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Chapter 936

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Wei Wuyan's face changed color and he asked, "Will it be that…" As he said, his face turned pale .

Obviously, Wei Wuyan thought of a terrible fact .

Chu Yang's eyes flickered and he said, "Along the way, other than the insignificant intervention when we just entered the forest, we actually passed through this renowned Black Blood Forest with no impedance at all!"

"And Brother Wei, firstly you didn't reveal your identity, and secondly, even if you had exposed your identity, you wouldn't create too great a shock here . "

"So there must be other reasons for this!"

As Chu Yang said, Wei Wuyan's face became uglier and uglier .

Chu Yang turned around to look at Wei Wuyan, saying, "Brother Wei, there seemed to be only one person who could do this in the Black Blood Forest . "

Wei Wuyan gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said, "Yes, only one person . "

His voice was a little dry .

"If it's really that person, why is he doing this?" Chu Yang asked .

Wei Wuyan let out a long sigh and said, "I don't know . "

The two became silent .

Regardless of what, they had already reached 1,400 miles deep into the forest, and not far away from the central region . If it's really that person who deliberately let them in, it would be impossible for them to quit at this moment .

No matter what's waiting for them in front, the three could only keep moving forward .

But now, their mood had become heavier .

As the three walked along, Wei Wuyan suddenly discovered: Chu Yang, this miser, was actually still sweeping the elixirs! And he did it very frequently . He would basically never let go of any elixirs that he discovered!

He would even rather make detours and get the herbs .

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This made Wei Wuyan very puzzled .

"You even still have the mood to tinker with elixirs?" Wei Wuyan was very puzzled . "Your guess should be correct . It should be that person waiting to see us . That person's cultivation is unfathomable and we're definitely not his opponent . At this moment, it's full of dangers if we go forward, but we're also very likely to die if we retreat! At such a time, you're actually still collecting elixirs… I really admire how broad your mind is . "

Wei Wuyan shook his head . "Where does such big confidence come from? Why do you take it so easily?"

Chu Yang was bending his body over, just about to carefully pick up the crystal clear Black Blood Ganoderma . He said without raising his head, "Why can't I collect elixirs now? What's the difference between now and just now?"

What's the difference between now and just now? Wei Wuyan was speechless once again .

There's really nothing different between now and just now, but you clearly know that there's a mysterious and sinister super expert waiting to seek trouble on you, yet you're still calmly collecting your elixirs here…

If that person has malicious intent, what's the use of you collecting one million treasured elixirs? They couldn't save your life .

Wei Wuyan was thinking about this, when he heard Chu Yang saying lightly, "Brother Wei, what's done cannot be undone . No matter what that person ahead wants to do, we can't avoid it . So, there's really no need to worry about it at this time . Because worrying is useless . "

Wei Wuyan opened his mouth slightly and closed it again .

Chu Yang is right .

"If that person in front wants to kill me, I can't evade him anyway . At this time, what's wrong to gather elixirs?" Chu Yang said smilingly .

Wei Wuyan was stunned .

Why has this guy's thinking landed on the same place as that of mine, but what he thinks is exactly opposite to what I think?

Chu Yang smiled and said, "If that person just doesn't want to kill me, and make use of this time now when no one is disturbing me to collect some elixirs, won't I be making a gain?"

Wei Wuyan was stunned . This thing… you can also think of it this way?

Chu Yang laughed, saying, "In my life, my only creed is… don't leave any regrets in my life! If I listen to you, that I should just be afraid here and not dig elixirs, and in the end that person doesn't kill us… Won't this be too regretful a thing?"

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Wei Wuyan was utterly speechless . At the same time, he praised Chu Yang in his heart: Although this teenager is young, his mentality is stronger than mine by plenty of times…

No wonder that at such a young age, not only is his medical skills superb, he's also a fifth stage Sword Sovereign! No wonder…

With such a mentality, there'll be no difficulties that he can't overcome .

As he was praising in his heart, he heard Chu Yang say with a strange smile, "Besides… even if he wants to kill me, why should I keep so many treasures for him? If that time comes, I only need to destroy all of them . How can there be such a cheap thing of killing me and still wanting to keep my elixirs with him?"

Wei Wuyan almost spurted out a mouthful of blood . Instantly, his face flushed and contorted for a moment, and he pointed one finger fiercely at Chu Yang as he said indignantly, "You you you…"

Wei Wuyan almost cried out in shame . Now, he had really become faceless .

I still had the nerve just now to think that you're so frank and righteous . It turns out you're so evil… This really costs me too much…

The speed of the three reduced rapidly . Because Chu Yang was using all the means available to collect elixirs . No matter whether it's grown on trees, buried underground, or hidden… he collected every elixir he could find .

Not only Wei Wuyan coveted Chu Yang, three experts in the Black Blood Forest who was following Chu Yang in the dark also turned on fiery eyes likening to that of wolves .

