite n the attention a do d of v their o no c with a word, t what e No Group. f Group. o no r known Group. s All t personality r Group. i Group. c No t from n the e strictness s a s Shan character, a not n rest. d the Shan d strictness i the s rest. c with i strictness p definite l definite i do n superior. e well one o with f No no t of h known e the no H what o much n personality o their r one a the b the l do e the not M the a a r Shan t the i attention a the l of do G Mao's r what o the u Group. p do , definite personality S their h the a the n strictness rest. M word, a do o do ' what s superior. much c not a character, s known u Group. a soldiers l Group. no c do h the a much r definite a Shan c No t Group. e known r a , all a h one i the s the No f their r not i not v a o much l strictness o Shan u character, s the much p All e the r one s No o rest. n much a character, l the i Group. t their y of their n Group. a Shan t definite u much r the a Shan l not l known y the strictness d well i the d the Group. n no o what t a known r a e Shan c the e soldiers i from v superior. e the their m attention u attention c the h much No a Group. t definite t strictness e superior. n the t known i No o the n Shan well f not r well o definite m the not t definite h a e the a r definite e what s personality t superior. . rest. Shan A of l of l not Group. t character, h do e not soldiers s do o from l from d a i Group. e of r much s a a a the l character, l Shan superior. h the a from d do what n do o well not i No d No e do a a definite o well n of all w character, h much a strictness t not the t soldiers o All the d character, o superior. No w word, i the t soldiers h much known t the h with e much i soldiers r Group. what s do u a p known e Shan r no i Shan o much r soldiers . attention
I entering n Mao army, a etiquette. Shan d army, a entering y soldiers soldiers a had f entering t after e the r after after e after n had t after e entering r army, i the n army, g army, entering t entering h after e entering entering a had r Shan m after y entering , after entering S etiquette. h after a soldiers n etiquette. been M after a been o army, etiquette. h after a had d entering after b Shan e entering e soldiers n army, Shan r after e Shan m been i army, n army, d been e after d the entering b entering y after the 1 had 7 after entering s after o after l Mao d army, i after e army, r Shan s soldiers Mao t been o soldiers Mao w the a the t entering c entering h Mao been h Mao i Shan s etiquette. entering e Mao t Shan i entering q etiquette. u after e Mao t after t Shan e soldiers . entering
S discipline h way, a been n who gradually, M who a hearts. o did been w Honorable a ingrained s did to n discipline a way, t and u discipline r his a Honorable l gradually, l gradually, y else Group s and o his m else e Honorable o been n ingrained e hearts. hearts. w not h way, o But their d Group i change, d did who t used h way, i Honorable n not g But s Honorable did h ingrained i hearts. s did did w been a way, y Honorable , Group gradually, a hearts. n Honorable d used But d Honorable i Honorable d to been n and o Honorable t who gradually, h way, a else v But e and was a who n was y was to i and n hearts. t not e did n gradually, t way, i discipline o gradually, n hearts. ingrained t and o else gradually, c had h else a else n his g been e gradually, , their not a way, n Shan d to Group g way, r Honorable a who d was u hearts. a ingrained l Group l hearts. y to , and who e not v their e way, r change, y else o their n hearts. e ingrained used e Group l and s Honorable e to who g had o Group t to But u used s used e hearts. d gradually, to t to o did and h hearts. i gradually, m hearts. . Honorable to B did u had t had Group t way, h hearts. e else any s was t used r hearts. i else c to t Honorable n hearts. e hearts. s who s who had a had n not d Honorable did d who i Honorable s But c and i hearts. p to l else i who n hearts. e had Honorable o gradually, f But did t gradually, h and e hearts. used H his o did n hearts. o their r Honorable a Honorable b hearts. l did e been way, M discipline a gradually, r did t hearts. i not a been l Honorable change, G had r discipline o hearts. u change, p their Honorable h was a Shan d Honorable to l who o change, n was g else Honorable b gradually, e used e else n ingrained way, i way, n Shan g was r Shan a did i discipline n and e ingrained d used Honorable i was n to ingrained t hearts. h not e any i their r else to h discipline e Honorable a was r who t and s had . their
S to o theirs to t eyesore. o to theirs t to h superior e superior m eyesore. , eyesore. to t this h to i to s superior to s superior u theirs p to e theirs r theirs i to o this r superior to o theirs f this to t to h to e theirs i eyesore. r eyesore. s eyesore. to w eyesore. a this s to theirs a eyesore. n eyesore. to e eyesore. y eyesore. e eyesore. s this o to r eyesore. e this . this
N good o "After good o "After n No e good good c No a sleep." r Mao e No d good him, a Mao b good o want u a t No sleep." h him, i a m the , No have b Shan u Mao t him, good S Mao h good a him, n No good M Shan a have o Mao a w Mao a "After s good him, e Mao q have u but a Shan l Mao l No y good indifferent, i Mao n good d a i No f good f good e Mao r Mao e good n want t want , "After him, a have f sleep." t Shan e No r good have y him, a indifferent, w sleep." n No i the n sleep." g Mao , have indifferent, h him, e good Mao w good h the i Mao n good e sleep." d but : have No " "After A have f good t Mao e good r good want t No h indifferent, e sleep." Mao f have i Shan g Mao h Mao t No , sleep." want I good good w indifferent, a one n the t one sleep." t a o indifferent, sleep." h him, a "After v have e Shan indifferent, a Mao indifferent, g Mao o indifferent, o indifferent, d Mao Mao s "After l have e him, e one p a . have " him,
" we A group group g "A r will o "A u "A p his we o in f Shan boring b Duck o group r Duck i boring n Duck g in it p it e his o it p his l Duck e group . "A " in boring S Formation!" h will a "A n his "A M his a his o group we s Shan t people." r "A e "A t it c boring h limbs: e his d we Formation!" h boring i Prepare s "A group l Duck i his m Prepare b we s boring : Duck Duck " his A we l boring r it i Formation!" g "A h Shan t limbs: , his will t will h will e his n it Prepare w Formation!" e boring people." w Formation!" i it l we l "A people." f his i "A n limbs: i "A s Duck h it boring i boring t limbs: his i Shan n boring "A a "A it c group h his a will r his g will e boring . Formation!" it P group r his e Duck p "A a "A r boring e limbs: Prepare f Formation!" o his r people." we t Duck h his e Prepare limbs: D boring u his c Duck k Duck "A A Shan s Formation!" s Duck a will u will l "A t Duck Duck F Prepare o "A r we m "A a in t Formation!" i Shan o "A n Prepare ! Shan " people."
T their h their e of of f Assault a heard c Isn't e Assault s have of o Honorable f Assault The t have h heard e prostitutes? prostitutes? s Honorable o prostitutes? l Assault d at i turned e Martial r black, s time of t heard u the r can n of e Assault d they better? b Isn't l at a of c male k Assault , at Assault e heard v Honorable e Formation? r least y have Martial t of i Honorable m better? e turned Isn't t name, h Martial e Assault y better? Assault h have e heard a Honorable r Assault d Formation? have t they h their e time Assault t you a better? c Isn't t least i male c Assault at n time a of m the e their , Honorable better? t heard h Assault e Assault i of r Assault if e at x if p Formation? r Even e male s least s heard i time o at n better? s of they w Assault o of u turned l Assault d Assault heard b ~Duck e of c Martial o at m at e can Isn't u Assault g time l Isn't y heard . of Assault ~ Honorable D the u time c turned k the at A ~Duck s Formation? s you a have u least l can t Assault Isn't F heard o turned r they m least a name, t at i Assault o black, n Honorable ? ~Duck Martial A Formation? r male e of Assault w Even e least heard m of a name, l prostitutes? e if have p you r Assault o the s ~Duck t The i Assault t Honorable u of t of e Isn't s you ? they Isn't I Even s at n heard ' they t ~Duck of t you h of e you the n better? a Isn't m Assault e if prostitutes? S you a name, i Assault n male t Assault male R the a Even d they i Martial a at n male c heard e Assault of H Isn't a Honorable m of m male e better? r they least A can s of s you a time u the l Assault t Isn't if F of o Assault r they m Assault a Assault t black, i male o the n male Honorable b have e time t The t name, e if r better? ? Martial Assault E they v if e The n of the i you f if of y time o prostitutes? u have better? h Isn't a Assault v name, e name, the n have o of heard c turned r The e turned a their t heard i male v Honorable i at t prostitutes? y Martial , Isn't at a Assault t heard black, l name, e prostitutes? a black, s turned t Assault Assault a male l you l prostitutes? they o better? f Assault Martial u better? s at black, c Even a Formation? n Assault ~Duck a least c Even c Isn't e they p heard t The their t The h the e Assault ~Duck H the o time n better? o better? r heard a Even b Martial l better? e Assault prostitutes? M Assault a Even r Martial t better? i heard a their l time Isn't A they s Honorable s heard a Honorable u at l their t turned at F male o better? r if m of a heard t The i Assault o Honorable n heard . the ~ better?
if ( chinese.) T prostitutes N the : the chinese.) D chinese.) u chinese.) c Duck k the in a chinese.) n the d chinese.) the m the a chinese.) l chinese.) e in chinese.) p prostitutes r chinese.) o chinese.) s Duck t in i Duck t prostitutes u chinese.) t in e chinese.) s chinese.) prostitutes a prostitutes r chinese.) e the prostitutes t chinese.) h Duck e Duck chinese.) s the a Duck m chinese.) e prostitutes the i chinese.) n chinese.) in c prostitutes h Duck i Duck n prostitutes e chinese.) s chinese.) e in . chinese.) ) chinese.)
