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Chapter 668 – Frost Mountains

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Screw fiddled with the components with full concentration, like a kid playing with his most adored toys, and did not even raise his head once. Without resting, he lost himself as he dabbled in the trash. Luckily for him, he was a spirit general.

Before Sai Lei left, she had told everyone not to disturb him. But the old men of the Blood Meridians Laboratory were worried for him, and everyday they would take turns watching over Screw. Old Man Fei drank his tea, watching Screw who had buried his heads in the components, and was slightly surprised. In terms of age, Screw was a spirit general from ten thousand years ago, much older than the ages of everyone in Blood Meridians Laboratory combined. But Screw who looked like a child, made the old men all feel remorse, that they did not treat him well.

~He is truly a naive spirit general.~

Old Man Fei looked at the time, ~It's almost time~.

As expected, Screw dropped the incomplete thing in his hand and walked over to the side of the training grounds. Every day, at the same time, Screw would put down the components and walk over to the training grounds and watch the mechanical martial artists train.

He would quietly observe the mechanical spirit weapons running back and forth, plowing in the mud, the intense collision and dashes in his eyes, was so familiar yet so strange, causing Screw to be in a daze.

No one knew, but every day at this time, memories would surface in his mind.

~Could it be that I used to watch this scene in the past?~

He was in a daze, he shook his head to remove all the chaotic thoughts away from his mind. He then focused on the training grounds again. The training grounds were holding one against one sparring, the No.23 soldier had lost again, he had revealed an opening at his right rib which was caught by his opponent, he suffered an injury and lost.

A few memories surfaced yet again, the indistinct images overlapping with what he was seeing.

For some reason, he felt that No.23 soldier should not lose, although he had already lost 22 consecutive rounds, which was just a number away from his assigned number.

Suddenly, he walked into the training grounds.

Old Man Fei's eyes became wide opened, the cup that he had brought to his mouth stopped there, and he did not move an inch. After so many days, it was Screw's first action.

Duan Mu who was facilitating the training immediately got the soldiers who were training to stop. All of them looked at Screw who had barged onto the training grounds in surprise. No one dared to scold Screw, they all knew of the badly injured Spirit General, but they did not understand what Screw was trying to do.

He walked over to No.23: "Do you want to win?"

The training grounds became dead silent, everyone were dumbstruck by Screw's words.

No.23 looked at Screw blankly, and subconsciously replied: "Yes I do."

"Put on your mechanical weapon and follow me."

Screw said that, then turned and headed towards the pile of mechanical weapon components.

Duan Mu reacted faster than the soldier, and immediately bellowed: "Why are you still standing there, go!"

No.23 immediately crawled up and followed Screw. Duan Mu's eyes flashed a look of envy, it was fortune that could only be chanced upon and not sought. But he quickly regained back his composure, Duan Mu who was held as "Weapons Rack", had long become the chief training facilitator of Three Spirits City, and was responsible for the martial techniques passed down to the soldiers, and was satisfied with his life.

A badly injured spirit general and a mechanical spirit weapon walked together.

The news of Mechanical Grandmaster Sai Lei returning to the Taurus Constellation spread like the wind.

The Taurus Constellation had declined over the past few years, and there were no major figures birthed from the Taurus Constellation, all of the seemingly talented geniuses were missing or addicted to the life of luxury and remained unknown.

As one of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, the Taurus Constellation used to be illustrated, like the glorious Taurus Palace made with golden walls, which bustle with activities daily, but inside the palace walls, the inner walls had started to erode and peel off, cracks, spider webs and dust covered the place.

For the past few years, Sai Lei's name was never associated with the Taurus Constellation. Until recently, with the strength of the Ursa Major Constellation, Sai Lei who was held as the "Current generation's top Mechanical Grandmaster", her name spread far and wide. And thus, the news of her roots from the Taurus Constellation became widely known, and caused Sai Lei's name to become extremely popular in the Taurus Constellation.

The Taurus Constellation had sent out a large scale welcoming army, with Prince Bradley personally leading the army, they headed to the star door there to prepare.

There was never such a large scale treatment in the Taurus Constellation, and naturally it brought about criticism.

"I truly don't understand cousin brother, just for one woman, we have to make such a huge formation?" Austin whined, he was also a prince, and had grown up together with Bradley, the two of them were very close, and thus spoke very casually with each other. He continued to whine: "I hope she is a beauty, if not It will be a waste."

Bradley laughed: "Don't you worry about this, Sai Lei is a publicly known great beauty."

Different from Austin who was good looking, Bradley looked to be more earnest and honest, "Young Barbaric Prince" Bradley could be considered the only consolation that the Taurus Constellation had for the past few years. Although he was not as prestigious as Tang Tian or Sima Xiao, but his steady style of working had earned him praise.

Austin laughed: "Hope that the Yi Fan Family can produce beauties? If the Yi Fan family had women that were half as pretty as their maids, the Yi Fan family's door would have long been trampled over already."

