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Zhuge Chang Feng felt relaxed in his heart. [According to the confession of that important personage of the Divine Clan… The 'awakened being' won't have any strength to revolt as long as this golden net appears.]

[And, as for the crown... he had given no explanation. But, the man had also said that there will be some bizarre phenomena because of the incredible neutralization effect of the various toxins when the five killer devices would be used.]

[Moreover, these bizarre phenomena are uncontrollable and unpredictable. It is said that it may very likely blossom into a flower… or it may likely take the shape of a knife… or even... possibly turn into a pile of shit...]

[This indicates that it's not unusual for any situation to arise.]

[But, could it be that the appearance of this crown is still something totally unexpected?]

[But, it doesn't matter… It doesn't matter in the big picture.]

Sure enough, the black aura on Tan Tan's body seemed to have met its nemesis. So, it retracted into his body when this golden crown appeared along with the big net.

Moreover, Tan Tan's widely-opened eyes slowly closed. Then, his whole person sat on the ground... He seemed lifeless.

There was silence.

"Ha ha ha... it worked!" Zhuge Chang Feng smiled happily. He had already witnessed the earth-shattering might of the awakened being a while back. So, he had understood that if he brought this awakened being back…

…his contribution to the clan would inevitably skyrocket! In fact, he might even become an elder. 

Gu Du Xing and the others hastily rushed over to Tan Tan's side. However, they screamed and drew back in haste as soon as they approached the golden net.

And, that's because the front piece of their clothing had been eroded after it had come in contact with the golden net!

This poison was extremely potent!

It didn't allow anyone to approach Tan Tan.

[Our biggest threat is gone. And, everyone else is still in check. So, we just need to wait for this bizarre phenomenon to disappear. Then, we can grab the awakened being and go back.]

Zhuge Chang Feng was a veteran. But, he still couldn't help being somewhat proud of himself. He leisurely said at this moment, "Don't waste your energy. This Old Man has something to say to you two young Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor. I wonder whether you would be willing to listen…"

Gu Du Xing's eyes flashed as he said, "Don't say it if it's something unpleasant to hear."

Zhuge Chang Feng chuckled, and said, "Your temper is as sharp as a sword." He paused, and then said, "The two of you are outstanding geniuses. You are elites among elites. My Zhuge Clan is always looking for heaven-warping talents like you. You two have god-gifted talent. So, I can recommend you two if you are willing to join Zhuge Clan. What do you say?"

There were many young Emperor Level Experts in the Upper Three Heavens. However, Zhuge Chang Feng was well aware — becoming an Emperor Expert in the Middle Three Heavens was entirely different from achieving the same in the Upper Three Heavens. After all, the amount of resources available in the Upper Three Heavens was too high.

That's because the cultivation conditions in the Middle Three Heavens were far inferior to that in the Upper Three Heavens.

The family heritage of these youths here were far worse than the family heritages of the Upper Three Heavens' young masters. They could easily pile up young Emperor Experts in the Upper Three Heavens with the help of elixirs and heavenly treasures. 

However, these two young men before him were murderous, and their foundation was solid. They clearly hadn't attained a quick success.

Such people were the true geniuses!

Dong Wu Shang sneered, "Utter bullshit!"

Gu Du Xing shook his head, "It is indeed bullshit!"

Zhuge Chang Feng said, "Oh? Could it be you two intend to reject my offer?"

Dong Wu Shang laughed out loud, "You're such a smart person… You're truly worthy of being in the Zhuge Clan."

Zhuge Chang Feng's face was hard to look at. He said hesitatingly, "Do the two of you know what the consequences of rejecting our kind offer are?" He was a bit stunned. [Zhuge Clan's name is famous even in the Upper Three Heavens... One must consider carefully when someone from the Zhuge Clan extends the olive branch.]

[But, these two refuse to even consider it?]

"What consequences?"

"The family members of you two, your friends... even those behind you... He he he..." Zhuge Chang Feng's eyes looked sharp like a knife. He chuckled, and said, "I'll just need to give a command, and all of them will turn into corpses!"

"Are you threatening us?" Dong Wu Shang frowned, while Gu Du Xing's gaze turned into a stare.

"If the two must think like that... then it is a threat!" Zhuge Chang Feng crossed his hands behind his back, and insipidly said, "But, I wonder… can you two bear such a threat?"

Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing laughed in unison. Then, Dong Wu Shang proclaimed in a loud voice after he was done laughing, "You have misread us. We brothers have never succumbed to threats. We would die standing proud instead of spending a lifetime kneeling down!"

He then pointed out his great saber forward, and said with a heroic laugh, "Zhuge Clan of the Upper Three Heavens. Ha ha ha... is it very great? Why do I think it isn't?"

Gu Du Xing also laughed. Then, Rui Bu Tong, Ji Mo, and Luo Ke Di laughed all at once. Ji Mo chuckled, and said, "We also don't think so. Zhuge Clan? Why does it sound like 'Pig Brothers' Clan? Could it be that it's a great clan of perverts?"

Luo Ke Di heard Ji Mo's comment, and burst into laughter. He then said, "Pig Brothers Clan... Hahaha, you might as well change your clan's name, and call it Hoodlum Clan instead."

The killing intent was boiling in Zhuge Chang Feng's eyes. His whole body was exuding an intense chill in the surroundings.

His body shuddered in anger and his pupils contracted as he heavily said, "Well! Well! Well!"

He then suddenly waved his hand, and fiercely shouted, "All men, begin... Kill them all!"

[They can't be used by us. So, we might as well kill them as early as possible…]

[…so as to avoid future trouble.]

The numerous masked black-clothed men shouted, and moved into action all at once.