Motherf**ker, why didn't we discover so many good things after being here for so many years? How can this kid discover all of them at one shot?

We have a big loss now .

This afternoon, he has dug at least 100 elixirs… By estimating this way, this bastard should have gotten at least 500 or 600 elixirs these few days…

But he's still not satisfied!

Everyone gritted their teeth .

Especially when they heard this fellow say: If that person wants to kill me, I'll destroy all of them, and I won't leave them no matter what… If I can't keep them, no one else shall get them…

Everyone felt as uneasy as having eaten a fly . They even had the thought of eating this fellow up…

Damn it, we've seen shameless bachelors before, but we haven't seen such a bachelor: He's already walking towards the guillotine, yet he's still finding a scapegoat for himself…

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He's really shameless to the lower limit already .

When everyone was scolding Chu Yang silently in their hearts, they saw Chu Yang straighten his body, frown, and say thoughtfully, "It's 1,450 miles from the periphery here, but there are actually so many people wanting to stop us from going forward… Old Wei, did you realize that there're many people around us . They're clearly ill-intentioned and not listening to orders…"

Before Wei Wuyan answered, he heard ruffling sounds around him . Dozens of experts had run away!

Damn it, this kid hasn't found a scapegoat yet . If he complains about us in front of our master, even if our master doesn't believe him, we would also have to suffer from a layer of skin scraped off from us…

It's better to get away from this god of plague as far as possible .

Everyone left .

Wei Wuyan was startled for a while before he raised up his thumb . "You're really good . One word of yours is even more powerful than that of the faction ruler!"

Chu Yang laughed and said, "I'm really uncomfortable to be followed by those people . It's only right to get them to piss off . "

With no nearby obstructions, Young Master Chu started to collect the elixirs more unscrupulously; his speed and accuracy were both astonishing to Wei Wuyan .

And Chu Yang neither walked forward nor backward, but walked in circles as he searched for elixirs . He said, "There're so many elixirs . Luckily, I'm walking in circles . Otherwise, I really don't know when I'll be coming again next time . I would be so regretful by then…"

Wei Wuyan was astounded on how shameless this guy was .

This fellow actually walked 10 or so miles of road for the entire morning . All the elixirs 100 miles in the vicinity had all accumulated in his pockets .

If Wei Wuyan could enter Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Space, he would find out that: In Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Space, a kind of black crystal-clear elixir had already piled up into the size of a mountain .

And next to this pile of mountain, there was still a sword spirit who was counting the number of elixirs smilingly and satisfactorily . As he counted, he was also muttering, "What a big harvest hahaha… so satisfying hahaha…"

The sword spirit felt that even if Chu Yang stopped gathering the elixirs and with these elixirs he had now, he could exchange for whatever he liked… with any elixir whose quality was poor within its same species!


He could still have a lot of surpluses…

But Young Master Chu clearly didn't intend to stop here . He was still working hard, diligently and tirelessly . Looking at the spirited Chu Yang, Wei Wuyan absolutely believed that: The storage space of this guy was really too small . If it's sufficiently big, he would put the entire Black Blood Forest, together with its soil, into it…

Wei Wuyan had absolutely no doubt regarding such a conjecture!

In the end, Wei Wuyan simply took Chu Le'er to have a nap under a tree, leaving that bastard to collect elixirs on his own .

They moved forth for another 50 miles after walking for two days .

A total of 1,500 miles now .

Chu Yang's speed of searching for elixirs became quicker and quicker, and he also became more and more spirited…

That day, Chu Yang was burying his head to dig a Black Blood Red Fruit… This fruit was obviously 5,000 or 6,000 years old already . One must know that it was absolutely a very valuable fruit for it to be able to grow in the Black Blood Forest for 5,000 or 6,000 years!

Especially for red fruits .

This red fruit was as thick as an arm . Its branches had all turned transparent, and there was a faint light flowing within it .

There were 30 or 40 pale green fruits on the branches, which was clearly not ripe yet . But Chu Yang couldn't wait any longer . He could only dig the entire tree up, wanting to transplant it into his Nine Tribulations Space .

When he was digging halfway, an angry voice suddenly sounded, "I shan't care if you dig other plants, but you actually covet my red fruit tree! This is really intolerable! This tree is located in a conspicuous place . Who can't see it? You really haven't gained enough advantages…"

Chu Yang was swift-handed . He pretended to get up and respond to the voice, while his right hand secretly exerted force to uproot the red fruit tree and instantly stuff it into his Nine Tribulations Space . Then, he turned around .

He was stunned .

At the same time, his eyes lit up .

A person in white was standing angrily in front of him . That person's nose was also twitching in rage at Chu Yang's immoral behavior .

Chu Yang didn't think of all these . He only felt strange in his heart: Why would a person in white exist in a place so dark as the Black Blood Forest?!

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