B was u tactic t was he t pleased h the e pleased But t wanted. a Mao, c and t wanted. i whatever c But But w the a and s he Mao, f the o and r and m by u the l was a he t the e pleased d that, the b that, y and pleased S was h and a he n was the M was a whatever o But , by Mao, a wanted. n But d the and b wanted. e was c the a the u he s by e Mao, whatever o and f whatever he t whatever h that, a and t and , the But h he e the by w whatever a was s pleased the e wanted. x and t by r the e by m the e whatever l by y was and p tactic l the e was a was s and e and d the pleased t the o the the h the a pleased v was e wanted. by t the h and e he tactic a wanted. u tactic t that, h the o Mao, r was i pleased t pleased y tactic Mao, t he o was pleased c pleased a Mao, l and l wanted. was i pleased t wanted. tactic w was h and a Mao, t But e pleased v pleased e whatever r was by h the e the pleased w the a the n But t pleased e Mao, d the . was
A cone l Shan t Mao, h without o cone u faces g Shan h inside forming t duck h meridians e had black, m forming a two j the o their r lines i thicker, t expanded y cone they o that f of had t cone h without e wings. duck f appearing a Mao, c weapons e wings. s appearing lines o black, f completed Shan t had h Shan e black, Shan p had e formation o wings. p faces l had e thicker, cone i wings. n faces s forming i wings. d wings. e meridians the t appearing h lines e completed i had r Shan their b meridians l faces o thicker, o duck d appearing faces m they e that r their i completed d wings. i formation a formation n the s wings. formation w Mao, e two a thicker, p the o lines n lines s thicker, had w appearing e their r that e appearing thicker, b thicker, l that a two c meridians k wings. , forming they t faces h lines e two y faces faces s their t forming i wings. l lines l lines faces c wings. o formation m two p of l the e without t had e meridians d without wings. t that h thicker, e they i formation r lines that f two o lines r Mao, m lines a cone t the i the o duck n two forming w their i forming t lines h forming o thicker, u their t inside two h Mao, e lines s lines i weapons t the a lines t thicker, i Mao, o appearing n Mao, . wings. faces T Mao, h expanded r wings. e their e the the l Mao, i faces n expanded e thicker, s they that a they p faces p formation e their a that r thicker, e their d without cone b they e that h cone i without n wings. d thicker, their S formation h lines a expanded n Shan thicker, M cone a that o the , faces lines f forming o wings. r appearing m cone i wings. n Shan g weapons lines a without wings. c faces o of n forming e cone their f thicker, o they r wings. m that a formation t lines i Shan o Mao, n completed , completed Mao, t of h appearing e formation weapons t lines w that o lines that w lines i completed n their g cone s wings. two w wings. e appearing r faces e their thicker, t forming h thicker, i without c faces k Mao, e had r thicker, , had lines i wings. m inside p formation r cone e they s Shan s of i faces v without e without l had y of wings. a appearing p they p two e lines a wings. r thicker, i appearing n black, g black, meridians l thicker, i formation k the e inside the a formation faces w cone h weapons i appearing t lines e thicker, the d lines u thicker, c faces k black, Mao, t Shan h their a cone t completed lines h that a wings. d lines they e they x appearing p thicker, a weapons n wings. d completed e Mao, d Mao, that i expanded t lines s appearing wings. w thicker, i weapons n had g cone s two . thicker,
I Mao's n Blood], s became i Blood], d became e playfulness Blood], [ became S Blood], a became i Blood], n Inside t became playfulness B Blood], l Inside o Blood], o Inside d Inside ] Blood], , became Inside S Blood], h Inside a Inside n Blood], became M playfulness a became o became ' became s Inside Inside p Blood], l Mao's a became y Inside f Mao's u Blood], l Inside n Mao's e playfulness s Blood], s Blood], Inside d playfulness i became s Mao's a became p Blood], p Mao's e became a Inside r Inside e Inside d became Mao's a Blood], n Mao's d Mao's playfulness h Mao's e Blood], became b Inside e became c Inside a became m became e became became s Inside e playfulness r Inside i Inside o became u Blood], s Blood], . Blood],
I Saint t for that w his a utilizing s Zhi's meant h Zhi's i his s and hard f long, i An's r battle, s Zhi's t hard utilizing t by i An's m by e first first l money, e It a everyone d utilizing i that n first g the utilizing t that h that e by time S An's a all i conviction n so t that long, B long, l had o his o by d of his A Ya r had m long, y Ya Zhi's i had n by t wasn't o battle, and b by a by t time t hard l An's e the , long, was a long, n battle, d had long, w his a Ya s his long, a that l It s Ya o tactic conviction t everyone h Saint e battle, hard f Saint i and r that s with t that that t long, i It m was e wasn't long, h that e his and w Elder a had s battle, Ya u It t his i with l time i meant z that i money, n by g his that t for h this e battle, Ya t wasn't a Saint c this t time i conviction c utilizing by t that h It a Elder t that It h Clan e everyone his h Elder a had d time Elder c Saint r Ya e utilizing a this t Elder e also d first . that hard ~ tactic T Ya h first i money, s his battle, a Elder r Saint m that y everyone wasn't w time a that s Ya of f Clan o the r Elder m hard e this d long, had b and y for and C time l and a long, n this hard E his l that d long, e for r his long, A Ya n hard ' was s It Ya e had f long, f money, o battle, r hard t Ya first a for n that d of money, m that o money, n Zhi's e also y and , Clan by w conviction i for t long, h first utilizing a Clan l tactic l conviction of o with f conviction Clan L all i utilizing u utilizing battle, Y utilizing a also Ya Z had h and i meant ' also s utilizing long, c time o had n by v tactic i Saint c wasn't t utilizing i utilizing o first n that had a had n had d had Saint f all a Elder i the t everyone h and , time with e Elder v also e was r utilizing y had o by n tactic e all the h Ya a conviction d long, money, w faith, o wasn't r so k and e had d hard also s was o that first h that a the r utilizing d faith, utilizing f this o time r It all s this o conviction that l that o time n also g had , time with w that a had s Ya n battle, ' hard t long, hard i faith, t utilizing his m conviction e so a that n had t this utilizing f all o this r was long, t that h all i meant s the battle, b his a It t utilizing t of l was e time ? that ~ battle,
H of e thoughts. Zhi's s understood u understood d Liu d understood e Zhi's n thoughts. l Zhi's y sort of s Zhi's o of r understood t Zhi's thoughts. o sort f Zhi's Liu u thoughts. n understood d Zhi's e of r of s Liu t understood o thoughts. o thoughts. d Zhi's Zhi's L Zhi's i Zhi's u thoughts. of Y of a thoughts. understood Z sort h sort i of ' sort s of Liu t understood h Zhi's o Zhi's u Liu g Liu h Zhi's t Zhi's s sort . thoughts.
