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Chapter 967

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Hong Wuliang's haggard face started to become distorted . Looking at the painful expression of his apprentice, he finally turned away . But then, he abruptly turned back again . "Wuyan, you're very good . You want to turn against your teacher for just a woman? And in this life and death moment?!"

Wei Wuyan gritted his teeth and said, "Is it just a woman? Is it just a woman? It's my wife! My child!! From your mouth, is it just a woman?"

Hong Wuliang said coldly, "Wei Wuyan, when you had nowhere else to go that year, I received you as my apprentice and nurtured you to the best of my ability, and I imparted all my martial knowledge to you . Have I ever asked you to repay me?"

"From a boy who knew nothing, I nurtured you to become a man with such cultivation today, and let you be a renowned man in the world! Have I asked you to repay me?"

"I traveled long distances around the world and endured many hardships, just so as to search elixirs for you and clean your meridians, laying the foundations for your cultivation . Have I ever asked you to repay me?"

"I'm injured and need purple crystals to cure my illness, and you're also quite filial . This has made me feel very comforted, thinking that I didn't see you wrongly . But what about you?!"

The more he said, the more he felt that he had sacrificed a lot . Suddenly, he said boldly, "What did you do? You married a wife and actually forgot about your teacher . There're several times that you almost cut off your supply of purple crystals! You only cared about your own happiness, and abandoned me within these barren mountains! If I let them continue to live, wouldn't I be killed alive by them?"

Hong Wuliang said evilly, "If I didn't kill them, would I have to wait for myself to die of my own injuries?"

Wei Wuyan looked blankly at his own teacher . At this moment, he felt this person was so unfamiliar and sinister!

He muttered, "Teacher, do you know, on the day my child was just one month old, I told E'er that wait till the child was one year old, we'll both send him here, and let you teach a grand-apprentice… Our whole family should be with you together to serve you and let you enjoy the rest of your years… I would also be assured if E'er was here, and I could go out to earn purple crystals, and come back occasionally to have a family reunion…"

Wei Wuyan's tears fell down his eyes like raindrops . "For a countless number of times, I fantasized how happy we would be for three generations of us to be gathered together at one home . I even imagined you lovingly shielding my naughty child, not letting me beat him…"

"I imagined everything… and E'er also agreed . From then on, our roots and our family would be here . With my wife and my child at your side, I would be relieved; and you would also not be lonely…"

"My child was only one month old then . E'er and I worried that our child couldn't stand the hardship of living in the cave, so we lived outside temporary… and waited for our child to be one year old . I didn't tell you about this because I wanted to give you a surprise… I didn't expect, didn't expect… that this surprise has instead become a bolt from the blue… Hahaha… I'm really regretful… I'm really regretful…"

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Wei Wuyan's tears streamed down his face . His heart was torn by grief .

Hong Wuliang abruptly opened his mouth agape and staggered three steps back . "Are you… you… saying the truth?"

Wei Wuyan finally broke out . "I didn't lie to you my whole life . Why should I lie to you now? Do you know? E'er didn't die in peace when you killed her! Do you know, she had no time to even have any resentment! In her eyes, there's only disbelief! Only disbelief!"

"Why did she not believe? Because she simply didn't think of you killing her! She didn't even dream that the person who killed her was the teacher that her husband respected the most and was the most filial to!"

"You killed her so brutally! Are you still a human?! Are you still a human?" Wei Wuyan roared!

Hong Wuliang staggered two steps back restlessly . He said dispiritedly, "Is this the case?…"

Wei Wuyan laughed shrilly and muttered, "Ridiculous, ridiculous, really ridiculous… Hahaha… This world is indeed so ridiculous! Hahaha…"

As he laughed, he spurted out blood from his mouth . He had suffered from serious injuries and coupled with his agitated emotions, he had turned insane . Although the blood was provoked out of his heart, he completely ignored this and allowed the blood to spurt out from his mouth, drop by drop .

Wei Wuyan laughed for a long time before his knees finally fell onto the ground . With his forehead on the ground, he cried aloud, then laughed occasionally, as if he had already turned crazy .

"E'er, Xiaozhan… My wife, my son! I've already found our enemy who has killed you… I've found him, hahaha…"

"Is this funny? Do you feel that this is funny?" Wei Wuyan slammed his forehead heavily on the ground . His aggrieved heart was almost going to tear apart . "As I swear in front of your coffins that I'll revenge for you, but as I turn around, I've come in front of your enemy, inquiring after his well-being, and being filial to him, and at the same time, risking my life to help your enemy earn purple crystals…"

"You just look at me underground, seeing how stupid I am of being whirled around by our enemy and risking my life countless times for his sake…"

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"Do you feel sad underground? Do you feel helpless? Angry?"