Meanwhile, Chu Yang was anxiously questioning in the shadows, "So you won't got into action no matter what?"

Sword Spirit replied, "I won't go into action since the matter concerns the potential destruction of the Sword Lord's spirit."

Chu Yang slowly nodded, and somewhat sorrowfully said, "Fine! Sword Spirit, it seems you can't see… I'm asking for your help because my cultivation isn't enough to protect my brothers from getting bullied. So, I have to helplessly watch my brothers die in front of me now."

Sword Spirit clearly sensed a decisive vibe from Chu Yang's pitiful voice. So, he couldn't help but ask in horror, "What are you going to do?"

"You have your responsibility. But, you seem to have forgotten that I don't!" Chu Yang coldly said in a low voice, "The so-called responsibility of the Nine Tribulations Sword is fart in my eyes. I'm very angry… I renounce it!"

"Don't be impulsive! They won't necessarily die," Sword Spirit anxiously said.

The field was already in commotion.

Gu Du Xing and the others had fallen into an extreme crisis right after the fight had begun. It was only the first clash, and they had already sustained injuries of varying degrees.

Chu Yang saw this, and his eyes opened wide in rage. He then flipped over his wrist, and there was already a dagger in his hand; this dagger was glittering like frost and snow. Then, he brought the dagger towards his own chest without the slightest hesitation!

He then shouted in a low voice, "You and your mission will accompany me to hell! And, you'll have to wait for another 10,000 years to re-appear!"

"Stop!" Sword Spirit panicked. He hastily tried to stop him. He had never imagined that Chu Yang would take such a decisive step.

Then, the dagger entered the muscles with a puff, and was stabbed deeply into the chest… It was only a distance of a fine hair away from puncturing the heart. Chu Yang's eyes turned cold as he faintly asked, "You… won't go into action?"

Blood suddenly spurted out.

His hand was tightly and steadily holding the dagger's hilt, "Anyway, I've already died once in the past. And, I feel that I've earned these last few years by cheating. So, it'll make no difference if I die once again.

"I can't accept as a 'nine-robbery sword master' that I still have to carry the restraint of you, Sword Spirit. I want to do something, but I can't. I can't stand this kind of grievance!" Chu Yang bitterly said, "I won't ask you to go into action again… So, let's just do this! Let us both go to fu*king hell now!"

He then moved his hand slightly, and was just about to piece his own heart!

Sword Spirit truly panicked this time. He quickly used his own spiritual power to lock the dagger where it was, and said repeatedly, "Who said I can't do it? Why wouldn't I do it? I would do it..."

Sword Spirit felt wronged when he said these words.

In fact, he felt so wronged that he almost burst into tears...

[When have I restrained you? Don't you always do whatever you want? You keep adding one rule after another. When have I ever restrained you?]

[Why would I bother to take all this trouble and refuse to help? Can't you see that I'm clearly looking out for you? You can't even recognize others' good intentions. How can the Nine Tribulations Sword's Master be such a brain-dead guy?]

[Don't you know that you will die someday if I took charge of you today?]

[Oh, no, no, you don't care. You wouldn't have taken such a self-destructive step at this time if you cared.]

[I can't believe that you inserted a dagger into your chest and forced me with such an extreme and violent method.]

Let's presume that Sword Spirit had a body and he had looked at the wound on Chu Yang's chest. Then, it could be estimated that Sword Spirit would be so scared that his whole body would be covered in cold sweat. [You went too far! You tried to drag me down with you. You tried to silence me for another 10,000 years... My 100,000 years of life experience would be all for naught if I were to run into a Nine Tribulations Sword Master like you again.]

Sword Spirit was sullen. He was feeling wronged. Still, he began to make the preparations.

He was also extremely anxious in his heart, [Chu Yang's spirit would get damaged if I took over his body. Then, the possibility of Chu Yang being able to survive through the emergence of the fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword... will be infinitely close to zero!]

Sword Spirit sighed. He was so depressed that he almost vomited blood. [How the hell did things turn out… like this?]

Sword Spirit was sullen, but Chu Yang was more sullen!

[Fu*k! Why is my strength not enough? Would I need you if my strength had already broken through to the Monarch Level? You would just be excess baggage in that case…]

[You're looking out for me? My brothers are going to die… Can't you see? You think I need you to look out for 'me' in such a situation…?]

[The key to everything... is strength! Only strength!]


This clear realization had dug deeply in Chu Yang's heart like a knife's tip, [Sword Spirit is very powerful, but he isn't me! Nine Tribulations Sword is very powerful, but it isn't my power!]

[I would rather rely on myself than depend on the heaven, the earth, or the ancestors.]

[I can't depend on anyone in the future… I can't depend on Sword Spirit! I can't depend on the Nine Tribulations Sword!]

[I can only depend on myself!]

[I must depend on myself!]

Gu Du Xing and the others were in imminent danger. The might of these people from the Zhuge Clan was far greater than that of the Ao Clan.

This disparity in strength was so huge that no one had the slightest strength to fight back.

It could be said that these people had fought back with all their power in the face of the previous crisis. However, there was no such possibility while facing this much stronger enemy.

Gu Du Xing let out a muffled groan. His body had received two palm blows. Dong Wu Shang had desperately gone all-out to rush forward to protect him, but he had suffered two sword slashes in the process. The two of them looked at each other, and a feeling of desperation arose in their hearts.

Both of them had only one thought, [It is good that Chu Yang is hiding in the shadows in this crisis of life and death... You must restrain yourself, and stay hidden! You can't come out!]

[We brothers and the other people here can continue our dreams through you if you don't come out. Otherwise, we would all be wiped out if you came out. Then, everything will be over!]

"Don't come out!" the two of them faced upwards and bellowed as they spouted blood from their mouths!

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