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Chapter 886

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With a bang, a powerful gust of wave suddenly broke out .

Qin Baoshan's clothes instantly tore into pieces!

Qin Baoshan's face was blood red, while the meridians in his body were bulging out . As if a meridian diagram had appeared out of Qin Baoshan's body .

Chu Yang perspired and sweat poured down his forehead like rain . But he looked at Qin Baoshan and his every change attentively .


Qin Baoshan's bones and muscles started to bulge out like a leavened dough!

And began to turn fatter and fatter at a rate observable to the naked eye .

Chu Yang's eyes turned as big as bells .

The needle had to be inserted into Qin Baoshan's body at the exact moment when it was expanded to the limit . Only then would immediate effects be produced, and the current within his meridians instantly return to the elixir field!

If it was inserted a bit earlier, the medicinal effects wouldn't be fully utilized and would be wasted . It would be harmful to the body if it accumulated in it, and it's very possible to crush the blood veins and cause that person to become disabled! If the needle was inserted a bit later, the body would explode into pieces!

Sweat beads dripped down Sha Xinliang's bald head like a waterfall . He dropped to his knees and bowed prostrated continuously and silently prayed in his mouth…

Qin Baoshan, who was enduring extreme agony, didn't collapse . But he looked extremely nervous .

Qin Baoshan's body continued to expand slowly . His muscles almost became transparent and cracks also appeared on his skin . It seemed that he was going to explode!

Chu Yang roared like thunder!

He kicked towards Qin Baoshan, making him stand upside down!

Sha Xinliang clearly saw that Qin Baoshan's flesh and blood bulged out as if they were spurting out… Sha Xinliang couldn't help but scream, "No~~~~"

At this instant, the needle in Chu Yang's hands flashed . Chu Yang had shot out the last nine needles in his hands!

Two of them were inserted exactly into Qin Baoshan's Yongquan acupoint on his feet, while one needle was inserted into his elixir field, waist and skull respectively…

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The seven deadly acupoints were all inserted with needles!

Chu Yang's two hands started to flutter like a butterfly . The needle ends on Qin Baoshan's body started to tremble violently . Some were spiraling, some were swaying, while the others were rising slowly up and down…

No two of them looked the same!

Qin Baoshan's hair suddenly erected, and his body straightened and expanded . He stayed motionless as his body continued to expand .

After a long time, the trembling sounds of needles became softer and softer . Chu Yang roared and rushed forward like a bolt of lightning .

He buzzed about Qin Baoshan's body, and the 36 needles were taken out from Qin Baoshan's body at the same time!


Qin Baoshan instantly became a black hedgehog!

Black blood or some unknown kind of impurities sprayed out from the 36 points at which the needles were inserted . It was extremely fetid . They formed thin black lines in the air, and were actually burst out for tens of feet till they hit the wall . And they formed small black spots on the wall .

Qin Baoshan's body slowly shrank after the black substances were all squeezed out from his body .

Chu Yang looked at Qin Baoshan nervously . A bowl of water appeared next to his hands without Chu Yang noticing it . Even Sha Xinliang didn't notice it!

Vitality Spring Water!

Now, 36 silver needles were soaked in the water .

Faint black streaks of blood wore down from the needles and turned into mists under the effect of the Vitality Spring Water . Then the mists dispersed into the air together with the fetid smell .

Qin Baoshan's body was restored into its original state .

Sha Xinliang looked at Qin Baoshan with teary eyes, he couldn't help but let out a delighted scream . But Chu Yang stuffed a piece of rag into Sha Xinliang's mouth .

"Don't yell! The medicine hasn't taken complete effect!"

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As Chu Yang spoke, Qin Baoshan's body began to bloat for the second time…

All the needles were back into Chu Yang's hands again .

After three such cycles, Qin Baoshan's body finally returned back to normal . At this moment, the bones in his body started to crack strangely like the popping sounds of popcorns . An aura of a breakthrough in cultivation could be sensed!

Ninth stage Martial Monarch!

This aura slowly increased towards the peak of this stage and stopped increasing .

Sure enough, as what the sword spirit had said, one Purple Cloud Pill could only upgrade Qin Baoshan's eight stage Monarch level to the peak of ninth stage Monarch level!

Chu Yang smacked his lips .

This is 500-year-worth of cultivation! Why can it only upgrade Qin Baoshan by one stage?

Is breakthrough so hard when one reaches Monarch level and levels above it?

Two streams of thick mucus were spurted out from Qin Baoshan's nostrils like two long dragons . It rushed out and broke through the door of the hall, making two holes the size of nostrils . Then they flew out .

Screaming sounds were heard from outside . An angry voice was heard, "Damn it! There are even some people who use mucus as secret weapons… Oh… It's so painful! Bah… it stinks so badly! Urgh…"

It turned out that an unlucky guy was hit by the two streams of mucus…

Chu Yang and Sha Xinliang gazed at each other .

Qin Baoshan stood up slowly . He stretched his limbs, then closed his eyes to observe his inner bodies and his cultivation . Then he said, "Little brother, thank you . I actually had a breakthrough and now I'm a ninth stage Martial Monarch! I'm now half a step away from being a Martial Saint!"

