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Chapter 923

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Ning Tianya secretly flipped his eyelids and said, "Your Brother Chu Yang said that he needed help, but Little Wu hadn't reached the Saint level yet and couldn't help him… He looked very disappointed and anxious then… Like he had expected better from you…"

Mo Qingwu's little head instantly drooped down dejectedly…

"In the end, I got to know that Chu Yang was going to do something big next year…" Ning Tianya said emotionally, "But, the elders wouldn't be of help to him, and he could only rely on the younger generation . But for now, Little Wu… your cultivation hasn't reached his demand yet…"

Mo Qingwu opened her mouth . "I can work hard…"

"What's the point of working hard…" Ning Tianya almost wanted to laugh gratifyingly . He only stopped his intention to laugh after using his big hand to pinch on his bottom . He said, "He needs Martial Saints… Little Wu, you're very uncooperative now . You're even starting to be lazy in practicing martial arts…"

"I'll never ever be lazy in the future!" Mo Qingwu swore .

"But this still depends… Looks like Chu Yang has little time left for the matter next year … This…" Ning Tianya sighed, "I'm afraid… You can't reach that level…"

"Teacher… are there any quick ways of practicing?" Mo Qingwu almost wanted to cry; how could she not help when her Brother Chu Yang had difficulties?

"Quick ways of practicing…" Ning Tianya was very pleased . He thought: Little Wu was originally very reluctant to practice using quick methods, and heavenly treasures didn't appeal to her either; Now, she has come pleading for me to practice using quick methods .

"Actually, you can just stay here… He has several good-looking girls helping him…" Ning Tianya said evilly .

"How can that do!" Mo Qingwu bounced up indignantly . "Those foxy girls all have ill intentions . How can they be of any help to Brother Chu Yang? Only I… I am his wife!"

Ning Tianya's heart jerked . Looking at this valiant little girl, he almost fainted . This little girl was actually coveting the position of someone else's wife!

The corners of Ning Tianya's mouth twitched .

"I must… must get to the Saint level next year!" Mo Qingwu clenched her fists, gritted her teeth and her face burned . "I'll get down the mountain to help Brother Chu Yang, and oust all those shameless foxy girls out of the Chu clan!"

Cold sweat crept up on Ning Tianya . At one instant, he felt himself burning, while at the other instant, he felt chill over his whole body .

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"Teacher, you must help me!" Mo Qingwu grasped hold of Ning Tianya firmly and looked at him resolutely .

"This… Little Wu… To rise to the Saint level from the eighth stage Emperor level in less than a year…" Ning Tianya took a gasp of cold air . "This is too difficult… Other people will have to practice 1,000 or so years to reach the Saint level…"

"I don't care!" Mo Qingwu said firmly, "Teacher, since you can make me advance to the eighth stage Emperor level in a year, then you can definitely pull me up to the Saint level! Teacher, I believe in you!"

Ning Tianya took in a deep breath . He felt that he had overdone in hastening Mo Qingwu in practicing martial arts; his efforts had become counterproductive .

To make you rise from the zeroth level to an eighth stage Emperor level in a year, do you know how much the two of us put in? All the medicines were suitable for the cultivation of Great Martial Artist, Revered Martial Artist, Martial King and Martial Emperor…

We've found all of them for you .

And we even found for you heavenly treasures that contain all the different kinds of spiritual energy in the world, a jade bed that congregates spiritual energy that enables you to cultivate automatically . Every day, both of us use the divine senses of Supreme Martial Artists to refine your body once every day, so that your spiritual realm can keep up with your rapidly advancing cultivation…

We even stole the Spirit Meridians from a big clan for you…

From the beginning of your cultivation, all the things that you used were things that could make the Nine Heavens insane . This is why your cultivation rose to the eighth stage Emperor level so quickly…

Now, you're actually thinking of advancing to the Saint level from an eighth stage Emperor level in the shortest possible time…

Ning Tianya was a little sad . "We'll try our best . "

"No! You must do it!" Mo Qingwu said determinedly, "Teacher, I'll go to practice now . "

She turned around and resolutely ran off to practice martial arts, along with the determination of 'guarding her position as Brother Chu Yang's wife' .

Ning Tianya sighed deeply . He finally tricked his apprentice to practice martial arts . But, how should he… cover up this lie?

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Besides, how could he make the cultivation and comprehension realm of his apprentice to rise to the Saint level in half a year? This was a huge problem…

Back then, he used 26 years to rise from the Emperor level to the Saint level…

How could this be so easy a task?

As he was thinking…

"Hahaha…" Bu Liuqing drifted up to him, convulsed in laughter . "Old Ning, you've bragged too much, haven't you?"

Ning Tianya said as he frowned, "Don't talk . Let me think about this carefully . "

Bu Liuqing snorted . "Think your ass!

He said sarcastically, "To practice from the zeroth level to the Emperor level, Little Wu only required the knowledge of the martial realm . This wasn't too difficult, as we only needed to lay the path for her and she only needed to follow step by step as instructed . But starting from the fifth stage Monarch level, she needs to comprehend the laws of nature! How can you be of help to her? You really have the nerve to make such promises to her . If you can't fulfill your promise, how are you going to face her?"

