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Chen Xiang walked over and asked: "What will be the important matter?"

Yue Yiran shook his head and smiled, then walked into the hall with Chen Xiang.

"Didn't I just say that the owner of this villa is going to announce something big?" Yue Yiran drank his tea.

"Didn't he say that he would announce it at the beginning of the Heavenly Pill Assembly?" Chen Xiang said: "Why do we have to announce it now?"

"He probably won't be able to sit still." Yue Yiran laughed: "Ignore him, when we go over to take a look, we'll know who's here."

At dusk, Yue Yiran brought Shen Xiang to the Manor Lord's house. The place was even bigger there, and in front of the house was a huge plaza.

When Chen Xiang and Yue Yiran arrived, Yue Yiran immediately brought Chen Xiang to the very front of the table. There were seats at the very front and there were seats for esteemed guests like Yue Yiran, but they only had two seats, so there were two people sitting at the same table.

"This is a human!" Someone at the next table said in surprise, his voice full of contempt, followed by looks of contempt from the others.

"Isn't that Elder Yue? "What's so special about this human?" An old man asked with a smile.

"There's nothing special about it. It's just that it's better to be able to refine Strong strength Dan and defeat Zhen Minghui from the Zhen Clan." Yue Yiran said.

"So Zhen Minghui was defeated by him! At least you have some ability, if not you will not take notice of him, does this human use the blood of the Heaven Old Divine Race? How can it be so powerful? " The voice of the old man was sinister, as though there was jealousy in it.

Many people had heard that Zhen Minghui was defeated, so this gathering was meant for the young generation to spar, and Zhen Minghui was considered rather famous amongst the younger generation, but he lost to a single person by kneeling down and admitting his wrongs to a shop owner, this was truly a great humiliation.

And in the eyes of many in Heaven Old Divine Race, losing to a human was even more humiliating than kneeling down and admitting his mistake, so Zhen Minghui hated Chen Xiang to the bones.

Yue Yiran suddenly glared at the people around him and released a wave of pressure that caused them to not dare to mock him.

"Hmph, what's so special about defeating Zhen Minghui? After defeating Zhen Minghui, you actually dared to come here to participate in this kind of convention! " A man behind him sneered.

Yue Yiran turned his head to look, and saw that the man was dressed in brilliant gold and looked very noble, followed by a large group of people. He only snorted, and did not say much.

"Who is this person?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, so he sent a sound transmission to Yue Yiran to inquire. He could tell that Yue Yiran was wary of this person.

"The member of the Heaven Old Imperial Family should be a prince." Yue Yiran said: "I really hate Heaven Old Imperial Family. They will die one day, you don't have to bother about them."

Yue Yiran and Chen Xiang both looked at the high platform in front of them, and no longer bothered with the various ridicule and ridicule given to them by the distinguished guest seats.

Chen Xiang never thought that the people of Heaven Old Divine Race would actually reject humans like that, because in the VIP seats, only he was human, the others were all people of Heaven Old Divine Race, they thought that bringing a person in was a huge insult.

Originally, they thought that with this kind of ridicule, Yue Yiran would let Chen Xiang leave, but Yue Yiran remained indifferent. Even if Chen Xiang wanted to leave, he would not let him leave.

"The manor lord is here!" someone suddenly shouted.

"Quick, let the manor lord take that person away."

"Such a weak human, isn't he afraid of being scared to death by our aura?"


When he appeared, no one dared to speak loudly. He seemed to know about Chen Xiang too, but he did not reject humans like the others, and for some reason, this made everyone from Heaven Old Divine Race confused. Everyone present was confused.

"Seems like he has really been to the Myriad Tao before." Yue Yiran sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, and laughed: "Because above the Myriad Tao, there are some humans that are very powerful and can refine Pill Spirit, so he doesn't dare to look down on humans."

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang now also understood why Yue Yiran treated him in such a manner. It turned out that she knew that humans could be very strong as well.

"Everyone, I've brought you here so that you can see my achievements." The manor lord revealed a proud smile as she waved her hand. A handsome man dressed in blue walked up from below.

Seeing this blue clothed man, Yue Yiran's expression immediately changed greatly, and Chen Xiang also felt a somewhat familiar aura from him …

It was the aura of a pill, and one that only existed for extremely high quality pills. Chen Xiang had refined this pill not long ago, so he was extremely familiar with this aura, and his heart was currently beating rapidly, because the blue-clothed man was a pill spirit!

The manor lord had succeeded! He had successfully refined a pill spirit!

Some of the old men could tell that only those who knew about the pill spirit were this shocked!

"This is my greatest achievement." The manor lord laughed out loud, laughing very proudly.

"What is this result?" Some people were puzzled. They knew that this man in blue was different from the others, but they could not tell what he was.

"This is the Huakuan Dan!" Yue Yiran suddenly said, his words made many people even more suspicious, although these Heaven Old Divine Race people were strong, they did not know much about the pill spirit.

The Villa Master smiled at Yue Yiran, "Brother Yue is indeed knowledgeable, why don't you explain this to everyone!"

Yue Yiran stood up and said in a clear voice: "If the quality of any of these pellets are refined to the limit, a pellet spirit will be born. The strength of the pellet spirit is extremely scary, and it already possesses an extremely powerful World Defying Stage Fierce Power.

Following that, the manor lord explained more about the pill spirit, causing many to cry out in disbelief.

Many people could not believe it, because this was an unbelievable matter in the first place. However, when they saw the expressions of Yue Yiran and a few other famous old Alchemist in the field of alchemy, they knew that it was not fake.

After refining a pill spirit, one would be able to possess an even greater power. If he could refine a little more, wouldn't it be terrifying?

Chen Xiang inadvertently looked at the prince of Heaven Old Imperial Family, his expression unexpectedly not looking good. Chen Xiang estimated that the prince might have sensed that their royal family's position was being threatened.

"Elder Yue, you know about the matter of the pill spirit, but you didn't manage to refine it. What a pity!" An old man chuckled.

"Yue Yiran is old, and is no match for the manor lord. Looking at your expression, you should be extremely jealous, right?"

"It should be, this is the peak of Alchemist, and he cannot reach it!"

The few old men who were taunting Yue Yiran were all Alchemist, and looked like they were Yue Yiran's old rivals.

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