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Chapter 617 – I am the Important Figure!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian did not know that the Shang Continent was currently in a huge war, he was currently dressed impeccably, and kept on turning his head to look at himself.

"Are you sure I need to wear this?" Tang Tian felt restricted.

Han Sen replied with certainty: "Yes, Master! You must! Without question, you will become the most attractive main character in the banquet, etiquette is a must!"

Tang Tian looked at Han Sen's persevering look, and replied helplessly: "Alright, when entering the city, we must follow their local customs!"

"Master, it is when you enter a village, follow the local customs!" Han Sen corrected him, he was a sly person, but being a manager in the hotel for so long, he have become extremely good with etiquette.

"Don't you think city sounds more powerful? "Tang Tian refuted.

More powerful…..

Han Sen felt that quarreling with the Master over the phrasing was too dumb.

Ling Xia who was by the side was laughing till her stomach hurt.

"Alright." Han Sen sighed: "Master, please be extra careful, and remember you should not move too vigorously, move slowly, and be gentle."

Tang Tian replied loudly: "Relax relax, such a simple matter, to this godlike young lad, it is amateur hour."

"You can bring 20 bodyguards for protection." Ling Xia reiterated: "Of course, these guards will be unable to enter the garden, and can only stand guard outside."

"Then I won't need any." Tang Tian waved his hand.

The courtyard also required protection, in the recent days, there had been many suspicious characters lurking outside of the courtyard. If they were not careful and someone were to break in, that would be a messy matter, as it had to be said, just with Richard Jr.'s laboratory was not something that could be measured with money.

Ling Xia did not refute him: "Alright!"

She was not worried about Tang Tian's safety at all, throughout their journey, there would be the Ling Family bodyguards, and the banquet would be even more stringent, Meng Nan's personal strength was also extremely powerful, trying to fight him was definitely not an easy matter.

Seated inside the Ling Family's small boat, Tang Tian felt as if he was being tied and bundled up like glutinous rice, which was extremely uncomfortable. The smart black western suit, as compared to the clothes Tang Tian wore everyday was extremely different.

But opposite him, Ling Xia sat down with sparkles in her eyes, Tang Tian was tyrannical, yet his body size was not too big, on the contrary, he was very well proportioned. Usually there was not much to him, but upon wearing the suit, he had become exceptionally suave and looked heroic. Tang Tian's facial expressions were rather stiff, and if it were anybody else, it would be extremely awkward, but Tang Tian's had been so accustomed with setting off a killing intent, that it became an indescribable coolness.

"The people who created this suit should be speared to death." Tang Tian hated the suit, and used Little Xu Xu's favourite phrase.

"Actually, I think that it looks good on you." Ling Xia laughed: "At least you look handsome, it seems that you will attract a lot of people."

Tang Tian sat in place like a puppet, he was afraid that he would tear the suit. Han Sen had repeated again and again to him that the material for the suit was not sturdy. Tang Tian had already broken three pieces before he finally understood how fragile they were. It made another bad impression for him, it was sloppy work!

~Alright, since I have no other suits left to remedy this, I better not move.~

But when he heard what Ling Xia said, he said in disdain: "This type of farce, showing the face and eating, have always been Little Crane's or Magic Flute's matters, for this godlike young lad, I have always relied on my fists to talk."

In a blink of an eye he had already mocked Crane and Magic Flute, ~Why should you all be more good looking than me?~

Although Ling Xia did not know who Little Crane or Magic Flute was, but she could roughly guess how they were related, but she could not help but chide: "This is your first time going to such a thing, you must absolutely remember, no matter what kind of argument occurs, you cannot use your fists!"

"Then what do i use?" Tang Tian frowned: "I am not good with other weapons."

Ling Xia caressed her forehead, she suddenly thought that accompanying Tang Tian to the banquet might be a mistake. But the arrow had already left its bow, no matter what, she could not retreat.

"I mean not to use force." Ling Xia patiently explained: "There will be many important figures present, so we have to restrain ourselves a bit."

Tang Tian looked at Ling Xia, and spoke unhappily: "I am the important figure!"

Ling Xia became quiet, she did not know what to reply.

If she said that Tang Tian was not an important figure, Ling Xia suspected that he might do something stupid. To find trouble with the important figures to prove that he was one, she believed that he would do such a thing.

~Oh no, I cannot let him do such a thing!~

Ling Xia suddenly felt the pressure on her, and the heavy responsibility that was on her shoulders! Although she did not understand what her father and Eldest Young Noble saw in Meng Nan, but she knew the severity of the matter.

"That's right, you are an important figure!" Ling Xia spurted out the words, but felt like she wanted to puke. She refrained herself from doing so and portrayed a serious emotion: "But look, important figures are all about manners, about their bearings, even if anyone has hatred for each other, they maintain their calmness in the eyes to others. If with just speech, they show off their blades, that is just crude and disgusting behaviors!"

Ling Xia stopped, she noticed that Tang Tian was looking at her with a strange look, and asked: "What?"

Tang Tian asked with a look of suspicion: "Have you ever seen a real important and big figure?"

Ling Xia was startled.

Tang Tian felt that Ling Xia was talking complete nonsense, Lion King Lei Ang, Temple, The 12 Ecliptic Palaces, which one of them didn't brandish their weapons as long as things went sour? What maintain of calmness, Tang Tian had fought for so many years, he had never heard of such a thing.

