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Chapter 893: 893

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That other person hurled towards Chu Yang . When Chu Yang just turned around, this person had already extended his absolute defense . Two rays of sword light intersected in midair!

A thunderous sound was produced, just like how loud it would be when a big hammer banged on a metal!

Chu Yang drifted back . With his clothes fluttering, he was thrown out by dozens of miles! And his chest vibrated strongly due to the attack!

This time around, he had put up a real fight with a Monarch level expert . Although Chu Yang had made use of the sword spirit to reduce some of the opponent's power, Chu Yang's cultivation was after all not as strong as the opponent's .

That person hurled towards Chu Yang, smiling hideously . He said, "Kid, do you just have this little ability?"

Chu Yang's face changed color . Swaying his body, he extended the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movements; Using his Emperor level cultivation to extend this set of movements made his movements really swift and powerful .

That person attacked Chu Yang repeatedly, but he couldn't even touch Chu Yang's shadow . He became more and more terrified .

Chu Yang's sword light started to burst out elusively .

A sense of extreme danger suddenly enveloped the opponent's heart .

He burst out his sword energy .

Chu Yang had been defending for dozens of moves, and he had finally found the opportunity to shift to the attack . When he was just about to extend his attack, this guy retreated rapidly and rushed towards the other direction!

Chu Yang's pupils shrank .

That side, Chu Le'er's head was stretched out from the carriage as she looked at the battle . While that person was rushing towards her!

In the dark, Wei Wuyan was overjoyed . He thought: Now it's finally my turn to take my shot!

At this moment, Wei Wuyan suddenly felt chills send up his spines!

His heart shuddered, and he looked back at Chu Yang in horror .

At Chu Yang's side, the sword light had turned into a bright sun in the sky! Then it transformed into a long laser that shot out from the sky!

Chu Yang had exhausted all his power in doing this under desperation!

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In the blink of an eye's time, the sword light carried out all the moves from 'One ray of cold light pierces ten-thousand fathoms' all the way to 'As Long as I Live, You Shall Not Worry'! All these sixteen moves were carried out rapidly, one after another, like floodwaters rushing down from the mountains!

Wei Wuyan saw a rolling storm sweeping past the man who was flying at full speed and was now seven or eight miles away from Chu Le'er . Without even letting out a cry, his whole body had exploded into scraps .

The surging power continued to rush head-on into the forest where Wei Wuyan was hiding .

Wei Wuyan sighed miserably . He sank himself ten miles into the ground .

The storm created by the sword energy swept and rumbled past the forest, and it directly plowed out a broad road of fifty feet wide and four hundred to five hundred feet long!

Not a tree root was left in the forest . All of them had turned into powder that filled the sky . Then, it drifted down like snow from the sky . It took a long time before all was settled on the ground again .

Wei Wuyan crawled out from the ground, only to see Chu Yang had already gone far with the carriage .

A conversation was heard from afar .

"Big brother… you're so great…" it was the little girl saying .

"Of course!" one could imagine how proud somebody would look when he heard this praise .

"Those two guys started to attack you before you asked their names . It's really terrible," the girl said .

"There's no use of asking for the names of dead people," somebody was obviously enjoying the adoration of the little girl . Now, he had turned really cocky .

"Oh, no wonder you don't let that man in black protect us," the little girl said in a manner as if she had finally 'taken a tumble' .

"Hahahaha, I'll have to protect him instead when I have the time," somebody continued to boast shamelessly .

Wei Wuyan felt his own belly bulge out .

He shook his body to shake off all the dust and mud on his body . It actually formed a big pile next to his feet .

Wei Wuyan straightened his body and was about to catch up to Chu Yang .

Now, he was more and more interested in this Chu Yang .

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Wei Wuyan had a fortuitous opportunity to meet a distinguished teacher when he was young . He was already a Martial Emperor before he was 20 years old . After repeatedly involving himself in battles, he advanced step by step to his current immovable status . It could be said that his life was smooth sailing, but it could also be said that he endured through lots of hardships .

But he knew that when he was as old as Chu Yang, he absolutely wasn't as powerful as Chu Yang!

But at this moment, his brows wrinkled, seemingly that he had noticed something . A familiar breath appeared in front, not far away from him .

His target for this time!

Wei Wuyan quickly flew towards this target .

This time, Wei Wuyan had come to the Black Pine Forest, not for the reward in participating in the battle between the Huang clan and the Xiao clan . But, he came here because he had received the news that the target in the task that he had received for already half a year had finally appeared in this area .

So he had come .

This person that Wei Wuyan was going to kill was called Wan Renjie, and had a nickname 'Yinyang Bridge' . He was a Martial Saint who was at the peak of the ninth stage, and the number one thief in the South-East region! All the martial artists in the Nine Heavens also gave him another nickname: Wan Ren Jie 1 .

Legend had it that Wan Renjie was ill-mannered and shameless . He had high cultivations and could come and go like a shadow . And he specialized in stealing the goods from the law-enforcement officers and nine great clans!

As long as something belonged to the law-enforcement officers and the nine great clans, he would steal it, even if it's just a grain of rice! He would never touch anything that belonged to anyone else apart from these two groups of people . A real eccentric indeed .