Sha Xinliang was overjoyed, "Brother Qin, how do you feel?"

Fear still lingered over Qin Baoshan's face . He said slowly, "I feel that I've died three times!"

Sha Xinliang took a gasp of cold air .

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He knew that Qin Baoshan wasn't exaggerating when he said that he had 'died three times' .

What powerful effect this medicine had!

"It's okay, come, open your mouth . You'll get used to it to die three times again," Chu Yang picked up another Purple Cloud Pill, pinched off the wax and launched it .

Qin Baoshan was just about to say something when the pill slipped into his mouth . He said angrily, "Damn it… Can't you let me rest for…"

Before he finished speaking, the familiar medicinal effects began to brew in his body . His face changed color and he hurriedly crossed his legs and sat down .

He put up a very miserable look on his face .

Chu Yang began to use his silver needles again; He said solemnly, "You can't rest at this time . If he was given time to think about what he had experienced, he would become more fearful . At that moment, only half of the intended results could be achieved! So I shall wreck on him again before he had time to be scared . Let him be scared later on…"

Sha Xinliang's face turned pale . He shuddered and wiped away the cold sweat that had crept onto him, then said, "Little brother, you're much fiercer than law-enforcement master…"

Chu Yang snorted . Qin Baoshan already had reactions on the pill, so Chu Yang instantly started to concentrate and couldn't afford to speak further…

. . .

Chu Yang was so exhausted that he was going to collapse after he also finished his job on Sha Xinliang .

"Han Xiaoran, you'd really found me a good job…" Chu Yang muttered . Both Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang had died six times each, but Chu Yang was almost tired to death too .

Sha Xinliang's cultivation was a stage lower than that of Qin Baoshan . Sha Xinliang had to endure more pain, and so Chu Yang was more tired when dealing with him .

Finally, Sha Xinliang digested his two Purple Cloud Pills . He lay on the ground like a dead corpse and gasped heavily for breath . He even said, "I can still breath… It's really f**king a blessing…"

Chu Yang lay down tiredly, shoulder to shoulder next to Sha Xinliang and groaned, "You're happy now . Not only you've improved your cultivation, but you've also ascended to the Saint level at one shot . But I… I don't have any benefits at all, and still, I'm so exhausted that I want to vomit blood… And I still have to listen to the both of you boasting yourselves…"

Both of them indeed had their cultivations upgraded to Saint levels . Qin Baoshan had reached the middle first stage of Saint level, while Sha Xinliang had reached the beginning first stage of Saint level .

But there was a huge gap between the beginning and middle of the same stage!

However, the duo was already very contented! They had never thought that they would have the opportunities to become Martial Saints!

The duo laughed together and said, "Little brother, we don't need to be courteous with one another . In short, with one word, both of us will do whatever you want us to do! We won't frown at anything you say!"

Chu Yang laughed but instantly frowned to remind them, "Old brothers, you must take note that while you broke through the cultivation barriers to reach the Saint levels, your mental state cultivation and spiritual realm still remain at the current level . So, strictly speaking, both of you aren't Martial Saints yet! If you fight with the same class of Martial Saints, you'll lose without a doubt!"

He said seriously, "Mental state cultivation and the spiritual realm can only come from realizations or battles . Both of you must hurry up to improve . Since law-enforcement master had already laid hands on Tong Wuxin, you would face a battle at any moment . So, there's not much time left for you to improve your cultivation . "

The duo nodded seriously . Thinking of the upcoming battle, everyone sank into a heavy mood!

Although their cultivations were greatly improved, they had to deal with the Shi clan, one of the nine great clans who had countless experts!

It was very hard to imagine how much use that first stage Martial Saints would have in the battle .

"Actually, both of you have similar capability . As long as you fight a few battles with all your might every day, it's very fast to advance . "

With that, Chu Yang left . He picked up the last Purple Cloud Pill and rushed out of the Law Enforcement Hall towards the Chu clan .

He was blocked by Bai Wuji from the Huang clan when he passed by the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall halfway . Bai Wuji was very excited, "The three medicines that our young master needed have arrived!"

Chu Yang instantly stopped walking, "Superb Nine Vines, Nine-Deaths Water and Nine-Leaves Pangolin have arrived? Your Huang clan is really fast!" Now, good news had really been overwhelming Chu Yang .

"Yes, Divine Doctor Chu . When are you planning to start your treatment for our young master?" Bai Wuji asked .

"Oh, immediately . I'll now go back to the Chu clan to get some things for preparation . You shall use purple crystals to suppress the three medicines for one night . I can start the treatment tomorrow . " How could Chu Yang have any mood to treat Young Master Huang's impotency now? So he just made an excuse and decided to delay one day .

"Great!" Bai Wuji thought that it's just a necessary procedure . Instantly his face beamed with joy and nodded repetitively, "I'll prepare it now!"

Before he finished speaking, Chu Yang had already vanished . He threw back one sentence, "I shall instantly go to prepare too!"

Bai Wuji was touched . Looking at Chu Yang's back, he thought, "What a great divine doctor . He's so thoughtful towards his patient… what a doctor worthy of admiration!"

How would he expect that this divine doctor was just paying lip service? What this divine doctor was going to do was completely irrelevant to giving the young master treatment…

. . .

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