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Chapter 881

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After another three days, news came from the Blood-Payers Hall that the Jinjian Organization had already arrived at the Flat Mountain Ridge with the Nine-Leaves Flower!

At this time, Chu Feiyan and Chu Feiling had already left .

Divine Doctor Chu could only do the transaction in person .

The Jinjian Organization was a blood-payers organization . It contained only five people, but all of them were exceptional characters . They were siblings, and all their ranks among the blood-payers were above 200 .

But this organization was a little notorious for one reason: They're mean, shameless, insidious and cunning!

The Jinjian Organisation was the most adept at stealing from other blood-payers, then receiving rewards from the offerors . Or they would kill the other blood-payers and steal away their purple crystals .

This was what the masses contempt the most: If you have the ability, put in your efforts and earn the rewards yourself! What's your ability to rob the fruits of labor from other people?

The Golden Swords could be considered to be exploiting the loophole of the blood-payers organization . After all, the organization was not in charge of managing who the task was completed by .

As long as you completed the task and got what the offerer wanted, the reward would be yours!

For many years, the Jinjian Organisation owned an ill reputation . But the five people were sly . They would run away if they couldn't beat their opponents . It just turned out that each of them was good in fleeing for their lives . No one else knew how to defeat them… For the moment being, the Golden Swords was unfettered .

But these five despicable villains were extremely lofty-minded and disrespectful to everyone, including the nine great clans .

Of course, when they saw members from the nine great clans, they would definitely behave better than a dog, and would do all that they could to flatter these people . But once the members of the nine great clans were away, the Golden Swords would start to curse these people with all their might .

The mantra of Nangong Shifeng, the leader of the Jinjian Organisation, was: Do all the nine big clans have pig brains? Do these bastards all live these 10,000 or so years like a dog? They're not sensible or bold at all . For instance, this so and so matter… Is he a pig? For instance, this so and so matter, how stupid is he to do it this way… If I'm a member of the nine great clans I'll so and so…

This guy always gave his remark after the whole event had passed and gave a wild talk after understanding its causes and effects . Then he would add a final sentence: I'm really speechless…

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But he didn't think: All that you've said had already passed . Now, everyone was made known about this . Even a fool would know what should be done to avoid the incidents . But why didn't you say it beforehand?

He was a typical person who made late statements!

If anyone from the nine great clans came to him to settle any account, Nangong Shifeng would immediately apologize with a face awash with tears, and plead heavily for mercy . But afterward, he would still be his own self…

Afterward, people offered this guy a sentence: An extremely cheap person has no enemies .

This guy specially engaged in trash talk after incidents happened . This angered some people . Not only was his face written with the word 'stupid', someone even tattooed a dog's penis on his forehead .

Once he offended the Ye clan, he was castrated by the Ye clan…

Besides, Nangong Shifeng's character was definitely soaked in a toilet! It really stunk . It was said that he had become a cuckold many times . In addition to being castrated, this had caused him to become a pervert…

Jinjian Organization was the official name, but normally, people referred to them as 'Yinjian Organization' 1 .

Ever since the Jinjian Organization got the Nine-Leaves Flower, Chu Yang had investigated this clan and gotten an idea of how this organization handled matters . Naturally, he had taken precautions against them .

He wasn't surprised when the Jinjian Organization demanded an exorbitant price of 30,000 purple crystals for the Nine-Leaves Flower .

With the Blood-Payers Hall as the middleman, the five people of the Jinjian Organization finally met Chu Yang . They were really not weak . All of them had reached Monarch level .

Chu Yang was instantly speechless when he saw the five people .

As expected, Nangong Shifeng was in a veil . But looking at Nangong Shifeng's four younger brothers, Chu Yang felt as if he was looking at Nangong Shifeng .

The four brothers didn't cover their faces . They looked rather similar: Triangular eyes, broom-like brows, bulbous nose, toad-like mouth, big ears, yellowish hair which was a little curled, and a big pointed head…

"You are the buyer? And you urgently need the Nine-Leaves Flower?" Although Nangong Shifeng had his face covered, it couldn't conceal his bossy tone . His two eyes, like those of venomous snakes, examined Chu Yang .

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Originally, the seller and buyer wouldn't come face-to-face; but Chu Yang offered 10,000 purple crystals, while the Jinjian Organization strangely demanded 30,000 . This gap was too big . So the Jinjian Organization could only discuss the price with the buyer .

For safety purposes, Chu Yang also had his face covered .

"It's a bit urgent, but I also have to look at the price," Chu Yang said indifferently, "I can only offer 10,000 purple crystals as the reward . They are all that I have now…"

"If you can't offer enough purple crystals, why are you still thinking of getting the Nine-Leaves Flower?" Nangong Shifeng snorted and said, "Do you know how many hardships we endured just to get it? And you want to brush us off with just 10,000 purple crystals? Do you think we're beggars?"

