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Chapter 868: 868

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When several ladies saw Huang Xialiu, they instantly surrounded him and inquired solicitously about his welfare . Seeing his loved ones in the most uncomfortable moments of his life, he burst into cries and rolled on the ground as if he had suffered from some grievance . After lamenting for some time, the few ladies also started to trickle tears .

A few couldn't help to turn around and look at Chu Yang angrily .

Chu Yang finally understood why rich people's sons were fops… From the looks of it, Huang Xialiu doted like an apple of the clan's eyes… Who dared to scold him a word?

Young Master Huang's two wives stood shyly at one side . Their faces were red .

At Divine Doctor Chu's first glance, he noticed that Huang Xialiu's two wives were pretty . Although they couldn't be said to be so beautiful that they could overrun cities and ruin states, they looked graceful and elegant .

Although they were dressed up like married women, from their bodies and face, they were clearly virgins . There seemed to have some hidden bitterness…

Upon seeing his wives, Young Master Huang instantly felt a bit guilty . He stopped crying, held their hands and smiled at his wives, and occasionally sighed secretly… I'm so helpless…

Divine Doctor Chu suddenly had a profound realization: The greatest helplessness in life isn't the inability to earn money or to gather strength, but the helplessness in confronting two exquisite women who were just by him…

At this moment, Chu Yang truly sympathized with Young Master Huang Xialiu . Under such circumstances, he actually could survive without committing suicide . His endurance level was really superb .

How much melancholy could one yield in his life? As much as Young Master Huang Xialiu's grief towards his lovely wives! If he were to go to a cat house, he would have even more grief!

Among the people who had come, Clan Master Huang had also brought a pharmacist so that Divine Doctor Chu could study the conditions of Huang Xialiu with him together .

The pharmacist was also surnamed Huang, and people called him Pharmacist Huang . But his name wasn't made known .

Pharmacist Huang examined Divine Doctor Chu's medicine soup for a long time and finally muttered near Clan Master Huang's ears, "This medicine soup… is very rare… And there's a mysterious force in it . It seems that it's very beneficial… for men… Looks like Divine Doctor Chu is strengthening young master's corporeality…"

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Clan Master Huang's eyes instantly beamed and felt relieved .

Clan Master Huang was thin and looked like a twin with his son . He first sighed as he saw Chu Yang, then clasped both his hands before his chest and laughed aloud, "Divine Doctor Chu? Hahaha… We are lucky to have you care for our young master . He has added trouble to you for this period of time . "

Clan Master Huang smiled, "Clan Master Huang, you're too polite . " He thought: This Clan Master Huang is much easier to approach to as compared to his son .

"My name is Huang Shang, haha, now the clan master of the Huang clan…" Clan Master Huang revealed his name .

Divine Doctor Chu jerked and almost wanted to bow to him, "Emperor 1 ?"

"Hahaha, Huang is my surname, and 'Shang' is the same term as in the term 'Gao Shang 2 ," Clan Master Huang had seen this expression very often, and simply didn't take Chu Yang's reaction to mind . He said, "It doesn't mean emperor . "

"I see," Clan Master Huang wiped away his sweat, "Clan Master Huang, please have a seat . "

"Divine Doctor Chu, I'll help myself . Other than worrying about my son, I have something to ask you," Huang Shang's skinny face forced out a smile, and he said in a low tone, "Divine Doctor Chu, how confident are you in curing him?"

Not waiting for Chu Yang to reply, Huang Shang added on, "To make him recover to… that kind of strength… that men have?"

Chu Yang pondered, "I'm not sure how confident is the Huang clan from getting the few kinds of key medicinal ingredients?"

Huang Shang stroked his beard and said, "I went to inquire them at the Law Enforcement Hall, then asked the five great clans about them! I finally got to know about their whereabouts: We have the Poisonous Blade Tip Stings Iron Cucumber ourselves . Now the Medicine Valley has three Superb Nine Vines; the Ling clan from the nine great clans Nine-Deaths Water . While… the Zhuge clan has Nine-Leaves Pangolin… If Divine Doctor Chu is hundred percent confident, I'll immediately send people off with 200,000 purple crystals to the Medicine Valley, the Zhuge clan and the Ling clan, and buy back the required medicinal ingredients at any costs!"

Clan Master Huang's heart jerked and he thought: Motherf**ker, people are born to be different; I'm worrying so much for 30,000 purple crystals . This Clan Master Huang could actually dispose of 200,000 purple crystals at one shot…

What a great moneybag!

His concern for his son has reached the extreme…

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Chu Yang smiled, saying, "As long as Clan Master Huang could get all these medicines, I can promise: Young Master Huang could return to normal conditions the next day . Not only that, his ability… will exceed that of ordinary men!"

"Great!" Huang Shang clapped his hands, and revealed a hopeful look and said, "Is this really true?"

"Not a bit fake!" Chu Yang smiled, saying, "Our Chu clan doesn't seem to be an opponent of your Huang clan at all… How can I deceive you…"

Chu Yang said jokingly .

