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Chapter 850: 850

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There was one fewer person next to Huang Xialiu .

Young Master Huang, almost crazily, sent for the investigation of the matter back in the years . With the Huang clan's capability, it would certainly not waste too much time searching for things that had clear records .

Divine Doctor Chu, of course, started making potions for Young Master Huang's treatment: Using 500g coptis, 1 . 5kg roots of Bitter Bamboo, 1kg Bitter Cauliflower with silver roots, 1 . 5kg castor beans with golden leaves, 3kg to 4kg Snow Cliff Bitter Gourd, and a Blood-Boiled Ginseng, he cooked a large pot of medicine soup .

The medicine soup weighed as heavy as 15kg . It was yellowish, just like a latrine that had endured plenty of rain .

After it was finished cooking, he dripped a drop of Lust Dragon's blood into it to dilute the soup .

"You need to serve this three times a day, and two bowls per time . A bowl of it should weigh 500g . After you took this for five days, I'll prepare for the next step of treatment," Chu Yang frowned as he looked at Huang Xialiu .

Huang Xialiu's two legs trembled as he looked at this big pot . He even felt cramps in his legs and belly .

He took a bowl and sipped, and only felt an indescribable sense of bitterness rushing into his stomach . Instantly, he felt his stomach frozen and on fire at the same time .

Coptis, roots of Bitter Bamboo, Bitter Cauliflower with silver roots, castor beans with golden leaves, and Snow Cliff Bitter Gourd were cool ingredients that brought down the heat in a person's body . They were some of the most bitter ingredients, and their mixture created one of the most bitter substances in the world .

But the Blood-Boiled Ginseng was an heat-excessive ingredient… After one ate it, his whole body would heat up, his blood would boil and he would perspire terribly . The most horrible thing was: This ginseng was also bitter…

All these things had no effect on curing illnesses . Other than feeling cold and heated up at the same time, and other than being extremely bitter, it didn't have even a bit of medicinal properties at all .

The only thing that was useful was that drip of… Lust Dragon's blood .

But… that tiny drip of Lust Dragon's blood was mixed in the 15kg of medicinal soup . Who knew how much medicinal effect it still had…

Divine Doctor Chu had created all these simply because he wasn't pleased with Huang Xialiu's name, looks and his living habits . So Divine Doctor Chu wanted to torture him…

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Who gave this bastard the permission to be rude in front of me, and even throw his mucus over my place…

Of course, this was not only to punish Huang Xialiu . Divine Doctor Chu's main purpose was: the Huang clan has some extent of influence … And, it's even enemy with the Xiao clan . If Huang Xialiu remains here, then don't I have an extra super bodyguard? A great hatchet man?

Since Chu Feilong could invite that person to kill himself, that meant that the Ye Clan had also come to the South-East region! How could people from the Ye clan be that simple to deal with?

Although Sword Master Chu thought highly of himself and had the sword spirit as his card, he wasn't so arrogant to the point of thinking that he was unmatched . After all, the strength of the sword spirit was restricted by him, and the sword spirit could only exert a little power .

It was not a joke if a Martial Saint of higher stages came and killed him .

Moreover… this matter could also act as a trigger… Could the Nine Heavens… Hum…

Only God knew what was going on in Divine Doctor Chu's brain these few days…

As for the medicines…

After drinking them, Young Master Huang's condition would be slightly… slightly improved, and it would definitely not do any harm at all in his health and life . But, having six bowls daily was definitely no lesser than going to hell dozens of times a day…

Young Master Huang emboldened himself to take a sip of soup . Instantly, his face twitched to form an extremely weird shape . His nose almost reached his ears, his eyes lifted up high, and… two streams of soup came rushing out from his nostrils which dripped onto the floor…

Then, with a thud, he fell onto the floor, and gasped for no lesser than half a quarter's time . After a quarter's time, he recovered from his stupor, gasped a heavy breath and cried out, "Mummy mummy mummy…"

Tears flooded out ferociously .

The three guards from the Huang clan rushed towards Huang Xialiu like a whirlwind .

"Wail your ass!" Chu Yang raged, "I've put in many efforts to make this medicine . What are you crying for?"

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"What kind of medicine is this?" Huang Xialiu bitterly pointed to the pot, "What's that… So bitter, like…" He wanted to say that it was even more bitter than coptis . But immediately, he thought that the bitterness of the medicine, as compared to coptis, was poles apart .

As he cried, he vomited the medicine out .

Chu Yang sighed and looked at the three guards, "This young master really hasn't suffered from a bit of bitterness…"

A black-faced guard smiled and said, "Divine doctor, you're right . Our young master haha… is after all the only child in his generation… Our lady is used to doting him . That's also pardonable…"

"But how am I going to treat him?" Divine Doctor Chu frowned and shook his head repeatedly, saying, "Look at him! He becomes like this only by taking a sip of it!"

The three guards were also at a loss of what to do . They pleaded, "Divine doctor, is it possible to make the medicine soup… a bit sweeter?"