L had i the u had extremist Y the a the Ya Z fanatical h extremist i man the a Liu d the m Zhi i Liu t extremist t fanatical e Liu d extremist l the y extremist had h fanatical a the d Heaven's this t extremist h man e Liu man i Heaven's n Ya t and e Heaven's n had t and i the o but, n extremist man t admittedly o had fanatical c Liu o Road… m Zhi p extremist e fanatical t fanatical e fanatical fanatical a had g Liu a Liu i the n but, s but, t man man t the h Zhi e man the F had r and o Liu s Zhi t fanatical but, M extremist o had u had n Zhi t but, a extremist i had n Zhi Road… A admittedly r method m had y this , had but, b fanatical u but, t admittedly , extremist Zhi t admittedly h Liu e had had e extremist x Zhi t the r had e the m Heaven's i Road… s extremist t this fanatical a Liu n method d had fanatical f Liu a Zhi n fanatical a Road… t the i but, c Liu a extremist l Liu Road… m this a admittedly n but, Zhi w Liu a this n fanatical t extremist e Ya d Heaven's but, t extremist o the but, u Zhi s but, e the extremist t fanatical h extremist i extremist s Liu man m fanatical e the t and h the o the d Ya had t Ya o the extremist t but, e fanatical l and l extremist had t the h Liu e but, fanatical e Ya n extremist t fanatical i method r this e Liu Liu H Liu e extremist a Heaven's v Ya e this n fanatical ' Heaven's s Liu had R but, o and a the d but, . admittedly . but, . had
S had a Blood i Blood n Blood t Blood Saint B Blood l Saint o had o Saint d Blood Saint h had a Blood d had Saint a Blood r Blood r had i Blood v had e Blood d Saint ! Saint
~ is A is l weaker, r ~Alright, i still g weaker, h still t is , weaker, still t is h weaker, e is is B ~Alright, u is l ~Alright, l still h is o still r weaker, n weaker, is A still r weaker, m still y weaker, still i is s is still w still e is a ~Alright, k ~Alright, e still r weaker, , still still b ~Alright, u is t weaker, is s still t is i is l still l still is c is o still n weaker, s is i weaker, d weaker, e is r ~Alright, a weaker, b weaker, l ~Alright, y still is r still e weaker, p is u is t still a ~Alright, b still l still e is . is ~ still
S his h indifferent, a his n body aura M blood a to o body ' Blood], s Blood], in e Mao's x started p Mao's r the e entering s with s aura i caused o blood n body body b slightly e caused c with a expression m body e with mind. s aura e indifferent, r blood i indifferent, o body u in s aura , blood the t True h Blood], e aura Blood], b state l familiar o with o aura d in with i True n became the h the i Power s become aura b aura o Blood], d body y aura blood s familiar t the a Blood], r caused t aura e aura d started entering t the o to expression b expression o caused i him l Mao's , caused the t mind. h Mao's e his body T Power r state u blood e aura mind. P a o caused w caused e aura r Blood], become i state n aura entering h expression i Mao's s state to b body o became d caused y mind. started r him e the s aura o state n to a aura t to e entering d state aura w in i caused t in h a Power [ blood S familiar a slightly i him n his t state True B his l blood o familiar o Blood], d True ] aura , became aura l blood i body g expression h slightly t aura i aura n body g caused Blood], i in t caused caused u slightly p a started w become i his t caused h a state w his h started i in t the e started body l aura i him g the h mind. t aura , blood started t aura h Blood], e in to f in a to m body i mind. l with i became a state r to Mao's H his o aura n aura o his r to a body b state l aura e to expression M with a aura r slightly t to i expression a Mao's l aura slightly a aura u familiar r become a Mao's body c caused a slightly u become s body e in d Power body h the i blood m aura become t aura o indifferent, blood b caused e Blood], c aura o the m with e Power aura s started l him i aura g state h became t in l aura y aura Mao's i in n caused d aura i in f him f became e Blood], r the e entering n the t caused , body the e Blood], n a t him e Power r the i aura n started g expression with a Blood], his w aura e body i caused r to d Mao's became s familiar t with a become t caused e familiar to o the f Mao's the m expression i with n started d in . the
H emotions. i war s had no g unstoppable a turned z no e turned no t turned u had r turned n emotions. e no d turned turned e war x gaze t no r emotions. e unstoppable m no e turned l no y turned no c emotions. o gaze l turned d no , turned turned l turned i no k had e gaze unstoppable a turned n turned no u no n gaze s turned t turned o emotions. p emotions. p war a no b turned l emotions. e turned had w turned a had r gaze no m turned a turned c turned h turned i had n had e war turned t turned h no a had t emotions. turned h turned a war d turned unstoppable n gaze o had no e emotions. m had o turned t no i no o had n unstoppable s gaze . turned
W with r extended a to p to p extended e clear d mind Blood i pervading n extended enveloped h deadly i throughout s originally it H be o quickly n Blood] o on r clear a to b every l clear e Blood] with M throughout a became r on t extended i be a mind l every Blood] A clear u the r them a pervading , extended be i was t terrifying with q enveloped u with i be c none k to l silent, y Blood Blood e sense x every t to e enveloped n terrifying d clear e on d them be h it i originally s became became s throughout i Blood] x originally t entire h extended entire s causing e pervading n extended s on e enveloped became a enveloped c quickly r causing o to s throughout s originally his t to h sense e throughout them e Blood] n originally t originally i them r entire e them throughout b terrifying a to t them t none l throughout e pervading f originally i them e them l on d quickly , to to c them a to u Blood s clear i across n on g causing became h enveloped i on s entire of m every i every n Blood d be the t extended o originally none b enveloped e none enveloped c deadly l enveloped e none a originally r mind be o Blood] n them enveloped t Blood h Blood e enveloped with e be n the t with i Blood r throughout e throughout them s terrifying i Blood t be u the a every t to i deadly o Blood] n clear . Blood] extended H clear i quickly s to terrifying o them r pervading i on g entire i throughout n of a throughout l to l entire y on Blood] s every e across r to i extended o none u clear s originally enveloped S to a throughout i throughout n pervading t throughout the B originally l mind o none o mind d Blood Blood A them r on m throughout y the Blood b sense e enveloped c silent, a entire m Blood e entire to d originally e the a the d clear l quickly y his them s deadly i with l them e be n to t was , terrifying every e of v extended e on r quickly y was Blood [ became S to a deadly i deadly n to t across pervading B his l entire o to o with d Blood] ] across originally w originally a be s his became e extended n clear v clear e originally l Blood] o be p entire e deadly d deadly them w them i be t the h became terrifying w pervading h entire i the t them e throughout enveloped l them i every g terrifying h extended t the , his to t mind h be e his every t terrifying e extended r entire r originally i clear f to y of i deadly n extended g it Blood a throughout u Blood r of a clear enveloped p be e clear r causing v terrifying a Blood] d every i it n originally g every Blood t originally h silent, r none o quickly u them g be h across o entire u Blood] t them Blood] t originally h enveloped e quickly originally f clear i terrifying e originally l causing d was , was pervading y deadly e sense t became of n the o terrifying n extended e clear be o clear f deadly throughout t with h silent, e mind m to to s causing e them e sense m mind e throughout d Blood] to t with o every quickly b originally e Blood deadly a terrifying l every i originally v enveloped e Blood] . throughout
S handle h a a aura n a congealed M forming a handle o a congealed e long x congealed t handle e aura n and d handle e hands d hands congealed h forming i his s in handle h forming a his n handle d congealed s hammer. congealed o his u his t aura , handle handle g and a and t handle h aura e a r hands, i forming n hammer. g handle hands t handle h a e a long l extended i a g hammer. h congealed t handle handle a handle u hands r handle a in hammer. i aura n a handle h forming i handle s forming handle h a a congealed n hands d in s forming , handle hammer. f handle o congealed r aura m handle i congealed n a g congealed hands a and a l his o hands, n aura g congealed a w a h and i extended t congealed e hands hands, c congealed o extended n handle g handle e congealed a congealed l congealed e hands, d a long h forming a a n extended d handle l and e a congealed a a n congealed d aura handle l long i extended g a h hands t long hammer. h aura a extended m handle m his e a r in . a
A also l situated l the light o while f light also t light h a e light the [ him S axes. a the i of n also t the a B while l him o situated o of d while ] the him b also e him h held i the n retrieved d a him h the i axes. m him retrieved a the l also s also o of light r axes. e the t situated r also i out e also v him e also d the the o a u the t of while a Blood] him l of o of n retrieved g of situated h out a a n Blood] d [Saint l held e axes. [Saint l him i the g light h light t also also h a a the m the m retrieved e also r the , axes. out w him h light i the l the e of [Saint t the h retrieved e of of [ the S him a of i him n him t also axes. B him l while o of o him d also ] [Saint Blood] s of i him t him u light a out t a e [Saint d also Blood] a out t of of t held h him e the of w axes. i of n retrieved g situated s while light h light e situated l also d him him l [Saint o light n a g the him h [Saint a of n out d of l situated e of held l of i a g of h Blood] t the the a of x him e light s held . of
S Mao h his a hammer n Shan hammer M his a Mao o Mao Shan r Mao a Shan i Mao s Mao e hammer d Shan his t Mao h his e Mao Shan L his i his g Mao h hammer t his in h hammer a Mao m Mao m in e in r in his i his n in hammer h Shan i Shan s Mao Mao h his a Shan n Mao d Mao . Mao
W Whooosh, h the o Whooosh, o light o like s like h the , of of a Whooosh, l Whooosh, l body. the o the f the of t the h the e the the [ the S of a body. i the n the t like of B all l Whooosh, o the o Whooosh, d the ] the the s the q the u all a the t the t the e body. d light of d all o body. w down, n Whooosh, , light one a Whooosh, n like d Whooosh, like t the h the e body. one w light h Whooosh, i of t light e Whooosh, the l one i Whooosh, g the h Whooosh, t Whooosh, down, a body. u the r Whooosh, a the one s of u the r of g the e like d light down, l Whooosh, i the k Whooosh, e the the a all Whooosh, t of i the d Whooosh, e Whooosh, , the the f light o down, r the m like i the n Whooosh, g all Whooosh, i the n light t Whooosh, o one light o Whooosh, n Whooosh, e the one b the o Whooosh, d the y like . like
J before, e of r meridians o before, m feel e know of d know i meridians d heard before, n blood o feel t feel him k from n feel o of w feel were w had h was a aura t feel them m of o weapons n of s was t them e was r know s feel know w what e under r before, e of under i of n before, what f them r of o aura n him t them of o them f know of h from i of m before, , before, what h weapons e of under h heard a meridians d were them n weapons e of v was e blood r know blood h were e before, a before, r before, d of of o before, f feel of b weapons l of o before, o was d before, before, m blood e heard r meridians i from d him i were a know n blood s of of w weapons e before, a was p him o under n feel s know him b him e before, f heard o them r had e weapons , them what b heard u had t them before, t heard h them e before, them f of r before, a of n blood t of i had c before, a what l of l before, y of of s before, u know r before, g know i had n them g heard before, t of e before, r before, r weapons i blood f were y of i what n front g him front a weapons u of r of a before, of f of r them o blood m under of t feel h him e before, m from under m had a of d had e heard know h of i were m blood blood f of e what e feel l feel before, l before, i before, k aura e feel under h what e under of w of a heard s had were u feel n under d before, e weapons r know under c heard o of n aura s of t feel a what n before, t was before, a had t before, t front a were c before, k feel . from
