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Chapter 644 – Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

He Ying was experienced in battle, and was extremely familiar with the popular warships. Upon seeing that only one of the seat of the Black Arrow Warship had lit up, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had heard of Meng Nan purchasing a warship before, so it did not surprise him that much. But because Meng Nan did not have sufficient manpower, just buy purchasing a warship, he could not display the true fighting capability of a warship.

The warship weapons demanded a high synchronization frequency, and not any person could operate them. Rich tyrants enjoyed buying good equipment, but all that equipment would barely be used to their fullest potential, and would most likely be left to rust and collect dust in warehouses. He Ying knew such a degrading and rotten style all too well.

Seeing that only one of the seat was being lit up, it reaffirmed He Ying's guess, Meng Nan did not have sufficient men.

One seat required about 20 soldiers, this number tallied with the reports He Ying had received.

The Black Arrow Warship was a good warship, but with insufficient manpower, it was just a block of wood.

He Ying only had 20 men by his side, but they were all ironclad soldiers who had followed him for years, all of them were the elites of the army, and were extremely familiar with battle formations. For them, they could handle 10 men with ease.

He Ying had confidence in himself.


The densely clustered sword auras flew forward, bringing forth whistling sounds towards He Ying.

Bai Xiao who was watching the battle muttered: "It's coming."

"It's coming?" Bai Yue was confused and subconsciously asked.

"The Honeycomb Sword Cannon!" Bai Xiao replied, he was excited, recalling the scene from the last time, he felt as though it was all a dream.

Bai Yue then thought about the incident with the pirates, in that battle, it was said that Meng Nan was the one controlling the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, which was extremely out of the ordinary.

He was also brimming with curiosity.

A light flickered in He Ying's eyes, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon!

~It is of some standard, for this degree of concentration, the opponent's standard is not too bad. But with just this, you think you can kill a silver general, you're belittling me.~

He Ying revealed a sneer, under his control, the synchronised energy quickly formed a red tempest which protected them in the center.

If looked at carefully, one would realize that the high speed red tempest had countless of dark red granules inside, which were formed by energy, causing the tempest to become even stronger.

The Honeycomb Sword Auras struck the wall of tempest, causing countless of chaotic flows, but the tempest wall stood majestically.

The Honeycomb Sword Cannon was mostly used to fight loose and disorganized soldiers, it was not overly powerful, but it could shoot many sword auras per time, and the radius covered a rather large area.

He Ying had full confidence in his [Red Granule Tempest], its defensive properties were much stronger than ordinary energy barriers, its inspiration stemmed from sandstorms in the desert. The high revolving airflows could disperse enemy attacks, and at the same time increase its defense. And the large quantity of strong and heavy sand granules mixed in the tempest allowed the tempest to become denser and harder to break through.

Even powerful destructive attacks were unable to sway the [Red Granule Tempest], let alone the Honeycomb Sword Cannon.

Furthermore, although the Honeycomb Sword Cannon could shoot out many sword auras at once, it's offensive frequency was not too great. After every wave of attacks, it would require a stoppage, which would be overcome by having many ship crews alternate. But currently, his opponent only had one Honeycomb Sword Cannon, and thus its limitations was very prevailing.

To He Ying, a silver grade general, as long as there was a flaw, he could completely overturn the situation. Furthermore, it was a fatal flaw.

The sword auras that struck the Red Granule Tempest were all shattered.

~Time for a counterattack!~

Just as He Ying was about to counterattack, in the next moment, his expression froze.


Yet another ear numbing whistling sound came out, and another torrent of sword auras struck the Red Granule Tempest.

He Ying almost jumped up, ~Impossible…..~

The Honeycomb Sword Cannon's energy impact was relatively large, and no one was able to ignore the backlash, he had never seen a team that could continuously fire off the Honeycomb Sword Cannon before, it was not reasonable!

Xiu xiu xiu!

The condensed whistling sounds cut through the night sky, wave after wave of sword aura poured, as though a rain of light was descending from the Black Arrow Warship onto the Red Granule Tempest.

Boom boom boom!

The sword auras continued to strike the tempest, countless of light aura flew everywhere, the tempest blew the sword auras into pieces, but maintained extremely stable.

He Ying, revealing a look of shock, forced himself to calm down, and continued to channel the [Red Granule Tempest]. The powerful defensive capability of Red Granule Tempest was displayed to saturation, the pouring of sword auras did not do much to the Tempest.


Bai Yue had his hands holding onto the top of his head, his face full of disbelief, he had heard from Bai Xiao how Meng Nan used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, but to personally witness how the weapon was used without any pause, the continuous onslaught of sword auras spraying out, he felt as if his logical reasoning was being overturned.

Wait a minute!

He suddenly trembled, as a famed general, he had sharply and immediately captured the important point, if such a scene were to occur in a war…..

If it was just one warship, and all of the weapons could do the same…..

He trembled, he knew that if the freak of a warship truly appeared in the battlefield, who could stop it? No, no one could stop it, if every warship of a convoy could be like that, then no one in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy could stop them!

Bai Yue dare not think further, just thought of the outcome caused his hands to turn cold. He stared intently at the battlefield, afraid to miss any minute details.

~That loud and noisy person, how many secrets is he truly hiding?~

The countless of sword auras formed a flow, continuously hitting onto the red tempest.