Huang Shang laughed and said, "The Chu clan is now on the rise . I really admire the Chu clan for having direct access to high authorities now!"

"Clan Master Huang, you're flattering," Clan Master Huang smiled .

Huang Shang had a load taken off his mind now . He went out and whispered to the few ladies for a while . The faces of the few ladies instantly beamed with joy . Next, Huang Shang issued a command: To get all the medicinal ingredients… at any costs, and with the fastest speed!

Immediately, a number of people from the entourage galloped away in their horses…

After arranging everything properly, Huang Shang came back joyfully, "Divine Doctor Chu, this poison is indeed Ending of Posterity, right?"

Chu Yang said unhappily, "How would I see it wrongly?"

Huang Shang laughed and rubbed his hands . Then, seeming to have thought of something, his face darkened and he said, "These few days, after hearing your news, I made an investigation on Sa Wufei…"

Chu Yang flipped his eyes and revealed an indifferent look, saying, "Oh?"

But actually, he pricked up his ears and focused his attention .

"That year, Sa Wufei went around the world and did many wicked deeds . God knows how many people did he cut off their bloodlines on . And finally, he had stirred up public anger! Of which, two families sent out people to cooperate with blood payers to besiege and kill him!"

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Huang Shang said .

"Which two clans?" Chu Yang asked casually .

"One of which was the number one domineering family in the Nine Heavens! They sent out their number one expert among their youngest generation, Ye Di; He's also the ancestor of the Ye clan and a Supreme Martial Artist . Now, no one knows if he's still alive…"

Huang Shang mentioned the name 'Ye Di' respectfully .

"Ye Di…" Chu Yang muttered and remembered the name .

"The other clan was the Xiao clan! Similarly, they sent out the number one expert among their youngest generation, Xiao Se! When Xiao Se became a ninth stage Martial Saint, he mysteriously disappeared . This happened 7 100 years ago!"

Huang Shang said slowly .

"As far as I know, Sa Wufei was firstly seriously injured by Ye Di . He escaped with his injuries, but was killed by Xiao Se eventually!" Huang Shang said in a heavy voice .

Chu Yang muttered, "That means, the last one who killed Sa Wufei was Xiao Se . The first one who gets Sa Wufei's corpse was also Xiao Se!"

"That's right," Huang Shang nodded heavily .

Chu Yang was silent . He knew that Huang Shang needed to infer many things himself! If Chu Yang said it, it wouldn't have that effect .

"If that's the case, it was Xiao Se who learned Sa Wufei's Ending of Posterity!" Huang Shang said heavily .

"In these 7 000 years, there must have been many people in the Xiao clan who had practiced it . "

"At first, the Xiao clan didn't take to heart the rise of the Huang clan . It was till the glorious appearance of Huang Feng . Elder Huang Feng had great talents, and unintentionally saved one of the Ye clan's important figures . They became sworn brothers and helped each other . This caused an uncontrollable development of the Huang clan . From a medium-small clan, the Huang clan developed to become a huge clan within 300 years…"

"The descendants of the Huang clan were also quite capable . So generations after generations, the Huang clan became more and more prosperous . "

"It was till four hundred years ago when the population of the Huang clan began to decline . Whenever important figures within the family were out, they never returned… And the population of our descendants also become sparse…"

"But afterward, we found out that it was a small clan which had done the poisoning… Since then, our clan remained calm for a few years . "

"In the recent 200 years, the situation intensified… There were numerous people within our clan who got this weird disease… and they couldn't bear children . And there were a few who were mysteriously killed… Till my generation, it got worse; Three of my four sons were killed incidentally . This last one also…"

Huang Shang's eyes revealed a strong hatred, "I doubted the Xiao clan more than once, but I didn't have any evidence . Now, I finally discovered that it was them! The origin of all of these is this Ending of Posterity!"

"The Xiao clan really have good wits! As long as the bloodline of our direct line of descent was cut off, the Huang clan would thoroughly die out without them having to put up a battle with us! As such, our clan would slowly decline and it wouldn't raise the attention of others at all… This would be more conducive for them to consolidate our remaining power after our clan declines…"

Huang Shang gritted his teeth, "Xiao clan wants us to end our bloodlines!!"

"In this case, you've already confirmed that this is done by them," Chu Yang said lightly .

"Yes . "

"If that's the case, you've brought lots of troubles for me!" Clan Master Huang sighed .

"Trouble… is destined," Huang Shang sighed, "When you've accepted Huang Xialiu to be your patient, you're destined to receive trouble…"

Chu Yang agreed, looked back at Huang Shang knowingly and said, "You're correct . "

Huang Shang revealed a cross look on his face and said, "Since the Xiao clan can lay hands on us so unreasonably, why can't our Huang clan lay hands on them?!"

… 'Emperor' is a homonym for 'Huang Shang' in Chinese 'Gao Shang' means 'noble' in English

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