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A fine steed burst-in along with the cry. Then, a slim silhouette suddenly jumped in midair from the horseback. It took several dozens of somersaults like a whirlwind, and landed in front of Gu Du Xing like a meteor.

Then, this man suddenly turned around. His body displayed a majestic appearance. He loudly shouted, "Ahwooh~~ Dong Aunt! Second Master Ji is here! Who dares to come? Who wants to come up? Whoever comes up will die!"

He had said these words in an extremely pretentious manner. Moreover, his pretense had a proud and cocky vibe to it.

It was because Ji Mo was suddenly feeling relieved.

[None of my brothers have died!]

[Moreover, I have come.]

[All of us are together now.]

[So, when else would I show off if not now?]

[I wouldn't have any regret whatsoever even if I were to die with my brothers!]

[So, when else would I show off if not now?]

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had said 'Who wants to come and die'. And, it had kind of intimidated everyone. It had made them feel fear of death! But, Ji Mo's words 'Whoever comes up will die' gave off a feeling of relaxation and relief to everyone.

These vicious words had made everyone feel that this person in front of them was very happy… and very cheerful!

That's because he indeed was at this time!

Everyone became startled.

A weak yet ruthless voice heavily said at this time, "Cough Cough! Yes, whoever comes up will die!"

This man had repeated Ji Mo's words. However, his stiff manner of speaking had flipped over the joy of the sentence 'whoever comes up will die', and had changed it into a vicious feeling of hellish cruelty!

He had said these words with his teeth clenched. And, he had also coughed several times while speaking.

A youngster appeared out of the woods along with this voice. His figure walked over step by step to Ji Mo's side. It then turned around, and stood next to him.

He suddenly smiled and said, "Dammit! The feeling that comes after rushing thousands of miles to rescue someone truly makes me feel fu*king great! I'm bleeding from head to toe. I had been burning along the whole journey. But, I'm not burning now that I've taken a look at you guys."

The complexion of this person was pale, and his eye-sockets had sunken down. In addition, bandages were wrapped all over his body - on his chest, back, shoulders, thighs, and so on. Blood was still continuously seeping out of them. It was taking shapes of flower umbra on the bandages.

This person was Luo Ke Di.

His location had been at the nearest distance from here. However, he had slowed his speed down in the midway since he couldn't allow himself to faint halfway… He had to keep going up until now. This was why he had arrived so late.

However, he had managed to arrive despite everything… He had come at this crucial time!

Ancestor Xie Zhi Qiu of Xie Can closed his eyes. He then fully circulated his martial power. He strived to restore maximum strength in the shortest possible time. He had heaved a sigh of relief when Gu Du Xing and the others had come. His face had exposed a hint of incitement. Then, he had sat down to circulate his martial power.

He knew that these youngsters who had come were very talented. However, he also knew that the disparity between theirs and the enemy's strength was too big.

Therefore, he believed that these youngsters had come just to throw their lives away. They had come to die along with their brothers.

Therefore, Xie Zhu Qiu didn't say anything.

The present situation was dangerous... There was absolutely no hope to escape. So, he only thought of regaining a little bit of his strength and dragging down as many enemies as possible along with himself to hell!

He knew that the most formidable expert among the enemy hadn't yet set into action.

The black fog around Tan Tan churned up, and spread out.

Almost all the animals, insects, and birds of the forest concentrated towards here. They fluttered about in abundance. They were small and weak. However, they had formed gigantic tides! The branches and leaves of trees were falling from time to time. They were being broken by the weight of those creatures.

The stems had also slowly hung down.

The pairs of small eyes ominously and ruthlessly looked at the people of Ao Clan and Zhuge Clan. Even rats opened their mouths, and exposed their sharp teeth; their teeth were sparkling in the dim light of the night. Vipers had coiled and dangled in circles. Their eyes looked spooky as they revealed a glimpse of their poisonous fangs.

Ao Lang Yun turned his head in panic, and looked at the black-clothed and masked people of the Zhuge Clan. It seemed that he was seeking help.