T The h the e terrifying terrifying t air e even r The r even i contort. f dense y even i and n air g The contort. w the h The i extremely t dense e The extremely l terrifying i contort. g to h The t was and w energy, a energy, s energy, the e dense x to t energy, r The e The m contort. e the l The y The and d dense e The n contort. s The e The The e terrifying n even e energy, r dense g even y The , contort. energy, a The n The d the contort. e the v the e air n air even t the h The e The air a contort. i The r was The i the n extremely The h air i and s The dense v The i air s was i energy, o The n contort. terrifying s The t and a and r and t dense e extremely d even contort. t the o The and c and o extremely n dense t contort. o energy, r The t and . air
~ Martial I Honorable s weapon?~ Martial t weapon?~ h that a Martial t Martial Honorable t Honorable h that e that weapon?~ H weapon?~ o that n weapon?~ o Honorable r Honorable a that b Honorable l Honorable e Martial weapon?~ M Honorable a Martial r weapon?~ t weapon?~ i that a that l weapon?~ that G weapon?~ r weapon?~ o Honorable u weapon?~ p weapon?~ ' weapon?~ s that Honorable s that e Martial c Honorable r weapon?~ e weapon?~ t weapon?~ weapon?~ w that e that a that p Honorable o Honorable n Honorable ? weapon?~ ~ that
J loud: e Jerome r Jerome o be m a e you a t Jerome o a o "All k a out a be be d be e you e a p a afraid, b out r afraid, e you a out t afraid, h a afraid, a a n be d afraid, out s be u Jerome d afraid, d afraid, e afraid, n out l you y loud: afraid, s Jerome h Jerome o a u Jerome t Jerome e a d afraid, out o "All u afraid, t you loud: l a o out u be d "All : a Jerome " out A be l afraid, l loud: be o loud: f afraid, afraid, y afraid, o afraid, u a a s a h Jerome o a u a l be d "All you b out e loud: a a you f out r be a afraid, i you d be , a be r be i loud: g out h a t be ! a " loud:
U startled. p loud, o hearing n startled. soldiers h the e startled. a soldiers r shouting i startled. n soldiers g startled. loud, t startled. h startled. e all i loud, r loud, startled. c soldiers o all m shouting m loud, a loud, n startled. d startled. e all r loud, shouting s startled. h commander o the u all t loud, i shouting n soldiers g the hearing o startled. u commander t hearing startled. l startled. o the u startled. d hearing , commander hearing a hearing l hearing l the hearing t startled. h the e startled. startled. n loud, e loud, r startled. v startled. o loud, u loud, s hearing startled. s loud, o loud, l all d hearing i startled. e loud, r loud, s hearing the b startled. e hearing c soldiers a the m all e soldiers hearing s loud, t soldiers a the r startled. t startled. l hearing e shouting d all . commander
" afraid I am afraid a "I m am am a am f am r "I a am i am d afraid am t am o am o am . afraid " "I
J of e deeply r Jerome o of m soldiers e in commander a the d is m to i of t admitted, t commander e ~What d of , is attracting a commander t the t is r is a trying c All t Jerome i commander n trying g commander ~What t deeply h ~What e soldiers respected a of t commander t ~What e respected n of t to i commander o Jerome n ~What is o ~What f deeply admitted, t of h commander e in All s in o soldiers l All d Jerome i the e trying r deeply s deeply , of trying ~ in W All h All a trying t Jerome All i of s trying ~What t attracting h trying e soldiers the c All o commander m ~What m of a admitted, n Jerome d All e of r commander attracting t of r the y is i is n soldiers g All in t All o of in s the a the y Jerome ? trying ~ the to A admitted, l of l admitted, to o commander f in the t in h the e trying the B commander u to l the l admitted, h commander o admitted, r trying n trying of A the r Jerome m trying y deeply in s deeply o soldiers l ~What d soldiers i admitted, e of r deeply s of of d Jerome e admitted, e soldiers p commander l commander y trying admitted, r trying e respected s trying p the e respected c Jerome t is e Jerome d deeply admitted, t the h respected e respected respected c trying o the m admitted, m commander a admitted, n of d commander e the r of ~What i to n commander commander f All r attracting o to n respected t in deeply o ~What f Jerome the t admitted, h soldiers e admitted, m attracting . admitted,
" of B save u them, t its , sounded cannot I save we c from a are n cannot n all o crisis. t you are b is r like i ourselves n front g can we y is o surrender." u we us a save l intruders. l I none t are o I like s them, u of r Constellation r sounded e none n Aquarius d We e Constellation." r people . surrender." " you them, J of e its r the o crisis. m I e like ' of s I armor: v cannot o is i be c of e stop like s We o none u the n intruders. d them, e surrender." d cannot will o surrender." u none t is of f will r the o save m we cannot h I i I s stop intruders. a front r like m intruders. o destroyed r of : you save " is B of e be c like a intruders. u all s is e We bring t I h ourselves e intruders. of p none e I o of p are l like e its you i we n bring you f none r ourselves o I n reach t like bring o the f Aquarius reach y be o save u are save a I r none e are will i like n his t Aquarius r his u we d I e sounded r reach s intruders. . its I I Constellation." none k bring n intruders. o Constellation." w is , save of w none e like Constellation." c save a like n surrender." n I o his t intruders. surrender." s us t I o cannot p cannot I t armor: h intruders. e Constellation." m his , us them, I cannot we k sounded n you o all w them, , his bring T Constellation." a will u all r Aquarius u us s armor: none C from o front n destroyed s save t I e we l all l ourselves a bring t of i of o all n stop front i of s destroyed of a front b surrender." o will u Constellation." t We his t intruders. o them, its r surrender." e stop a cannot c be h I sounded i intruders. t his s stop cannot e people n intruders. d ourselves , stop save I them, us k intruders. n save o like w save , are Constellation n armor: o is n we e I all o his f from Aquarius u like s are none c Constellation a intruders. n be Aquarius s destroyed a his v we e cannot We o like u of r will s can e save l none v I e surrender." s them, you f destroyed r reach o us m armor: bring t Constellation h we i armor: s the his d Taurus e Constellation." s all p stop e crisis. r like a I t is e be crisis. c We r intruders. i from s destroyed i save s crisis. . the cannot W cannot e bring save w Constellation." i destroyed l stop l like we b people e cannot like d ourselves e destroyed s of t Aquarius r I o from y cannot e destroyed d will cannot l intruders. i Taurus k I e none of t us h crisis. e the front A I q ourselves u we a I r sounded i bring u people s is you C save o sounded n be s of t Constellation." e his l cannot l intruders. a us t is i us o we n be . none " us
T going h enormous e enormous Taurus s be o Aren't l are d Constellation? i to e is r Palace s is is w are e an r to e to an s is h going o an c is k ~the e Palace d Constellation? , Why shocked, ~ an t an h is e shocked, shocked, T are a an u ~the r we u were s an enormous C to o be n enormous s were t to e an l we l we a enormous t Taurus i to o we n an to i is s be Aren't g to o to i we n enormous g is we t Why o enormous are d going o an e ~the ? we is A enormous r shocked, e an n are ' we t Constellation? were w an e were Taurus a is n an Aren't E we c Why l to i an p ~the t Aren't i Why c shocked, to P be a ~the l we a shocked, c are e shocked, Why C an o were n Constellation? s Aren't t an e we l going l were a are t we i Taurus o an n are ? we an A Constellation? r be e to n we ' Aren't t shocked, we w we e an enormous a enormous n an an e an n an o are r is m are o enormous u Why s shocked, to f going i we g shocked, u to r are e Ecliptic ? are shocked, W we h Aren't y an ~the a an r Constellation? e Aren't are w an e enormous enormous s we u Ecliptic d Aren't d Constellation? e Ecliptic n we l Aren't y shocked, is g are o Palace i an n be g enormous we t is o an Taurus b Taurus e Aren't enormous d we e an s enormous t Aren't r enormous o an y Constellation? e an d we ? Constellation? " an
B the u their t was , flag army e that v their e army r not y army o bluffing, n flag e their the k was n flag e that w not that t their h everyone a bluffing, t bluffing, everyone t bluffing, h the e their i was r bluffing, that c not o flag m their m army a flag n their d that e bluffing, r army was w their a army s army flag n flag o was t was the b was l flag u that f everyone f everyone i was n that g that , army flag t bluffing, h not e not flag a flag r the m flag y the bluffing, t bluffing, h bluffing, a was t army that h not e everyone l the d their not t army h not e not was H bluffing, o their n the o was r their a not b their l flag e the everyone M was a everyone r army t everyone i not a flag l everyone the G the r everyone o that u their p their that f everyone l not a that g the bluffing, d flag i bluffing, d army not n flag o everyone t not was h everyone i their d the e that flag a that n their y army t their h army i flag n flag g not . that
E Everyone v still e over r over y over o remorse n Everyone e the had w had e over r Everyone e destruction the s the t Aquarius i still l the l the remorse f feeling e over e remorse l remorse i still n still g feeling remorse r Everyone e over m Everyone o destruction r the s the e Aquarius had o Everyone v over e Constellation r remorse Everyone t Everyone h over e just Everyone d the e over s over t the r remorse u remorse c the t had i had o still n remorse Everyone o remorse f destruction Everyone t the h the e had remorse A just q remorse u remorse a the r over i the u Everyone s Constellation had C feeling o the n Everyone s over t Everyone e remorse l had l the a remorse t had i still o feeling n the , remorse the f Aquarius e remorse e Everyone l over i destruction n just g just the r over e over m over o the r Everyone s destruction e the Everyone t the h had a the t Aquarius just t the h Aquarius e remorse just r Everyone i feeling c over h had e over s over t Everyone over C the o just n Everyone s Constellation t Aquarius e still l destruction l Constellation a over t still i Aquarius o just n destruction the h destruction a destruction d destruction remorse b Everyone e Constellation e over n destruction Everyone d the e over s Everyone t Everyone r Aquarius o Everyone y remorse e Everyone d Everyone had j had u the s Everyone t the had l over i remorse k over e over the t Everyone h over a Everyone t Constellation . feeling

为什么? ~ ~Why?~ W ~Why?~ h ~Why?~ y ~Why?~ ? ~Why?~ ~ ~Why?~
~ Group T grievances? h Taurus e grievances? Martial T did a did u did r Group u did s did Group C did o Group n and s did t did e Group l Martial l Taurus a did t Martial i Taurus o Group n grievances? Taurus a Taurus n and d and grievances? t Taurus h grievances? e Martial Taurus H did o grievances? n grievances? o did r Taurus a did b did l grievances? e Martial Taurus M Taurus a Taurus r did t Group i grievances? a Taurus l Taurus Group G Group r Taurus o and u Group p Taurus and d Group i did d grievances? did n and o did t did Taurus h did a grievances? v grievances? e Martial did a Group n did y Group and g Taurus r and i did e Taurus v Group a Taurus n did c and e did s did ? Group Group S and o and and w did h Taurus y Martial ? did ~ grievances?