Wei Wuyan originally didn't want to deal with Wan Renjie . But now, he urgently needed purple crystals, while the reward offer for capturing Wan Renjie had risen from the original 8,000 purple crystals to 70,000 today . This amount made Wei Wuyan's heart ache, so he took the task .

But, after putting up three battles with Wan Renjie in this half a year, he had escaped every time . This time, Wei Wuyan had made ample preparations and he swore never to let this Wan Renjie escape again!

Wan Renjie's unique breath finally appeared . Wei Wuyan was instantly overjoyed .

Speaking of this, Wan Renjie still had to thank Chu Yang . If it wasn't Chu Yang's overbearing sword energy that stirred up Wan Renjie's curiosity, it was really hard to say when Wei Wuyan could block this guy .

Wei Wuyan flashed and disappeared like a black ray of light .

Chu Yang rode on the horses and conversed idly with Chu Le'er to tempt Wei Wuyan to catch up to them .

Suddenly, Chu Yang jerked and his face changed color .

He had sensed three powerful auras in front!

Each of them was not less inferior to Han Xiaoran!

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Chu Yang was shocked: Why would these three super experts appear in such a barren place?

One of the aura was very obvious, but the other two was hidden; From the distribution of the aura, Chu Yang knew that this was a trap!

It must be that one of them was acting as a bait to lure the enemy to attack him, while the other two were ambushing on two sides!

Chu Yang was puzzled: Have we arrived at the main battlefield of the Ye clan and Xiao clan? But… how is it possible for any one of the clans to dispatch three such super experts at the same time?

By the current progress of the battle, it obviously hadn't reached the time when such experts were needed .

Then, Chu Yang sensed that Wei Wuyan behind him was picking up his pace . Like a bolt of lightning, he hurtled past the carriage and entered the forest in front!

Chu Yang's heart jerked: Wei Wuyan?!

The opponent's target is Wei Wuyan?

But who's so powerful to be able to trace Wei Wuyan's whereabouts?

But no matter what, this matter is strange!

Chu Yang pulled the reins and the horses stopped . Chu Yang was silent for a while before he finally dismounted and said, "Le'er, don't move him . I'll go ahead to have a look . I think there's a big issue happening in front . "

Chu Le'er nodded, "Big brother, go ahead . I'm not afraid . "

Chu Yang laughed . He stopped the carriage, and silently dug a big hole between two big trees at the side of the carriage to allow Chu Le'er to hide within it . Then, Chu Yang exercised some Thousand Phantom Technique on Chu Le'er .

In this way, as long as Chu Le'er didn't climb out, no one would realize her presence .

Then, Chu Yang made a layer of soil to float above the hole, making this hole a seamless hiding place . Even if anyone discovered the carriage, they wouldn't discover Chu Le'er .

Chu Yang thought: I can afford to lose the carriage, but not Chu Le'er .

"Le'er, don't move here . I'll come back shortly," Chu Yang instructed . Chu Le'er nodded .

Obviously, four experts were preparing to fight a decisive battle ahead . Chu Yang didn't have the confidence to protect Chu Le'er well should he bring her along .

But they had to cross the path in front!

So Chu Yang could only stop here . He could sense with his divine spirit that this area was beyond the scope of the battle . It's absolutely safe here for Chu Le'er .

Chu Yang swept into the forest . He said in his consciousness, "Sword spirit, I'm afraid you have to take over me this time . With my own strength, I'm afraid that they will discover me before I arrive at the center of their battlefield . "

The sword spirit laughed . The two of them exchanged bodies unknowingly . The sword spirit took control of the body . His divine spirit and that of Chu Yang's merged together to form an unparalleled spiritual force . In the blink of an eye, their black silhouette turned into a ray of light .

It shot ahead .

Wei Wuyan suddenly stopped after walking for seven or eight miles .

A man in green was in front, clasping his hands behind his back and nodding smilingly at Wei Wuyan . He had a handsome poise . His face was pointed, his eyes were as sharp as a sword, while his whole body was upright . He looked like an immovable mountain just by the way he stood .

It was Wan Renjie .

Wei Wuyan, who was flying at high speed previously, stopped rapidly yet naturally . His eyes turned dangerous and acute, "Waiting for me?"

Wan Renjie turned around slowly, "Wei Wuyan, we've not seen each other for a long time . "

Wei Wuyan smiled, saying, "Wan Renjie, are you preparing to send purple crystals to me?"

Wan Renjie said indifferently, "As long as you are capable, I have the privilege to exchange my head for a few purple crystals with you . "

He flipped his eyelids and said, "But I'm afraid that you'll overreach yourself and instead have to step onto the Yinyang Bridge in my hands!"

Wei Wuyan laughed, "I've already gained experience of your Yinyang Bridge already . It's nothing great . "

Wan Renjie released his clasped hands and raised them up . With a soft humming sound, a strangely shaped weapon appeared in his hands .

This was a sword, but it's half as long and twice as wide than the ordinary sword .

The sword had two sharp points of the sword . One point was as white as snow, while the other, as black as ink .

Yinyang Bridge was not only Wan Renjie's nickname, but also the name of the sword!

Wei Wuyan's pupils shrank . Looking at this strange sword, he said in a low voice, "I presume that this is the famous Yinyang Bridge! I didn't see this for the first few battles with you . Today, I finally saw it . It's really a lethal weapon . "

. . . The nickname is a homonym of his original name . It means 'someone who's good at stealing from everybody' .

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