It was just a short span of 10 seconds, but He Ying felt as if he was dragged to a year. The Red Granule Tempest had remarkable defense, but the sword auras were too numerous, and with the continuous onslaught, He Ying was placed under an immense pressure. The energy in their bodies were quickly depleting.

Other than holding on, He Ying did not have any other ideas. The Red Granule Tempest started to sway, and if it continued, they would be swallowed by the sword auras, and even their bones will be wiped out.

"Everyone, hold on!" He Ying roared: "The enemy cannot last for so long!"

All of his bodyguards clenched their teeth and bitterly held on, they had absolute trust in He Ying, and, they also believed that the enemies could not hold on any longer, such a crazy attack was something that no one could keep releasing!

It was a battle of will, whoever revealed their flaw first would be the loser.

Little Fool held the handle of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, the screams of Tang Tian beside him drilled into his ears. He remained aloof, as though he could not hear anything. Until now, he had not even attacked once, the expression on his face remained normal, as though the situation in front of him did not concern him at all.


Tang Tian's roar suddenly stopped, the overheated Honeycomb Sword Cannon exploded and shattered into pieces and dust, the dust covering the entire place, and Tang Tian sat there without reaction.

There was only a thought in his mind, how could the Honeycomb Sword Cannon be so weak?


He Ying who was stubbornly holding on rejoiced, that's right, even if the enemy soldiers could bear the terrifying backlash, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon itself was unable to bear the burden.

No one knew that, the moment that Tang Tian's Honeycomb Sword Cannon exploded, the emotionless and ignorant Little Fool's eyes suddenly lit up with a cold glint.

The long sword floating behind him lit up at the same time.

A burst of sword aura shot towards He Ying.

He Ying who was just about to counterattack suddenly heard the whistle, and was shocked yet again, the enemies actually still had people! What made him feel even more unease was that he did not even notice the enemy attacking. It was too sudden.

But it was just a burst of sword auras, and not like the flow of sword aura, causing He Ying to feel slightly more at ease.

Even before he could rejoice, the whistling sound in the air changed, the initially low resounding whistle suddenly became extremely sharp, like a needle piercing into the brain.

He Ying's face became ugly, he raised his head to look, the burst of sword rain had actually merged into a dazzling sword aura!

He Ying's heart trembled, it was only one sword aura, but the tail of light that was dragged behind released an imposing might and aura, compared to the burst of sword rain, it was many times stronger!

A Swordsman!

He Ying suddenly reacted, only a swordsman that had a profound understanding of the sword, could be able to produce such a terrifying attack with the Honeycomb Sword Cannon!

He then understood why the opponent had managed to attack without any warning.

Little Fool who was enlightened on sword laws was ahead of Tang Tian in terms of understanding and using the Honeycomb Sword Cannon. He had simply got in touch with it for a moment, and Little Fool already understood the weapon. Tang Tian's brute way of attacking made Little Fool scoff in his mind, but luckily for Tang Tian, it was effective, thus Little Fool did not do anything, and simply waited for the opportunity to arise.

Little Fool who had a profound comprehension of sword laws was able to use the Honeycomb Sword Cannon to an incredibly powerful degree.

~Damn it!~

He Ying's whose face was flushed white shouted: "Be careful!"

Before he could finish his words, the dazzling sword aura, bringing along a straight and dazzling light trace struck heavily onto the Red Granule Tempest.


The Red Granule Tempest trembled, He Ying and the others inside felt their throats turning sweet, the corners of their mouths had traces of blood, their faces overwhelmed with shock.

But they knew it was not time to panic. The terrifying attack must had caused the operator to feel a huge energy charge, and a swordsman's body had never been their strongest suit.

A chessboard floated beneath Little Fool's legs, the intense backlash surged into Little Fool's body, but the chessboard suddenly lit up, Bang, it shattered.

Little Fool's body trembled, although majority of the energy charge backlash had been tolerated by the chessboard, but the remaining backlash was not light either, and he was too weak to attack again.

~Warship weapons are not suitable for spirit generals at all…..~

Blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, causing the cold smile on his face to become even more terrifying. His task was completed, his attack had given Tang Tian the chance to jump aboard another Honeycomb Sword Cannon.

The floating sword behind the seat lit up once again. Amidst Tang Tian's roar, the terrifying flow of sword auras spewed out once again!

Wave after wave of terrifying energy backlash surged into Tang Tian's body, his body trembled like a sieve as the blood in his body continue to surge in pain.

He remained oblivious to his body, the rage in his eyes spewing fire, he roared like a tiger!

The violent surging flow of sword auras struck the Red Granule Tempest in the most brute way, the violent tempest had met with an even more violent enemy.

He Ying's face was flushed as white as paper, after the heavy sword attack, although they had managed to block it, but the Red Granule Tempest was equally damaged.


The red granule tempest shattered completely.


He wanted to roar out loud, but he could not find his voice, his vision turned a pure white.

The flow of sword auras that had lost control shot forth everywhere, destroying everything in its wake.

Chapter 645 – The Five Southern Island Families

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Ouch, ssssiiiii…."