Chu Yang was furious, "Good medicine is bitter! If it was all honey, of course, it'd be good to drink . But how could it cure illnesses? If he can't even drink medicine, how to get his illness treated?"

Divine Doctor Chu couldn't suppress his anger and continued, "The medicine is here . He needs to take two bowls a time, six times a day . I'll pass the job to you . If I see him spit out even a drop, you shall take him back home!"

Saying this, Divine Doctor Chu flicked his sleeves and off he went angrily .

The four guards from the Huang clan gazed at one another .

The black-faced guard picked up his courage and scooped up a bowl, passing it to Huang Xialiu, "Young master… please drink it…"

"I won't drink it even if you kill me!" Huang Xialiu's face was full of tears, and he yelled angrily, "Is this medicine? Damn it, even feces don't taste that bad! Is he f**king curing me? This is clearly a murder…"

The three guards' face instantly turned black . They continued to advise very helplessly, "Young master, this… bitter medicine is good . "

"How about you having a drink?!" Huang Xialiu lifted his eyes, "Then you'll know…"

"Is it that bitter?" the black-faced guard took a sip dubiously . Instantly, his black face brushed to become snow-white, and it twisted into a lump . Then, after flipping his eyes for quite a while, he then swallowed the soup down . At this moment, he felt thick ice and volcanic fire colliding with each other in his stomach . He really felt like dying .

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After a long time, he spoke against his own heart, "This doesn't seem to be very bitter . Young master, for the sake of your illness… please just drink it…"

Huang Xialiu only shook his head .

The three guards gazed at one another and walked to one side for a discussion .

"What to do now?"

"Force it down?!"


The three people walked back, "Young master, please drink . "

Huang Xialiu was utterly furious, "I'll rather die than to drink it!"

The three people winked at one another and swarmed up to Huang Xialiu, pressing him down . One continued to press down on Huang Xialiu's body, while another went to split open his mouth, while the last one held on to the bowl of medicine and poured it into his mouth .

Then, the guard who was splitting open Huang Xialiu's mouth extended a finger to touch Huang Xialiu's throat, and then his chest . After which, Huang Xialiu involuntarily swallowed the soup down .

The same for the next bowl…

The guard who pressed down on Huang Xialiu's body continued to do so, while the other two helped him to massage his stomach while spreading their spiritual power over Huang Xialiu's meridians and veins, so as to allow his body to digest the effects of medicines as quickly as possible…

Huang Xialiu had now turned motionless . His eyes were flipped and his mouth was agape . He looked just like a dead corpse, except that there were squeaking sounds from his mouth .

Waiting till the three guards released their hands, Huang Xialiu jumped up, and extended his fingers into his throat, wanting to vomit the soup out, but no matter how hard he tried, nothing came out — these three Monarch-level experts had helped him to completely digest the soup… How could he vomit it out?

Young Master Huang slammed his ass on the ground, heartbroken and dispirited, "I don't want to cure my illness, regardless of what… Just let the Huang clan's bloodline cut from here…"

The three guards were taken aback, "No!" And they looked at one another as they thought: We must guard against this young master from escaping…

"This idea is good . Looks like the same should be done for the remaining soup," Divine Doctor Chu had appeared unknowingly, and his smile looked rather amiable .

Huang Xialiu jumped up high as if he had seen a ghost, and hid behind the black-face guard . His teeth were chattering, "Devil…"

"Remember, just use this method, and be constantly vigilant… Erm, if the young master escapes, I can't be blamed," Chu Yang said lightly, "There must be no interruption once one started serving it . Once it's interrupted, all the previous treatment would be useless . "

The three experts agreed respectfully . They vowed in their hearts: Even if we have to sacrifice our sleep, we would also keep a good watch on him and not let him escape, and make sure he doesn't leave out even a drop of soup…

"And, this is the medicine only for these five days . After five days, he won't be taking this… He'll start the second course of treatment . You need to find the medicines for the second course of treatment by yourself . But, these medicines aren't difficult to find . They are required only to strengthen his built and allow his qi and blood to circulate better . "

"Divine doctor, please say," the three agreed in unison .

"Well, the second course of treatment requires a bit of poison . One of you is enough to collect them: 25 grams of centipede, 15 tongues of Chinese Moccasin, 100 pairs White Belly Bat, 3000 legs of myriapod, 50 tails of Swamp Lizard, 25 grams of fly wings, ten hearts of cold-poisonous spiritual beasts, three Deadly Air Ichor…"

Chu Yang eloquently said dozens or so medicines, and advised heavily, "All of these must be found within four days!"

"No problem!" the black-faced guard heaved a sigh of relief and patted on his chest, "This is on me…"

Aside, Young Master Huang Xialiu started to foam at his mouth after listening to the names of these 'medicines' and almost fainted, "What… what are all these…"

As such, the dark days of Young Master Huang Xialiu started just like this in the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall .

The guards from the Huang clan were all experts and naturally not stupid . The second day, when the black-faced guard went out to search for the medicines, he also conveniently took a small cup of the medicine that Huang Xialiu was now drinking…

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