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Chapter 958

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Grand Uncle Han's face changed color greatly . Instantly, there was enmity and fear in his eyes .

What shit is the Lan clan?

This sentence could be said to be a taboo in the Nine Heavens! Very few people dared to say this . Even those strongmen from the other nine great clans wouldn't dare to speak like this .

This sentence almost never appeared in this continent before .

But today, it finally appeared .

A stunning beauty had said it out easily with absolute disdain and contempt . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Lan Ruoyun's face went ashy when this sentence was out .

Since this woman looked so down on Lan clan, then, it's without a doubt that he would die if he landed up in her hands!

Grand Uncle Han said with difficulty, "May I know who you are? Do you have any old relationships with us?"

Zi Xieqing shook her head slightly, "No!"

Grand Uncle Han forced a smile . "Everyone lives in the martial world and is bound to meet frequently . By such cultivation of yours, you should be broad-minded . Why do you mind so much about this little bit of misunderstanding by the younger generation? Please be magnanimous and let this matter just pass . Our Lan clan will forever be grateful to you! Won't it be better if we can be friends rather than enemies?"

Zi Xieqing laughed . "If I didn't have such cultivation, would this misunderstanding still be a misunderstanding?"

Grand Uncle Han instantly became speechless .

If she didn't have such cultivation?

Then you probably would have long been played by seventh young master on the bed… How could there be any misunderstanding?

But of course, this sentence couldn't be said out .

Having said till here, there was really no need to continue this talk .

Grand Uncle Han took a deep breath, and his eyes started to turn cold . He said, "If this is the case, please let go of seventh young master . We shall have a fair fight! The winner shall decide on what to do next! What do you think?"

He raised his chest, and a spell of fighting spirit surged out from his body .

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But he felt very helpless in his heart, as he couldn't predict the opponent's cultivation; he could only use such a method to save seventh young master out of danger but instead making himself fall into danger… And he didn't even know whether the opponent would agree with him .

Zi Xieqing laughed . "You want him to escape?"

Before he finished saying, there suddenly came a loud shout . "You're so daring!"

Fourth Jin had already come to her back as she was speaking . They were originally not very far apart, and he suddenly raided her! He had a Purple Gold Dagger that's similar to that of his brother . At this moment, a dazzling ray of dagger light that's more than 20 feet long shot towards Zi Xieqing!

This strike had given a full show to Fourth Jin's Saint level power!

Even Fourth Jin who was taking the strike also thought from the bottom of his heart: The power of this strike could only be provoked under such immense pressure!

Regardless of the spiritual realm, power, dagger movement and momentum, all of them were seamless and impeccable in this one strike!

Fourth Jin even faintly heard the call of the earth and the sound of wind and thunder in his heart!

His younger brother had died so tragically in front of him . While he wanted to take revenge for his younger brother, he was faced with the obstruction of such an enemy whose cultivation was unfathomable . Such extreme grief and indignant in his heart had transformed into his fighting power and spirit, which in turn had provoked this one strike of his dagger!

It seemed that this strike was almost pushing through the bottleneck of Fourth Jin's dagger cultivation!

Fourth Jin was very confident that it's a great opportunity he had made such a strike . With this, if he continued to cultivate seriously, he could advance by one stage in not more than a year!

This strike was veritably a Dagger Saint's dagger technique!

For a dagger light to transform into a swimming dragon,

And make it break through the Nine Heavens with one strike;

It would require heavenly power,

If one could do so, life and death were now in his hands .

With this strikeout, he could definitely take grasp of the opponent's life! But although it's a pity to kill such a great beauty… he had already carried out the strike and he couldn't retract it .

Grand Uncle Han was very pleased .

This one strike of Fourth Jin was powerful, ingenious and perfect!

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Even Supreme Martial Artists couldn't be impervious to such a strike . But as long as the opponent responded, he could immediately grab seventh young master back into his hands!

But, what happened the next instant crumbled away from his illusion . His whole body started to turn chilly!

Zi Xieqing's face was cold . Not even turning back, she instantly raised her snow-white hand behind her .

She seemed to have made this gesture very easily .

Then the whole sky seemed to darken suddenly!

The whole earth seemed to have trembled at this instantly .

Her soft palm got into contact with the dagger light .

Her palm was white and small, like a blossoming orchid .

The dagger had come forth powerfully and domineeringly, like a bolt of lightning . As the dagger light flashed and cast out death defiantly, it came magnificently, carrying with it Fourth Jin's epiphany on the Saint level .

One was fast and the other, slow; one was big and the other, small; and while one seemed to have the power to crumble the whole heaven, the other's power seemed to be as soft as spring water .

But Fourth Jin's lightning-like strike was caught by her with her white and tender palm!

She had grabbed the dazzling dagger light in her hands!

She had grabbed hold of that dagger light just like it was a snake . And the dagger light stopped its movements in midair .

The dagger light was 20 feet long, while she had grasped the upper one-third of it!