Ning Tianya said with a grim face, "So I've come to discuss with you…"

Bu Liuqing said angrily, "This sh*t is left by you . Why should I clear up the sh*t for you?"

"Little Wu is our common apprentice!" Ning Tianya said seriously, "You should put in more effort!"

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes, saying, "Why should I… Stop speaking nonsense . Let's discuss . "

Ning Tianya sighed, "From her current speed of progression… If we put in more effort, it's already very good… if she can rise to the Monarch level in half a year . "

Bu Liuqing said angrily, "Then why did you talk to her about the Saint level?"

Ning Tianya hung down his head . "I just wanted to set up a long-term target for her…"

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Bu Liuqing was speechless . "Long-term target? It's good now . Both of us have fallen into your trap! Long-term your ass! It's only half a year…"

Ning Tianya continued sighing .

"Did you get the Boneless Blood Fish? How many did you get?" Bu Liuqing asked .

"Should be more than 100,000… It's Yue Lingxue who caught them . It's also not a lot in total, and I got only half of them…" Ning Tianya sighed . To avoid unnecessary troubles, he had said half instead of one-third .

"You still gave him half??" Bu Liuqing simply couldn't understand Ning Tianya, and stared at him in a manner as if he was going to eat him up . "Don't you know what kind of person Yue Lingxue is? Do you know that his wife is called Feng Yurou? Do you know what they get their apprentice for? You actually gave half of the Boneless Blood Fish to him? Are you thinking that our apprentice isn't good? You want their apprentice to bully her?!"

"Half is also 100,000 or so fish…" Ning Tianya said a little timidly .

"Don't you know how to catch them yourself? You actually want Yue Lingxue to catch for you?" Bu Liuqing stared back .

"Chu Yang was there then…" Ning Tianya sighed, saying, "Guess for yourself, if Chu Yang saw me…"

Bu Liuqing took a tumble . "This was also reasonable…"

Then he asked excitedly, "How is that fellow now?"

Ning Tianya rolled his eyes . "He's a fourth stage Sword Sovereign . From the looks of it, he's going to get to the fifth stage soon . "

Bu Liuqing agreed and said, "He's really not easy . "

Ning Tianya strongly agreed with Bu Liuqing . "Yes . He has no one to rely on, and only depended on himself in surviving till today . It's already incredible that he has become a fifth stage Sword Sovereign . "

Bu Liuqing nodded . "There are really few fortunate kids like Little Wu and Yue Lingxue's apprentice . "

Both the Supreme Martial Artist nodded .

Indeed, even if it was the direct line of descent of the big clans, there would definitely not be two Supreme Martial Artists cleaning his meridians every day; let alone two ninth stages Supreme Martial Artists? Not only the aptitudes of Mo Qingwu and Wu Qianqian were good, but they also had Supreme level teachers, and they were improving their cultivations at every moment . What was more, their spiritual cultivations were also improving at the same time!

If they couldn't improve their cultivations, their teachers would directly use their divine senses to help them improve directly!

This was equivalent to cheating!

How would their speed of advancement in cultivations not be fast?

If they relied on their own efforts, not to mention Monarch level or Emperor level, should they had reached the King level, it could already show that they'd put in their efforts to the best of their capabilities already .

So, the two Supreme Martial Artists were shocked to know that Chu Yang was a fourth stage Sword Sovereign .

"He didn't have any flaws now, I suppose?" Bu Liuqing said, "In the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens, he was still spilling out his sword energy . "

"Yes, no more flaws now," Ning Tianya said, "Since even Yue Lingxue couldn't see it, I feel that Chu Yang should be quite good now . "

Bu Liuqing laughed . "Only quite good? Yue Lingxue is really… as silly as his wife . "

Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing winked smilingly at each other . They felt good .

As if the fact that Yue Lingxue didn't see Chu Yang's identity was by itself a great defeat in front of the two… The two had therefore gained some face .

"If Little Wu eats the fish by the ordinary amount every day, she can't… We can increase the everyday number of fish, and refine a Blood Pill for her," Bu Liuqing said, his face starting to look serious, "She should have three pills a day for three days first, with each of these pills refined with the essence of 100 fish . This is to help her build up her bones . "

"Next, she should have three pills a day for three days similarly; but each pill should be refined with 200 fish… Then, three pills a day for three days, with each pill refined with 400… As such, increase the number of fish needed for each pill accordingly . This is so as to make her physique keep up with the demands of her cultivation level, as well as remain perfect and flawless even with the improvement of her cultivation…"

Ning Tianya was taken aback . "To improve like that… You… you're really thinking of improving Little Wu's cultivation to the Saint level in half a year? This is impossible…"

Bu Liuqing snorted, ignoring Ning Tianya and continued, "So, we also need medicines with pure Yang energy . I remember that Chu Yang once gave Little Wu a Mysterious Yang Jade Core . "

Ning Tianya said, puzzled, "Really?" Then he sighed, and said, "Old Bu, both of us could be said to be born at the wrong time . When we were apprentices, we were scolded and bullied every day, and every time, we behaved like cowards . That time, we felt that being a teacher was good and it's too hard to be an apprentice . Now, we've managed to become teachers, but the era has changed . Being a teacher is also not easy . Damn it, we also have to behave like cowards in front of our apprentice, and every day, we have to be bullied by our apprentice… Why is it so…"

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