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Chapter 952

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Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan were startled at the same time .

Yes, from the perspectives of these two men, they indeed felt that while Lang Yilang was sinful, he had deep emotions, suffered from much pain, and was indeed unlucky in love .

All the despicable indeed had a pitiful side of them .

But, from a woman's mouth, the two men had become two sinful criminals!

Chu Yang thought deeply for a while and finally said, "Yes, you're quite reasonable in saying this . "

He let out a long sigh and said, "When men discuss love, we often stand on the side of men, and our views will inevitably be one-sided . But love comes from both sides . If a man doesn't care about the feelings of women, I believe he'll also not know how to be a good husband . "

Chu Yang was thinking about Mo Qingwu when he said this . He thought: How does Qingwu think of me? If she becomes my wife, what should I do?

Wei Wuyan nodded .

What Zi Xieqing said seemed somewhat extreme as he heard it for the first time, but upon thinking about it carefully, he found that it's actually very reasonable .

If a man was infatuated with a woman, such feeling was undoubtedly the highest form of affirmation he gave to her .

So, all women enjoyed this kind of affection before they're married . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

But if she's married to someone else and such an affection still existed, it would become a lingering nightmare for her . She would constantly worry whether that man would suddenly appear in front of both her and her husband .

Since a woman had decided to marry a man, she was equivalent to have made a life decision of where she's going to belong . So, she would care very much about her matrimony and her own life; If there's some man who wanted to ruin her marriage, no matter how good this person was to her previously, he would instantly become a hated person in her heart!

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Because women all knew that: Any suspicion of husbands could easily and completely ruin a marriage .

Just as all men knew that women's jealousy couldn't be explained by reason; similarly, the suspicion of men also couldn't be reasoned .

Jealousy of women could still be resolved, but as long as a suspicion sparked off in men, it wouldn't die out — till the marriage ended .

A man could tolerate humiliation, but could never tolerate himself of being a cuckold!

So, if one loved a woman who had already a home, then he shouldn't interact with her like a friend . Because she's already not alone . There's always a pair of eyes next to her that's vigilantly watching the both of them .

Even if he's in all smiles . Because, an unintentional movement or glance that he made might bring to his lover extreme spiritual grievances and agony… At the same time, if her husband saw her and her former lover chatting happily with each other, her husband would also not feel comfortable .

So, this former lover of the woman really loved the woman, he should let go of her . Afterward, all her emotions would have nothing to do with him . He might seem indifferent, but it's the highest form of love .

"Lang Yilang should be killed! But, for Hong Wuliang, more so!" Zi Xieqing said coldly, "He clearly knows that Lang Yilang is such a person, but he always stayed lenient . Only when all his brothers and friends were all killed because of him did he start taking actions… Haha… Such a man isn't worthy to be called a man!"

"Firstly, in his wife's mourning hall, he actually allowed Lang Yilang to claim that Hong Wuliang's wife loved Lang Yilang more . This was equivalent to allowing Lang Yilang to defame Hong Wuliang's wife! And Hong Wuliang even tried to explain to Lang Yilang . This is the first sin! Secondly, when Lang Yilang came to find Hong Wuliang for the final battle, Hong Wuliang still let Lang Yilang off, and this was equivalent to defaming his own wife for the second time . This is his second sin! Thirdly, Hong Wuliang's friends died because of him, and this was completely equivalent to him killing all his friends by himself . They didn't die because of Lang Yilang… This is the third sin! Fourthly, for all these years, he depended on his apprentice for survival without feeling guilty at all, or thinking how this Purple Crystal Hand of his had already ruined the life of his apprentice; the extent of his selfishness is terrifying! This is his fourth sin!"

"With the four sins together, it's more than right that he should be given a death sentence!"

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "This man is unfaithful to his wife, unrighteous to his friends, and has no love for his apprentice; And he's also soft and indecisive . It's disgusting that he's still alive! It's better if he can die earlier so that fewer people will die because of him!"

Wei Wuyan said furiously, "You… You dare to scold my teacher this way!"

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Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Scold your teacher? I'll kill him personally if I see him! Your teacher? Haha, your teacher's wife would actually lead a more blessed life if she had married Lang Yilang in the first place! Because Lang Yilang takes the initiative to bear everything for her, but your teacher only does so passively . Although Lang Yilang isn't a good person, he at least has the undertakings that a man should have . As for your teacher… he's already not worthy to be called a man!"

Wei Wuyan said coldly, "If that's the case, I shan't trouble you to go with me . "

He turned around and hurried off .

He originally intended to let Zi Xieqing use her horrible cultivation to attack and kill the enemies; but Zi Xieqing's words had touched Wei Wuyan's bottom line .

Standing from a bystander's perspective, Wei Wuyan clearly knew that while Zi Xieqing was extreme in her words, she was saying the fact; and the bad habit of his teacher's softness had already lasted for a lifetime .

But… facts aside, Wei Wuyan just couldn't admit them, because who Zi Xieqing was scolding was his own teacher! It's the person who had raised him up and cultivated his talent!