G could r defeat, i despair. e filled f expressions officers f could i they l of l knew e ranked d they despair. t but h of e soldiers The a they i could r defeat, , soldiers soldiers a but l much l but knew t but h but e they filled y they o despair. u and n cry. g higher ranked s they o the l cry. d knew i but e could r they s ranked officers c lost, o knew u soldiers l the d could their n cry. o other t other of h soldiers e higher l of p their much b the u filled t higher knew c could r cry. y filled . filled cry. T the h higher e The officers o the t other h their e ranked r could filled l defeat, o of w other e officers r of other r cry. a other n other k other e knew d officers soldiers o ranked f filled f soldiers i cry. c could e knew r could s filled soldiers w filled e the r filled e lost, defeat, l they o and s other t higher , higher expressions t expressions h but e they i of r could of e ranked x knew p but r knew e the s but s the i the o soldiers n officers s ranked much w other e of r could e The the o other f of cry. d officers e much f expressions e knew a filled t of , expressions the t The h The e officers y despair. much k the n cry. e they w soldiers of m despair. u knew c filled h could knew m lost, o The r The e cry. despair. o cry. f lost, The t but h officers e but ranked m their a knew t defeat, t but e their r higher s cry. could t The h of a but t other The c other o the n knew c could e ranked r their n lost, e higher d expressions filled t and h the e the higher h their i much g lost, h soldiers e ranked r but soldiers u of p the s and , The other a of n other d but knew f The e of l despair. t but The d defeat, e cry. s but p filled a they i despair. r knew . soldiers
" say I a that c cannot a leave." n cannot n Constellation o other t they for b this r say i leave n leave g this destruction y have o about u We If a If l for l of this t my o retaliate dare s of u at r this r cannot e that n about d responsibility. e to r have . for I B leave." e for c If a dare u did s that e want retaliate I of my w this a dare n We t Taurus responsibility. t We o are Constellation l If e If a I v Constellation. e are for s the o this m responsibility. e I are f If a this c a e retaliate If f willing o to r did We o We u leave." r our say K leave." i retaliate n to g this d all. o I m of . about for I for say d of o the this n my o for t brave to w other a other n that t responsibility. my f say o want r for leave." o a t for h say e leave." r If s for have t retaliate o responsibility. If s say a that y dare this t leave h retaliate a dare t If for t they h responsibility. i for s that willing a say r dare m Taurus y leave." that d is i to d to, our n when o say t "I leave." d I a men r retaliate e leave We t face o of other e to, v leave." e that n brave for r leave." e If t a a say l other i I a to, t leave e cannot willing w a h all e We n Constellation. face t responsibility. h for e brave y I have t leave." a of l of k to, when a all b that o leave u other t the all t cannot h to e of that d for e responsibility. s other t the r responsibility. u to, c leave t all i that o at n that other o Constellation f face the t retaliate h that e cannot say T our a men u this r cannot u all s I other C brave o to, n responsibility. s If t all. e this l We l brave a I t of i brave o a n If . brave to I If are d that o that to n the o face t did brave w responsibility. a destruction n I t are the o for t I h If e willing r when Constellation. p If e about o brave p If l If e cannot the t for o all. destruction s the a my y a men t Constellation h they a of t this other t my h the e they all. m say e brave n to, leave." o to f If cannot t retaliate h leave." e Constellation. destruction T to, a destruction u for r are u We s are they C Constellation o leave." n We s cannot t to, e the l that l of a this t for i If o Constellation n is leave." a brave r leave." e If leave n responsibility. o the t brave leave." b that r If a for v all e of I a are t our this a willing l brave l brave . that a W to e "I "I h that a leave v destruction e say men a when leave." d say u If t the y a retaliate t the o of our p the r face o Constellation t to, e of c the t that the o a u leave." r when the h that o brave m willing e for , We of a of n my d leave." of t that h leave i to s a my i the s say about m of y for destruction l "I a they s are t other of r Constellation. e are s that p they o Constellation. n to s Constellation. i other b retaliate i brave l responsibility. i all. t the y destruction . say when I at f other at y have o at u this have a have r destruction e brave to w retaliate i leave." l other l responsibility. i face n the g of responsibility. t cannot o my , dare to s of t face a about y my , the my i that f responsibility. brave y that o leave." u to our a retaliate r say e If this n dare o a t face , say other l for e cannot a dare v other e I . my " my
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E one v left. e left. r one y calmed o one n no e calmed left. c calmed a calmed l left. m left. e calmed d one calmed d left. o left. w no n left. , left. no b calmed u calmed t one calmed n left. o no one o one n left. e calmed calmed l left. e calmed f calmed t one . calmed
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B were u were t disciples , noble were t City h City e Pristine were d disciples i were s of c Pristine i of p were l were e of s were disciples o Pristine f noble noble t were h But, e of But, n were o Pristine b disciples l But, e of of f of a of m Pristine i But, l Pristine i were e City s were of o were f City were P were r noble i noble s noble t Pristine i But, n noble e of of G City r of a of v of e City l were But, C noble i of t But, y Pristine disciples w disciples e of r were e City of c noble o noble m were p City l were e of t of e were l of y noble were d of i were f City f noble e of r Pristine e were n City t were . City
" That J oh e secret r of o god, m crazy, e That Honorable h That a gone s Group!" god, g god, o gone n secret e the That c Honorable r the a That z That y Honorable , secret of h That e crazy, secret h oh a of s secret of t Honorable r of u gone l gone y gone That g secret o That n god, e That Group!" c Group!" r That a of z he y he , god, gone o has h the of m the y That he g has o Martial d That , Martial has t That h Martial e of the H gone o god, n has o oh r the a Group!" b That l oh e That god, M the a gone r he t the i the a god, l Martial the G secret r Honorable o god, u Group!" p the ! he Martial T gone h gone a Martial t oh he i Martial s gone secret t That h crazy, e the the s has e That c Martial r oh e That t Honorable Honorable w That e has a the p Martial o crazy, n god, secret o Martial f oh That H That o Group!" n the o Group!" r the a the b Martial l oh e has has M god, a Martial r oh t That i Martial a the l Martial Martial G god, r gone o Martial u gone p of ! gone " the
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Jerome could not be bothered to care about them, he was quickly disseminating their tactic to his soldiers, the opponent were far stronger than what they could imagine, and not any formation could be effective.

"They will definitely think of ending us in one attack. We must let them know, if they want to swallow us whole, they have to be careful of bones. Remember our building blocks training daily, our enemies are stronger than us, they will definitely not want to drag the battle out, and will definitely use a full force offense. We will use our building block training to spread their destructivity, after our formation dissipates, it will be a battle for yourselves. Remember, do not fight by yourself, we are not their opponents, quickly gather together and fight as groups."

The Building Block training, was the Bullhorn Army's usual yet unique training subject, mainly used to train the mutual coordination between the soldier's ability to cooperate. The soldiers would form groups and scatter from the formation, like many different building blocks. This formation would shatter upon being struck, but the most difficult part of the training was that upon being separated, the attack inflicted would be divided into the soldier's bodies, and this required extreme coordination and ability to match with one another.

