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Chapter 1231 - master of martial prowess mansion

young master of martial prowess mansion shouted angrily, "Trash, how dare you!"

Not waiting for him to finish.

"Wind God Leg!"

He kicked it and shouted, "There is nothing in this world that I don't dare to do."

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"Boom, boom, boom!"

young master of martial prowess mansion who was pressed down by the Azure Dragon simply didn't have any strength to resist. The Wind God Leg's violent strike heavily smashed onto his face, and his pretty good face had completely twisted and deformed.

young master of martial prowess mansion was kicked away and smashed into the wall. His face was pale and his mouth was full of blood.

Long Fei was much more vicious than him.

Just now, Long Fei had received two kicks from him, but this time, he kicked her four times.

He was extremely powerful.

young master of martial prowess mansion shouted: "Go!"

The azure dragon suddenly shouted: "Whoever dares to move, I'll kill him."

His voice crushed everything in its path.

None of the martial prowess mansion s dared to make a move.

In front of the Sun Rank powerhouse, they were nothing. Level one could crush anyone to death, let alone one with a large realm.

Cang Long said with a slight smile, "Brother Long, you can do whatever you want now. No one will dare to touch a single hair on your head."

He wanted to help Long Fei.

This was also what qu changkong had instructed her before she left. She could not let anything go wrong with Long Fei.

Long Fei walked over coldly. He did not care if he used his own strength to crush a person. He only cared if he could blow up young master of martial prowess mansion in one go.

young master of martial prowess mansion kept asking from the side, "What do you want to do?"

"You dare to kill me?"

"I am the young master of the martial prowess mansion, a cripple like you …"

Before he could even say the word 'thing', Long Fei's figure disappeared and the power in his hands exploded out as he slapped young master of martial prowess mansion on the cheek.

Long Fei asked: Who's the trash?


It was incomparably loud.

Without waiting for young master of martial prowess mansion to speak, Long Fei slapped him again, and repeated himself: "Who is the trash?"

young master of martial prowess mansion was still being crushed by the Azure Dragon, he had no strength to retaliate, and could only rage in his eyes. His heart was beating wildly as he said: "Azure Dragon, if you have the guts, retract your might, I'll kill him."

"Kill me?"

The corner of Long Fei's mouth turned cold as he said, "Big Brother Cang, take back your might."

"I want to see who kills who!"

Cang Long smiled faintly and said: "No problem."

Although he said that, he still became cautious and alert. After all, the level difference between Long Fei and young master of martial prowess mansion was too huge. If something went wrong, he wouldn't be able to bear the consequences.

The pressure loosened.

young master of martial prowess mansion's body suddenly shot out as he shouted, "Trash, prepare to die!"


Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Fei's shoulder suddenly leaned on him, "King Kong Fist."

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"Trigger Paralysis!"

young master of martial prowess mansion was thrown out, following that, Long Fei's Wind God Leg flew out, "Wind God Leg!"

A series of explosions occurred and he kicked out.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

young master of martial prowess mansion was kicked away. In his paralyzed state, he felt even worse than being crushed by the pressure of the Azure Dragon. At this moment, Long Fei's right hand moved.

The Xiu Luo machete fell into his hands.

He took a step forward and landed right in front of young master of martial prowess mansion, "Who's going to die now?"

The saber slashed down.

young master of martial prowess mansion's eyes were wide open in anger, his pupils were dilapidated, his crotch directly becoming wet, he was scared to the point of peeing and shouted: "Father, save me!"


Long Fei slashed down with his blade, but... When the Mountain Spliting Knief was still a few centimeters away from the young master of martial prowess mansion's head, he could not chop it off no matter how hard he tried.

It was as if he was covered by a thick layer of steel.

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The sky darkened, a powerful force struck over, the powerful force instantly formed a shockwave that struck Xiang Longfei.

The center of the Azure Dragon's brows trembled. His body descended and landed in front of Long Fei.




The sky above the inn was filled with muffled thunder as explosions occurred nonstop.

The Azure Dragon took a few steps back to stabilize his body. Even a Sun Rank powerhouse could not withstand the impact of the attack and if it was Long Fei, he would probably be killed instantly.

The rumbling sounds faded away, and two silhouettes landed.

master of martial prowess mansion!

The other person was another elder of the Xiao Yao business alliance, qiu hou.

"Who wants to kill my son?" master of martial prowess mansion's gaze darkened as he stared at Long Fei.

The pressure was like a pillar, crushing down with great force.

Long Fei's sea of consciousness suddenly exploded, his mind was in a mess, the pressure attack was Long Fei's most detestable attack, relying on his cultivation level to suppress the enemy.

Being suppressed by that pressure made him very unhappy.

However …

Long Fei did not give in at all, and said: "It's me!"

"You're courting death!"

The master of martial prowess mansion's gaze turned sinister, carrying killing intent, the pressure on them multiplied.

Long Fei was unable to resist it, and his body was trembling.

Cang Long's gaze tightened, he took a step forward to block, and said with a heavy tone: "master of martial prowess mansion, if you dare to touch him, Cang Lan Emperor and your martial prowess mansion will be irreconcilable!"

His cultivation was not as good as master of martial prowess mansion's.

However …

However, the power behind him was over a hundred times that of the Great martial prowess mansion, and that was why the master of martial prowess mansion was afraid of him.

master of martial prowess mansion's eyes darkened as he said: "Cang Long, you have to figure out whose territory this is."

The Azure Dragon said: "I don't care whose territory it is, but if you want to touch him, then you have to kill me first. master of martial prowess mansion, try touching me!"

"Azure Dragon, don't be too arrogant." master of martial prowess mansion was enraged.

Cang Long laughed coldly and said, "I am very sorry, I have always been this arrogant. He is my sworn brother, if you touch him, it would be equivalent to touching this old man."

"master of martial prowess mansion, try it!"

Very wild.

Even Long Fei was shocked.

master of martial prowess mansion was also shocked in his heart. "A top ranked Alchemist of the Chaos Realm is actually sworn brothers with an unknown brat? Who is that kid?"

qiu hou, who was standing beside him, also tightened his gaze and laughed lightly: "Master Cang Long, this is not a joke. This auction is going smoothly thanks to martial prowess mansion's help.

There was a trace of intimidation in his words.

qiu hou was in charge of the Soul Treasure Auction, he was in charge of competition with qu changkong.

Compared to the spirit pellet auctions, he had a huge advantage in terms of spirit treasures, so he normally did not place qu changkong in his eyes. This time, the arrival of the Azure Dragon made him unhappy.

If he could suppress the Azure Dragon at this time, then his life would be even more carefree in the future.

Cang Long sneered coldly and said, "It's my business whether or not I stand on the wrong side of the line. If you want to touch him, that's impossible!"

He was resolute and decisive.

The gazes of both the master of martial prowess mansion and qiu hou darkened; they never thought that the Azure Dragon would be so hard.

young master of martial prowess mansion stood up from the ground and said: "Trash, do you dare to duel?"

Long Fei laughed coldly, and said: "Here?"

young master of martial prowess mansion said: "Three days later, in the auction, I will make you kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness."

Long Fei continued to laugh coldly: "Why be so troublesome, we can start right now."

It was just that …

At this moment, Cang Long suddenly said, "Alright, let's do it at the auction three days later!"

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