Tang Tian's wails came out of the house, he laid on the bed, his entire body wrapped in bloodied bandages, only revealing his eyes. He could not even move a finger. He had went overboard fighting He Ying. In a short span of time, his body had to bear the intense energy charge backlash, causing him to feel as though his entire body was being struck by a heavy hammer countless of times, causing him to feel numb all over.

And the pain was actually from the blood that was still bleeding out.

When Tang Tian was pulled out of the warship, everyone was shocked, every inch of his skin was bleeding, as though he was dragged out of a blood pool, and many of his wounds were still overflowing with blood.

Everyone thought that Tang Tian was weak due to the loss of blood, but after a check by the doctor, they realised that Tang Tian was still strong. Tang Tian's pain did not come from being weak, but because he was overflowing with blood, causing his veins and arteries to be in excruciating pain.

This result shocked everyone, all of them could only laugh awkwardly, ~As expected of a perverse man, after losing so much blood, he was actually still in vigorous and healthy shape.~

Amidst Tang Tian's screams, Shi Sen respectfully reported his battle reports, while Huo Qing stood by the side, curiously taking a few glances at their boss, who was overly young.

The battle did not stop because of He Ying's death. Seeing that the situation had gone awry, Lady Rou had given the order for the pirates to attack. Seeing that White Sands Continent was about to be flooded with pirates, Eldest Young Noble had appeared in the barracks of the 2nd and 3rd Army. He Ying and the Continent Lord was dead, Lady Rou had disappeared without a trace, the two commanders of the armies hesitated for a moment, before choosing to surrender.

But Eldest Young Noble decided to give them a chance to redeem themselves, and requested to to defend against the Pirates. The two large armies who initially thought they would be sentenced to death were beyond joyous, they resisted the pirates with all their might, clashing and stopping the pirates.

The 1st Army that had disappeared for many days appeared behind the pirates, and launched an immense attack.

The pirates were immediately caught in a chaotic situation.

Lian Bo Jun's Black Mountain Pirates turncoat against the pirates became the final straw, the alliance between the pirates completely crumbled, and the 2nd and 3rd Army took the chance and killed countless of them.

Shi Sen had just snuck into the White Sands Continent, and coincidentally saw the 1st Army launching their attack, he immediately took the chance and assaulted the pirates as well.

After the battle, another piece of good news was received, they found Richard.

The Continent Lord Manor, Eldest Young Noble, no, he should be hailed as White Sands Continent Lord, looked at Suo Bi in gratitude.

"If not for you, this time…."

Suo Bi shook his head: "Protecting White Sands has always been Suo Bi's responsibility."

Beside him, the 2nd Army and 3rd Army Commanders had looks of shame on their faces.

Ling Xia asked curiously: "Master Suo Bi, how did you know about He Ying's plan?"

With the sudden disappearance of the 1st Army, prior to leaving, Suo Bi had Ling Xia bring Eldest Young Noble to Meng Nan for protection, and right before the pirates had launched their attack, they suddenly appeared behind the Pirate Alliance, this series of planning was truly unimaginable.

Suo Bi revealed his secret: "It was Lei Er Fu."

"The head of the Golden Ross, Slit Eyes Snake Lei Er Fu?" Ling Xia cried out in alarm, the others were equally shocked.

Suo Bi nodded his head: "Three days after his death, I received a letter. It was Lei Er Fu's preplanned contingency just in case he died, which was for the letter to be sent to me. If he was not dead, the letter would had never been sent. That man was truly too cunning. This letter contained many secrets, one of which was that Lady Rou is from the Honorable Martial Continent."

Those words were like a heavy bomb that dropped into all of their hearts.

"Honorable Martial Continent? How can it be them?"

"We do not have any grievances with the Honorable Martial Continent!"

Even the Commander of the 2nd and 3rd Army were in disbelief, they had thought of all the possible backgrounds of Lady Rou, but they had never thought that she would be connected to the Honorable Martial Continent.

"Ambitious, the Honorable Martial Continent is too ambitious." Suo Bi said coldly: "Our White Sands stands in the center of the Southern Region, as long as it becomes chaotic, they would be able to spread to the Eastern Region. Their plan was extremely ingenious, to use Miss Yu Ran's influence, not only on our White Sands but even the surrounding aristocratic families, and capture all of us. Using the ladies as a ransom, and using the pirates, no one will think that all the chaos in the Southern Region would be linked to the Honorable Martial Continent."

"But what good is there for them?" Ling Xia did not understand.

"They have already taken control of the entire Western Region." Suo Bi said indifferently: "Their next goal, is the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy."

"Entire, the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy!"

Everyone was shocked by Master Suo Bi's words. There were over tens of thousands of continents in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, that would mean warring for a long time, that had never happened before. If there truly was a person who wanted to unify the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, how could it not stump others?

It was dead silent.

If this theory was not spoken by Master Suo Bi, no one would have believed the words at all.

After a long time, the new Continent Lord broke the silence, and muttered: "Who knew that Honorable Martial Continent's ambition would be so huge." He had a look of loss, and suddenly raised his head: "Master Suo Bi, why did you believe that Meng Nan could protect me?"

"Because Meng Nan is the Honorable Martial Continent's enemy." Suo Bi asked.

"The Honorable Martial Continent's enemy?" Ling Xia asked: "Could it be that Meng Nan used to be a continent lord of one of the continents in the Western Region?"

