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Chapter 864

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Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan stood upright as they listened to Han Xiaoran's teachings .

But Chu Yang remained silent and pondered upon every sentence that Han Xiaoran spoke .

Although he had been trying hard to hide his own cultivations, Han Xiaoran said: Although your strength isn't weak, it's also not too strong .

This meant that Chu Yang couldn't hide his capability from Han Xiaoran, or the Thousand Phantom Technique couldn't conceal Chu Yang's cultivation .

Then Han Xiaoran spoke that he anticipated Chu Yang to become full-fledged…

This sentence obviously showed that Han Xiaoran looked forward to Chu Yang's influence, and not cultivation . Only when the Chu clan's influence and position had gone up could the Chu clan and Chu Yang's name as a divine doctor supplement each other to further advance the Chu clan's status quo .

Only by the current capability of the Chu clan, even if the Chu clan was supported by Han Xiaoran for a hundred years, others might not take notice of the Chu clan .

Only by Chu Yang's medical skills, if he stepped out into the martial society, he would either be captured or assassinated . It would be hopeless if he wanted to gain a reputation by himself .

So, only if the two complemented with each other then could the Chu clan upgrade itself rapidly in a short period of time, thereby achieving the goal that Han Xiaoran desired .

So, Han Xiaoran had indicated clearly now that he wanted to support the Chu clan!

Chu Yang frowned and pondered: This also means that regarding the purge within the South-East region, although Han Xiaoran has mentioned it lightly, it may not be easy work .

Similarly, he spoke a bit heavily in the end . But he wasn't lack of confidence . But… opportunity! There's a lack of opportunity and he needed to wait for it to come .

After all, behind Tong Wuxin's back was the Shi clan, one of the nine great clans . They had one-ninth of the power over the entire mainland, and there were plenty of experts in the clan . How would they be willing to be humiliated to easily?

Han Xiaoran turned around to look at Chu Yang . Seeing that he was deep in his thoughts and had seemingly understood something, he revealed praise in his eyes . He knew that Chu Yang had more or less understood what he meant .

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"Little brother, your cultivation couldn't hide from Martial Saint . Do you know?" Han Xiaoran said lightly .

Chu Yang raised his head stunningly, "Thank you for your reminder . "

He thought: Looks like I need practice on this Thousand Phantom Technique further .

Han Xiaoran said as he pondered, "The both of you, do well what you're supposed to do in this period of time . As you advance your cultivation, put in your best efforts to support the Chu clan and strengthen it as soon as possible! The Flat Mountain Ridge can't have a single clan monopolizing the entire region . Every clan should get united!"

His brows twitched slightly and said casually, "The Liao clan… or whatsoever, clamp it down . "

"Yes," Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan agreed at the same time .

Han Xiaoran had mentioned the Liao clan in a way as if it's not worth mentioning at all; while Sha Xinliang's and Qin Baoshan's consent was also absolutely a matter of course .

One could thus see the extent of power that the law-enforcement officers had .

"In this way, once we successfully consolidated the Chu clan… their strength would improve by a great stride! But the unification and cleaning of uncooperative clan members would be an extremely complicated matter… Little brother, do you have any good ideas?" Han Xiaoran asked .

"Just kill!" Chu Yang smiled coldly and said, "In such a time, where is there the time for conciliation and reformation? We can only use the toughest mean to get everyone together . Whoever who complies shall thrive, while whoever doesn't, die! As for implications… Even if there are, after it's consolidated with the toughest means, there would become none!"

"I've indeed seen you correctly . Little brother, you would have great prospects in the future!" Han Xiaoran said and smiled comfortingly .

"Exceptional times calls for exceptional measures," Chu Yang said as he smiled lightly .


"Oh, there will be some risks when Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan take their Purple Cloud Pills . I need a smart doctor to look after them . Otherwise, these two guys will not only not get their cultivation improved, but will instead explode into minced meat… That will be a great loss…" Han Xiaoran spoke .

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"Old brother, don't worry," Chu Yang said seriously, "As long as I'm here, and should the Purple Cloud Pills really have that effects, I'll ensure that the two of them smoothly advance into Martial Saints!"

"That's good!" Han Xiaoran felt relieved .

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan also put down their hearts at the same time .

Purple Cloud Pills were the number one treasure in the Law Enforcement Hall . Back then, the third generation of the Dharma Supreme was an expert in pharmacology . He spent thousands of years gathering countless rare medicines in the hope of increasing the cultivation of his old father, who was on the verge of dying and getting his father longer longevity .

Although he didn't succeed in the end, the recipe of this elixir was passed down . After the revision of this recipe by successive generations of Dharma Supreme, it was discovered that while this elixir couldn't increase one's longevity, it could increase one's strength that was worth 500 years of practice! There's only one shortcoming: It had strong medicinal properties . If an average person took the medicine, he would perhaps explode to death on the spot .

Even if a Martial Monarch took it, there would also be a 90% risk of body explosion . While once the Saint level was reached, one couldn't rely on the medicine to improve his cultivation further .

It was an elixir, yet an absolute poison!

This pill had since become a secret drug in the Law Enforcement Hall, and it was used as a major mean in nurturing experts .