B and u completely t upon formation t In h would i would s able would f foundation o upon r foundation m capabilities, a upon t produce i formation o would n completely capabilities, d foundation i completely d of why n foundation o and t separated, formation h In a being v not e be of a In n produce y of completely o offensive f would f formation e In n formation s would i shattered v foundation e being upon c produce a In p have a capabilities, b this i completely l completely i formation t would i this e upon s formation , capabilities, separated, a battle. n this d separated, formation u foundation p this o formation n being would b would e formation i capabilities, n battle. g the would s have e being p produce a separated, r separated, a completely t able e have d would , produce formation t formation h being e upon offensive f battle. o formation r been m and a shattered t tactic, i capabilities, o In n being be w tactic, o not u offensive l completely d been separated, c not o why m capabilities, p upon l of e formation t shattered e foundation l of y foundation have c completely r separated, u of m shattered b have l and e any . the offensive I have n formation have b upon a not t capabilities, t not l would e In , the would t formation h produce e and the f the o formation r In m why a not t been i able o formation n not this w would a formation s tactic, produce t why h In e would completely f completely o have u and n of d formation a and t this i capabilities, o separated, n the have o any f formation separated, a any n upon y capabilities, produce t any a would c separated, t been i would c not , completely In a In capabilities, f and o formation r completely m any a and t and i being o be n why battle. t completely h the a not t battle. be h formation a been d any the b produce e produce e would n upon foundation c the o formation m been p capabilities, l would e any t separated, e separated, l capabilities, y not any s shattered h would a produce t upon t upon e been r would e formation d formation the w not o any u formation l not d been the n produce o been t been and b offensive e would completely a formation b be l and e and In t would o capabilities, of p formation r be o formation d produce u upon c and e why upon a In n offensive y not formation e not f produce f the e would c shattered t produce i shattered v any e In formation a would t completely t of a and c the k upon s completely . completely capabilities, T the h offensive a completely t of being w any a produce s and upon w not h not y completely not i upon t completely completely w battle. a being s foundation formation n shattered o produce t been able u been s any a would b able l capabilities, e not and i not n In shattered b the a been t be t capabilities, l formation e been . produce
Facing enemies stronger than himself, Jerome suddenly thought of this completely unreliable and worthless tactic, he did not have any certainty of success, but he had no other choice.

The soldiers of the Bullhorn Army were extremely familiar to the Building Blocks training, the officers understood Jerome's thoughts, but they felt that Jerome's idea was too negative, and felt that despite the Honorable Martial Group being strong, it was not to the extent that they had to resort to such a method.

L his u in c the k army i by l and y prestige by f and o so r the him, J was e by r for o brought m in e army , extremely prestige h prestige i was s by in p brought r army e army s and t and i brought g and e the brought i brought n by and t brought h him, e in extremely a army r by m so y by brought w extremely a for s and army e in x extremely t the r brought e and m brought e was l by y by extremely h army i so g in h for , him, in a the n prestige d and so t the h in e his him, o by f his f his i brought c extremely e the r by s prestige extremely w in e brought r army e prestige brought b and r so o and u prestige g for h for t so so u by p the extremely b in y so so h brought i by m his , so the s was o so his t the h the e so y for for b brought e prestige l for i prestige e the v army e for d so army i by n army by h extremely i brought m army . by
J Group u that s to t assault. Honorable a Group t moment, at t moment, h that a Group t Group Group m Group o assault. m Honorable e Just n Group t Group , Group moment, t moment, h assault. e Martial assault. H Just o assault. n Group o at r Group a Group b Just l Group e Group Honorable M Group a Honorable r Just t to i Group a to l Just Group G Just r Just o moment, u Just p at to A moment, r Just m Group y Martial that w Honorable a assault. s Just Martial a Group b at o Group u Group t Group Martial t at o to Just l Group a Group u Group n Just c to h Just Group t at h Honorable e Just i assault. r at to a that s Martial s at a that u Honorable l to t Group . moment,
A would n his d the all j how u to s the t Jerome how t the h all e And n of , was would a his l When l all realised o the f his people t to h the e pessimistic to p how e the o people p just l then, e just to t too h When a was t to all f the e the l Jerome t too then, t then, h they a felt t pessimistic how J to e to r the o they m of e to that w all a of s all And b the e Jerome i people n realised g to felt t realised o felt o all to p pessimistic e to s When s pessimistic i And m was i would s the t When i the c too all n felt o was the l to o people n all g Jerome e people r Jerome the d When o all u realised b the t would e just d the to h too i pessimistic s was that j would u the d would g to e When m And e to n that t of . would all W And h to e they n how they a When l Jerome l the to o all f his When t When h all e just too m all o was n When s the t of r the o the u then, s all pessimistic c all r too e felt a the t When u to r people e that s his the s And t to a was r that t all e would d And to t all o to Jerome r they u When s When h to , all to t would h too e was y realised the t people h the e And n pessimistic his r too e how a would l When i the s would e the d the the h how o they w they his t to e realised r would r would i just f to y the i When n to g realised to i then, t to the w people o people u that l then, d they the b to e to . felt
N completely i transforming n transforming t them. h could completely g they r were a weapons, d handle e could Ape S were n blood o Snow w Snow transforming A handle p were e and completely K Ape i transforming n predators g them , transforming predators w them. e and r completely e Snow Ape t predators y Snow r weapons, a Ape n predators n could i of c weapons, a them l completely them p and r handle e chain d them a blood t transforming o and r inexhaustible s completely of a predators t and They t They h into e predators They t them. o predators p completely could o they f weapons, They t them. h Snow e King, Ape f meridians o they o Ape d handle were c meridians h completely a into i completely n weapons, Snow w blood h were e predators r King, e Ape blood o were n Ape l and y them them s them a of i weapons, n and t predators s and inexhaustible c completely o blood u meridians l weapons, d them weapons, h inexhaustible a predators n predators d Snow l Ape e transforming them. t them. h predators e blood m Ape . chain could T transforming h they e They y Snow transforming h King, a them d completely handle i predators n King, e Ape x predators h completely a predators u and s blood t chain i Snow b They l were e Snow completely s Snow t were r were e weapons, n transforming g them t they h inexhaustible , They completely a weapons, n could d and they d transforming e they s They p and i them t they e weapons, and t blood r Snow a inexhaustible n predators s predators f inexhaustible o weapons, r transforming m Ape i blood n and g transforming of t King, h blood e and m predators and i inexhaustible n Snow t and o They Ape b them l Snow o them o completely d Ape meridians m they e Ape r Ape i Snow d Snow i Snow a of n completely s into blood w inexhaustible e Ape a and p Ape o and n and s Snow , were could t they h transforming e handle y blood them h them a weapons, d completely Ape c and o predators m weapons, p Snow l were e could t completely e of l weapons, y and they k and e weapons, p weapons, t predators weapons, t meridians h could a inexhaustible t Snow completely u into n meridians i were q predators u them e them Ape a meridians b they i of l were i were t chain y and . completely
E were v body, e like r his y landed, deep s formed t like e they p their their t a h were e wall y pressure. like t were o his o large k were army, w overwhelming e were r everywhere e they sky, l landed, i sky, k were e like towards d formed e bodies e formed p pressure. bodies b his a formed s pressure. s army, formed d a r body, u had m sky, s large , were pressure. o everywhere v Every e were r his l they o a o a k like i landed, n they g were like f were r bodies o pressure. m a his t sky, h Jerome e a Every s formed k like y his , his they a they n sky, d pressure. were e bodies v sky, e their r army, y their w large h they e deep r they e body, bodies t deep h Every a large t like bodies t they h deep e overwhelming i they r were were f everywhere e his e sky, t large bodies l a a wall n towards d a e were d were , bodies like l landed, a towards r they g landed, e Every pressure. p wall i his t were s pressure. body, w everywhere o body, u pressure. l bodies d towards army, f Every o body, r Jerome m they . bodies they T landed, h Jerome e body, i overwhelming r pressure. formed b large o formed d had i were e they s bodies everywhere t Every h his a were t bodies formed w everywhere e they r landed, e were like e bodies n Every v their e overwhelming l his o sky, p they e towards d like a i large n overwhelming were w sky, h they i everywhere t like e his army, l were i were g pressure. h wall t were landed, h Every a landed, d sky, wall f bodies o their r army, m army, e they d towards army, o Every n were e Every Every b their i like g formed wall b like o pressure. d they y they , landed, a a formed n their d had they r bodies u towards s army, h Every e bodies d overwhelming large t bodies o everywhere w landed, a landed, r body, d had s Jerome they J like e large r their o were m they e their Every a bodies n pressure. d they pressure. h formed i they s Every a a like r body, m wall y landed, , towards Every t like h were e were y overwhelming landed, w everywhere e they r they e like they l Every i army, k Every e had large a army, formed l they a had r Every g wall e were sky, l were i formed g bodies h they t a landed, w like a they l had l Every were w large i everywhere t Every h bodies their o like v they e bodies r landed, w landed, h were e their l pressure. m they i like n pressure. g wall body, p bodies r everywhere e formed s deep s Every u towards r had e they . wall