The black-clothed and masked leader had crossed his hands behind his back. He was looking in this direction in an indifferent manner… He didn't seem to have any intention of setting into action. However, his vision was flashing from time to time whilst looking at Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang. His eyes were filled with admiration.

[The harvest is going to be great today!]

[We can besiege the Awakened Being of the Divine Clan. Moreover, we can have the harvest of a Sword Emperor and a Saber Emperor who are both under twenty years old!]

[These two youngsters won't take more than two-hundred years to become Saint Level Experts if they are given the time! They can even become Supreme Level Experts!]

The Zhuge Clan had been seeking such talented individuals with eagerness. So, how could he let go of these excellent young successors?

Ao Lang Yun, Ao Yu Yun, and the other brothers gradually froze in their hearts. All of them could see that the other party was unlikely to help them. It had become clear that they were going to watch in safety whilst others fought… After all, these people wanted to reap the rewards once both sides had been exhausted.

The four 'geniuses' gritted their teeth after they realized this, [Do you think we can't tidy up these scattered remnants if you don't help us?]

"Kill!" Ao Yu Yun waved his hand. He maliciously said, "Who wants to come and die…? We'll see who dies!"

He had waved his hand. But, it looked as if he was waving to all the insects, animals, and birds in the forest.

The people of Ao Clan hadn't set into action yet, but these little creatures had…

Shua shua shua…

The sky seemed to have gotten filled with vines in an instant. However, they were vipers in reality!

The vipers hung from trees in abundance. They sprang up, opened their mouths wide, and exposed their venomous fangs. They then attacked Ao Clan's experts!

Rats, birds, ants, hornets… attacked in full swing at the same time!

These attacks obscured everyone's line of sight within an instant.

These creatures couldn't cause any injury to these experts, but still seemed extremely frightening!

Ao Clan's experts had no choice but to fight. They would have to deal with these tiny creatures before they could attack the enemy.

A light flashed in Gu Du Xing's eyes. He then stretched out his hand, and grabbed Luo Ke Di's shoulder. He shoved him backwards. Luo Ke Di fell next to Rui Bu Tong. Then, Gu Du Xing said, "Look after him!"

Luo Ke Di was seriously injured. So, how could Gu Du Xing let him stand in the front?

Luo Ke Di angrily said, "Second Brother Gu, you bastard!"

Gu Du Xing's complexion became cold and stiff. Then, his body suddenly rushed out. He changed into a glistening sword light!

He was the only one to set into action.

That was because he was the only one fit to set into action by himself.

The enemy had been besieged by these little creatures. So, the best move at this time was to take advantage of their crisis for personal gain, and launch a sneak attack. These creatures were extremely small. They would perhaps get wiped out within an instant. Therefore, it was extremely important to seize this opportunity.

Dong Wu Shang was unsuitable for launching a sneak attack. And, Ji Mo's cultivation was slightly weaker.

Gu Du Xing's body moved… Sword-light flashed. Then, it erupted like a thunder, and pierced into a man surrounded by ants and hornets. Then, Gu Du Xing pulled it out, and rushed in.

A blood stream shot out from the spot from where he had pulled out his sword. And, a King Level Expert collapsed with a frightened look on his face.

Several Emperor Level Experts of the Ao Clan gave a long and loud shout, and set into action at the same time. They launched their domain-fields in an instant, and sent a shock with a loud bang!

A few 'whoosh' sounds lightly echoed. And, all the little creatures that had filled the sky and earth shook to their death. A thick layer of carcasses was formed on the ground as a result.

Then, the forest became silent.

A total of nineteen Emperor Level Experts had launched their domain-fields at the same time! So, it was clear that these tiny creatures had driven these Emperor Level Experts beyond the limits of forbearance. They had directly launched their sharpest move. It was clearly overkill. They had annihilated them all in one fell swoop!

Gu Du Xing's body flashed. The sword-light appeared intermittently. His body shot over like lightning.

Blood spurt out like fireworks from the throat of a first grade Emperor Level Expert in front of him. That expert then weakly collapsed on the ground.

