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Chapter 950

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Chu Yang was silent as he thought of the memories of the divine spirit of the first generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master: I sacrificed my nine brothers by transforming them into the nine tribulations to stable the continent . How would I expect that the end result was as such…

He let out a deep sigh .

From Zi Xieqing's words, he finally understood some questions that he couldn't figure out the answer in the past…

Chu Yang finally understood one point: This Black Blood Forest was the folding point of the Nine Heavens, while the function of the Nine Tribulations Sword was to maintain the stability of this continent . The Nine Tribulations Sword Master only appeared once in 10,000 years, and his role wasn't to take control of the Upper Three Heavens, but to use boundless murdering to produce fate energy . Then, with the nine tribulations as a primer and through deploying some unknown formations or using secret methods to maintain the stability of the continent for 10,000 years .

Now, after 9,000 years since the appearance of the last Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the edge of the Black Blood Forest had recovered to its original colors, while the soil had also turned to its typical softness . This proved that the folding point was about to collapse and lose its support…

But if the Nine Tribulations Sword Master played its role well and if his nine brothers all became Supreme Martial Artists and be transformed into the nine tribulations, the stability of the Upper Three Heavens could once again be maintained .

Otherwise, it would inevitably collapse .

This would be the same scenario as what happened to the Middle Three Heavens and Lower Three Heavens 90,000 years ago . They would all crash into powder, leaving nothing behind…

Chu Yang suddenly felt his heart become heavy . In his consciousness, he asked the sword spirit, "Is this the case?"

The sword spirit dared not to speak, and only nodded his head .

Chu Yang was stunned .

He had always been hoping to open up the passageways linking to the Upper Three Heavens as soon as possible and fetch his brothers up to accomplish feats together . But at this moment, he suddenly felt himself at a loss .

If they came up, would they really have to devote themselves as nine tribulations to be sacrificed for the sake of the continent?

If they didn't come up, they'd similarly be crushed to death…

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This had actually formed a dead knot .

Chu Yang clenched his fists tightly, and said in a light, low voice, "But no matter what… I won't let them die . "

The sword spirit said a little pitifully, "But… if that time really comes, I'm afraid this is beyond your control . "

Chu Yang sneered .

Chu Yang's sneer was filled with despair yet determination, and it's also a chilling one .

Suddenly, fear rose up in the sword spirit's heart . He had understood what Chu Yang was planning to do, and he said in a hoarse voice, "Do you mean… Do you mean…"

Chu Yang sneered . "That's right, if I really have no choice then, I have the last move to use . "

The sword spirit was stunned!

How could he not know it?

Destroy All Tribulations with My Blood!

That's a suicidal move .

Chu Yang said slowly, "If I ultimately can't avoid fate, I can only do so . To destroy all tribulations with my blood! After that, if time can be reversed, I'll definitely not choose to be brothers with them… If time can't be reversed, my death won't affect anything . Even if my brothers still had to die, I… after all had died first . They at least wouldn't die in front of me . This way, although I would be selfish… at least I… lived up to my brothers, and ultimately didn't exploit my brothers for my own sake . "

The sword spirit sighed . "But have you ever thought that if you weren't the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, and if someone else was, your brothers still had to die . They might not even live for that long . "

Chu Yang smiled warmly . "But the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was after all not me . As long as I'm the sword master, I'll definitely not allow them to die before me . "

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The sword spirit widened his mouth, but he felt that no matter what he had to speak would be useless . So he could only shut his mouth and not talk anymore .

Chu Yang also became silent .

Then, suddenly thinking of something, he turned around and looked at Zi Xieqing keenly .

"Why are you looking at me?" Zi Xieqing asked strangely .

Chu Yang hesitated for a while and asked a whimsical question, "Miss Zi, your cultivation is probably unparalleled in this world; may I ask, if you're compared to that person who folded up the Nine Heavens, then… who's better?"

Zi Xieqing said funnily, "If I'm a sparrow, then he'll be a giant bird flying in the sky . What's there to compare?"

Chu Yang took in a gasp of air and sighed . He muttered, "How big… is this world…"

Wei Wuyan was also speechless: Zi Xieqing even compared herself to a sparrow while comparing the other party to a giant bird…

Wei Wuyan and Chu Yang were both silent, but they were thinking of different things . Wei Wuyan was very calm in his heart . He had long accepted this truth: He's a demigod! Who can fold the Nine Heavens with only his hands? That kind of person only exists in legend…

But Chu Yang's heart was like boiling water . At this moment, a thought suddenly sparked in his mind: To save the lives of my brothers and not make them sacrifice, I have to… reach the cultivation of that person who folded up the Nine Heavens then!

Only when my own energy reaches that level can I talk about saving people or… subversion!

Subverting not just the Nine Heavens, but the whole world . Or… use my own power to add another layer of the seal to this continent!

