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Chapter 888

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Chu Yang smiled bitterly, saying, "If you know where does my eccentricity come from and what did I experience, you won't feel surprised . "

Chu Xiaoxin smiled, and said, "If you're born naturally this way, I won't feel surprised . But how can geniuses achieve greatness if they don't go through wind and frost?"

"The education that offspring of big clans received from young is far more than you . Regardless of bearing or conspiracies, they are better than you . But you must remember one thing: One can only see the true hero at the crucial moment of life and death!"

Chu Xiaoxin laughed and said, "So, one can only see the true courage and stamina of a person when this person faces the threat of dying . And if you want to compete with the nine great clans, victory or defeat is determined between life and death . "

Chu Yang nodded silently .

He could fully understand what Chu Xiaoxin meant by 'victory or defeat is determined between life and death' .

It's not to say time is fleeting .

Rather, what is the key to defeating one's enemy?

Chu Yang requested to leave, and Chu Xiaoxin didn't retain him .

Only when Chu Yang arrived at the door, Chu Xiaoxin said quietly, "Even if you have the experience, you may not have this realization . Even if you have the realization, you won't have the ability . "

Chu Yang was startled . He smiled bitterly, saying, "Because I see myself as a man . Men should always be able to endure and let go of things when necessary . "

Chu Xiaoxin let out a long sigh .

"After some time, I'm going out for some training for a period of time," Chu Yang said quietly, "So, if there's anything that happens… I can't rush back . And, my father and fourth uncle have set out, while the third uncle hasn't returned… I'll use Starwood to create some medicines to boost cultivations . So I would like elder to be on one side to guard over the clan when the time comes . "

Chu Xiaoxin nodded slowly .

Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief and walked out . He had let go of one of the greatest load in his mind .

It was much safer for Chu Xiaoxin to guard using medical skills than Chu Yang . This was because a Supreme Martial Artist's spiritual force could constantly monitor the changes within the body of the person who took the pill, and thus make relevant adjustments at any time .

But Chu Yang himself couldn't do this!

The sword spirit became busy after he got the Starwood .

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When Chu Yang returned to the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall, he realized that the people from the Huang clan had been anxiously waiting for him . They were overjoyed upon seeing Chu Yang .

"Where's your medicine? Let me have a look," Divine Doctor Chu said .

"Here . " Bai Wuji pulled open a white cotton cloth . Purple light shone out . The purple crystals were laid at the bottom and top, while Superb Nine Vines, Nine-Deaths Water and Nine-Leaves Pangolin were sandwiched in between .

"Not bad," Chu Yang scrutinized the three kinds of medicinal ingredients and said, "Has your consultation fee arrived? If yes, I shall start the treatment immediately . "

Those people from the Huang clan gazed at one another .

The Huang clan had been engaging in multiple battles in this period of time . How would they have the time to gather consultation fee for Divine Doctor Chu?

Huang Xialiu's face instantly went ashy .

"Not… not yet…" Huang Xialiu stammered . Even his body was shuddering . These few days, he felt his body recovering bit by bit . His man's glory was also returning back to him . He was terribly excited!

But when he heard Chu Yang's words, he instantly felt like he was dropped into an ice cave .

If we don't give money… who shall attend to me?

Chu Yang sighed and said, "Alright then . I liked Young Master Huang very much during his stay here in this period of time…" Chu Le'er covered her mouth when Chu Yang said this .

Every day, except punishing him so sinisterly, I really didn't see how you liked him…

"It's very difficult to treat this Ending of Posterity . I first used bitter medicine to clear his stomach, tidy his meridians and settle his spirits . Then, I used foul-smelling medicine to spur the reaction of poison and to gather it in one place . Finally, I used sour medicine to expel the poison to one region that's reachable from the outside . These three steps are absolutely worse than death!"

Chu Yang looked serious and said, "How can ordinary people bear with them? But Young Master Huang withstood them one by one . This is a testament to Young Master Huang's great potential . I really admire him . "

He pondered for a while and said, "Young Master Huang will definitely achieve great things in the future! … I shall just make an exception of attending to Young Master Huang without taking in the consultation fee first . I shall also accept any patients from your Huang clan… Haha, let's just see it as me, Chu Yang, forging a connection with Young Master Huang who has a promising future . "

Bai Wuji and Zi Tengchong were overjoyed .

Huang Xialiu was so grateful that he almost burst into tears!

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After staying here for such a long period of time, when did he ever see Divine Doctor Chu making exceptions? That's absolutely impossible!

But, not only did Divine Doctor Chu take likings on himself, but Divine Doctor Chu also thought that he had great potential, and made exceptions for him…

Instantly, Young Master Huang had a feeling of 'willingness to die for one's bosom friend'!

"Boss… Boss…" Huang Xialiu strode forward and held onto Chu Yang's hands firmly, "Even if you… you're my parent after I'm reborn… I… I… I also don't know what to say…"

In the end, Young Master Huang started to choke with gratefulness .

