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The short fatty shouted loudly and immediately rushed into the sky.

Qin Baoshan's sword changed its shape easily. It suddenly transformed into a mountain that hovered over the short fatty's head.

He wasn't one to make any superficial gestures. Right from the start, he had already put forward impressive and deadly attack!

The short fatty laughed thunderously. He suddenly sped to meet the flashing sword. When the sword struck down, he used his hands to ward it off! His palm and the sword clanged when they met.

After hundreds of strikes, Qin Baoshan had already taken dozens of steps back.

The short fatty laughed and said, "I won't play with you, go get my purple crystals!" He pushed his palm towards Qin Baoshan's chest. Qin Baoshan tried to avoid it by crazily waving his sword.

Unfortunately, his opponent's palm insidiously floated past Qin Baoshan's frantic defense. It struck his chest solidly.


Qin Baoshan vomited a mouthful of fresh blood violently as he quickly retreated.

His opponent closely followed him. Qin Baoshan could only feel the two fingers of his adversary gently touching his throat. As Qin Baoshan was startled by this, another finger of the short fatty had already landed in the slope of Qin Baoshan's shoulder. He laughed aloud. "I'll forgive you this time!"

Qin Baoshan staggered and spun as he walked. Then he flopped onto the ground. After rolling a couple times, he stood up black-faced. He only felt a sharp pain in his chest. One side of his shoulders had already become insensible.

"You're really good in martial arts!" Qin Baoshan gritted his teeth as he said this, massaging his shoulder.

"You're not convinced?" the short fatty looked at him with slanted eyes.

"Umph!" Qin Baoshan snorted coldly and said, "Go get 300 purple crystals!"

The round-faced middle-aged man knew that he could not disobey. He had already paid the price. Should he still not be convinced by the current situation, all his brothers would die.

He responded readily and ran into the hall.

Not long after, he came out with a box made with white crystals. His face was distorted and looked extremely reluctant to give it away!

The short fatty laughed and extended his hand. The box flew into his hands. He smiled and said, "Let's hope we meet each other again!"

He rose, a flash in the night sky and vanished into the thin air.

From the direction he had taken, he had gone to the North!

A few hundred miles to the North was a stretch of forest. Flat Mountain Ridge ended at this forest, after came a sand valley.

Every law-enforcement officer looked sullen and dumbfounded.

Qin Baoshan groaned miserably.

Everyone then recovered their senses. "Boss, are you alright?"

Qin Baoshan snorted and said, "It's… It's nothing big. He clearly showed me some mercy when he struck his palm on my chest. I only vomited one mouthful of blood and I'm alright now. But, his last strike sealed my left shoulder and arm."

"Ah?" everyone shouted in astonishment.

"This person is a Martial Saint!" Qin Baoshan raised his sword with his right hand and held in parallel to the ground.

Everyone took a look and was greatly stunned!

The sword was full of holes! Once glance at it would have shown that the holes were distributed very evenly. This gave off the false impression that it was not a sword, but a saw!

A double-sided saw!

This was a rare sword of excellent quality. But even though Qin Baoshan, a sixth stage Martial Monarch, used it with its full power his opponent had only need his palms to bore holes in the sword!

All thirteen people drew in cold breaths in unison.

"If we had all stepped forward to fight against him… all fourteen of us would be dead!" Qin Baoshan gazed around coldly.

Everyone shuddered, "We owe you one Boss! Boss, you've suffered so much."

"Quickly inform our headquarters!" Qin Baoshan nodded. "Furthermore, this person clearly didn't want to stir us up completely… which is why he showed us some mercy. But no matter what, he already trampled on our dignity as law-enforcement officials!"

"Boss, you're saying… this person actually…" everyone asked.

"Yes, this person has been cautious with us, but he came to loot purple crystals nonetheless. This means, he really needs them!" Qin Baoshan said, "Short and fat, a Martial Saint, and he lacks purple crystals… With these three clues, we can easily find this person."

"Report it immediately!"

After Qin Baoshan finished his last sentence, he walked into the hall, striking his shoulder as he walked. Because at this moment, he suddenly felt that his shoulders were getting more and more painful and unbearable…

The short fatty vanished like a shooting star.

Chu Yang was back into his Purple Crystals Huichun Hall.

Chu Feiyan had already been waiting anxiously. He was enraged when he saw Chu Yang came back, "What did you do? Why are you so late?"

Chu Yang smiled, "Fourth Uncle, don't worry. Your nephew only went out to have a look at the crowd and stroll around a bit."

Chu Feiyan was enraged again, "Go out for a stroll? At such a time?"

He suddenly remembered something. "Your power has recovered?"

"No," Chu Yang said bitterly. In these days, although he had finally been able to use some of his primordial qi, he was far from recovered.

He would not admit it he had recovered if he did.

"Then why did you still take a f**king stroll!" Chu Feiyan was horrified and cold sweat crept over his body. He said with utter fury, "Do you know that you've scared more than half of my wits away!"

