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"Brother Li! Bother Li!" Cai Xiao Cheng rushed over. He seemed frightened out of his wits. He believed that some black magic had taken over Li Chang Long.

Li Chang Long blankly lifted his head in response. Cai Xiao Cheng was gob-smacked as he saw this. And, he went three steps back in response.

Li Chang Long's face was densely covered with wrinkles at this moment. He seemed old and decrepit. His lifeless eyes suddenly issued a beam of light. He then muttered, "I practice martial arts just to protect! Pan Pan, I must go back."

"I must go back!" Li Chang Long's tall body suddenly rose up. He yelled to the sky… as if he had gone crazy.

Cai Xiao Cheng was at a loss. He didn't know what to do.

The black-clothed and masked leader of the Zhuge Clan was behind them. He calmly put his hand down. The several blue-gleaming ox-hair needles in his palm quickly vanished without a trace.

"This Li Chang Long has suddenly lost his heart and gone crazy. But, it is good. I didn't need to personally go into action!" he quietly pondered, "These bastards of the Ao Clan have nearly eliminated this group of people. This is simply aggravating."

"Keep in mind… You have to maintain distance!" Another black-clothed and masked man glared at Ao Lang Yun. He cussed, "Bastard, are you blind or deaf? I had asked you to chase after them… I hadn't asked you to kill all of them. Would I have waited till now if I had wanted to kill all of them? Stupid cu*t!"

Ao Lang Yun became so angry that it turned dark before his eyes.

He almost couldn't resist the rage in his heart. He was about to bicker and complain, but was stopped by Ao Meng Yun. "We only want to kill Ao Xie Yun. Let them do whatever they are doing. It's fine as long as Ao Xie Yun dies."

"Humph!" Ao Lang Yun heavily snorted.

The complexions of the four black-clothed and masked people of the Zhuge Clan suddenly changed. Their eyes emitted cautious looks as they looked towards the sky far away.

They saw a cold and mighty pressure suddenly appearing in the distant sky. It seemed as if a sharp sword was cutting off the atmosphere!

Black clouds had densely covered the sky. But, bright starlight was suddenly exposed in the distance!

This was indeed the embodiment of 'violent rage soaring to the heavens'. Then, the black clouds were suddenly shattered into pieces!

Those four men became shocked at the same time.

They looked at each other. Then, one of them whispered, "Who is this?"

His question was obviously irrational. After all, these people were very far away. So, it was obvious that no one knew who it was. But, all of them were certain about one thing… This person was extremely scary!

The black-clothed and masked leader hesitated for a while. Then, he suddenly exposed a look of astonishment in his eyes, "Could it be that our pursuit to tempt the 'awakened being' has drawn out the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword?!"

The people rushing ahead suddenly stopped and stood still as soon as these words came out. Then, there was a dead silence!

Then, those four people suddenly felt something once again. Therefore, all of them turned around.

They saw that sharp and acute sword energy was soaring to the heavens at another place. But, this place was far away behind them. In fact, a piece of black cloud in that area was wiped out clean in the blink of eye by it!

Both the sword lights - one from the north and the other from the south - were confronting each other from afar.

Suddenly, the wind blowing in the sky also got split off!

Two sharp sword energies — one from south and one from north — had appeared in the sky whilst splitting the blue dome of heaven. It seemed as if two peerless swordsmen had agreed to fight together. It seemed as if they had unsheathed their swords, and were ready to fight!

They were just about to fight!

[They already possess such power and might! So, how earth-shaking will it be when these two fight?!]

A little while passed. Then, these two sword energies vanished at once.

However, the repression in the air became increasingly dense!

"It's not the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword!" another black-clothed and masked man said, "It is well-known that there's only one Master of Nine Tribulations Sword. But, these are clearly two different people."

The black-clothed and masked leader insipidly nodded and said, "It seems that I was mistaken. However, isn't it extremely strange that two such peerless swordsmen have appeared in the Middle Three Heavens?"

"The so-called rules of the Nine Heavens are only limited to average people. Big Brother, our status entails us the knowledge that some transcendental existences aren't limited by the so-called rules of the Nine Heavens."

"You're right."

"Let's go… We need to catch up!"

In a distant place… Chu Yang attentively looked into the faraway distance from where a sword light had just emerged. The black clouds in the starry sky were converging slowly. It seemed as if the open curtains on a stage were slowly closing up.

Chu Yang's eyes suddenly lit up as he sped along the road. [This is indeed the Lake of Despair's direction!]

[Fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!]

Chu Yang suddenly felt excited in his heart. But, he turned towards the direction in which the Xie Clan's escapees were rushing.

He loosened his hand, and let go of an invisible falcon.