Even if Hong Wuliang was really guilty, Wei Wuyan felt that he shouldn't say this himself . What's more, for this matter, his teacher had always been a passive sufferer and victim!

So, Wei Wuyan decided to give up Zi Xieqing's aid and go to save his teacher by himself .

To avoid Chu Yang from feeling awkward, Wei Wuyan didn't call out to Chu Yang .

"What you said is the truth and you also make sense, but you had said it too directly," Chu Yang lamented as he walked towards Zi Xieqing .

"You mean, you're at Wei Wuyan's side?" Zi Xieqing turned around and looked at Chu Yang deeply .

"Yes!" Chu Yang nodded without hesitation . "No matter how reasonable you are… there's one thing that can't be changed . That is, Hong Wuliang is his teacher! In other words, if that person whom you have always wanted to find has made that mistake, how will you feel if other people scold him in front of you?"

Zi Xieqing's eyes turned cold . "No one can scold him in front of me!"

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Chu Yang said coldly, "But you scolded Wei Wuyan's teacher in front of Wei Wuyan! If you put yourself in his shoes, how will you feel? Wei Wuyan is already very polite to you!"

Zi Xieqing's eyes shrank . "Are you… criticizing me?"

"Why can't I?" Chu Yang sneered . "Is it that no one has accused you before just because your cultivation is high? Do you think that everyone should fear you or coax you? If that's the case, you're wrong! I've been tolerating you all along the way, just because you're a woman, and I'm a man! Nothing more! If you think that's because I fear you… Haha, I'll really look down on your IQ!"

"Such a mighty and strong man you are!" Zi Xieqing said . Chu Yang didn't know whether she was praising or censuring him .

Suddenly, her voice turned soft, "I know that men have their own self-esteem, but women also have their own pursuits and bottom lines . A man's bottom line is whether a woman is faithful to him, while a woman's bottom line is whether a man is responsible!"

"Wei Wuyan's teacher is an irresponsible man . No matter how good he is in martial arts, he's not a good match for women . ; I've traveled through countless planes, and for the most of them, people deemed women to be inferior to men . It's normal for men to have several wives and concubines . I also admit it… But why does each wife or concubine of a husband loves him so much? Because this man is worth their love . "

"While a man can only afford to have one wife in his life, but the wife still call him a cuckold! Why? Because this man isn't worthy of his wife's faithfulness to him!"

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "All women are willing to be faithful to their husbands for their whole lives . No woman is a born slut! Do you understand this point, Chu Yang?"

"I understand, but it doesn't mean that I agree!" Chu Yang said furiously, "Speak well if you want to apologize . Do others owe you that they deserve you to speak to them in such a condescending tone?"

Zi Xieqing laughed . Not thinking that she had spoken wrongly, she said, "I've hurt Wei Wuyan's self-esteem for what I had spoken previously . I'll apologize to him for this . Right means right, wrong means wrong . No matter how high my cultivation is, I'll always acknowledge any mistakes that I make… But, I need to apologize to Wei Wuyan because I shouldn't have scolded his teacher in front of him, not because I've scolded the wrong thing… When I meet Hong Wuliang, I'll still scold him by myself . You need to get this clear in advance . "

Chu Yang was miserable .

He was speechless and didn't know what to do in confronting such a stubborn person .

"Let's go . Otherwise, Wei Wuyan will be in danger," Zi Xieqing said lightly and laughed, "Actually… If I don't let Wei Wuyan go first, how can I make you enter into the Tao state?" Zi Xieqing smiled and walked in front of Chu Yang, continuing their journey .

"You didn't forget about that thing even at such a time!" Chu Yang was speechless and kept up to Zi Xieqing . Before they walked for 100 feet, Zi Xieqing suddenly turned back and revealed a strange smile to Chu Yang .

"What?" Chu Yang asked vigilantly .

"You must remember what I said just now," Zi Xieqing said smilingly .

"What?" Chu Yang was alarmed .

"You must think how to make yourself worthy for a woman to love you . " Zi Xieqing laughed . "Otherwise, if your future wife calls you a cuckold, don't blame me for not reminding you!"

Chu Yang felt himself fulminating with anger . He said without even thinking, "If there's a wife who calls me a cuckold, then it'll definitely be you!"

Zi Xieqing's face instantly flushed, then turned cold . "Chu Yang, you're so bold . You dare to flirt with me?"

Chu Yang said furiously, "How can I only allow you to flirt with me!"

Zi Xieqing nodded slowly . "You shall wait!" And she turned back and left .

Chu Yang kept up with her, thinking: Motherf**ker, not to mention calling me a cuckold, I'll not even dare for you to be my wife!

Damn it… who can bear such a wife…

Besides, this woman is hundreds of thousands of years old already… She's still considered old amongst the old…

Chu Yang looked at her slender figure and thought: Even though I don't want her to be my wife, but I must admit this old woman… is still an unsurpassable, beautiful old woman…

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