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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
Chapter 364: Immediate Needs (1)

Of course, he wasn’t waiting for Chu Lian.

Although the Chu Lian of his lifetime seemed to be a whole other person from the previous one, He Sanlang’s feelings for her were growing the more he interacted with her.

However, He Changdi had never thought that Chu Lian might have a solution for the border troops’ situation. In his eyes, as clever and cunning as Chu Lian was, she wasn’t so capable as to share in the burden of helping the border troops.

Although he only had a rough understanding of what had happened in this war from his previous life, since had already managed to cheat death once, he wouldn’t be so silly as to sit and wait for his second death.

Once he saw the border troops’ situation for himself, he had still sighed in worry. He understood that his preparations were far from enough. It might still be able to help the border troops out of trouble momentarily, but it wouldn’t be able to treat the root of their problems.

It hadn’t been that long since He Changdi had come to the border, so it was already pretty impressive that he had been able to take some preemptive measures.

“Captain, it looks like there’s someone over there!”

He Changdi’s thoughts were pulled back into reality by the guards on duty. His gaze lifted and focused on the swirling snow in the distance.

The wind-propelled snow blocked most of his vision, but he could still make out the vague outline of a party of men and horses.

He Changdi’s eyes shone with life and the eternal ice that covered his face seemed to have melted a little. He signalled the soldiers up on the watch tower and strode towards the tower himself. When he reached the foot of the tower, he shouted for his personal guards and mounted his horse. In a short moment, he was already leading his soldiers out of the main camp and sprinting towards the barely visible group of people in front.

The guards on the watch tower waved a small red flag and made a few signals towards the camp. The soldiers on patrol immediately informed their leaders, rousing the camp. Barely a few moments later, a few hundred people had charged out of the camp, hot on the heels of He Sanlang.

Before he had even reached the group of men and horses in the snow, He Changdi leaped from his horse, making a somersault before landing soundly right in front of the leader of the party.

It was only after they had drawn close that He Changdi’s guards finally saw that it was a merchant caravan they were facing. They formed a long line of men with twenty or more carriages following behind. The carriages were clearly used for transport and loaded down with goods.

The guards’ eyes lit up the moment they realised what the caravan was transporting. They couldn’t resist gulping down some drool. This… this carriage couldn’t possibly be transporting… food?

They hadn’t been to eat their fill for many days by now.

The leader of the caravan was seated at the front of the first carriage. He was completely wrapped up in a fur cloak, topped off with a fur hat, such that only his eyes could be seen.

By this time, his gaze had also landed on He Sanlang. He stumbled off the carriage and almost fell into the slow. With staggering steps, he ran towards He Changdi and made it in front of him in just two strides.

He immediately kneeled down without caring for the calf-deep snow and broke out into loud wails, “Third Young Master, this servant has finally returned! This servant hasn’t failed you!”

Laiyue’s voice was all hoarse and even the skin on his face had cracked up from the harsh winds.

He completely disregarded his image and sobbed his heart out with his snot and tears flowing out freely, making an absolutely pitiful picture.

He Changdi felt that his manservant was being ridiculous, but his heart was filled with warmth. He hadn’t trusted the wrong person in this lifetime.

“Alright, alright. Get up. Don’t tell me you’re planning to sleep overnight on the snow here?” While He Sanlang spoke in his usual cold one, everyone could sense the caring in his words.

Laiyue immediately scrambled up from the ground. He roughly brushed away the tears left on his face before pulling down the fur hood wrapped around his neck. It was only then that He Sanlang could finally see his manservant’s face.

After so many months apart, Laiyue’s originally chubby face had slimmed down entirely. Right now, there were traces of maturity showing on his face.

However, with his disheveled stubble, dry and cracked lips, as well as frost-reddened skin, he didn’t make for a pretty picture. His heart had been in his throat for the whole journey here to the north with the supply caravan. Now that he had finally accomplished this mission, it was as if a burden had lifted from his heart. He smiled like a silly fool at He Changdi.

As for He Changdi’s guards, when they heard what their captain and the wretched-looking man before them had said, their jaws dropped in shock.

Despite his appearance, the leader of the caravan was one of their captain’s subordinates?

Didn’t that mean that all of the supplies in this caravan were meant for the border camp?

The guards couldn’t hide their joy at all.

The winds were harsh and snow was beating on their faces. It was cold and painful, but the hearts of the soldiers were brimming with warmth.

He Changdi gave out straightforward orders and had his personal guards take over the supply caravan that Laiyue had brought. He told Laiyue to get on a horse and follow him back to the main camp to report the good news first.

Laiyue knew that time was of the essence, so he gathered up the last of his strength. On the way back to the camp, he explained everything he had done to He Changdi.

“Third Young Master, this servant followed your orders and bought supplies near the Yueqin Mountains. Even after two months, this servant was only able to gather up 200,000kg of food. When we were crossing the border into Liangzhou, we were attacked by barbarians and we lost around 20,000kg of our supplies. Taking away the supplies we used on the journey here, we only had 150,000kg worth left by the time we came to the heart of Liangzhou.”

150,000kg of food! If they went by the normal amount of army rations, it would only be enough to feed fifty thousand troops for six to seven days. Even in these extreme circumstances, it wouldn’t last more than ten days.

The border troops were already running out of supplies. This 150,000kg of food could only buy them a few more days, they were still treading very close to danger!

He had to find another way!

He Changdi’s hands curled up into fists so tight that he almost snapped his reins!

He gazed at the camp in the distance with unreadable eyes and a resolute expression, cheering himself on in his heart.

He was no longer the He Changdi of the past. He was going to find a way to get the border troops out of this crisis!

The current snowstorm was likely to last for another month. They had to survive this month somehow and mount a counterattack to take down the Tuhuns once and for all!

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