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan were happy and worried at the same time upon hearing Purple Cloud Pill . They felt slightly at ease when they heard Chu Yang's promise .

"Little brother, bring 8,000 purple crystals back to the Chu clan after Ye Wubo took back 10,000 purple crystals," Han Xiaoran increased 3,000 purple crystals from the originally set 5,000 .

"Sure," Chu Yang didn't decline Han Xiaoran's offer and agreed readily . These 8,000 purple crystals were urgently needed by the Chu clan . How could the Chu clan expand their power without purple crystals?

"Well, are four months enough for the consolidation, development and clearing of obstacles of the Chu clan?" Han Xiaoran asked .

Chu Yang lowered his head and frowned, saying, "The time is a bit too little, but… it should be okay . "

"That's good . After half a year, that would be the middle of March, the Zhuge clan would be holding a Medicine Banquet; Then, the nine great clans and the outstanding doctors from the nine great regions would participate in the banquet . The elders from the Medicine Valley would also go… Even the Dharma Supreme would send for people to take the chair… Little brother, if you want to make your mark and make a sound reputation, that would be a fortuitous opportunity!"

Han Xiaoran said heavily .

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Chu Yang's eyes sparkled, "Medicine Banquet?"

Han Xiaoran said, "That's right . This would not only be a competition among doctors, but it would also decide who's the number one doctor in the world! All sorts of exotic plants would show up . It would then turn into a super great market and auction . Everything would be in charge by the headquarter of all the law-enforcement officers in the world to ensure that everything goes on safely!"

"All the nine great clans will be there with sufficient financial resources to get whatever they need… There will be people who will make a fortune, while there will also be some who suffer great financial losses…"

Han Xiaoran had said this with profound significance .

"This is really a good opportunity…" Chu Yang squinted his eyes and indulged himself in fanciful thoughts .

"This would be an absolutely good opportunity for people like you who have superb medical skills," Han Xiaoran said, "If one only has good medical skills but no medicines, that would be a great discount on him…"

"Furthermore, if you make yourself a blockbuster there, you would immediately gain great power… In the Nine Heavens, once one gains the recognition from the Medicine Valley, he would be solicited by the various big clans… And with such a divine doctor by their sides, they would be equivalent to having one more amulet…"

He looked at Chu Yang smilingly, "Little brother, are you interested?"

Chu Yang said unhesitatingly, "Of course! Great interest," He sounded excited .

The sword spirit in Chu Yang's consciousness was also overjoyed, as if a top class feast was going to unfold before him .

Medicine Banquet . Haha . Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Sword hadn't nourished itself with top class medicines for a long time . As long as he entered the banquet and had sufficient monetary resources… how could the Nine Tribulations Sword not eat whatever he wanted to?

Besides, even if he had insufficient monetary power, wasn't there still the support of Han Xiaoran?

Worse came to worst, even if there was no monetary power and no support of Han Xiaoran, with the Nine Tribulations Sword's dexterity, couldn't it steal?

Damn it, who could prevent me from stealing?

The King of Hell Chu was a bit lost in his fancy thoughts…

"If little brother is interested, you can come to the South-East headquarter to find me . I'll wait for you there, and give you an identity that you come from the Law Enforcement Hall . Then you can go to the banquet along with me!" Han Xiaoran said .

Chu Yang smiled sheepishly, "Since old brother has already made up your mind, I'll naturally be happy to obey!"

Han Xiaoran laughed, saying, "From today onwards, we'll start to purge the Chu clan and improve its strength . Then, your identity will certainly be exposed to others . So, then, I'll not only provide you with an identity but also change your looks… Hope that you'll get ready for this . "

Chu Yang said, "I know . If there's a number one doctor appearing from the Chu clan at this moment, perhaps the Chu clan would vanish from the world not more than half a month's time… If I use the identity that I'm from the Law Enforcement Hall, it would be a completely different case . "

Han Xiaoran looked at Chu Yang commendably .

Han Xiaoran really commended Chu Yang's perception . Chu Yang knew how to draw inferences about other cases from one instance . While Han Xiaoran just started a talk, Chu Yang already knew what he was about to say . It's really pleasant to talk to such people .

"You must gain fame from the Medicine Banquet . Only then can you make use of the support that you've gained to enter another crucial occasion and draw in talents!" Han Xiaoran looked solemn, "This occasion would then be your key! And it's the key that decides your future achievements!"

Chu Yang said, "Oh?"

Han Xiaoran said, "I'm referring to the Tianding Grand Meeting!"

"Tianding Grand Meeting?" Chu Yang was puzzled .

"Yes . Tianding Grand Meeting is an event that takes place in the Nine Heavens only once in a century . And it's also a chance for the martial practitioners in the world to reach the sky in a single bound!"

"And if you can become the Medicine King, and if the nine great clans really have the conspiracy against the law-enforcement officers… Our forces will take its shape by that time," Han Xiaoran said, laughing .

Chu Yang nodded heavily .

He had vaguely heard about the Tianding Grand Meeting and Medicine Banquet before, but he didn't know much about them . It was only now that he knew about their presence . Instantly, his interests were aroused .

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