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Chapter 863

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Chu Yang was astounded .

He never expected that this serious and disinterested law-enforcement master also liked to gloat and gossip .

At this moment, Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan finally rushed back . Hearing Han Xiaoran's laughter, Sha Xinliang came over to join the fun, "Law-enforcement master, you look so happy . Presumably, something good has happened? What is it? Can I join the fun?"



The wine in Chu Yang's and Han Xiaoran's mouth sprayed out at the same time . Then, they laughed as they choked and coughed .

Sha Xinliang's bald head instantly became wet .

He embarrassedly extended his hand to wipe it away . He was miserable, but dared not to flare up . He said, "This is really… This is really… Law-enforcement master, it's rare for you to be in such high spirits…"

Han Xiaoran stopped laughing and said, "I'm talking with Brother Chu Yang about the day when you interrogated him…"

Sha Xinliang instantly remembered, and he got into a murderous rage . All the grudges overwhelmed him . He immediately jumped up, grabbed Chu Yang's clothes and roared, "Good! If law-enforcement master didn't mention it, I wouldn't have thought of it . Now I really do… You little bastard! You… you… you…"

He could suppress his anger and shouted, "This time, why didn't you have any effects under the Triple Layer Soul-Capturing Technique? Last time, you actually fooled me by grabbing my collar and scolding me for half a quarter-hour…"

Chu Yang's face blushed, "Err *cough*… Can you release your hands…"

Sha Xinliang's face flushed with agitation, "No, I want you to give me an explanation first!"

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Chu Yang stuck out his tongue and breathed with difficulty . Suddenly, he looked at Sha Xinliang's bald head and couldn't help but to break into a bitter smile again, "At that time I was… Ah hahaha…"

Sha Xinliang stared at him and gasped for breath angrily, "I want you to give me an answer today…"

"What answer?" Han Xiaoran said sternly, "That time, you've already decided to kill him . How would he dare to tell you the truth? Think for yourself . Your life was saved by little brother . Besides, this time, he uncovered the conspiracy . That's equivalent to saving tens of thousands of law-enforcement officers in the South-East region… Still, you dare to say…"

Sha Xinliang released his hands shamefully and smiled dryly, "I'm just joking with him…" As he said, he glared at Chu Yang sullenly, waved his fists and said, "Wait till law-enforcement master leaves, I'll come to settle with you!"

As he said, he couldn't bear to laugh too .

Han Xiaoran asked interestedly, "Sha Xinliang, how did he scold you that time?"

Sha Xinliang was stunned and his mouth opened agape .

Aside, Qin Baoshan couldn't suppress his laughter any longer, "I was there and I saw everything . If the law-enforcement master is interested, I can explain everything to you in detail…"

Sha Xinliang was raged and stared at Qin Baoshan, "You!"

How could Qin Baoshan be afraid of Sha Xinliang? Qin Baoshan snorted and started to narrate the incident vividly . Not till halfway in his narration, Han Xiaoran was already convulsed with laughter…

Sha Xinliang sat on one side angrily and drank wine cups after cups . In the end, he even found himself immersed in Qin Baoshan's narration . He patted his thighs and laughed happily, as if Qin Baoshan was narrating someone else…

Then the four of them talked over this incident . Laughter never stopped .

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Seeing that it's almost midnight, Chu Yang said, "Big brother, when are you leaving the South-East region?"

Han Xiaoran said with a grim face, "The Law Enforcement Hall in the South-East region was eroded . This matter can't be delayed . If there's nothing else, I'm thinking… to leave next afternoon for the Law-Enforcement headquarters . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "Then how do you plan to carry on with this matter?"

Han Xiaoran's face turned cold, and he said, "I can only kill him!"

Chu Yang said, "But the evidence isn't sufficient…"

Han Xiaoran laughed aloud, "Although I look disinterested and too square, I'm not inflexible . Since I've already affirmed that Tong Wuxin had already committed the crime, why would I still need evidence? I'll start by interrogating him to search for his accomplice… From time immemorial, there's not a single one who could endure the torture in interrogation and not speak up!"

"This matter is very likely to involve the Shi clan . Old brother, please act carefully, and don't allow the Shi clan to know that you've discovered their conspiracy…" Chu Yang advised, "No matter what, the Shi clan is one of the nine great clans . There are a lot of Martial Monarchs and Supreme Martial Artists in their family . It's difficult for you to deal with all of them yourself . You must be careful . "

"I know," Han Xiaoran sighed, "This incident has happened too abruptly . Now, I have few people to trust on; Otherwise, I would have ignited a war with them directly . "

He paused for a while and said to Qin Baoshan, "After I leave, you shall draft a document and submit it to the South-East Law-Enforcement Headquarter . Then, let the Chu clan be in charge of the delivery channel of our auction hall . "

He turned around and said to Chu Yang, "Chu Feilong was already dead . It shouldn't be a problem I guess?"

This was undoubtedly a huge piece of cake! If the Chu clan took control of the delivery channel of the Law-Enforced Auction Hall, the strength of the clan would definitely improve greatly!