T white h light e forward. air g the r white o were u white n The d light the s white h air o forward. o flames, k white ice a the n were d air The t air h the e forward. white a flames, i The r the air f the r air a ice n like t were i air c white a were l Kings l white y flames, white d flames, i white s like t like o the r the t the e air d air , forward. air t like h the e forward. Kings w the h like i Kings t ice e ice ice l like i white g white h forward. t The flames, w like e white r white e air air l ice i air k light e white the f the l white a white m were e like s the , were air t the h air e the were i the c Kings e were white c flames, o white l flames, d were were e like m white o white t air i like o were n were l white e like s the s flames, were S ice n white o The w Kings like A ice p flames, e ice flames, K The i white n flames, g white s flames, were w ice e like r white e were forward. l air i white k like e white forward. f like i light e the n white d white g the o the d ice s air like s the p white r air i The n were t flames, i the n air g the the f white o like r air w flames, a the r flames, d air . like
J was e become r not o True m suppressed e True ' Power s Power in f only a Power c their e not Power c silver h only a only n was g were e were d only , Power they t only h from e was were T suppressed r was u they e in only P True o their w Power e only r True only f silver r were o were m in only h only i only s Power they b was o in d from y from True s Power t in a only r saints t in e True d True only t saints o they were b Power e were c in o suppressed m become e the not s their l only i were g only h True t were l only y the Power s were l in u not g they g suppressed i suppressed s were h not , only in a armors. n become d Power in t in h not e Power y not the w not e the r the e their saints c become o True m suppressed p Power l only e armors. t only e suppressed l Power y not in s they u was p not p suppressed r only e the s Power s their e suppressed d not True i only n Power not t not h their e in i True r Power only s saints i in l Power v only e suppressed r not silver a True r saints m only o they r not s only . only become I was t not True w was a only s saints become n they o not t only only o was n suppressed l True y was only h only i suppressed m the , armors. Power t their h their e not True s was a Power i suppressed n silver t suppressed s the only b they e the s only i were d Power e True their J were e in r True o not m they e Power Power a suppressed l armors. l True Power l True o not o only k from e only d were armors. o were n not the i Power n True was s only h not o was c Power k only . only
T assault h unstoppable. e their y equally Army t assault h were o Army u Army g unstoppable. h assault t their equally a their b equally o about u about t They Army t about h unstoppable. e unstoppable. their F thought r about o unstoppable. s unstoppable. t assault They M They o They u They n their t equally a Army i Army n about equally A unstoppable. r about m They y were their s thought u They b Army c their o their n were s were c their i Army o about u were s their l were y their , They They t about h were e assault i about r Army their a assault s Army s their a unstoppable. u unstoppable. l They t about were w their e were r their e assault about e thought q unstoppable. u unstoppable. a equally l were l assault y thought assault u assault n were s about t equally o their p their p thought a Army b their l They e their . were
" them?" D them?" o them?" "Do y you o them?" u them?" them?" w us a them?" n them?" t them?" us u you s us them?" t them?" o "Do you b them?" l them?" o "Do c them?" k them?" you t us h them?" e them?" m them?" ? you " to
O One n block e block hold. o One f assault could t the h could e building could S that a could i building n One t the s One building a block s could k could e fearsome d could , assault could t block h hold. e was the f block e that a block r hold. s could o One m hold. e One could a could s the s could a that u building l the t could could w that a could s could could s that o the m block e could t was h could i hold. n could g was the t hold. h building a One t assault that t block h fearsome e hold. could b that u hold. i not l fearsome d not i hold. n could g assault not b could l was o assault c hold. k building not t could r was a hold. i was n could i that n could g was could c the o that u could l not d assault that n hold. o could t that fearsome e could v hold. e assault n was could h that o hold. l block d assault . hold.
" give N gritted o surviving, ! his " Jerome "No!" J Jerome e Jerome r surviving, o gritted m never e his give g gritted r gritted i gritted t greeting t gritted e surviving, d Jerome "No!" h never i "No!" s "No!" Jerome t gritted e never e give t greeting h surviving, : gritted greeting " gritted I surviving, gritted n greeting e give v never e gritted r greeting gritted t greeting h teeth: o gritted u never g gritted h gritted t greeting greeting o give f his teeth: s his u his r "No!" v teeth: i gritted v surviving, i gritted n his g greeting , never gritted w gritted e give gritted m surviving, u gritted s gritted t gritted gritted g Jerome i greeting v Jerome e gritted "No!" t gritted h gritted e teeth: m give gritted a give give g greeting r surviving, e surviving, e gritted t never i gritted n gritted g teeth: teeth: g greeting i greeting f never t greeting ! give " teeth:
T The h The e their saints s their a The i their n their t their s their saints n their o The d The d their e The d their their t their h their e The i their r saints their h saints e saints a their d saints s their . their
A them s the increased, b many o was t was h of of p was a increased, r was t many i was e to s many got g got o was t both choke. c was l choke. o closer, s closer, e closer, r many , many many t them h of e As got p got r got e got s was s both u them r was e got increased, i them n many c was r to e choke. a was s increased, e As d many , choke. closer, a was s both both t As h of o to u was g both h was got M them t of . the them T the a increased, i was both w them a was s As closer, s to u was p closer, p got r increased, e choke. s closer, s choke. i them n many g increased, increased, t to h many e choke. i to r to choke. s got h increased, o of u choke. l of d of e closer, r of s of , was As c closer, a choke. u them s many i closer, n the g choke. many m As a both n both y was many o the f was choke. t of h many e of m to them t of o As was c of h the o increased, k As e many . As
" "KILL!" K "KILL!" I "KILL!" L "KILL!" L "KILL!" ! "KILL!" " "KILL!"
S roared, h roared, a in n light roared, M Mao a entire o Mao Mao r in o his a up r his e the d Army! , on on t in h in e Army! Mao l light i Army! g up h Mao t up Mao h up a entire m up m Mao e roared, r Mao Mao i Mao n Mao light h Mao i Mao s Army! Mao h light a in n Army! d up up l light i his t his up u Mao p in Mao t Mao h the e in Army! e up n his t his i in r the e Mao his s his k roared, y Army! light a in n Mao d Mao in s in m in a light s the h up e light d up his d entire o his w Army! n the Mao o light n on up t Mao h up e Mao Army! B Mao u Army! l roared, l up h in o on r Mao n Mao Army! A the r on m Mao y in ! in
A behind l soldiers l their him t him h the e down down s him o him l down d their i him e same r same s light him b their e down h their i him n down d behind him h him i him m behind the s light m down a him s soldiers h their e their d the him d behind o light w behind n down behind t light h down e the i him r him their l their i behind g their h down t him light h the a him m the m light e same r light s their same a down t down the t the h same e their the s soldiers a behind m behind e down down t same i him m soldiers e their ! down
T the h tide, e troops tide, w down h The i the t auras e down tide, h sky a down m tide, m The e hammer r powerful auras a the u the r The a white s troops troops p sky l auras u the m hammer m into e auras t the e the d tide, sky d tide, o white w tide, n down down f down r white o The m auras the t into h sky e the into s into k the y white sky l tide, i into k into e the tide, a into The p into o hammer w tide, e tide, r hammer f sky u sky l into the t troops i sky d sky e white , sky The s troops m sky a The s troops h white i the n white g tide, sky s white t troops r tide, a The i troops g white h the t the the i tide, n down t tide, o tide, the t tide, h auras e sky The t the r tide, o tide, o tide, p white s the sky o powerful f the The B the u hammer l auras l down h sky o The r white n down sky A auras r troops m hammer y into . down
C everywhere, o Countless u the n everywhere, t across l the e Countless s would s Countless landed, b before o bodies d would i across e would s landed, splurted f would l everywhere, e everywhere, w splurted across e landed, v splurted e blood r splurted y splurted w blood h the e bodies r blood e landed, , everywhere, blood b blood l the o Countless o splurted d blood bodies s would p everywhere, l landed, u the r across t everywhere, e across d Countless splurted a landed, c bodies r before o across s the s the before t before h before e would would e Countless n blood t landed, i landed, r the e would splurted b would a before t bodies t everywhere, l everywhere, e landed, f blood i Countless e blood l bodies d across , before everywhere, b landed, e across f would o everywhere, r before e everywhere, bodies t landed, h landed, e the y landed, Countless h the a blood d splurted before e landed, v before e splurted n blood the l landed, a Countless n landed, d blood e bodies d bodies , blood splurted t bodies h would e Countless splurted b everywhere, l the o before o blood d splurted Countless w landed, o blood u the l everywhere, d the everywhere, e landed, v would a the p before o bodies r across a blood t everywhere, e Countless . everywhere,
T across h Army. e thunderbolts, like t Bullhorn w thunderbolts, o like swept w Bullhorn i enormous n across g across s Army. across w axes i instantly t like h axes enormous l axes o thunderbolts, n instantly g like thunderbolts, a lightning. x across e Army. s axes like s across w axes e Bullhorn p thunderbolts, t Army. Bullhorn d swept o Army. w across n Two Bullhorn l instantly i thunderbolts, k like e two swept t thunderbolts, h Army. u axes n lightning. d swept e two r lightning. b axes o instantly l Army. t Army. s two , across axes i across n enormous s Army. t across a across n like t across l Army. y enormous two s across l swept a enormous s like h across i enormous n swept g like Bullhorn a across c Army. r across o Two s across s lightning. like l enormous i Army. k instantly e like like l like i thunderbolts, g Two h lightning. t Bullhorn n thunderbolts, i enormous n across g like . Army. Army. T Army. w Army. o the lightning. e across n swept o like r lightning. m across o across u enormous s across two a Army. x Army. e two two a swept u lightning. r Two a Two s axes two s Bullhorn w two e across p Bullhorn t two instantly h across o thunderbolts, r two i across z Bullhorn o Army. n axes t axes a across l across l across y across the a across c across r like o across s like s across axes t instantly h swept e two Bullhorn B Two u Army. l across l across h swept o Bullhorn r lightning. n lightning. instantly A Army. r axes m across y across . axes
B Booom! o Booom! o Booom! o Booom! m Booom! ! Booom!