The law-enforcement officer from the Blood-Payers Hall frowned and said, "10,000 purple crystals aren't that little . Nangong, don't go too far . "

Nangong Shifeng smiled, "Big brother, please don't be angry . We just want to obtain the optimum profit . After all, we went through a lot of difficulties this time around… It's all hard-earned money . "

"Of course, all of you had gone through a lot of difficulties . So, I'm willing to give you some tips . But how much do my few brothers want?" At this moment, Chu Yang didn't want to bring up unnecessary problems . He only wanted to carry out the transaction as quickly as possible .

It was really disgusting to look at these five fellows .

It was alright to be ugly, but if you still thought highly of yourself as if you were a genteel prince . That would really be disgusting!

"If that's the case, you're not lacking purple crystals?" Nangong Shifeng's cold eyes flashed .

"I have some . As long as you don't go too far, I'll accept your price . "

"50,000 purple crystals!" Nangong Shifeng smiled sheepishly and extended five fingers .

"Nangong! You said 30,000 just now!" The law-enforcement officer from the Blood-Payers Hall was furious .

"Big brother… We almost lost our lives when we grabbed it from the wolves' lair… Look at how the legs of my third and fourth brother were bitten by the wolves…" Nangong Shifeng said pathetically .

"It's too much!" Chu Yang said unaffectedly, "I don't have that many purple crystals . "

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"Then how many are you willing to give us?" Nangong Shifeng asked as he blinked his eyes .

"At most 20,000!" Chu Yang said .

"Definitely no!" Nangong Shifeng's voice suddenly became fierce, and he said, "This buyer, are you trying to fool us?"

Chu Yang frowned and answered, "I don't have that many purple crystals . Are you asking me to steal them?"

"50,000 purple crystals! If you're short of one, we shan't carry on with this business!" Nangong Shifeng said coldly, "It's nothing great if I destroy this Nine-Leaves Flower and everyone ends this business!"

"Do as you please!" Chu Yang stood up, saying, "I don't want this Nine-Leaves Flower anymore . I have other poisons that I can use to kill people… Goodbye . "

Chu Yang walked away without hesitation .

He had enough of this Nangong Shifeng!

This ungrateful fellow! Don't blame me for being heartless then!

Seeing that this buyer actually turned away so unhesitatingly, Nangong Shifeng was dumbfounded! This guy obviously needed the Nine-Leaves Flower very much since he put up a reward offer in the Blood-Payers Hall, but now, he actually said he didn't want it after they couldn't come to a simple agreement!

What did he mean?

How would Nangong Shifeng dare to ruin the Nine-Leaves Flower? This was a great fortune! If I can't sell it to you, I can sell it to others!

But obviously, Chu Yang couldn't afford such a high price . Not to mention 20,000 purple crystals, he absolutely couldn't afford 10,000 purple crystals! Because this thing was definitely not worth this price .

Only those who urgently needed it would pay high prices for it . How would Nangong Shifeng not know this?

Thinking of this, Nangong Shifeng really wanted to slap on his own face: 20,000 purple crystals are already a lot… If I realized this earlier, I should have agreed on this price…

"This… This big brother, what did he mean…" Nangong Shifeng turned back to look at that law-enforcement officer and said in an aggrieved manner, "This person already made a reward offer in the Blood-Payers Hall . Now he actually rejected the offer… This… He really treats the Blood-Payers Hall too lightly…"

The law-enforcement officer said coldly, "A whole lot of law-enforcement officers in the South-East region are indeed not in some people's eyes . So what?"

This person was the vice person-in-charge of the Blood-Payers Hall . On the day Han Xiaoran went to the Chu clan to announce his support for the Chu clan, he naturally also went . And Han Xiaoran specially commanded him and the main person-in-charge: You must not, must not… let anything happen to this young master!

Since Han Xiaoran commanded this way, there's no need to mention… how they should treat this young master .

Nangong Shifeng was dumbstruck after listening to this law-enforcement officer .

There were some people who treated all the law-enforcement officers in the South-East region lightly?

Nangong Shifeng instantly wanted to cry: Damn it, is he one of the important characters from the Xiao clan? That's to say… Did I offend the Xiao clan today?

"Big brother, please help me to do some sweet-talking…" Nangong Shifeng almost wanted to cry . "Let it just be 20,000…"

The law-enforcement officer spread out his hands, saying, "I can't help you even if I wanted to . Nangong, I shall remind you, you can't afford to offend this person! Don't make any ill intentions and behave well . "

This law-enforcement officer sighed as he said . With a flash, he vanished .

Even if Nangong Shifeng really had any ill intentions before, he would absolutely not dare to have any now . He stood blankly on the ground as if he had lost his soul .

"Big brother, you're too greedy . You shall just sell it for 20,000! This amount has already exceeded the true value by several times already…" his few brothers apparently had the same disposition as him and they instantly started to make belated comments .

Nangong Shifeng said mournfully, "How did I know then that it would be like this…"

… 'Yinjian' means 'lascivious' in Chinese

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