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Chu Yang wore a big red gown that made him look like a bridegroom and stood at the door greeting his customers. His eyes shone like purple crystals, giving him a miserly look…

It was quite unsettling!

This street was originally one of the city's most vibrant and had all kinds of shops. The two most renowned restaurants in the Flat Mountain Ridge faced the medical center. A couple of feet away stood the headquarters of the blood payers.

The headquarters of the Xiao clan's big trading companies were all located in the high-rises on this street.

As fireworks and firecrackers sounded in the air, a steady stream of people, including the shopkeepers of various shops, visited out of curiosity. Even some members of the few big clans came. Everyone knew that the medical center belonged to the Chu clan.

Looks like the Chu clan has now made a new move.

Everyone was dumbfounded once they saw the place! Some opened their eyes wide and drew in cold breaths. Some shook their heads and sighed over Chu clan's failure of not living up to their expectations. Some gazed around in disbelief, while others laughed derisively…

Does this belong to the Chu clan? Why did they create such a tacky place?

This… is even more disgusting than the banners put up by quack doctors in martial society. Even pimps who proclaim in brothels that they have high sexual appetites… are better than this…

The visitors felt even stranger as they looked at the center again. Other than the fourth elder of the Chu clan, all of its other members were not present!

Everyone began to mutter: Does this really belong to the Chu clan?

Or: What mischief is the Chu clan up to again? Who's this teenager?

Chu Feiling and his wife, who had come with the intention to celebrate the opening ceremony, blushed and went back immediately after seeing the advertisements created by Chu Yang. They gnashed their teeth as they walked away: We'll punish this little bastard for sure once he comes back… This is beyond embarrassing…

Chu Feiyan could not escape. Standing in the doorway in his big red gown, he choked on his shame back until his entire face became as red as a monkey's ass…

Once the fireworks and firecrackers finished melodramatically and the excitement was over, all the shopkeepers entered the medical center lukewarmly. They congratulated Chu Yang, gave him gift packages, and rushed through their greetings with the speed of machine guns…

Then they sped off as if a threat was right behind them…

I really can't stay in this shop any longer. Damn it, if I stay here for a minute longer, perhaps there'll be gossip spread saying that 'I'm done'… How will I survive that?

Chu Yang looked at the table filled with red packets and appeared to be really happy. "Looks like I can get money quickly this way. What if I close the shop today and re-open it tomorrow?" He thought.

He turned around and saw Chu Feiyan lying feebly on the chair and gasping for air.

"What happened to you?" Chu Yang was shocked.

"I… I have never experienced so much shame in my entire life…" Chu Feiyan cried as he said, "Damn you! You're positioning us like aphrodisiac sellers…"

"What do you mean by 'positioning'?" Chu Yang said with dissatisfaction, "I'm indeed selling aphrodisiac!"

Chu Feiyan tilted his neck and passed out. Before he fainted, he felt that his reputation had already been completely tarnished-- No wonder this kid said that I would earn a reputation in the Nine Heavens! I guess that I've already made a name for myself: Chu Feiyan, fourth elder of the Chu clan and aphrodisiac specialist…

Chu Feiyan wanted to cry.

Chu had just opened his dear medical center for the day. It was deserted!

Chu Yang winked at Chu Feiyan, "Fourth uncle, we can begin taking action tonight!"

"What action?" Chu Feiyan asked miserably.

"Find a few places to light a few fires. Are you able to do this?" Chu Yang smiled kindly and batted his eyes mischievously.

Chu Feiyan was very confused. "Set a fire?"

"Our business is a difficult one… We need a multi-layered plan." Chu Yang said anxiously.

Chu Feiyan agreed.

Chu Feiyan soon realized what the multi-layered plan his nephew was talking about really meant…

At midnight, a red light flared from a big warehouse in Wujin, a town also in Flat Mountain Ridge. It was followed by flames coming from all directions…

No less than 30 fires were started in the whole town.

In no time, people began to shout and horses neighed. Chaos broke out. Sounds of drums and gongs sounded through the sky, while howls reverberated in the air. These were the signals each clan used to summon their forces.

These noises almost overpowered the sound of everyone cursing. All these sounds then began to compete for volume in an unending cycle.

Damn it, what bastard set off this fire when everyone was sleeping? What an asshole…

Chu Feiyan sneaked back into the 'Purple Crystals Huichun Hall' after setting the warehouses on fire. When he entered the hall, he realized that his boss was not inside. He could not help but wonder, "Where's Chu Yang? This place is so chaotic and he hasn't recovered his cultivation yet. Where could he have gone?"

He thought of what Chu Yang had told him: After you've finished setting the stores on fire, don't go anywhere else. Come back to look after the hall.

Did Chu Yang predict that something would happen?

Chu Feihan was confused: What idea does this little bastard have?

Where has Chu Yang gone to?