Chu Yang patted his shoulders generously and said heavily, "Brother… I understand… your feelings . Really . "

Huang Xialiu wailed out, "Boss… I really suffered a lot all these years… Boss, I can't even spend money on brothels… It's so bitter…"

"You can spend money from tomorrow onwards…" Chu Yang flipped his eyelids helplessly .

"*Sob*… That's great… I can go to brothels tomorrow…" Huang Xialiu wept mournfully . Suddenly, his body felt chilly . He turned back and saw four eyes of his two wives staring at him like a sharp sword .

He immediately corrected himself by saying, "Tomorrow I shall go to the brothel… and smash it up… How can there be such a dirty place… *Sob*…"

Cold sweat crept up on Chu Yang's forehead . Even he felt chilly when Huang Xialiu's two wives stared at both of them .

He couldn't help but sigh in his heart: Jealousy of women is really the number one technique on Earth!

"I'll go to refine medicine now . " Chu Yang pushed Young Master Huang aside and fled away at the speed of lightning .

Huang Xialiu retreated by two steps . His face was pale but he forced out a smile, saying, "Ladies, please calm down…" He had become henpecked due to his long-lasting guilt and sense of inferiority towards his wives . "Ladies… Don't worry . I will definitely not let any other women take advantage of me . I'll leave all of me to the both of you…"

"Piss off! Who wants you…" The two ladies lay hands on Huang Xialiu at the same time, then went off shamefully and angrily .

"Ah~~" Young Master Huang let out a shrill cry . A pair of panda eyes appeared on his face .

Divine Doctor Chu was extremely fast in refining the medicine . Not for long and before the sky turned black, he finished refining .

He walked out exhaustedly with a purple crystal jade bottle . "Huang… Xialiu…"

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"Here! I'm here!" Huang Xialiu strode forward . "Boss, I'm here…"

"Quick…" Chu Yang handed over the jade bottle with trembling hands . "Quick… Quick… Quick…"

Huang Xialiu knew that the medicine was produced . He quickly received the jade bottle, opened the bottle cap and raised his head…

"Quickly… let Elder Bai clear your meridians… Then quickly drink it…" Divine Doctor Chu only finished his words at this time .

Young Master Huang was too late to react . Under shock, he gulped down the medicine . The medicine had already entered his stomach .

Then he said blankly and fearfully, "Do my meridians… still need to be cleared?"

Divine Doctor Chu finally recovered his breath . He stamped his feet and let out a long sigh, "You… you… Why are you so reckless…"

Huang Xialiu's entire body instantly turned soft . He revealed a mournful look . "Boss… will this be harmful?"

The two Saint level experts were also dumbstruck .

"Harm… there's no harm actually… But…" Chu Yang sighed, saying, "The effect will be a little strong…"

"Urgh…" Huang Xialiu continued to stand blankly . Following next, he felt his entire body warm up .

His pale face slowly turned red .

Next, veins suddenly bulged out on his forehead . He roared, "Owh~~~…"

Everyone was shocked .

Then with a sweeping sound, a big thing bulged out from between Young Master Huang's hips suddenly!

Bai Wuji and Zi Tengchong screamed . Their mouths opened widely . "It's up…"

Then Young Master Huang started to groan . "I'm really uncomfortable… What has happened… So uncomfortable…"

Chu Yang sighed, saying, "What do you want to do?"

"I want… I want…" Huang Xialiu finally lost his consciousness . The desire that he had buried in his heart for a long time finally exploded out, "I want… I want to go to the brothel! Owh~~ Owh~~ I want to find a hundred ladies… Owh~~~"

Lust Dragon's inner core was definitely the number one-ranking aphrodisiac in the whole world . The Ending of Posterity poison in Young Master Huang had been mostly eliminated in these few days . Now at this moment, the sudden, great medicinal effect had eliminated all the poisons of Ending of Posterity . But Young Master Huang had lost his consciousness under the stimulation of this aphrodisiac .

Chu Yang's face was black . He urged the two guards, "What are you still waiting for?"

Bai Wuji and Zi Tengchong became as dumb as wooden chickens by Huang Xialiu's words . They hadn't recovered their stupor and asked, "What?"

"Quickly get him a bridal room…" Chu Yang stamped his feet and roared anxiously .

"Oh… oh… oh…" The duo recovered, grasped hold of Huang Xialiu, who was now flinging his limbs, and rushed into the backyard .

Young Master Huang's voice thundered from the backyard, "Find me a brothel! Give me a few ladies ahahahahah…"

Everyone's face turned black .

Young Master Huang's screaming sounds rang for the whole afternoon .

Even when the two Saint level experts tried hard to use their own cultivations to isolate the sounds, they couldn't suppress the sounds of Young Master Huang, who was excited to the extreme…

Really shameful! Really shameful!

The two Martial Saints stood in the backyard with flushed faces . Their faces were as red as a monkey's ass .

Till 9 pm .

Snoring sounds came out from Young Master Huang's room…

Finally, it was over…

The two Martial Saints wiped off their cold sweats and looked at Chu Yang, who was smiling without really smiling . They bowed to him respectfully and said, "Divine Doctor Chu… Our Huang clan would never forget your great kindness!"

Chu Yang laughed . "Never forget? That's very good… Hahaha…"

. . . . . .

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