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Chapter 984

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"But you still kept the lookout for them," Chu Yang said smilingly as he touched his nose .

"I did this for Chuchen! Do you think I would do this for Meng Geyin?" Ling Hanwu almost jumped up in rage and stared at Chu Yang . "Your teacher and you have similar awful mouths!"

"That's to say, both of them have already met . " Chu Yang felt a bit more at ease .

Ling Hanwu said furiously, "Nonsense!"

"Then what about them now?" Chu Yang said, "Are they still together?"

"Still together?" Ling Hanwu was even more furious . "It's already good that they've met each other once . Do you still want them to live together?"

"Meng Geyin has already pissed off, and I don't know where he has gone to; While Ye Chuchen has already gone back home!" Ling Hanwu clearly didn't want to talk about this topic further . Talking about Meng Geyin and Ye Chuchen being together was just like a knife stabbed into his heart .

"That's to say, are they alright? Weren't they discovered by anyone else?" Chu Yang's face beamed in relief .

"Nonsense! What else could possibly happen when I kept the watch for them?" Ling Hanwu almost vomited out blood .

"No wonder . " Chu Yang nodded .

"That bastard Meng Geyin's cultivation and family background aren't as good as mine . He also doesn't look as handsome and elegant as me . But why is he more eye-catching to women than me?!" Ling Hanwu said in utter misery, "I haven't figured this out even after thinking about this for 20 years!"

Chu Yang said sympathetically, "I also don't understand… So you're a bachelor… till now?"

Ling Hanwu's face started to become distorted . "What do you mean by this? Please be more polite! I'm unmarried and keeping myself as pure as jade for the sake of my own love!"

"Then you're still a bachelor," Chu Yang flipped his eyes and muttered softly .

Ling Hanwu rolled his eyes and changed the subject . "Kid, you're going to the Medicine Banquet this time? I heard that you're a doctor? And you're the candidate of Han Xiaoran from the South-East region?"

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Chu Yang nodded arrogantly and said, "I've promised Law-Enforcement Master Han to become the champion in the Medicine Banquet this time around!"

Ling Hanwu's face started to turn ugly . "Become the champion?"

Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, "A piece of cake for me!"

Ling Hanwu stared at Chu Yang, his eyes as wide as bells . From Ling Hanwu's looks, it seemed as if he was going to swallow Chu Yang up in one gulp . He wanted to get the champion, and it's actually still… a piece of cake?

"You have good guts!" Ling Hanwu nodded heavily . "Your teacher is right! You indeed have very good guts!"

Chu Yang laughed and said, "Honestly speaking, those doctors from the nine big clans here are good-for-nothing in my eyes . I don't have 100% confidence in succeeding those garbage, but I have at least 90% confidence that I can outperform them . "

Ling Hanwu's face started to turn purple . "Good-for-nothing? Garbage?"

Chu Yang smiled arrogantly and said, "I've gone a bit extreme in mentioning them this way . But, it's indeed not far away from the fact . From my estimation, my main opponent is the high priest from the Medicine Valley, or…"

As he said till here, Chu Yang inspected the Ling clan's troop . Every one among them was wearing the same clothing, and he really couldn't see which one is the doctor . Chu Yang asked, "Uncle, which one is the Ling clan's doctor?"

Ling Hanwu started smiling from rage . "Our Ling clan's doctor? That good-for-nothing? That garbage-like fellow?"

Chu Yang laughed . "Uncle, what are you talking about? Although the other doctors definitely can't be compared to me, they still can be comparable to me in ordinary circumstances . "

Ling Hanwu shut his eyes . Taking two deep breaths, he opened his eyes, pointed a finger to his own nose and said, "That good-for-nothing in the Ling clan is me!"

Chu Yang instantly opened his mouth agape .

"I'm that good-for-nothing!" Ling Hanwu roared!

This sentence was said a little too loudly, and instantly everyone heard Ling Hanwu's words . Everyone became silent, and pairs of doubtful eyes all looked towards his direction .

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They really didn't know what this second master was up to . He actually openly said himself as a good-for-nothing!

Zi Xieqing, who's talking with Ling Hanxue, couldn't help but burst into laughter . With her cultivation, she naturally had heard the conversation between Chu Yang and Ling Hanwu clearly .

Chu Yang was extremely awkward, and he forced out two laughs . "It turns out that it's you… *Cough* Uncle, you're really knowledgeable and versatile…"

Ling Hanwu stared back . "I'm a good-for-nothing . How can I be said to be knowledgeable?"

Chu Yang forced out a laugh again . "Actually… Although it's autumn now, it's still very hot . Haha… Uncle, your Ling clan has come really early this time… You've come here exactly half a year in advance?"

Ling Hanwu gasped a few breaths and couldn't help but start to laugh . "F**k your teacher! You're much more cunning than your teacher . "

Chu Yang smiled sheepishly and said, "As the saying goes… the student shall surpass his teacher . "

Ling Hanwu shook his head and couldn't help laughing . "A good person can also get sick from speaking with you… Well, we shan't talk about this matter . I naturally have my own purpose for coming here early . "

A thought flashed across Chu Yang's mind . "My teacher's wife is also coming?"

Ling Hanwu said in rage, "F**k off! They're still not married! For now, you can only call her… Miss Ye!"

Chu Yang readily accepted Ling Hanwu's advice and said, "Urgh, Miss Ye is also coming?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Ling Hanwu still hadn't ceased his anger . "Of course! Otherwise, why would I be in such a hurry to come here?"