Chu Yang had already turned himself into a short, fat man. He wore black clothing and a black veil and sped off like a rolling meatball.

With the sword spirit in his body, he was now as fast as a beam of light!

The first thing he did was go to a shop that belonged to the Chu clan. Chu Yang had inquired about it and very clearly knew that it was managed by a close friend of Chu Feilong!

Since all of Wujin was going to collapse, there was no reason that Chu clan should not suffer.

So, Chu Feilong's shop became Chu Yang's primary target.

Chu Yang rushed inside. Using an earth-shatteringly large force, he blew away two guards. After slapping them a dozen times, they revealed the whereabouts of the warehouse immediately. With one foot, he launched himself into the air, flying out of two copper gates like a gust of wind.

He entered the warehouse casually. The guards inside had still not recovered from their stupor when they just rushed up to Chu Yang. He simply swept his legs and the eight burly men were immediately thrown into the air.

Chu Yang fluttered a paper fan that had been lit with fire. Within seconds, thick smoke rose from it. With a 'whiz', he rose from the ground. Looking into the distance, he saw four figures speeding towards him.

Chu Yang did not say anything and flew towards them in a whirlwind. He slapped them and the four Martial Kings started shaking as if they had hysteria. They screamed loudly as they fell and rolled all over the ground.

Chu Yang fiercely made his way into the shop. Chu Feilong's friend was crawling out of a window and had a small bag with him. He had just stuck his head out of the window.

Chu Yang smiled coldly. He sped forward, grabbed the person's fat ass and pulled it towards him.

"Aw! Ahhhh!" The ninth stage Martial King screamed weirdly. Chu Yang scratched away a full pound of meat from his ass!

Then Chu Yang attacked his body in different areas. He also grabbed the small bag and flew away like a breeze.

People who were within the shop shouted and chased him. By the time they reached the window, they only felt a whispering breeze, saw the moon hanging high, and below them, cacophonous chaos came from all directions. It was as if the apocalypse had arrived. The man in black who had just stolen the small bag was nowhere to be seen…

The shopkeeper and four officers were left rolling on the ground, crying, and screaming at the same time, as if they had received the most brutal form of punishment in the entire world.

Chu Yang had learnt this trick from the memories of the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. It was one of the evilest martial techniques: Yin and Yang De-Spiriting!

This insidious technique would cause those being attacked to have spasms in their entire body as well as dislocate their bones. If it was not cured within a day, the conditions would exacerbate. For instance, this technique could cause the spine and pelvis to separate and then intensely collide with each other again…

You can imagine what it felt like…

This was not the only spot to suffer. At the same time, the same process would occur with critical joints, between the shoulders, arms, and legs…

At first, this tactic was specifically used as a torture method for extorting confessions. It had then become an evil martial technique ever since it was learnt by the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Now, the sword spirit had made use of Chu Yang's body to carry out this technique. The sword spirit had even added his own understanding to it to obtain a transformed version of it. Even the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword would not have been able to recognize it, not to mention that no one could recognize martial techniques from 90 thousand years ago.

Other than the sword spirit and Chu Yang, no one in the Nine Heaven was able to comprehend this technique!

Chu Yang vanished immediately and absorbed the bag into his Nine Tribulations Space. He was utterly disappointed after he opened it: There were only ten red crystals, a hundred or so blue ones, two black ones, and no purple crystal at all!

"F**k!" Chu shouted, "I put in so much effort, yet I only got so little? I have such f**king bad luck!"

He never thought that the assets of the shops owned by clans had to be returned to their respective clans every three days. The assets that he had just obtained were already equivalent to the shop's revenue earned in three days. It was already a very shocking sum!

And this was only for one shop!

Under the glint of the fires in the night, Chu Yang sped, like a black shadow, towards other places that had been on fire…

He swept away all the obstacles that stood in his way!

Without much force, the sword spirit threw groups of experts in the warehouse onto their backs…

As Chu Yang sped his way through the night, he calculated what he had. He had already attacked more than 30 ninth stage Martial Kings and ten or so Martial Emperors in their third or fourth stages… That was basically a few for every clan…

Chu Yang became even more excited and bold. He had not expected to loot three of the biggest shops of the Xiao clan, along with one Martial Monarch, nine Martial Emperors, and 18 ninth stage Martial Kings, all in one go.

Chu Yang ransacked thirty or so shops. Unfortunately, he did not find a single purple crystal and he only gathered fewer than a hundred black ones. On the other hand, blue and red crystals piled up like a mountain…

His eyes went red from searching. He cursed once for every shop he searched and only felt depressed. After trying so hard, he had gained so little. What an insult to the King of Hell Chu's IQ!

He was dissatisfied. He made up his mind that he might as well fight with everything he had. So, he made his way boldly to the auction.

Damn it, since I've stirred up so much trouble, I'll make a big event out of it!

Anyway... Who will f**king know that I did it?

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