Bradley laughed, but did not say anything.

"What does our King truly want?" Austin suddenly asked with curiosity: "This is a definite slap on the Yi Fan family's face, how can that old gangster in the Yi Fan family bear to swallow this down?"

"Dao Dun is fiercer than us." Bradley kept the smile on his face and said: "He Xi that trash, all of his missions failed. They found out that Madam Chu Xi had poisoned Sai Lei's mother that year, and then also found out that there are reports stating that Zhang Ming He's attack on Three Spirits City was also linked to her. The Chu Family and the Honorable Martial Group were always very close, so Madam Chu Xi is already in prison. Because of this, the Chu Family went up to the Yi Fan Family's door, resulting in Dao Dun, that old gangster, coming out and causing a ruckus, and they almost ended up fighting."

"So fierce!" Austin took a deep breath, he suddenly remembered something, and his eyes grew round: "He Xi was the Yi Fan's family successor, but now that he is being sentenced to punishment, did they say who was replacing him? Could it be….that that old gangster will want Sai Lei to take over?!"

"If you can think of that, I think that the old gangster will have already thought about it." Bradley said indifferently.

"Absurd, that's crazy!" Austin muttered: "I don't understand what's so good about that woman? All of you are going overboard. Isn't it just one Ursa Major Constellation? The Honorable Martial Group hasn't even lost!"

Bradley knew that his younger cousin brother had good feelings towards the Honorable Martial Group, and he did not refute him but merely laughed: "Out of the two, one of them will definitely fall."

Austin snorted: "The Honorable Martial Group has been in Heaven's Road for over a hundred years and has unfathomable roots here, how can a small constellation like the Ursa Major Constellation compare to them."

"If Ursa Major Constellation is a small constellation, then what is our Taurus Constellation considered as?" Bradley asked indifferently.

Austin choked. The Constellation's weak strength was something everyone knew about, and all the contradictions about it had been surfacing recently. For the past few years, none of the aristocratic family disciples could be considered as talented geniuses, and since they held a lot of resources, the talented geniuses from the ordinary people were scouted away by other constellations."

The people beside Austin and Bradley did not join in the conversation, but they thought about the meaning behind Prince bradley's words.

""They're coming!"

Someone bellowed, the star door ahead of them started to dazzle with a bright light aura.

A silver mechanical leg extended out from the star door, followed by a mechanical spirit weapon that walked out. All the influential people of the Taurus Constellation immediately became curious, the mechanical spirit weapon in front of them was completely different from the ones available from the market. It was obvious that the Ursa Major Constellation had specially designed mechanical spirit weapons for their own armies which outsiders would have no way of purchasing.

Compared to ordinary Mechanical Spirit Weapons that were roughly 4 to 5m tall, the mechanical spirit weapon in front of them was much skinnier, its height roughly 2m tall, slightly taller than an average person. There were no heavy and big mechanical components on its body, but it had beautiful curvatures like flowing water tightly wrapped around the mechanical martial artist's body, there was no excess obesity, but instead looked like a silver armor. The transparent wings on its back were extremely eye-catching. What surprised people the most was that the thin and graceful mechanical spirit weapon seemed to be extremely heavy, every step it made would cause loud rumbles.

It must definitely be the latest mechanical spirit weapon from the Ursa Major Constellation, [Frost Mountain]!

Many people wished to record everything they saw about it down, the news of Frost Mountain had long spread, it was said that it was Sai Lei's best work. To personally see it today, how could they let go of such an opportunity? And compared to other Constellations, the sudden prominent Ursa Major Constellation was extremely mysterious, they had appeared in the sky without warning, causing the Taurus Constellation to become extremely curious about them.

One after another the silver clad armored soldiers walked out from the star door like gushing water.

Throughout the entire process, there were no clamors, only the rumbling of the mechanical spirit weapons.

Ah Lun walked out of the Star Door. Seeing the crowd in front of him, he frowned. The distance between them was too near, and an accident could easily occur from such a distance. For the mission, they had fought plenty. Finally, it was Ah Lun and Chen Zi Lin that came up as successful partners, earning the glorious mission to protect Big Sister.

Ah Lun definitely did not wish for any accident to occur, he controlled the mechanical spirit weapons and walked towards the crowd.

Although Austin felt tensed, but he forced a smile out, but before he could speak, the martial artist that walked over spoke: "All of you, retreat back 60m!"

Austin's smile froze. Everyone's expression froze on their faces as well.

"All of you, Retreat back 60m now!"

In the dead silence, Ah Lun repeated once again, his tone was unquestionable, it was direct and efficient, clear for everyone to hear.

No one moved, causing Ah Lun to squint, a thread of killing intent surged out from his eyes.

Clang! He drew out the silver broadsword from his back.

Clang! All the soldiers behind him also drew out the silver broadswords from their backs.

"Every single one of you here, retreat by 60m now."

Ah Lun said each word by word slowly, killing intent soaring and enveloping the entire place.

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