Everyone suddenly realised, what Ling Xia said might be true. In the current Western Region, there were over thousands of continents that were either annexed or destroyed by Honorable Martial Continent. If Meng Nan truly was a successor of one of the continents, their hatred for Honorable Martial Continent would be very deep.

But unexpectedly, Suo Bi shook his head: "I do not think so."

"He isn't." The new Continent Lord spoke: "All the continents that were destroyed by Honorable Martial Continent are struggling by themselves, how could they have the strength to protect me?"

The new Continent Lord had personally witnessed Meng Nan's strength, and the way he acted showed that he was not any successor of any continent. He never retreated and was unreasonably fierce, with his head on clashes, how was that the bearing of a successor on the run? And Meng Nan subordinates were all fearsome people as well, and the scary spirit dyad, if they truly came from the Western Region, the Honorable Martial Continent would not be able to destroy them that easily.

Everyone's gaze landed on Suo Bi.

Suo Bi spoke: "That is why I asked the Continent Lord to seek shelter under Meng Nan, one of the reasons is that we have nowhere to go, and there is no other support. On the other hand, it was Lei Er Fu's letter that mentioned something that caught my attention. Lei Er Fu said that the mysterious person behind him had an extremely important goal, which was to seek out a few families."

"What families?"

Everyone became attentive, to make such a huge movement for a few families, it showed their great importance to the Honorable Martial Continent, and yet everyone was oblivious to it.

"The Five Southern Island Families."

Everyone was startled, they all knew of the Five Southern Island Families. About a 100 years ago, the five families travelled from afar to White Sands, and coincidentally arrived when Pirates were attacking White Sands. The five families immediately aided White Sands, and obtained victory for them. The Continent Lord at that time, to reward the five families for their service, gave them each a territory in the Southern Islands of White Sands Continent for them to reside, and from then on, they were hailed as the Five Southern Island Families.

The five families gradually reproduced and grew in the Southern Islands, but they rarely revealed themselves, and never got involved with matters with other families, to the point that people thought that they stood aloof from worldly affairs. So when everyone heard Master Suo Bi speak about them, they were surprised.

"Yes. Lei Er Fu spent some time investigating a few families, resulting in leads that linked to the Five Southern Island Families." Suo Bi said: "I kept this in my heart, but never had the intention to investigate, as we are limited on manpower. But after that, I accidentally stumbled upon Meng Nan's subordinate who was also investigating on the five families, so I could guess the relationship between Meng Nan and the Honorable Martial Continent."

"Meng Nan's background is extremely mysterious and not ordinary." Suo Bi's face darkened: "We have watched him with his affairs, and can claim that he is very daring, without any fear. Everytime we see that the situation is bad, he would instead obtain victory, and no one knows what trump cards he still has left to play. Furthermore, that Spirit Dyad is definitely of a famed general grade, to have such a standard of spirit dyad, the power behind Meng Nan is definitely not ordinary. We can only make friends with him, and not be enemies."

His words obtained the approval of everyone.

The new Continent Lord immediately spoke: "He saved our lives. Furthermore, he does not seem to care about the White Sands, he said he has a condition for us, when I asked him what it was, he said he only needed the help of our trading channels."

Everyone was somewhat suspicious, the condition was too low.

Ling Xia reinforced his words: "Mister Meng did say that."

"It seems that he does not care about our estate and wealth." Suo Bi heaved a sigh of relief, he was somewhat relieved. He always believed that Meng Nan's strength was far stronger than the White Sands Continent. And it was the most reasonable guess, a guess that made everyone feel at ease, the current White Sands Continent was suffering too much, there was a plethora of things to tackle, and they could not afford to tussle with anyone else.

"Then what about the matter of the five families?" The new Continent Lord asked Suo Bi, he knew that his wealth was very shallow, and without experience. He could only rely on Suo Bi.

Suo Bi spoke: "He is our most important ally, if we are able to help him, we should do so with all our might. They can go to the five families, but they might not be granted access, why don't we openly send our guides there, and establish communication between both parties. But we will not be involved with their matters."

The new Continent Lord's eyes lit up: "Good idea."

"Continent Lord, the most urgent task now is to call in all the patriarchs of the families, and appease the people." Suo Bi rationalised: "Everyone is unstable right now, they are hoping for peace."

"Good!" The new Continent Lord nodded, but he was slightly doubtful: "I am only afraid I do not have sufficient prestige."

"Continent Lord, rest easy, it will come in time." Suo Bi remained cool and calm: "Right now, we have to deal with the people who colluded with the pirates and plotted rebellions. These people are truly wicked beyond redemption. When the time comes, we need to weed out all the spies of the Honorable Martial Continent and clean up our continent. If not, we cannot sleep in peace."

Everyone nodded their heads.

Ling Xia did not speak, she knew that Master Suo Bi's words meant that after the night had ended, many heads would roll, and many families would be destroyed.

She raised her head: "This subordinate is willing to be the guide for Mister Meng to seek out the Southern Islands."

Chapter 646 – Heading to the Southern Islands

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Southern Islands.

Richard was by Tang Tian's side, carefully reporting all the details of his investigations, he knew that the boss viewed such things extremely heavily. He was also very interested in all of the history that was covered in dust, and spent all his effort to investigate to finally find many clues. All of these clues might not be understandable by common people, but Richard had a feeling that concealed behind these clues was a big secret.

