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Chapter 605

Chapter 605 – Why are You Chasing Me?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The silk pants were completely shocked by Tang Tian’s crazy performance.

He had suddenly turned directions and shot forward, and when the distance between him and Big Sister was around 3m, he deviated to the side, using the afterimage to confuse Big Sister, and Big Sister who lost control struck into a wooden house.

Oh my god, how is that possible…..

The silk pants could not believe their eyes, in that instant, the performance was too inconceivable. That sudden stop that completely violated common sense, and erupting full force in the other direction, and in that moment right before clashing with the other party, that perfect 90 degrees deviation, and with that, the afterimage that was conjured without any technique. And the conjured afterimage instantly became alive for the moment of impact.

So powerful!

An expert!

Everyone was even more shocked to see that Big Sister was at the disadvantage! Seeing that she had her energy barrier up and clashed into the wooden house energy barrier, their faces turned pale.

That is Big Sister, the Big Sister that can roam in the silk pants world, no one has ever seen Big Sister suffer so much before.

Who is that person?

That was the question that popped into everyone’s mind at the same time.

Ling Xia wavered as she stabilized herself, although she had the protection of the energy barrier, she had suffered greatly from that clash. Only after about 10 seconds did she finally come to her senses.

Ling Xia’s face flushed red suddenly.

I was fooled!

I was actually fooled by the most ordinary afterimage! Asshole!

She clenched her fists involuntarily, her veins protruding out, her formidable and valiant look was brimming with anger. She rushed towards the alley that the other party had rushed into previously and looked around, Where is he?

The clustered wooden houses outside of the city caused people to have to go around them. It was like a vast colorful labyrinth, and people could easily get lost in it. The complicated topography made it look like a heaven for sin, it was easy to break away from tailing, and sudden ambush and assassinations.


Just at that moment, the metal plate on her body trembled, she imbued energy into it, causing it to light up with a gentle light aura, and a familiar sound came out.

“Big Sister, head west! That person is behind the seventh house at your west!”

Tang Tian was like an agile fish, moving between the complicated roads between the houses. Thinking about how he had successfully pulled a fast one on the opponent, Tang Tian was extremely pleased. Want to fight with this young lad? No way!

He inquisitively swept through the various weird looking houses, all of them had signboards hung at their door, with their scope of business and their various goods written on it.

Every wooden house was a family store, and by a look, there were so many of them, there’re so many family businesses here, Tang Tian was inwardly speechless.

He was prepared to go into one to take a look, but from the corner of his eyes, he saw a red light.

Isn’t that the crazy woman who was rushing at me before.

Tang Tian was shocked, and without thinking, he sprinted off.

The terrain of the place was perfect for escaping, Tang Tian’s Adaptive Eclipse did not release any energy undulations, and was specialized for changing directions, so he was like a slippery fish, turning here and there between houses, in a blink of an eye, he had shook off the pursuer again.

Tang Tian relaxed o

nce again, regaining the satisfied and leisure look. You want to fight with this brother, still too inexperienced!

In a blink of an eye he had thrown the matter to the back of his hand, this is just a minor episode on a normal day. And he did not care about such brief minor episodes.

Ling Xia did not expect that the other party would be so slippery, and had once again lost traces of him. But, she had arrangements made already, and her plate sounded out again.

“Big sister, he is 100m to your right, at the entrance of Old Lin’s shop!”

Another silk pants had caught Tang Tian’s position.

Without saying a word, she turned and flew to the right, she was a local of White Sands, and had played hide and seek since young, so she was extremely familiar with all the shops.

His figure once again appeared in her vision.

This time she did not raise her speed, but quietly approached him, but Tang Tian’s intuition was much stronger than she had imagined. When she was 30m away from him, Tang Tian noticed her.

Tang Tian was shocked, and once again turned tail and ran.

Ling Xia clenched her teeth, and without hesitation she raised her speed and gave chase.

The other party’s flight method is extremely strange, and goes against the problem of turning, It is extremely strange and yet so fast. In a blink of an eye, Ling Xia had lost sight of him again.

The metal plate on her body buzzed again, and Tang Tian’s location was revealed again.
Ling Xia’s mouth revealed a confident smile, all of those excited silk pants were being used by her as scouts, separated into all the different corners of the area. No matter where Tang Tian went, he was unable to escape from the vast net.

With a move, she disappeared once again.

Both parties began an unrelenting chase around the clustered wooden houses. Every time Tang Tian successfully shook her off, she would suddenly come back again.

Is this woman crazy!

I didn’t do anything to her, why is she being so clingy.

Tang Tian felt that it was unreasonable, Is she looking to fight? He was lazy to run anymore, since it would be no end, fighting would still be easier and quicker.

Wait a minute, he suddenly realised, why am i even running? He smacked his forehead.

He stood there, and waited for her to appear.

The fiery light suddenly lit up the valley in front of him. Tang Tian’s expression turned cold, and waited for the opponent to rush over.
The anger in Ling Xia’s mind had dropped by half, she had to admit, without the help of her companions, she would not be able to catch up to him. This seemingly young fellow has extremely high attainments to escaping. People with true strength naturally would earn the respect of others.

