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"What thing?!" Chu Yang looked at Chu Feiyan with an inauthentic smile and crossed his legs. "Fourth uncle, I'm very busy. My time is very precious."

Chu Feiyan's swallowed his disgust, but was helpless. He gave a hollow laugh, "Heiheihei…"

Chu Yang said surprised, "Ah, let me make some tea for you…"

"Nonono… I shall not trouble you," Chu Feiyan hurriedly tried to stop Chu Yang. Even if this little punk poured poison in the tea, all he could do was bear it. How could he allow Chu Yang make tea for him?

No one here knew about the power of King of Hell Chu. But how could Chu Feiyan, who had been to the Lower Three Heavens, not know?

He was so strong he had overcome the Lower Three Heavens by himself, alone, when he was only a Great Martial Master! When thinking about conspiracies and plots, Chu Feiyan believed that no one in the entire Chu clan could be Chu Yang's opponent.

While he looked innocent and harmless, even a Supreme Martial Artist would shudder if he revealed his true form.

It was only after Chu Feiyan modestly declined Chu Yang's offer did he turn around, slightly stunned. The bastard had said that he wanted to make some tea, but his ass was still firmly stuck in his chair. He hadn't moved a single bit.

He shouted in his head: You little punk!

He could only stay humble. He laughed hollowly, "Nephew, you are so active."

Chu Yang smiled warmly, "Fourth uncle, you're too courteous."

The duo smiled at each other. The only difference between them was: Chu Feiyan's smile looked as bitter as coptis, but Chu Yang's smile looked as sweet as honey.

"Erm, uncle, what do you want me to do?" Chu Yang asked naively.

Chu Feiyan shuddered. Looking around, he got closer to Chu Yang and lowered his voice, "Nephew, please don't ever tell anyone that you saw me in the Lower Three Heavens…"

"Why?" Chu Yang grinned and raised his brows. His face had a puzzled expression that looked extremely fake.

"Oh oh oh…" Chu Feiyan was really pissed. He looked at Chu Yang with a wry smile and slanted eyes, trembling with anger.

Bastard, you clearly know why! You are toying with me here!

You shall wait for the day when I will have the opportunity to take my revenge. If I don't catch you and tear your ass apart, I will… I will…

After mumbling 'I will' for a long time, he finally yielded.

He knew that the probability that he could regain the advantage in the conversation was almost equal to zero. This punk mentioned all his vulnerable areas.

"Uncle, I'm sure you also know that your nephew doesn't understand a lot of things, as he has just arrived in the Upper Three Heavens."

Chu Yang switched the topic of the conversation.

"Yes yes…"Chu Feiyan chimed in, but thought, "What's he thinking?"

"Your nephew… is in a difficult position…" Chu Yang gave a long sigh.

Chu Feiyan was speechless.

"For instance, your nephew knows a bit of leechcraft, but it isn't that useful." Chu Yang sighed sadly.

Chu Feiyan was dumbfounded, "Leechcraft?."

"Your nephew is also… poor," Chu Yang said theatrically, "Uncle, you be the judge… I'm only going to receive 50 white crystals and two blue crystals every month… What can be done with so few crystals? As for the gold and silver, that's a pile of waste."

Chu Feiyan protested blankly, "But the allowance is always allocated this way… All children from the direct line of descent are treated equally."

"This is why it's not enough!" Chu Yang said with exasperation. Chu Yang felt that his fourth uncle was a bit knuckle-headed.

"Then, what do you suggest?" Chu Feiyan asked.

Why didn't you say that earlier? Do you know how long I waited for this sentence?

Chu Yang complained silently, but said enthusiastically, "What do I suggest? Fourth uncle, I need your help. Let the both of us work hand in hand to earn a big fortune first. How majestic would it be if we earned a thousand or so purple crystals?"

"Umm…"Chu Feiyan widened his eyes, "A thousand or so purple crystals?! You you you… you're dreaming, aren't you? Do the Nine Heavens even have that much?"

"Uncle, seeing how skilled your nephew is, this is just a piece of cake," Chu Yang said confidently, "The only thing I'm lacking now is a platform. Nothing more."

"Huh?" Chu Feiyan said.

"Out of everyone in the family, only you can be of help to me," Chu Yang zealously put his arms on Chu Feiyan's shoulders with a paternal look and winked, "Are you willing to help me?"

Chu Yang smiled playfully, "Uncle, I can't do this… without your help."

Chu Feiyan felt trapped.

Can I f**king refuse to help you?

Damn, you avoided the main topic for such a long time. I guess you just wanted to rope me in?

Once I refuse to help you… I dare you to confirm that you will betray me to your grandpa and father right away. Then I'll be dead… "How can I help you?" Chu Feiyan said with much difficulty as if there was hot sand stuck in his throat.

"Very easily… that's… that's… enough already," Chu Yang said, grinning from ear to ear. He patted Chu Feiyan's shoulders heavily, "Uncle, you won't need to wait for long to get a big fortune! No matter what, I'll give a small portion of my fortune to you, okay?

Chu Feiyan's bitter face collapsed.