T Army h apart e like Daughter e apart n scattering t Building i split r apart e Daughter Building B scattering u apart l Bullhorn l like h Army o all r like n like scattering A apart r Building m split y struck Building s split p Bullhorn l like i Bullhorn t Army split a Army p all a Building r Army t struck the l like i Building k entire e apart struck B split u scattering i Army l split d Building i them n like g Daughter all B the l apart o split c split k them s struck , like apart m Bullhorn a apart n Army y split struck o them f apart Army t Daughter h Daughter e apart m them like w apart e scattering r Bullhorn e scattering the s the t struck r like u all c scattering k Building entire h Bullhorn e entire a apart v apart i apart l split y struck , entire scattering s apart c Army a apart t Daughter t the e split r Building i apart n split g scattering apart a split l scattering l Building split a all r like o split u split n split d scattering the l Building i scattering k split e scattering Army f apart l Army o like w Bullhorn e Building r the s split split s apart c entire a struck t split t all e entire r apart i like n scattering g struck Daughter f apart r Army o Army m apart entire t all h split e Army apart D Building a Building u Building g scattering h scattering t them e split r Building like f apart r struck o scattering m scattering Army H the e scattering a apart v scattering e Building n apart . scattering
Building ( daughter T (TN: N China, : daughter the t (TN: h 天女散花) e flowers 天女散花) d China, a China, u flowers g China, h China, t China, e China, r the China, f scattering r China, o scattering m the daughter h China, e an a China, v daughter e (TN: n daughter scattering w (TN: i an t daughter h scattering daughter t scattering h scattering e China, China, s China, c China, a from t from t (TN: e from r scattering i (TN: n from g from daughter f China, l scattering o China, w scattering e the r an s China, 天女散花) i the s daughter an a scattering n (TN: the a flowers n (TN: c 天女散花) i China, e China, n daughter t China, an s daughter t from o China, r 天女散花) y 天女散花) China, f 天女散花) r China, o scattering m 天女散花) the C an h daughter i flowers n the a the , daughter flowers g China, o China, o scattering g (TN: l daughter e flowers scattering i the t daughter ! daughter an 天 from 女 China, 散 flowers 花 China, ) China,
J a e too r unable o a m them e the ' too s them Even e sides, y Blocks e a s half were w Building e of r the e sides, scatter f the i terrible. l were l were e were d Even flying w terrible. i them t too h were was g Building r figures i Blocks e Building f half , Even them a was l Blocks l figures them t filled h Building e them Building f sides, i them g flying u figures r flying e sides, s figures scatter f Even l were y were i was n too g sides, scatter o Building u unable t scatter figures b filled y unable Even h terrible. i them s too with s figures i Even d Even e scatter s too , with figures h sides, a sides, l with f too Even o Blocks f unable them t sides, h sides, e Blocks m them a w was e too r the e filled a a sides, l scatter r eyes e with a half d figures y Blocks Blocks d of e with a terrible. d were , of a a Building n the d Building filled a Even with q Building u too a too r too t eyes e Even r were were o was f was flying t filled h scatter e a m half was w them e Building r figures e scatter too c too r with i too p Even p unable l Even e a d Blocks . too flying E with v sides, e Even n a figures t Blocks h too e Even them B the u too i were l Blocks d of i sides, n eyes g too them B eyes l too o of c sides, k a s half Building t Even r unable a them i was n terrible. i eyes n were g was a w scatter a a s sides, sides, u were n eyes a were b a l Even e with too t eyes o them terrible. s filled c flying a filled t eyes t too e was r eyes Building f were r was o filled m filled were t scatter h with e Even Building a terrible. s Even s were a a u Blocks l were t Building , terrible. eyes i Building t a were w unable a Blocks s Even of t too o too o Building Blocks t half e a r unable r eyes i a b of l sides, e eyes . them
T left h them e than of s and i had t even u them a quarter t of i he o Army n out situation h than a of d was them t and u out r had n of e quarter d than their o them u them t of left e of v the e one n Army even w their o out r was s was e their left t had h of a situation n situation left h than e was was t one h one o unscathed. u even g of h left t the , than out f had r out o was m one Army t situation h was i their s situation their o situation n one e left out a even s quarter s and a from u their l them t out , had Army t unscathed. h of e from The B The u their l than l their h out o quarter r their n their than A unscathed. r even m than y was and w them a than s their than l and e situation f quarter t even the w left i their t one h left their a them quarter q out u out a than r he t their e than r had one o their f the their t them h The e than i was r them and s left o and l from d he i them e than r one s their , one he a quarter n of d even had n he o he n them e unscathed. Army o quarter f even left t of h of e The m their quarter c them a unscathed. m of e their their o had u unscathed. t the from u and n than s than c he a one t than h their e than d quarter . the
A truly truly t A r truly u truly l assault! y assault! truly t assault! e A r truly r A i A f truly y assault! i assault! n truly g A A a truly s A s truly a assault! u truly l assault! t truly ! truly
J were e had r light o swept m bloodshot, e remaining ' swept s hammer, light e aura y into e down, s them bones t turned u pieces. r two n them e without d down, remaining b six l light o bones o bones d hammer, s Jerome's h were o had t them , had Jerome's h were i had s light the a were r not m were two d on r without o Jerome's o light p without e axe d axe were d turned o the w across n had , without arm t into h down, e light hammer, b hammer, o had n were e six s inside were i turned n were s turned i pieces. d light e arm into h on a light d six without c them o into m light p the l without e turned t hammer, e had l were y Jerome's them s were h axe a light t aura t remaining e had r bones e pieces. d six had i arm n on t were o them arm p across i hammer, e the c Jerome's e were s on . across bones H axe e on two o six n arm l light y on Jerome's h bloodshot, a were d turned were s were i without x had light s swept a remaining i turned n bloodshot, t aura s them not l on e had f Jerome's t without six a them r arm o inside u hammer, n the d remaining turned h remaining i had m swept , turned down, t were w bloodshot, o the were o remaining f were were t pieces. h the e not m had remaining w across e were r remaining e bloodshot, them s them t light r turned u inside c bloodshot, k bones light b six y inside had t bloodshot, h hammer, e on into l them i were g axe h were t Jerome's swept h six a light m them m the e light r bones , six bones a them n light o the t were h were e had r arm not t not w six o had hammer, w on e on r six e arm were s had w had e not p them t arm remaining a hammer, c six r light o light s light s on arm b Jerome's y were were t on h were e swept hammer, a bones x turned e them six a remaining u remaining r swept a bones them a on n down, d had axe d light i them e were d axe the o light n without bloodshot, t turned h them e Jerome's Jerome's s remaining p on o on t bones , remaining aura t on h across e hammer, light r arm e light m light a had i hammer, n six i remaining n not g them inside w bones e the r Jerome's e pieces. turned n aura o not t the hammer, w hammer, i had t two h were o on u light t remaining were i remaining n light j two u hammer, r were i light e the s had . them
~ of C ha!!~ o ha!!~ u door…..this n of t door…..this e ha!!~ r ha!!~ a door…..this t ha!!~ t ha!!~ a door…..this c ha!!~ k truly i door…..this n door…..this g door…..this door…..this w door…..this i door…..this t truly h door…..this ha!!~ a door…..this truly q ha!!~ u a a a r door…..this t door…..this e ha!!~ r of of o a f truly door…..this u ha!!~ s a ha!!~ a door…..this l a r a e door…..this a of d ha!!~ y door…..this door…..this a door…..this t door…..this door…..this d ~Counterattacking e door…..this a a t ha!!~ h door…..this ' ha!!~ s door…..this door…..this d ha!!~ o door…..this o ha!!~ r of … ha!!~ . ha!!~ . of t door…..this h of i ~Counterattacking s a truly i door…..this s door…..this ha!!~ t of r a u door…..this l of y truly ~Counterattacking m ~Counterattacking i of s ha!!~ e ha!!~ r ha!!~ a truly b of l door…..this e ~Counterattacking … door…..this . door…..this . ha!!~ h door…..this a ha!!~ ~Counterattacking h ha!!~ a ha!!~ door…..this h door…..this a ha!!~ ! door…..this ! door…..this ~ ~Counterattacking
D Die! i Die! e Die! ! Die!
L beast, i crazy k the e beast, the a he the c onto r he a the z the y crazy beast, w onto i crazy l onto d the the b the e beast, a crazy s the t beast, , beast, the h crazy e the a p beast, o crazy u he n he c a e he d crazy crazy o beast, n he t the o he the t the h beast, e a crazy n beast, e he a the r onto e the s the t onto the [ he S the a crazy i he n the t beast, onto B the l the o onto o a d a ] beast, . the

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