Richard had guessed that the boss definitely knew about the secret, but he never dared to ask about it. Behind the Five Southern Island Families, the Honorable Martial Continent's hands were faintly discernible. As the current strongest tyrants, the Honorable Martial Continent practically had control over the entire Western Region.

"The Five Southern Island Families, 200 years ago, they migrated here. It is said that at that time, 13 families migrated, but there was a great divergence. 7 families chose to migrate to the Eastern Region, 1 moved to the northern region, and the remaining five, as they did not want to move far, chose the Southern Region."

Seeing that Tang Tian was listening so intently, Richard became even more excited.

"Ever since The Five Southern Island Families migrated, they had remained incognito and cut off from the rest of the world. The Southern Islands have extremely terrible environments, living in the inhospitable natural environment, wild beasts rampage the lands, and there are poison mists all over. It is said that when the Continent Lord asked what the five families wanted for their reward, they initiated that they wanted the horrible lands to the south, and rejected fertile land. Seeing that the five families were so insistent about it, the Continent Lord then gave the Southern Islands to the five families, since prior to it, no one owned the lands. The five families spent countless of manpower and effort, after three generations, they started to see results. Outsiders who accidentally stumble into the Southern Islands would most likely die. The harsh environment has become the natural defense for the five families, and thus the Southern Islands have been hailed as the most secretive place of White Sands. But every 10 years, the five families would send their own disciples to the Continent Lord Manor, and offer all sorts of rare treasures. Even the Continent Lord has difficulty controlling the five families, and thus the Ssouthern Islands have formed their own system, and outsiders know little of them."

Richard looked at Tang Tian carefully, who was listening very happily. But Richard was worried, because this time they were not going to fight, they did not bring any armies, and only Shi Sen's two small units.

The Five Southern Island Families hated strangers, and no one had heard of the Southern Islands receiving guests. The Continent Lord had even tried to request to visit the Southern Islands for sightseeing, but the five families mercilessly rejected all of the requests. At that time, the Continent Lord could not do anything but leave it as that.

Although they had caused shame to him, the White Sands Continent Lord never thought of attacking the five families.

For 200 years, the Southern Islands were guarded by the 5 families extremely tightly. Adding their natural defense, silver armies were unable to enter. The warriors of the 5 families are all valiant and strong, to be able to fight against the pirates at that time, the majority of the effort was due to them.

After going through the grinding of the harsh environment, the current warriors of the 5 families were not people White Sands Continent dared to provoke. Luckily the disciples rarely ventured out, and thus rarely fought with others.

"What are the five families?" Tang Tian suddenly asked.

"Ye, Li, Wei, Yu, Zhang, the 5 families, their insignias are also very interesting. The Ye Family's Insignia is a Scale. The Li Family's Insignia is a Crab. The Wei Family's Insignia is an archer. The Yu Family's Insignia is a white ram, while the Zhang Family's Insignia is a vase."

Richard's report was extremely in depth, he had spent a lot of effort searching on them.

Tang Tian laughed.

Libra Constellation, Cancer Constellation, Sagittarius Constellation, Aries Constellation and Aquarius Constellation.
(TN: Ye Family is Libra, Li Family is Cancer, Wei Family is Sagittarius, Yu Family is Aries, Zhang Family is Aquarius.)

~They are truly the 12 Ecliptic Palaces.~

~Furthermore, Crane and Sagittarius Constellation have a deep connection, while Ling Xu had obtained the legacy of Aries Constellation.~


Tang Tian did not immediately send for Crane or Ling Xu, but decided to see how it went.

"How do we get in contact with them?" Tang Tian asked.

Richard scratched his head: "That I do not know…."

"Maybe I have an idea." Ling Xia finally grabbed the chance and spoke. This time, she was the one who initiated to be Tang Tian's guide, and wanted to avoid the cleansing of White Sands City. but that did not mean her task is relaxed, before she left White Sands City, the Continent Lord and Master Suo Bi had specially summoned her and told her to take care and aid Mister Meng Nan the best she could. Even her father had specially came to meet her.

On the road, she did not manage to find any opportunity, Richard's investigation was truly too concise and detailed, not leaving out any gaps, and he was also a learned scholar, all of the seemingly ordinary matters could not escape his grasp, he could always find a link or connection.

Ling Xia had deep respect for him, even as an outsider, listening to Richard was extremely exciting.

Tang Tian's gaze landed on Ling Xia.

LIng Xia immediately felt a formless pressure on her, her mind trembled. ~Mister Meng Nan's aura was truly getting stronger and stronger!~ In the past, she and Meng Nan were equals as friends, but currently, standing in front of him, she felt the same as standing in front of Master Suo Bi.

"Around 5 years ago, which was also the 10 year date, the disciples from the 5 families paid respects to the Continent Lord. Because there was a lady present, Ling Xia was the one responsible to take care of her. After interacting with her for a few months, our relationship is not too bad, and before she left, she gave Ling Xia an item, and told me if I were to go to the Southern Islands, I could go to her home to be a guest. I am sure we can ask her for a meet."

Ling Xia looked at Tang Tian, waiting for him to decide.

Tang Tian nodded his head: "We can do that."