"Uh…" Chu Feiyan sighed defeatedly, "Even though I'm the punching bag in the Chu clan… only the elders have treated me like that. This is the first time I'm being threatened this way."

"Uncle!" Chu Yang said with dissatisfaction, "What threat? This is a sincere cooperation between both of us!"

"Right, a sincere cooperation, " Chu Feiyan said dejectedly. He really wanted to shout: If it's a sincere cooperation, why will I only receive a small portion of your fortune?!

Moreover… that small portion… whether I am able to get it, still depends on your good will…

He raised his head up sadly and felt the urge to cry.. .

Before you were found, you bastard, I was beaten by your father, mother, and grandpa every time I came back… Now that you're finally back, I'm trapped in your evil hands…

Why is my life so cruel?

"Where should I start?" Chu Feiyan lamented. He had finally resigned.

"Settle our inner problems first before defending us from external threats!" Chu Yang said confidently, "Isn't Le'er, who is the daughter of my poor aunt, sick? Let me take a look at her!"

"Le'er?" Chu Feiyan sprang up high and widened his eyes, "Can you cure Le'er?"

"I said take a look!" Chu Yang said with dissatisfaction, "Why are you fussing?"

Chu Feiyan was already excited, "If you can cure Le'er… I I I… even if I sacrifice my life, it'll be worth it!"

As he said this, he lowered his head and sighed, "That girl is really… weak…"

Chu Yang looked silently at his needy fourth uncle, his eyes full of warmth and reverence. He said slowly, "You're a good uncle!"

Chu Yang said this wholeheartedly.

When his fourth uncle said that he felt like sacrificing his life would be worth it if Chu Yang could cure Le'er, Chu Yang felt linked to him in a way he hadn't experienced before!

Only the closest kin, who shared the same blood, could worry about the children of their siblings in that way!

Chu Feiyan humphed and said, "Why are you licking my boots? If I didn't even care about my own nephews or nieces, then I would be worse than a brute!"

He paused for a while and said, "You wait here first. I'll talk to my third aunt about it. Let's see what she has to say."

As he said this, he rushed out.

Chu Feiling and his wife were waiting in the backyard as they wondered why the fourth elder had come to look for Chu Yang. They then saw Chu Feiyan rushing out of the house like a gust of wind.

He was walking so quickly he almost knocked into Chu Feiling.

The couple was utterly confused. It's already dusk. What's that loser doing at this time of the day?

"What happened to him?" Chu Feiling walked in to ask Chu Yang.

"Oh… We discussed Le'er's condition and I said I have some medical knowledge. Fourth uncle immediately rushed out to look for third aunt…" Chu Yang tried to avoid taking responsibility for his uncle's outburst.

"How can you cure anyone with your superficial medical skills? You'll give your aunt pointless hope," Yang Ruolan blamed.

Chu Feiling frowned. He thought about the magical elixirs that Chu Yang had given him. Who knew whether or not they could cure Chu Le'er's illness?

"That medicine… Do you still have it?" Chu Feiling asked. Yang Ruolan was taken aback.

"I do, but there's not much left," Chu Yang said, "But… that kind of medicine can only treat injuries, help a body recover, or increase one's cultivation. It has no effects on congenital illnesses."

"Oh… I see!"

Chu Feiling heaved a long sigh of relief.

Chu Yang suddenly thought of something, "Father, please keep the time where you and I used medicine to treat grandpa a secret. Don't tell anyone that I gave you that medicine."

Chu Feiling stared at his son. "I have more knowledge than you about the seriousness of this matter."

Both the father and son knew that this wouldn't matter if the Chu clan was in peace. But now that Chu Feilong was present, they had no choice but to be vigilant.

What if Chu Feilong spilled the secret? Even Chu Yang, who was on the lower echelons of the clan, would no longer be in peace. His life would be threatened.

How could Chu Feiling take such a risk?

Rushed footsteps came in from outside. Chu Feiyan was seen holding a weak Chu Le'er in his arms, rushing in like a gust of wind. Wind funneled into Chu Le'er's mouth, causing her to cough incessantly.

A white shadow was rushed into the twilight behind them.

It was Duan Shuyi, Chu Le'er's mother and Chu Yang's third aunt. Anxiety was written all over her face. She also wore a faint veil of hope and nervousness.

Chu Yang immediately stood up, "Aunt."

Duan Shuyi came forward like a bolt of lightning and grasped Chu Yang's hands."Yang Yang, can you cure Le'er?"

Chu Yang said carefully, "I once learned some leechcraft under the guidance of an extraordinary man and have considerable knowledge of it. But I have to take a look at her first before I know whether or not she can be cured."

"Then…" Duan Shuyi said anxiously, "Please take a look at Le'er…" Her eyes were red. She said, "Even the divine doctors in the Medicine Valley were useless. They couldn't treat Le'er's illness… I… Your third uncle and I are worn out by all these years…"

Yang Ruolan held on to Duan Shuyi's hands and comforted her lightly.

Chu Yang looked at Chu Le'er, who was coiled within Chu Feiyan's arms, and said, "Come here, Le'er, let me take a look at you."

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