"Do you know what is a big figure?" Tang Tian extended a finger, and scoffed: "A big figure is one who is elated to seek vengeance, they will not bring their hatred and pain through the night, if there are grievances, they must be avenged, even the smallest of grievances must be avenged greatly, if you cannot seek vengeance, you find vengeance!"

Ling Xia was stupefied.

"Think about it, all the important figures are all very powerful, why would such people tolerate or hold back?" Tang Tian had an arrogant look as he patted his chest: "When us big and important figures do things, whoever dares to provoke us, we will smash them down, kick them down, kill them down, killing the monkeys to warn the chickens!"

Ling Xia started to think, ~Yea, what he says is right, wait a minute, am I being brainwashed by him?~

Ling Xia subconsciously corrected him: "It is killing the chicken to warn the monkey."
(TN: It is a chinese idiom: to punish an individual to warn the others.)

"You have truly never seen an important and major figure." Tang Tian said happily: "How is killing the chicken to warn the monkey more powerful than killing the monkey to warn the chicken? If you kill the monkey, will the chicken ever dare to do anything?"

Ling Xia was once again speechless, the voice in her mind was screaming, ~Tthat is completely fallacious reasoning and harmful teachings! But should I refute him?~ Ling Xia suddenly realized that she did not know how to argue against that, causing her to be stumped.

~To be unable to beat a fool in reasoning…..~

~If he truly starts fighting because of some argument at the banquet…..~

Thinking about that scene, Ling Xia shuddered. ~No! I cannot let that happen!~ She took a breath, and regained her tranquility, she had decided, to fully lock him down by her side, to prevent all of the unprecedented things from happening.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" Tang Tian asked innocently.

Ling Xia had already decided. When at the banquet, she will not leave an inch away from him.

"Welcome, Mister Meng!"

Manager Qu of the Continent Lords manor greeted respectfully, he knew that the extremely young man in front of him was a vicious character, so he had maintained a smile on his face, and praised: "Mister Meng's glory will definitely surprise everyone tonight, I wonder how many hearts would Mister Meng attract tonight."

Although he did not planned to put up a farce, but to be praised suave and glorious, Tang Tian felt extremely pleased, the qualities of a fool immediately came up, he started to exhibit a weird posture in front of the manager: "Is that so? I am very handsome right!"

Oh, my god!

Ling Xia so badly wanted to find a hole to hide herself in.

The servant nearby could not resist and chuckled. Manager Qu's eyes flashed a strange look, but very quickly he regained his smile: "I believe everyone will be reintroduced to Mister Meng tonight. Two esteemed guests, please!"

It was an outdoor banquet.

The night sky had just risen, it was the early evening with lanterns that lit the lawn and pavilions, buildings, and fountains. There was food and drinks everywhere, and servants in uniform going around.

The main gathering place was a vast lawn with many tables and chairs placed down under the bright lanterns, which made the place as bright as daytime. At the moment, many people had arrived, and they were in groups of three to fives, all holding wine glasses in their hands, talking and laughing.

The moment Tang Tian appeared, there was a brief silence.

But very quickly, everyone realized that they had lost themselves in that moment, and immediately started to talk loudly to cover their awkwardness, but as everyone started to talk loudly, it became even more rowdy, and everyone were once again frightened.

"Is that the rich man with the name of Meng?"

"Yes, that's him! If not for him, the market will not be so chaotic now!"

"Where does he get all his money from?"

"Too ruthless!"

The discussions around were all filled with fear and caution. On the contrary, the discussion among the ladies were much better. Although Tang Tian was not the most handsome person, but his well proportioned body and the aura he gave off made him extremely dazzling amongst the group of big bellied officials.

Tang Tian saw the table of food and his eyes immediately lit up. Without hesitating, he sat down and started to wolf down the food.

Countless of looks came from around him, Tang Tian's behavior of eating and table manners, in their eyes, was a display of bad etiquette.

Ling Xia was in an uncomfortable situation, she was born from an aristocratic family, and it was almost instinct for her to abide by proper table manners and etiquette. Under the scrutiny of everyone, for Tang Tian to be so unruly, adding the looks of despise and disdain, the mocking gazes, her face quickly flushed red.

Tang Tian did not care.

Compared to the people, the food in front of him were worth more attention to.

When the Continent Lord and Lady Rou walked in, what welcomed them was the scene. The Continent Lord revealed a look of disdain, while Lady Rou who was beside him, other than a look of surprise, her face did not have much change.

Ling Xia turned pale with fright, and immediately nudged Tang Tian.

Tang Tian's mouth was stuffed with butter cakes, he looked at Ling Xia, not knowing what was going on.

~This is my first time tasting such good food…..~

Ling Xia nodded her head towards the Continent Lord's direction. Tang Tian followed her gaze, and realized. He nodded his head.

Ling Xia heaved a sigh of relief and immediately got up, prepared to bring Tang Tian up to greet the Continent Lord.

After a moment, she realized that there were no movements behind her. ~What is he doing?~ Ling Xia was annoyed. She turned her head, but was stupefied.

Tang Tian was still busy eating.



Two roars came out at the same time, scaring Ling Xia. She turned her head, and when she saw the two person who roared, her face immediately turned pale white.

Tang Tian who was focused on eating was not in time to defend, his hand trembled, and half the cake dropped on the ground. He looked at the cake on the grass.

His face immediately turned gloomy.

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