The warship halted, quickly slowing down. Everyone knew they had reached the Southern Islands.

Flying out of the warship, the legendary Southern Islands greeted everyone, but their expressions were not too good.

A dark green sea of mist covered the entire place with no end.

"This is the Green Sea of Mist." Ling Xia explained: "The poison in it is extremely toxic, and can even corrode energy, we must be careful."


Suddenly. A beast roar came out from deep inside the Green Sea of Mist, the intense energy undulation formed was like a hurricane, the green sea of mist instantly became violent and churned about.

Everyone's face changed, the energy undulation was extremely powerful. It was like two silver saints fighting all out.

The churning Green Sea of Mist continued to churn up with all sorts of things.

Black thorned organisms with bodies over the length of 600m would churn about with the Green Sea of Mist, causing everyone's heart to jump. As long as anything touched the organism, it would quickly coil around the object and quickly choke it. The black thorns would pierce deeply into the intruders.

There was another type of organism the size of a fist, it had red eyes, and terrifying sharp white teeth that resembled saws, its body leaked with some black substance that upon dropping into the mist would transform into black smoke. This organism travelled in groups, but separated at very large distances, and clenched their teeths towards Tang Tian and his group. They would gather and form a dense black cloud, but they were unable to leave the Green Sea of Mist, allowing everyone to relax.

There would always be bones churning out of the mist, causing everyone to be alarmed.

Tang Tian finally understood why no one had the intention of attacking the Southern Islands. The Green Sea of Mist was truly a natural defense. To barge in without any guide, other than throwing away their lives, no one could achieve anything.

But very quickly, Tang Tian seemed to have thought about something, he had a blood meridians laboratory under him, and he knew some things about poison.

"In the past, the Green Sea of Mist of the Southern Islands was rather famous, but it was not so large. People say that the 5 families had purposely tampered with it, disallowing people to enter."

Ling Xia's words confirmed Tang Tian's guess. The Green Sea of Mist was through generations of hard work to become so vast.

"How do you contact your friend?" Tang Tian suddenly asked curiously. The Green Sea of Mist had covered the entire Southern Islands.

"She said that there is a pavilion on top of a cliff, and there is a streamlet beside it, as long as I throw the item in, She would receive it." Ling Xia replied.

Tang Tian quickly found the pavilion, and between the two peaks, there was a bare cliff with a dilapidated pavilion, as though it could crumble at any time. Beside the pavilion was a small streamlet that flowed with water.

But what surprised them was the flow of the streamlet. It flowed up the ravine from inside the Green Sea of Mist, up to the cliff, and continued to another mountain peak, which was shrouded by the Green Sea of mMist.

The item in Ling Xia's hand was a green jade bamboo clapper, with a vase engraving carved on it.

Aquarius Constellation!

In Heaven's Road, Aquarius Constellation was the famously rich tyrannical constellation, Aquarius Constellation might not have the strongest martial artists, but they were definitely the wealthiest.

~I Wonder if this vase family inside the Green Sea of Mist is rich….~

Tang Tian had already forgotten the last name of the Aquarius Constellation, and thus hailed them as the Vase Family. Tang Tian was extremely looking forward to seeing them, as the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were the tyrants of Heaven's Road. Every family's history was long, so he was curious to what their family would be like.

Throwing the bamboo clapper board into the streamlet, they watched it disappear into the Green Sea of Mist.

After about 20 minutes, a figure flew out from the peak that was covered in the Green Sea of Mist, and flowed down along the peak.

"Sister Ling!"

A young lady dressed in green robes looked down excitedly, but seeing Tang Tian and the rest beside Ling Xia, her face immediately became cautious. Especially when she saw the Black Arrow Warship of Tang Tian's, her face changed.

"Ting Ting!" Ling Xia saw her, and immediately revealed a smile while heaving a sigh of relief in her mind.

"SIster Ling, did you bring them to attack my family?" Ting Ting's expression turned cold.

Ling Xia was startled, then immediately shook her head: "Of course not!"

Seeing Ting Ting's expression gradually softening, Ling Xia immediately explained: "This is Mister Meng Nan, I am accompanying him here today. Mister Meng Nan is the Continent Lord's noble guests, he hopes to visit the 5 families."

Ting Ting shook her head: "If Sister Ling is here as a guest, this younger sister will definitely welcome you. But for the other people, I am sorry, you are all not welcome here."

Ling Xia was speechless, she did not expect the outcome to be like that .

"I am the enemy of the Honorable Martial Continent."

The sudden voice and words caused Ting Ting to look up, a cold gaze erupting from her eyes. The Honorable Martial Continent! ~How does this man know the Honorable Martial Continent is our 5 Families' archnemesis?~

Tang Tian remained indifferent, and took out a few objects.

"I will have to trouble you to bring these to your various Family Heads. Whether or not you guys want to meet, I trust the various heads will have an idea. I will be waiting here."

Ting Ting subconsciously accepted the objects.

Upon seeing the objects, she was instantly stunned.

Chapter 647 – The Five Family Heads

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"What do you all say?" The one who spoke was an elderly man with a beard. He was Zhang Ying Ru, Family Head of the Zhangs. In his hand was a silver vase, holding it tightly as though he was afraid that the vase would fly away.

The 5 Family heads were in a hall, all of their expressions solemn. Although the 5 families were close like a family, but there was rarely a gathering of the 5 family heads.

