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Chapter 897: 897

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It was sure enough Bao Buhuan in Wei Wuyan's direction!

Bao Buhuan was still looming amidst the dust clouds .

Wei Wuyan rushed towards him . With a whooping sound, Bao Buhuan scattered into pieces .

Wei Wuyan realized that something was wrong .

It was Bao Buhuan's gray robes that were torn apart!

Sword light greeted Wei Wuyan . Bao Buhuan's Passage to Netherworld thumped straightly towards Wei Wuyan .

Wei Wuyan got ready his Wuyan Sword and attacked back .

Behind him, Cheng Duying's saber struck towards Wei Wuyan . Wei Wuyan yelled and as he rushed forth rapidly, his sword toppled Bao Buhuan's sword . Wei Wuyan then abruptly decelerated, and he held the sword handle at his waist while allowing the sword tip to point backward, greeting the Life and Death Saber .

With a bang, Cheng Duying's attack was curbed . He stopped and stepped back . Wei Wuyan spat out a mouthful of blood, but at the same time, he borrowed the force from the collision with Cheng Duying and accelerated twice as fast back toward Bao Buhuan .

Bao Buhuan was traveling at a slower pace now . Seeing that Wei Wuyan was rushing toward him fiercely, he gritted his teeth, and attacked back coldly and violently with his Passage to Netherworld!

Wei Wuyan looked cold and indifferent .

He had already prepared to strike Bao Buhuan dead at any cost! At the very least, beat him until he couldn't move!

With this killer here, it would be very difficult for him to escape .

When the two swords were about to hit each other, a shadow of black and white suddenly appeared next to him .

Yinyang Bridge!

Wan Renjie had actually launched an attack at this moment!

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Wei Wuyan roared . He took another deep breath and greeted the Yinyang Bridge .

But his body was still moving toward Bao Buhuan, regardless .

The two swords hit each other . With a blast of noise, Wei Wuyan had already moved his sword 180 times at this instant!

Blood fell like a waterfall from the sky .

Bao Buhuan let out a shrill cry, and he fell unsteadily from the sky . There were wounds over his body . Blood and flesh had become indistinguishable from his body, and blood dripped down profusely .

But, at the same time, Wan Renjie tore Wei Wuyan's black robe . At the very moment when the black robe was torn into black butterflies flying in the air, intense black and white rays of light surged toward Wei Wuyan, creating wounds over his entire body .

Wei Wuyan forcibly resisted the pain . He snorted and raised his Wuyan Sword like a saber, then thrust it down vehemently toward the Yinyang Bridge .

In the sky, both Wei Wuyan and Wan Renjie shook at the same time, then each of them heavily spat out a mouthful of blood . Wei Wuyan's blood was spat at Wan Renjie's face . Wan Renjie didn't waste his blood either, which went onto Wei Wuyan's face .

Wei Wuyan shouted hoarsely . With a ray of sword light, he flew out like a bolt of lightning . Then he flashed and vanished among the mountains in the distance .

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying chased a few steps forward, but then they suddenly stopped at the same time .

Bao Buhuan, who was best in lightness martial arts among the three, was injured . It was impossible for the remaining two of them to catch up with Wei Wuyan now .

But, Wei Wuyan absolutely couldn't relax either after suffering such injuries!

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying landed on the ground to examine Bao Buhuan's injuries . Both of them frowned: Bao Buhuan's injuries were extremely serious . Almost all the 40 or 50 stabs on him had penetrated through his skins, revealing his bones . If he wasn't treated on time, he might be disabled .

But, where should they find a doctor in such a barren place?

Both of them were anxious .

"It's over now," Under the urge of Chu Yang, both Chu Yang and the sword spirit secretly evacuated from the scene and rushed back to where the carriage was .

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"So satisfying," Chu Yang was still exclaiming about the battle as he held Chu Le'er up the carriage .

Then, Chu Yang whipped the horses as he shouted, "Go!"

His sound was loud and clear, while the whipping sound also sounded crisp and possibly could be heard from miles away .

The horses started to gallop speedily .

Chu Le'er felt very strange, "Big brother, why are you in such a hurry? Where have you been just now? Did you cause all the earthquake and even thunders just now?"

"It's a secret," Chu Yang said mysteriously, "Le'er, behave well later on . I'll use my superb skills to cook you a good meal, or make some good toys for you . "

Chu Le'er pouted her lips and said, "You're definitely up to some conspiracies . You look so sneaky . "

Chu Yang had great insights on how to deal with little girls . He said proudly, "Le'er, I heard that someone came to our house to propose marriage . Well, the proposal was directed towards you…"

Chu Le'er's face instantly changed color, and she responded, "Ah? Big brother? Really?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Otherwise, why would I be in such hurry to bring you along with me? You also know that guy . It's the young master from the Bao clan . That guy with a wry mouth and buckteeth…"

Chu Le'er retched and said fearfully, "Then what happened next?"