"Isn't this the greatest sorrow in life? You died in his hands, and he killed my wife and son! Killed my happiness, cut off my hopes, and ended the posterity of my Wei family! But I actually risked my life to serve him for more than 600 years?"

"My wife didn't die in peace! My child was mushed by him! Did you see? Did you see? Who would dare to recognize that the mush was my child? That's actually my child! He's actually killed by my teacher!!"

"And I, and I… I actually lived like this… for more than 600 years!!"

"Am I still a human? Am I still a human?" Wei Wuyan asked as he abruptly raised his head, looked up and howled . He looked horrible . His forehead was now full of blood . The corners of his eyes were already broken, and blood constantly flowed out of them .

Ye Anran and the other two looked at Hong Wuliang in disdain .

Not everyone was considered a good person . But it was the first time that they saw someone who killed the wife and child of his apprentice, and cut off all the distracting thoughts that his apprentice had so that his apprentice could work for him .

What's more, all these were created by him alone!

Take for an instance, you only needed one purple crystal a day, but you just wanted two . So you forced your apprentice to risk his life to earn these purple crystals for you, while you enjoyed the purple crystals…

Yet you actually still blamed the wife and son of your apprentice to be a burden to you…

How would this ever make sense?

At this moment, outside the cave, Zi Xieqing was telling about all what was happening in the cave . Her cultivation was strong, and to eavesdrop from such a long distance away was effortless for her .

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Chu Yang was indignant and stunned . "It's actually like this?"

Zi Xieqing snorted . "I told you that Wei Wuyan's teacher is selfish and not a good person; you just don't believe me!"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . "I also have a teacher… I know how sacred the position of a teacher is . The person that I respect the most in my life is also my teacher . So, I can fully understand the loyalty of Wei Wuyan towards his teacher . "

"I didn't expect that there's actually such a teacher in the world . "

Chu Yang sighed and thought about Meng Chaoran .

Chu Yang wholly believed that if his teacher had come to the same point as Wei Wuyan's teacher, he would long have committed suicide, rather than be a burden to Chu Yang and Tan Tan .

Meng Chaoran was just such a person .

But Wei Wuyan's teacher was another extreme!

"The most terrible thing in this world is nothing more than selfishness and greed!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "For any bad person, when his life isn't in danger, he can look like a saint . But once he reached a critical moment where his true nature is exposed, it will be a big surprise to everyone!"

"Wei Wuyan's teacher, Hong Wuliang, is such a person," Zi Xieqing said . Then she suddenly paused and said, "No! It turns out that Hong Wuliang's wife was originally Lang Yilang's lover, but she was raped by Hong Wuliang . So under helplessness, she could only marry Hong Wuliang… There's even such a thing!"

The veins on Chu Yang's temples almost bulged out . "Shameless villain!"

"Indeed a shameless villain!" Zi Xieqing nodded . "I'm going to take my shot now . Wei Wuyan's predicament is very bad now!"

Chu Yang said, "Good!"

At such a moment, if he also took actions, he would pose a greater burden to Zi Xieqing . Thus, it's better for him to hide on one side and wait .

The moment Zi Xieqing made her appearance, a sudden loud bang was heard . The entire cliff opposite suddenly split up and collapsed . In the smoke, four figures rushed out into midair!

Just now, the situation in the cave was also almost explosive .

Ye Anran snorted and said, "Kid, you really think that your teacher is some good person? What a pathetic thing that you're so loyal to him! But this guy has always been good at camouflaging . That year, Lang Yilang was also cheated by him to work for him; and even risked his life in traveling the martial world… Hahaha…"

Wei Wuyan muttered, "Really?"

Ye Anran said, "Do you know why Lang Yilang and your teacher are sworn enemies? Hahaha…"

Hong Wuliang shouted, "Shut up!"

Ye Anran said calmly, "Why should I shut up? You did something wrong, and you don't allow others to speak of it? Humph . That year, Lang Yilang saved a woman and both of them fell in love . Your teacher saw that the woman was beautiful, and used some despicable means to rape her . So she had no idea but to… Lang Yilang left sadly, and from then on disappeared . "

"Nonsense! You're talking nonsense!" Hong Wuliang roared angrily .

"I'm talking nonsense? Say for yourself, how did your wife die?" Ye Anran snorted and said, "Didn't she die from your abuse? You're jealous of Lang Yilang and angry that your wife couldn't forget Lang Yilang, so you lay murderous hands on her… Lang Yilang traveled long distances to participate in your wife's funeral, but you shut him out… Lang Yilang secretly checked the corpse, and it was then he knew how your wife had died… Hong Wuliang, say for yourself, am I saying the truth?"

Ye Anran snorted . "I'm talking nonsense? Every clan of the nine big clans has a record of Supreme Martial Artists . This matter of yours is recorded by all the nine big clans! Hehe… Hong Wuliang, you despicable villain!"

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