"It is miraculous." Ye Feng Lie's eyes flickered with a light, he had a bold and powerful appearance, but in truth was a careful man, as he always had an opinion on everything. In his hand was a silver scale, it was extremely delicate and small, and what was surprising about it was the bizarre ripples it was releasing.

Ye Feng Lie closed his eyes, as though he was immersed in the wonderful ripple.

"If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would never believe that there would be a spirit object that is so compatible with me in this world, it is as though it was made right for me." Ye Feng Lie looked like he was drunk, yet his voice was as cold as ice.

Li Yue Tao was the only female out of the 5 Family heads, she spoke: "These spirit objects are completely different from the spirit objects of Sacred Saint Galaxy, and have some resemblance to the spirit objects of the Honorable Martial Continent."

In her hand was a small and delicate silver shield, on it was an engraving of a crab. She used her hand to go along the engravings of the shield, the energy ripple that seemed extremely faint, was resonating with the energy in her body.

"The Honorable Martial Continent?" Wei Da sneered; "Although the spirit objects of Honorable Martial Continent are hailed as the best in Sacred Saint Galaxy, but compared to these spirit objects, they are still lacking."

The 5 families and Honorable Martial Continent had fought for so many years, but they were not destroyed, and were long familiar with one another. Whatever methods the Honorable Martial Continent had, no one was as clear as them.

In Wei Da's hand was a silver bow, the Wei Family were experts in bow techniques, and upon landing in his hand, he became excited.

Yu Xian Zhi said slowly: "Look at the insignia on this, the Aries Yu Family, has been passed down for so many generations, this Aries insignia has never appeared at any other place before. The Aries Silver Spear, how can there be such coincidental things in the world."

He looked at the silver spear in front of him, his eyes filled with a cold glint.

Everyone quieted down. Why was the 13 Families being chased after Honorable Martial Continent? Other people may not know about it, but how could the people present not?

"Could it be that our 13 ancestors that went missing in the past, did not die, but found another place to spread the legacy?"

Zhang Ying Ru's voice trembled slightly, the legend of the past had been written in the records of the 13 families. This legend had never been proven, and the 13 families had spent immense effort, even sending people into the internal parts of Honorable Martial Continent, but all the information they had received was always vague, just like the legends.

Wei Da snorted: "If not, why would the assholes from the Honorable Martial Continent want us to die even after so many years? The Honorable Martial Continent is afraid of us receiving this information. Humph, the Honorable Martial Continent had miraculously broke through with their spirit research, most likely it is because of this."

Wei Da had profound attainments in the dao of the bow, yet he did not have the calmness of Sagittarius, he had a bad temper and harbored grudges, his personality like fire.

Everyone else nodded their heads, Wei Da's words coincided with what they thought.

"Could it be the Honorable Martial Continent's trap?" Li Yue Tao asked.

"The Continent Lord does not gain from it." Ye Feng Lie's clear and cold voice sounded out: "To casually gift 5 spirit objects, the Honorable Martial Continent is not so free and rich to do this."

Everyone else laughed, truly, no matter how generous the Honorable Martial Continent was, they would not gift out 5 exquisite spirit objects as bait.

"And we also need these to change our current situation."

Yu Xian Zhi slowed tone caused everyone to calm down. The recent situation of the Southern Islands have not been good.

"Then we shall take a look!" Zhang Ying Ru said: "Open the gate and welcome the noble guest!"

The other four family heads stood up at the same time.

Outside the Green Sea of Mist.

Richard could not resist but ask: "Boss, are we spending a bit too much for this?"

Ling Xia who stood by the side had a distressed expression.

The two of them were not worried about the Southern Island Five Families rejecting them at the door, but honestly, what kind of joke was Meng Nan playing at, five spirit objects, and they were extremely high grade spirit objects. Luckily, Xu Jin was not present, if not, his eyes would turn green. Richard had seen many spirit objects at his son's lab, they were all given by the boss for his son to research, but the grades of the five spirit objects were far superior to those that he had seen.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy was not Heaven's Road, spirit objects here were rare treasures, and for such high quality spirit objects, they could exchange them for cities.

But the spirit objects were not theirs, so the two of them could only feel envy and sadness.

Richard had long known of the boss' big gestures, but the amount paid out still shocked him.

Ling Xia only felt that the word "Rich Tyrant" had completely changed to a new meaning.

"Is it too much?" Tang Tian asked casually, his expression showing that he did not even care about what Richard said.

"Of course it is!" Richard immediately replied: "You can simply gift 1! Giving 5 of them, that's….that's truly….truly too extravagant!"

"Extravagant?" Tang Tian regained his senses: "It isn't, each family only has one."

Each family only has one…..

Tang Tian turned his head and looked at Wei Ting Ting: "Hey, are your family heads coming to meet me or not? If they are not, I'm leaving."

Tang Tian's tone was filled with impatience, it seemed as though he was extremely displeased with the current situation.

No one would feel that Tang Tian's displease was wrong, even Wei Ting Ting felt that he was right to be displeased.

"That's right!" Richard was the first to reinforce, and snorted: "Those 5 spirit objects can buy a continent! And a big continent at that, your side is acting too high and mighty already."