Gu Du Xing went in and came out. He only had enough time to go in and come out. But, ten people had died under his sword in this instant!

However, Ao Clan's people had already pounced over this way. So, Dong Wu Shang loudly shouted, and unsheathed the Black Saber. Rains of blood broke out as soon as he arrived. He had opened the prologue to the decisive battle in this way!

Ji Mo cried out. He also unsheathed his sword, and rushed out whilst following Dong Wu Shang closely.

Rui Bu Tong and Ao Xie Yun also set into action.

Xie Zhi Qiu rose up in one bound from his cross-legged position on the ground, and joined the fighting circle. The war had broken out all around!

However, the people of Zhuge Clan still held back their troops. They didn't move. They were indifferently looking at the war in front of them. They were only paying attention to three people —­ Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the one with the black fog!

The sounds of hoof beats were becoming more and more urgent outside the fighting circle! It was clear that they were getting closer and closer.

Gu Du Xing's sword issued a sword beam; he was fighting with an eighth grade Emperor Level Expert. Both of them had started to bleed after the first clash. Gu Du Xing's left shoulder had been pierced by a sword. And, a piece of flesh and skin had been cut off from that Emperor Level Expert's thigh.

Gu Du Xing's martial power wasn't sufficient to injure his opponent. However, his Black Dragon Sword had recently been upgraded by Chu Yang. After that, it had become a top-tier heavenly weapon!

The two came in contact, and engaged in a close combat. Gu Du Xing desperately fought using his agility skills. Consequently, that eighth grade Emperor Level Expert didn't get any opportunity to stall.

Meanwhile, Dong Wu Shang directly engaged two eighth grade Emperor Level Experts — Cai Xiao Cheng and Li Chang Long. His Black Saber hacked and slashed. He didn't move an inch backwards! He simply clenched his teeth, and desperately fought with all his strength!

[I can't retreat… My injured brother is behind me!]

Dong Wu Shang was in imminent danger. He was surrounded by perils. However, he still brandished his Black Saber in a bold and wild manner. This combination of man and saber could eliminate even an army of thousands!

Xie Zhi Qiu pounced from behind him, and desperately fought Cai Xiao Cheng along with him!

Cai Xiao Cheng drew back. The pressure on Dong Wu Shang had greatly decreased. He then madly wielded his saber, and went to press down Li Chang Long.

Li Chang Long was somewhat distracted at this time. However, he was still an eighth grade Emperor Level Expert. His cultivation was seven grades greater than that of Dong Wu Shang! However, Dong Wu Shang was still fighting with all his might, and making him retreat in defeat little by little.

However, Dong Wu Shang wasn't at ease. His wrist would ache and become numb every time the enemy gave him a jolt. In fact, his whole body would shake.

However, he didn't seem to feel anything.

That black-clothed and masked leader of the Zhuge Clan had been watching the fight. But, he suddenly wrinkled his brows in this clamorous situation. He then suspiciously looked all around. However, he didn't find anything.

[I've clearly felt someone sneaking in... But, why can't I spot him?]

Chu Yang had entered this bloody jungle like a wisp of blue smoke! And, the first thing that he had done was heave a sigh of relief.

[My brothers are here!]

Chu Yang had been on the verge of setting into action. However, he had only taken a glance of the situation when he had discovered something… And, he had quickly hid away as a result.

Gu Du Xing and the others were in a very disadvantageous situation at present.

However, Chu Yang could still see that they weren't in any mortal danger for the time being. [But… what are these around two-hundred black-clothed people doing here? Why do… these people seem so formidable?]

[What are these people's intentions?]

Chu Yang glanced at them. [These black-clothed people are tonight's biggest crisis!]

[My brothers will no longer have a hidden trump in their hands if I go out there right now.]

[Therefore, I have to act accordingly!]

"Monarch Level Experts! Four of them!" Sword Spirit said in a heavy voice in Chu Yang's mind, "Three of them are second grade Monarch Experts, and one is at the third grade!"

Chu Yang's entire body trembled.

[Four Monarch Level Experts?! Where did they come from?]

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