"Fourth uncle, we've agreed before that I have the final say here. You're my assistant, and I'm the master over everything!" Chu Yang said slowly, "In other words, you're employed at my medical center… Have you ever seen an employee talk to their boss like this?"

"What f**king employee?!" Chu Feiyan was so ashamed that he was enraged at the mention of the subject. He sped towards Chu Yang and started to hit him heavily.

I'll, of course, be cautious if there are people around. Right now, there are only two of us here. And you dare threaten me? If I don't let my anger out now when will be able to?

Chu Yang could only suffer through the beating. Now that he had no cultivation and his father and mother were not around, he had nothing else but to do but suffer.

Chu Yang repeatedly cried out in pain.

But ultimately, Chu Feiyan still did not succeed in making Chu Yang confess what he had done this time around.

After some time, Chu Feiyan stopped beating Chu Yang up. He saw how Chu's ass was split into four, he could not bear feeling so good and comfortable. He thought, "Damn it, when it's only the two of us, I can abuse him however I like, can't I? This idea is really too good…"

Boss Chu climbed upstairs looking peeved. He went back to his room to sleep. In the middle of the night, all that could be heard was the sound of Chu Feiyan's carefree laughter reverberating through the air.

The next day.

All of Flat Mountain Ridge was in complete chaos.

Countless cavalries entered and exited the city. At one moment the Chu clan, the next the Bao clan, following them, the Liao clan. The three big clans ran through the city to search for every single trace of a clue.

Not long after, the Xiao clan also came and stirred up Flat Mountain Ridge.

A new reward was offered by the law-enforcement officers, one for a short, fat man.

Chu's business was empty, so he ran forward to watch the fun. The portrait under the reward poster was really good and resembled the short fat man perfectly.

Looks like there was an artist among the fourteen people last night?

Chu Yang thought, "If there's any chance, I really want this guy to draw a few pornographic pictures for me… Not for fun, they're essential for the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall…

Pornographic pictures are also tools for selling aphrodisiacs…"

From the crack of dawn, all medical centers in Wujin Town were overcrowded with patients! Everyone who came was extremely overbearing. They chased 'miscellaneous' patients to reserve their own places to consult the doctors.

The injured were carried back to their own clans as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the clans were obviously helpless in treating their injuries. So these people were once again carried out to seek for doctors.

Every big clan didn't dare ask for the doctors to go to their houses directly. Everyone was hurt. What would be a valid reason to ask for a doctor? What intention would you have? That would create huge trouble.

Only Chu's Purple Crystals Huichun Hall was deserted. No patient dared visit.

Chu Feiyan was angry. "Motherf**ker, there are so many patients and injured people. Why isn't anyone coming to our hall… so annoying!"

Chu Feiyan did not understand anything about what had happened the night before. Of course, he suspected his nephew, but Chu Yang seemed very innocent. He had just come back and his power had not been completely restored… Besides, even if Chu Yang's power had been restored, he wasn't that powerful, was he?

Chu Feihan was totally confused.

Chu lay comfortably on the lounge chair. He squinted his eyes and said, "Fourth uncle… don't worry. I expected and planned for that fact that they would come sooner or later."

Chu Feiyan did not want to speak to him. He went outside every few minutes. But still, no one came.

It was noon and Big Boss Chu's place was still deserted. Chu Feiyan began to scratch his head and became very anxious. "F**k, people from our clan have also been injured. Even they didn't come to the business of one of their kin…"

Chu Yang slanted his body contemptuously. He muttered angrily, "You're just made of wood… How can we earn money if they come? Wouldn't that just be our duty?

And I would be helping Chu Feilong out… When do I have such leisure time…"

It was afternoon, but still no one came.

Things were progressing very quickly. How could the doctors of Flat Mountain Ridge heal the injuries caused by Chu Yang's deadly attacks? Since they could not be healed, how could these injured Martial Kings or Emperors, who were now in so much pain they were almost eating themselves alive, forgive these 'quacks'?

The patients' entourage was on the verge of destroying all the medical centers.

Only a few centers with counters survived. The rest were basically all bankrupt.

The sky was about to turn dark. Boss Chu and his employee Chu Feiyan took a small table outside and put up a few small dishes and a jug of wine. The two toasted each other and felt incredibly happy.

The sound of a horse galloping was heard before a troop of horses with carriages passed by. Out from the carriages came piercing screams. From the looks of it, those who had no hope of being cured were going to be taken back home.

Chu Feiyan had sharp eyes. He said, "It's people from the Bao clan. Looks like they had some bad f**king luck. The person leading the troop was the Bao clan's steward, Bao Ping An. He looks really down as if he has just lost his mom. It's so satisfying to look at him."

Chu Feiyan was gloating over this scene when he saw Bao Ping An's horse steering towards his place. Bao Ping An walked forward, cupping one hand over the other he forced a smile and said: "Oh, isn't this the fourth Chu elder?"

Chu Yang's spirits rose in an instant. The God of Fortune had come!

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