Ling Xia did not say a word, but the expression on her face also showed her displeasure towards the other party.

Wei Ting Ting was helpless about it, but just at that moment, she suddenly heard a voice coming out from the Green Sea of Mist, and she was instantly roused: "I welcome noble guests to the Southern Islands."

Rumble rumble rumble, the thunderous sound came out from the sea of green.

After the rumbling, countless of disciples shouted in unison.

"We welcome the noble guests!"

The clamors sounded out like a powerful current, the Green Sea of Mist behind Wei Ting Ting churned about restlessly, being split into two by an immense power, revealing a vast path of clouds that extended into the distance. The white clouds being placed between the dark Green Sea of Mist, made it look spotlessly white.

Disciples dressed in different colors arrived like running water, splitting and standing by the two sides of the path of clouds.

Five figures floated down from the sky, and landed on the path of clouds, their faces covered with smiles. Surprise flashed past their eyes, Tang Tian's age had definitely surprised them.

Zhang Ying Ru raised his white eyebrows, and laughed: "Noble guests you have waited long for us, my apologies my apologies!"

The other four maintained smiles and waved at Tang Tian.

Wei Ting TIng stared at the five family heads in front of her, her entire mind filled with shock. She had thought that the five family heads would agree for Tang Tian to enter the Southern Islands, but never thought that they would perform such a greeting. For the five family heads to appear at the same time to welcome the guest, with the disciples formed long rows beside the path of clouds, it was the biggest and most supreme welcoming gesture the Southern Islands has ever done.

~When was the last time this happened?~

Ever since she was born, she had never seen such a thing. Even when the Continent Lord had personally visited, they would definitely not do such a thing.

This guy…..

She instantly turned her head and looked at Tang Tian. She was quick witted and intelligent, although the five spirit objects were worth cities, but they were definitely not sufficient for the five elderlies to come out to greet him.

"Hello granny, hello four grandpas!"

Seeing the appearances of the five family heads, Tang Tian was slightly taken aback, he never thought that they would be so old, and he instantly shouted with manners, since he was still young, Tang Tian did not have to bear any burden. Tang Tian had always been extremely polite towards the elderly.

Standing by the side, Richard's expression froze on his face, in his eyes, his boss was a powerful and tyrannical man that could kill without blinking, and placed anywhere, he was a formidable person.

But the lovable youngster in front of him…..

Richard started to feel himself going deranged.

Ling Xia was equally dumbstruck, she thought she had heard wrongly, ~t-t-this……is this the tyrannical lord that killed countless of people, and fought all the way even when he was bleeding entirely?~

Shi Sen was stunned, Boss…….

Zhang Ying Ru and the other 4 family heads smiled even wider, they had never met Tang Tian before, and only felt that the child in front of them was lovable and polite, with one look they believed that he was brought up well. The 5 of them were all old, and they extremely loved children.
(TN: Tang Tian never grows old, or that this entire story takes place at an extremely fast pace, in a short span of a few years.) (DeAndreR: I'll go with a few short years since time isn't directly referenced)

The five families had long traditions with strict etiquettes, all of their younger generations and disciples were brought up under stringent rules, and as long as they saw the five elders, they would tremble with fear and acted carefully.

The instant Tang Tian greeted them, the five of them instantly became happy.

"Oh my, it is a young kid, how can the family be at ease letting you come out on your own?" Li Yue Tao was the first to be unable to hold back.

"Yes yes!"

"Come in come in, are you hungry, we made you wait so long…."

Seeing Tang Tian being surrounded by the old people, and his naive and harmless face, replying and talking to them obediently and adorably, Richard and the rest were petrified.

They had never thought that, their expressions would be a displeasure to the five elders.

"Truly, it was difficult for this young man to come out, they should had chosen brighter and smarter bodyguards, how dumb and stupid can the family be…."

"It's alright, we can replenish the ranks with our own people…."

~Dumb and stupid…..~

Shi sen, Richard and the rest wanted to vomit blood.

Instead, Tang Tian felt good, although he was not very bright, but his intuition was extremely sharp, he could feel the care and concern from the granny and grandpas, causing him to feel the warmth he had not felt in a long time.

This unfamiliar warmth made Tang Tian slightly absent-minded.

For the entire time, majority of it was his strong determination, his rage, his displease inner shoutings, his struggles, his battles. Unknowingly, he had gotten used to the nonstop fighting, gotten used to the intense danger, gotten used to the cold blade tips, gotten used to the blood stench and smell.

The sudden care and concern was like a trace of sunlight that punctured through the black clouds.

No matter how much or how less it was, warmth was still a cure for the heart.

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about his mother, his mother's gentle gaze, his mother's warm hands.

He thought about Ghost Claw, the quiet and stern figure that always cared and had expectations for him.

He felt his nose turning slightly sour, but he allowed his smile to blossom even more splendidly.

In the world, there was not only darkness and blood, not only open struggles and covert maneuvers, not only mutual deception, there was also light and warmth, the simple and honest care and concern, and the desire to take care of others.

Human relations could be as complicated as ten thousand strings interweaving, or as simple as one line.

Throwing away all thoughts of self interest, Tang Tian's smile became even more sincere.

What 12 Ecliptic Palaces, what benefits and disputes, at the moment, all those thoughts had been tossed unimaginably far away.

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