A layer of seal that no longer requires and never will require the seal of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

At this moment, achieving this goal was tantamount to him crying for the moon . But, such a target had already been set in Chu Yang's heart!

"I want to fold the Nine Heavens!" Chu Yang said in a low voice, "I also want to reach the cultivation that allows me to fold the Nine Heavens… Only so can I live up to my life and leave no regrets in my life . "

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Although Chu Yang's voice was low, it's filled with an immutable determination!

He had said this sentence out word by word, just like giant hammers slamming down heavily from the sky onto the ground, and it seemed that each word had transformed into marks in his soul that couldn't be erased for eternity!

Wei Wuyan looked at him shockingly . His heart almost jumped out from his throat by such a sentence .

Zi Xieqing raised her head, and for the first time, looked at Chu Yang grimly and severely . She said, "It's still not considered great to be able to fold the Nine Heavens… It's only considered great to be able to create a Nine Heavens out of nothing . "

"Create a Nine Heavens?" Chu Yang muttered . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Wei Wuyan was so shocked by the words spoken by these two daring fellows that he became speechless . He looked at the duo with his mouth agape, as if he was seeing two ghosts .

A stretch of silence in the Black Blood Forest .

The three also became silent instantly .

After a long time, Chu Yang finally heaved out a sigh to break this dead silence . He said, "I suppose we're going to face the Lan clan, Zhuge clan and Ye clan after we've walked out of this Black Blood Forest?"

Wei Wuyan said, "Yes . It's these three big clans which are bordering here . "

Chu Yang nodded lightly, then suddenly asked, "Brother Wei, there's one thing that I don't understand for a long time . "

Wei Wuyan said, "What is it?"

"It's about the poem on the nine great clans of the Nine Heavens," Chu Yang said, "A leaf in the East, a bamboo flute in the Southeast . In the West lie low, gray clouds that surge for tens of thousands of miles! So went the ditty about the Ye, Xiao and Chen clans . The Northwest stone shatters the sky, in the Southwest, the Ling family takes pride, while the aroma of Southern orchids fills the air! So were the Shi, Ling and Lan clans described . Knives and swords sharpen the Northern sky, in the South arrogant Zhuge clan lie, while at the center the night reigns! This is what was told of the Li, Zhuge and Ye clans . Is it right?"

"Yes . Completely right . " Wei Wuyan was puzzled . "What's the problem?"

"Don't you think that there's some repetition in here?" Chu Yang asked strangely, "Look, 'the aroma of Southern orchids fills the air' and 'in the South arrogant Zhuge clan lie'… Both are situated in the South . There're already clans in the South-East and South-West region . There're two big clans in the straight South region, but there's none in the North-West region . "

"I see . " Wei Wuyan smiled . "The South region is very large… As compared to the North region, the South region is much larger, and the climate there is also warm and comfortable… And, because there're many smart people from the Zhuge clan, they've chosen this place through geomancy . At the same time, the Lan clan requires Seven Stars Immortal Orchid, which can only grow in the South region . So, it's not surprising that the Lan clan share the same region as the Zhuge clan . "

He paused for a while and said, "As for the North-East region… it's where the camp of the Three Stars Divine Clan is situated . It's where people from the divine clan make their appearances . Normally, no one dares to go there . The headquarter of the law-enforcement officers is also located somewhere near the edge of the North-East region . So, although there's the Three Stars Divine Clan in the North-East region, it's the stablest place in the whole Upper Three Heavens . "

"I see," Chu Yang said as he nodded, "Then, how far is the Wind and Thunder Platform of the North-West region from here?"

Wei Wuyan looked at Chu Yang . "How did you know that place?" Then he frowned and said, "It's extremely dangerous there, and its climate is completely different from that here, and it's also very far from here . I haven't been there in my life . The distance to there should be… 60,000 miles!"

"60,000 miles?!" Chu Yang exclaimed . "Why was I told that there're only 37,000 miles from the South-East region to the North-West region? We've already walked for 10,000 miles already . "

Wei Wuyan smiled . "It's true that the distance is 37,000 miles . But… that's the straight-line distance . How can you get to the North-West region without making any detours?"

Chu Yang said despondently, "I see…"

Wei Wuyan laughed, shook his head and said, "37,000 miles… It's how an intellectual will calculate the distance…"

Chu Yang lowered his head dispiritedly: Motherf**ker, it's still so far away from there… My fifth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword…

"Let's travel faster . " Zi Xieqing urged .

The four instantly picked up their speed .

After traveling for another 200 miles, Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan felt their bodies lighten at the same time . Their divine senses had also back to them . It seemed that they were already out of the boundary of the Black Blood Forest from here .

Upon arrival at the small hill that Wei Wuyan had pointed out earlier, Zi Xieqing suddenly frowned and waved her hands . Everyone stopped to look at her unknowingly .

"Wei Wuyan, there're a lot of experts… in where your teacher lives?"Zi Xieqing asked frowningly .

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