This was the most forceful region! But she had used such an incredible method to raise it in midair .

Fourth Jin, who was one and a half feet away, maintained his position of having his two daggers lifted up . He stood there and actually couldn't move at all .

The opponent was grasping on the dagger's light, and not the dagger itself . But it seemed that the dagger had encountered some invisible strong forces in the air . It could neither be struck down nor retracted, and was frozen in the air!

At this moment, Zi Xieqing still didn't turn back or turn her shoulders . Her right hand was still buckled on Lan Ruoyun's head, her eyes were gazing horizontally and coldly at Grand Uncle Han, while at the same time, her left hand had already completely grabbed, controlled and crashed the dagger!

Fourth Jin almost couldn't believe his eyes!

A dagger moving at such a lightning speed was actually being caught like this?

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At the next moment, he sensed something wrong . He let out a loud roar, and primordial qi surged out rapidly from his body . He wanted to throw out his dagger, retreat and escape .

But he suddenly realized that the primordial qi rushing out from his elixir field had vanished without a trace as it entered the dagger blades . There's not a bit of reaction of his primordial qi .

He wanted to throw away his dagger, but at this moment, an invisible suction force suddenly appeared on the dagger, which had firmly glued his palm onto it . He couldn't throw it away .

Not only he couldn't throw it away, but he also couldn't move his body as his primordial qi continued to surge out .

Fourth Jin was stunned!

What cultivation is this opponent… this woman? She actually can control himself this way?

As he thought, Zi Xieqing began to move the five fingers on her left hand . With a snap of her small finger, that golden dagger light shook tremendously . Fourth Jin screamed, and felt as if his chest was beaten heavily by a big hammer . He felt a sharp pain at his chest, and spurt out a mouthful of blood .

Following which, Zi Xieqing's middle finger snapped . The golden dagger light trembled and hummed .

Fourth Jin's palms finally got off from the dagger's hilt, because at this moment, an incomparably large force was suddenly passed down from the dagger's blade . As if his two hands had suddenly experienced electrocution, Fourth Jin was forced to release the dagger's handle .

The unmanned dagger remained frozen in the air, with its original posture of having its tip pointed downwards .

But Fourth Jin was rushing and stumbling forth towards Zi Xieqing .

It looked as if he was moving on his own . After walking consecutively for seven or eight steps, then turning for half a circle, he came face to face with Zi Xieqing and stopped .

There were terror and desperation over his face, and his whole body shuddered violently .

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Kneel down!"

Fourth Jin's knees turned soft and they slammed straightly onto the ground .

At this moment, Zi Xieqing gently clasped her left hand .

With a clap, the golden dagger light in the air was crushed by her and it completely vanished .

The Purple Gold Dagger, which was originally frozen in the air, was also crushed into golden powder at this moment, and they went drifting onto the ground .

Zi Xieqing slowly retracted her palm, raised her eyes to look at Grand Uncle Han, and asked lightly, "What did you say just now? I didn't hear clearly just now . "

Grand Uncle Han stood like a zombie as he watched blankly on what had happened just a moment ago . He felt chilly all over his body!

A gust of boiling blood almost rushed up into his head, making him almost faint .

At this moment, a chilly feeling really crept up his head, down from his spine and into his asshole .

He would absolutely not be able to reach such cultivation or pick up such supernatural fighting strategies .

Not only he himself, among all those people he knew… it seemed that no one could do it!

While just now… he actually wanted to… fight one-on-one with this woman? And have a fair battle?

I… I… Am I mad…

At this moment, hearing Zi Xieqing's question, he felt utterly relieved . He said repeatedly, "Nothing, I didn't say anything…"

He thought: You didn't hear clearly? That's too great…

Zi Xieqing smiled lightly, like a flower blossoming in spring . But, looking at such a person with such a beautiful smile, he didn't have any obscene thoughts in his mind anymore . He even forcibly rolled his eyes to one side and dared not to look at her .

Zi Xieqing swept her eyes to look at the remaining seven astounded people . She ordered lightly, "The seven of you, come over here . Stand in a row in front of me . Faster . "

The seven long had their wits scared out of them . How would they dare to violate Zi Xieqing's order at this moment? They came up one by one in a well-behaved manner, and stood behind Fourth Jin .

The seven experts were at this moment even more obedient that primary school kids .

Zi Xieqing looked at them and said smilingly and calmly, "I'm not a law-enforcement officer in this Nine Heavens; Do all of you know this?"

Everyone nodded .

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Although I'm not a law-enforcement officer, I like to be an adjudicator . I especially like to… be an adjudicator of wicked people! Do you understand?"

Everyone nodded again in unison .

Zi Xieqing pointed to Fourth Jin who was kneeling on the ground and said lightly, "This person actually dared to raid me . Haha, what do you think… he should be charged for?"

Everyone was stunned, and dared not to speak .

Grand Uncle Han stood anxiously at one side . An endless sense of humiliation overwhelmed his mind .

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