"Then my teacher will definitely be coming here privately . " Chu Yang started to become excited . Thinking that he hadn't seen his teacher for already a long time, Chu Yang couldn't help but miss his teacher .

But Ling Hanwu became immersed in his past again . He muttered, "I always watched the snow with Chuchen when we were young . She likes snow, and so do I… After I've grown up, my biggest wish is to quietly watch a snowfall with her, for just the two of us… Unfortunately, until today, this wish has remained unfulfilled . "

"I don't care about the Medicine Banquet or the fame of becoming the number one doctor at all; I only want to make use of this opportunity to fulfill this wish of mine . Even if we could only stand together or don't speak a word to each other, or even if we have to separate and go back home after the snow… I'll also feel satisfied . "

Ling Hanwu said sadly .

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Chu Yang quietened down .

At this moment, he really didn't know what to say . This fellow really deserved to be kicked off as he was still casting covetous eyes on the potential wife of Chu Yang's teacher . But, at this moment, Chu Yang only felt sourness in his heart .

The only wish of this man, who's infatuated in love, was to watch a fall of snow with the person that he loved!

Along with the galloping sounds of horses, the road was cast behind .

"What exactly is the Medicine Banquet?" Chu Yang asked .

"The Medicine Banquet… is a great event in the Nine Heavens!" Ling Hanwu said, "It's only carried out once in a millennium . And, it has a cycle of 10,000 years . For every 10,000 years, the Medicine Banquet will be only carried out nine times; one time for each of the nine big clans . "

In the Medicine Banquet, every big clan will bring along as many elixirs that they could find to participate in the banquet, and refine 10,000 different elixirs into a special piece of Heaven-Nourishing Jade . Then, the Dharma Supreme, together with eight Supreme Martial Artists, shall fill this piece of jade into the affected area of the Nine Heavens, so as to stabilize the Nine Heavens . "

"This is a relatively holy banquet . Although it has gradually become a little profit-seeking for these years, its purpose ultimately remains the same . "

Chu Yang nodded silently . "I see . Then what's the benefit of becoming a champion in the Medicine Banquet?"

"There's not much benefit, only that the champion will gain the reputation as the number one doctor in the world; and, one small piece of the refined Heaven-Nourishing Jade will be given to the champion . Other than that, the champion can also pick any 10 kinds of elixirs that are present in the Medicine Banquet! Of course, the most important thing is… this champion can receive the privilege of being the guest of the law-enforcement officers!"

"The status of a law-enforcement officers' guest is equivalent to that of the nine big law-enforcement masters . Even among the law-enforcement officers, the guest will also receive extremely great honor . With such an identity, it's sufficient for him to traverse the Nine Heavens freely . "

Ling Hanwu sighed a little bleakly . "But all these are of no use to me . "

Chu Yang nodded silently and thought over these things . The effects of Heaven-Nourishing Jade was indeed extraordinary . Taking 10 elixirs at random was also quite a great lure . All these things were great supplements for the Nine Tribulations Sword! As for the guest of law-enforcement officers… this should be the biggest hope that Han Xiaoran had placed on him?

If Chu Yang became the guest of the law-enforcement officers, Han Xiaoran would be more convenient in his purge .

After all, nobody in the world would want to offend the number one doctor; who knows if they had to consult the doctor one day? As for being the law-enforcement officers' guest, that's an even more respected identity…

Ling Hanwu muttered, "If one can create medicine that allows a woman to love a man wholeheartedly… I'll be willing to sacrifice my life just so as to get the champion… Alas…"

Chu Yang sighed .

Being infatuated in love was a very pitiful thing, especially when one loved the other, but the other didn't .

Ling Hanwu was a young master of one of the nine dominating clans . Regardless of his looks, talents, virtues, cultivation and family background, they're all impeccable! But, it's just that he had fallen in love with Ye Chuchen, who didn't love him!

This could be said as a kind of grief .

"As a doctor, when you enter the preliminary round of the Medicine Banquet, you must prepare an elixir," Ling Hanwu recovered from his thoughts and said, "What elixir have you prepared? The Medicine Valley is in charge of this round and they're extremely strict . One won't get past this round if he brings only normal elixirs . "

"There's such a thing?" Chu Yang asked humbly, "Uncle, what elixir have you prepared?"

Ling Hanwu said, "I've prepared it randomly . It's an 8,000-year-old Goodwill Lotus . Although it's not considered particularly good, it's more than sufficient for me to go through the preliminary round . How about you?"

Chu Yang murmured, "I only found out this just now . I haven't thought about what I should use . "

Ling Hanwu said angrily, "Han Xiaoran was so irresponsible! He actually didn't prepare it for you!" As he said, he sighed, then continued to say, "It's no wonder too . Han Xiaoran was upright and didn't engage in any bribery for all these years . He might just be poor and couldn't take out anything good… Well, I shall prepare one for you . "

Chu Yang said, "Thank you so much, uncle . But I have some elixirs with me . I shan't trouble you . "

Ling Hanwu glanced a helpless look at Chu Yang and said, "Alright . If the elixir isn't good enough, I'll change it for you . " He thought: Young people are thick-skinned . I'll just prepare one more elixir for him .

In the Zhuge clan .

Diwu Qingrou was elegantly trimming a sweet osmanthus .

Rushed knocking sounds of the door sounded from outside . "Qingrou! Are you inside? I'm Qingyun . I've something important to discuss with you! Something big has happened!"

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