Chu Yang frowned and said, "After Chu Feilong had died, there's no internal problem in the Chu clan now . The problem is… the goods of the auction hall are all transported through blood-payers . If the Chu clan takes over the law-enforcement officers' job, it may offend the blood-payers and interrupt their businesses… and the strength of the Chu clan is also slightly weaker now…"

Han Xiaoran smiled, "This isn't a problem at all . I'll personally go to the Chu clan next morning and set up an agreement with Clan Master Chu Xiongcheng, and the logo and flag of the South-East Law-Enforcement Headquarter will also wave above the cargo team… I believe that those in the South-East region who want to loot from them… will have to consider doing it . "

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Sha Xinliang said, "Little brother, the law-enforcement master is right . What are you still declining this for? Besides, with the flag of the law-enforcement master, even if accidents really happen, the law-enforcement officers in the South-East region will be in charge of this, and not the Chu clan… To put it bluntly, the Chu clan is only helping us to run errands… Nothing else . "

While Han Xiaoran had said it a bit implicitly, Sha Xinliang explicitly explained everything . He even spoke out the bottom line .

Han Xiaoran felt uneasy upon listening to Sha Xinliang, and glared at him furiously . Sha Xinliang immediately shut his mouth .

Chu Yang laughed, "Since there's such a good thing, even if old brother didn't mention it, I'll also agree . "

Han Xiaoran said, "Then, this case is settled . "

Everyone nodded .

Han Xiaoran turned around to face Sha Xinliang, "Your Law Enforcement Hall needs to recruit some more people . If the situation really becomes chaotic… your place will become my last-minute support… Do you understand?"

Sha Xinliang immediately stood up, "Yes . "

Han Xiaoran said, "After I go back, I'll immediately send some men to your place, and I shall give you a Purple Cloud Pill . After you've taken it, advance to become a Martial Saint as quickly as possible! If one pill isn't enough, then two! This shall also apply to Qin Baoshan! Only after you've improved your cultivation can you have greater authority! Then, you shall carefully select the most reliable men among those whom I've sent to establish a front-line troop!"

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan stood up straight and agreed grimly .

Han Xiaoran sighed and said, "Now I can only trust the both of you on my side… You mustn't disappoint me . If there's one day… If there's one day… that I had some misfortunes and die in the hands of some despicable villains… the two of you will be my last base . And you'll be the last hope of a whole lot of law-enforcement officers in the South-East region!"

Sha Xinliang said sentimentally, "Law-enforcement master, don't worry . Nothing will happen to you!"

Han Xiaoran smiled, saying, "There'll always be unexpected circumstances . Who can say for sure what will happen the next day?"

He said deeply, "The both of you aren't without misdeeds, but you're frank… This is the most desirable trait among you . Besides, there's little brother here… If there's anything, you can discuss more with him . Although he's young, his wits are definitely on par with the both of you… Don't look down on him because he's young . Do you understand?"

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan straightened their backs and nodded .

Han Xiaoran thought for a while and took off the token on his waist, handing it to Chu Yang, "Little brother, dark tides are now raging with our law-enforcement organization . Although your strength isn't weak, it's also not too strong . So I don't dare to invite you to take up the position of a doctor in the organization . I'm afraid that you would be harmed… But my token could be an amulet for you . In times of danger, take it out and say that you're our organization's doctor whom I specifically appointed . This can keep you safe . "

Chu Yang received it solemnly, but he had the feeling that Han Xiaoran had said it dismally, and even encompassed some meaning in his words of entrusting his funeral affairs on Chu Yang . He couldn't help but ask, "Old Brother Han, are you so unconfident towards purging the South-East region?"

Han Xiaoran smiled lightly and patted on Chu Yang's shoulders, saying with profound significance, "If there's one day when little brother becomes full-fledged and can help me, I'll be relieved . "

Chu Yang nodded heavily .

As if he had agreed .

Han Xiaoran held up his wine glass and said, "There's something that I want to remind the three of you . If I die, all your efforts may be wasted . Little brother must immediately destroy the token to clear off the relationship with me, while the Chu clan must immediately stop its cooperation with the Law-Enforced Auction Hall… Do you understand?"

"I can protect you if I'm alive, but if there's one day when I'm gone… danger will come at any moment!"

The three people didn't know what to say, and could only drink this glass of wine silently .

Han Xiaoran said, "I have a clear conscience in this South-East region! But if there's one day when I'm gone… Sha Xinliang, you must also remember firmly: Law-enforcement officers enforce the law, the supreme law of the Nine Heavens! Heart and law work together . Even if you have to carry out massacres, your conscience must be clear!"

Han Xiaoran held the wine glass in his hands . There are some wistfulness and contemplation in his looks . He said sadly, "All along, the Nine Heavens focuses itself on the mechanism of rule by law; But… law needs to be enforced by men! So the so-called 'rule by law' doesn't exist at all . If people are upright, then the law will be upright . If people are crooked, so will the law . And whether one is upright or otherwise depends on his heart . As law-enforcement officers, we can't allow the laws of the Nine Heavens to become a plaything of authority! You must remember this!"

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