She was already thinking about who he was. The bizarre way of flying, it was reasonable to say that it had outstanding characteristics, but no matter how she racked her brains, she could not think of who he was.

Suddenly from the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure.

He was not trying to run, but quietly floated in the sky.

She had lost her sight on him!

Ling Xia’s expression changed, she suddenly realized that her very actions were a taboo. She was about to open her mouth, when a figure appeared in front of her, before she could even say a word, she could only act to resist.


A fist smashed onto her energy barrier, the energy barrier immediately shattered into dust.

Ling Xia’s face completely changed, He has killing intent!

Her reaction was extremely fast, she knew whatever she said was too late, and it was more important to ward off his attacks.

A strand of fiery light suddenly lit up, and like a fire snake, it pounced towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian snorted, he struck the ray of fire light, the Null Flame coiling around it, causing the fiery light to extinguish as though water was poured onto it,.

Ling Xia’s spirit dropped, she knew she had kicked the wrong board this time.

When Tang Tian had made a move against Ling Xia, the silk pants were all startled, and then started laughing. Is he trying to fight with Big Sister?

To them, the person was like a rat, and had no other capabilities other than running. In terms of crossing swords, how can he be an opponent for Big Sister? In their eyes, the entire operation was like a game show and was extremely pleasurable.

But when Tang Tian broke Ling Xia’s energy barrier with one punch, the faces of all the silk pants changed. Every single one of them were people with experience, fighting and brawling were as common as rice, whether or not he had skills, they could tell with one look.

The few silk pants who were closest immediately rushed towards the two of them. No matter what, we cannot let Big Sister be injured.

Tang Tian who had never been the most patient person was completely annoyed. Maybe other people might hold back as Ling Xia was a female, but in Tang Tian’s eyes, there were never a difference between a male and female.

A woman is weak? What joke are you making! When Qian Hui was in Andrew Academy, she had beaten up so many men!

And women who dared to stir trouble were all difficult to deal with.

Tang Tian released his fists and legs without mercy.

Ling Xia’s entire body was caught up in the series of attacks, the frequency of attacks released by Tang Tian was too high, and she could not catch up at all. In the violent bursts of attack, she was unable to even catch a breath, her mind was in a blank, and all she could do was defend.

Bang bang bang!

The other party’s fists were heavy and strong, far more than what she had expected, she kept on raising her energy barriers, but under the steel fists, her energy barriers were as weak as paper. What made Ling Xia even fearful was the lingering grey flames around his fists, it was an unknown grey flames, releasing an aura that caused her heart to feel extreme fear, regardless of what powerful energy was used, as long as it was struck by those grey flames, the energy would be extinguished.

Soon after, Ling Xia’s heart and mind was overwhelmed by the strong sense of fear, she regretted her rash actions.

“Big Sister!”

“We’re here!”

Ling Xia’s state of mind was roused, a few figures had pounced towards Tang Tian.

Trying to gang up on me?

Tang Tian’s eyes turned serious.

Golden Hair’s eyes dazzled, and a figure appeared like a ghost. He shook, and immediately summoned his energy barrier.

He felt like a heavy sledge hammer had struck him, his energy barrier had instantly shattered, it was unable to withstand the power of the force. Golden Hair flew out like a sprinting beast!

Without stopping, Tang Tian tiptoed, extending his body outwards while bending forward, he formed a handsome long arc, and coincidentally stopped a fatty’s path.

Retracting his waist, his legs were like whip as he suddenly released his legs.


The energy barrier shattered like rain, and another figure flew out.

Relying on the momentum, Tang Tian continued to move, and appeared behind Ling Xia, and another fist came forward!

Ling Xia who felt that she just had the chance to breathe, in that helplessness, could only defend with all her might, sparks flew everywhere, her body was jolted, and unable to control her body, she moved forward by two steps.

But Tang Tian had already completed a turn and blocked off the reinforcements from the other side, his fists sent another flying one.

Pa pa pa, the light yet consecutive exploding sounds were like battle drums sounding out.

Tang Tian was like a never ending lightning bolt shooting back and forth, spinning around Ling Xia’s surrounding at astonishing speed, shooting unrelentlessly. Not one person was able to break through his line, it was as though anyone who tried to approach would get flung away.

An inescapable net.

The phrase appeared in the minds of the citizens who had noticed the hoorah in the air.

Ling Xia was like a bird caught in a cage, regardless of how much she struggled, she could not escape.

One after another, a consecutive number of people were beaten down, which followed with exploding sounds and cries, but by relying on himself, this trap that the young man had made was silent.

Who is this person?

One man against so many of us, yet he is unable to fall!

Her slender snow white neck was grabbed by a hand.

The hand that was like steel claws, made Ling Xia feel the back of her neck tensing up, the intense choking feeling caused her mind to go blank.

“Why are you chasing ?”

The young man’s voice was extremely stern.

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