"Then, I used the excuse that I need to treat your illness, so that you can run away with me," Chu Yang laughed, saying, "My sister is so obedient . How can I allow her to be married to a guy with a wry mouth and buckteeth…"

Chu Le'er patted her small chest, saying, "You scared me . Big brother, you're so good towards me . "

"Well, if you don't behave well anytime in the future, I'll send you back," Chu Yang threatened shamelessly, "After all, our clan has also some intentions to… form coalitions with other big clans in the Flat Mountain Ridge…"

Chu Le'er instantly panicked . She grabbed on Chu Yang's clothes and trembled as she said pitifully, "I'll definitely be obedient . Big brother, don't send me back…"

"Good," Chu Yang praised . This guy wasn't even guilty at all for cheating, scaring and threatening his own sister, but instead felt contented at his own shrewdness…

Even the sword spirit despised Chu Yang in the Nine Tribulations Space .

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The carriage rumbled forward speedily, the horses neighed, and the whipping sounds sounded like sounds of an explosion in the air . Although Chu Yang alone was controlling only two horses, the powerful momentum of cavalry was set .

The carriage dashed towards the 'void' ahead .

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying helped Bao Buhuan to bandage his wounds . But for the injuries that had deeply penetrated into his muscles or severely damaged his bones, Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying were helpless .

Bao Buhuan's internal organs were also injured from the concussion of Wei Wuyan's attacks, as well as the sword energy of Wuyan Sword . Bao Buhuan vomited blood several times within a short moment's time . This made the duo more anxious yet helpless .

At this moment, they heard neighing sounds of horses and rumbling sounds of wheels coming from afar . It seemed that a carriage was coming .

The duo was overjoyed!

As long as there was a carriage, they could carefully move Bao Buhuan up the carriage, then travel slowly and steadily in it . Then, perhaps, Bao Buhuan could sustain his injuries and they could find some place where there would be divine doctors .

The duo didn't hesitate . They got up, and enduring the pain on their bodies, they rushed towards the direction where the carriage was coming from .

They had both made up their minds: Even if they had to kill people, they must grab the carriage!

The horse galloped closer and closer to where they were .

Sure enough, it was a luxurious carriage . Both of them gazed at each other and smiled, and felt more relieved . Seeing that it was a teenager in black who was driving the horses, and within the carriage was a weak little girl who didn't seem to know martial arts, both of them felt more determined .

Both of them stood in the middle of the road, and Cheng Duying shouted, "Stop!"

Actually, not waiting for Cheng Duying to shout, the teenager on the carriage had already reined up his horses . And that teenager actually jumped down the horses automatically and ran forward .

Both of them felt surprised: We haven't gone forward yet . Why is this guy automatically coming over?

As they thought, the teenager in black had already come up to them and he said with concern, "These two uncles, what happened? Did you meet thieves? Ah, this world is really not peaceful . "

Instantly, he said zealously, "Looks like both uncles suffered from quite serious injuries . How about both of you getting into my carriage to rest for a while? I also know a few medical skills, so I shall treat the injuries first . Alas… your injuries are really quite serious . What hateful thieves!"

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying gazed at each other: Damn it, there's even such an innocent and kind person in this world today .

Before they spoke, they heard this teenager say earnestly, "These two uncles, you don't have to doubt me . I'm just being sincere . Besides, to be honest, I know martial arts . If I really have ill intentions, it's really easy for me to kill both of you since you're that seriously injured . "

This teenager even started to become cocky . Revealing some self-satisfactory look, he said, "Both of you should have believed me by now . Haha, I can also be considered as a divine doctor with the medical skills that I have…"

Wan Renjie and Cheng Duying gazed at each other . They didn't know whether to laugh or cry .

Kid, although your cultivation is quite solid, you're only a first or second stage Martial Emperor . You're of course an expert in the eyes of ordinary people . But you're not even considered a fart in our eyes . And you still dare to say it's really easy for you to kill us…

Your words really make us, these two 'uncles', feel hilarious…

The teenager in black paused for a while . Seeing that these two men still didn't speak, he turned sulky . He said, "Since the two of you don't believe me, I shall leave now . " As he said, he took out two packets of wound medicines and said, "But since I've met you, I can't neglect your injuries . These are two packets of wound medicines . You shall do the bandage by yourselves . Haha…"

As he said, he placed the two packets of medicines on the floor, and laughed a bit sarcastically, seemingly to convey the message that 'both of you have no guts and are insensible' . Then he turned around to get back to his carriage .

Wan Renjie shouted, "Wait!"

The teenager in black turned around . Folding his hands at his chest, he said a bit contemptuously, "It's alright if the two of you don't accept my sincerity . But do you still want to hold me back?"

Cheng Duying squinted his eyes and said, "Do you really know about medicines?"

In such a desolate place, they would rather take desperate measures even though they were skeptical of the methods; Otherwise, with Bao Buhuan's serious injuries, his life couldn't sustain for long…

Besides, how could this little kid play tricks in front of the two Martial Saints? Not to mention both of them, even Bao Buhuan could kill him hundreds or thousands of times if he was up to anything evil…

The teenager in black said proudly, "I'm known as a doctor in my hometown . You shall see for yourselves whether I deserve being called a doctor…"

Wan Renjie laughed, and said, "It's not that we don't believe you . It's only that there are very few people who are so kind now . "

The teenager in black said seriously, "Uncle, you're so wrong in saying this! You must know that a doctor has the heart of a parent…"

Instantly, the sword spirit choked in the Nine Tribulations Space . According to his experience, whenever Divine Doctor Chu said 'a doctor has the heart of a parent', something bad was going to happen to somebody…

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