[Mo Tian Ji's intelligence network is indeed very convenient.]

Xie Clan's people broke into the dark forest. Tan Tan took out five or six inner cores of Spirit Beasts whilst coughing blood. He ate all of them. However, he felt that it wasn't enough. So, he took out five or six more, and swallowed them as well.

"Run! Go straight ahead, and don't change direction." Bright radiance seemed to flash in Tan Tan's eyes as he resolutely ordered.

"Don't take a turn?" Xie Zhi Qiu reluctantly asked.

"Don't take a turn!"

Tan Tan heavily said.

The group of people disappeared into the woods with a rustling sound.

Ao Clan's people chased-in after them.

Ao Lang Yun had taken the lead, and was rushing ahead of his group. He no longer wanted to stay together with those black-clothed masked men. This was because he had understood one thing, [Those people have a purpose. And, it is impossible to make relations with those people using today's matter as a pivot.]

The Ao Clan was prominently the number-one clan in the Middle Three Heavens, but it wasn't enough in the eyes of a colossus like the Zhuge Clan!

Ao Lang Yun and the others felt as if something was wrong as soon as they broke into the forest.

This forest was clearly very strange.

Rustling sounds came from all the directions. And, they got denser bit by bit! Then, everyone felt that something was falling on top of them.

A King Level Expert of the Ao Clan reached out with his hand, and grabbed towards his head. He couldn't help but cry out in fear after he saw what it was.

A little green snake was wiggling in his palm. And, there were two caterpillars, four or five ants, and a tick…

"What the hell is going on?" he cried out in fear. He threw away these things as if he had received an electric shock.

However, no one answered him. It was because everyone else had had the same encounter.

The rustling sounds continued to come through from all directions. They were getting louder and louder like the dense drizzle in an autumn night.

Suddenly, countless earthworms, rats, vipers, ants, and so on… fluttered about as if this section of land had been flipped over. They all began to crawl on the ground layer upon layer.

Ants, rats, and all the other creatures were attacking using their only attacking methods. They were crazily attacking these people who had suddenly burst into the forest.

Everyone was thrown in confusion. And, all of them began to move their hands randomly.

Then, a buzzing sound echoed in the distance. And, a large group of bees lined-up in an overwhelming number. They were so eager to attack that they launched an attack before even getting close to their targets.

"What's going on here? What the hell is this?!" Ao Lang Yun slapped in the air in confusion. Everyone possessed profound primary energy in their bodies. So, these things naturally couldn't do any harm to them. In fact, these tiny insects couldn't bite out even a little bit of skin even if they were to bite until they died out of exhaustion.

However, these things were present in an overwhelming number. In fact, they had piled up to neck-level within an instant. So, the creepy feeling was truly maddening!

Moreover, these people would feel something squishy under their feet every time they would take a step. But, they wouldn't know what they were stepping on. Moreover, their feet would be coiled by three or four snakes that had been creeping about bravely with no thought of personal safety…

"This is so fu*king weird!" Cai Xiao Cheng was slapping in the air. He was continuously cussing, "How can such a bizarre thing happen?"

"Don't deal with these little things. Rush out with your full strength!" Another Emperor Level Expert launched his domain-field of protection. His face had become sullen. Who could've thought that an Emperor Level Expert would need to release his domain-field to deal with tiny insects?

However, these creatures would've fallen onto his nape or his skin if he hadn't unleashed his domain-field… He could've continued to shake them off. But, all of this was still disgusting…

This forest wasn't small. These little creatures seemed to be increasing in number as those people forged ahead. And, there was a thick layer of these creatures under everyone's feet now.

The Zhuge Clan's people also arrived in the forest later. The black-clothed leader was suddenly and pleasantly surprised when he saw this terrifying phenomenon. It seemed as if his spirit had been roused.

He shouted, "He had been here all along… just like I had expected. There hadn't appeared anything abnormal for such a long time of our pursuit. But, we've almost allowed them escape! Go ahead, and catch all of them alive! Don't kill anyone. The 'awakened being' has to be among them!"

He was finally sure…

…that the awakened being of the Three Stars Divine Clan was among them!

"But, why didn't the Slaughtering Spirit Blade show any reaction?" The four people looked at the knife in their hands. And, all of them remained silent.

They were at a loss about this matter.

Tan Tan felt itchy at the wounded spot on his body. He was squirming. His mood had become ruthless. It seemed as if he was slowly breaking out of a cage. His pupils had turned blood red without his knowledge…

It seemed as if a murderous aura that had been hibernating for tens of thousands of years had been gradually waking up.

Meanwhile, the countless small creatures were rushing forward without slowing down. All of them were willingly getting trampled-on just to stop the pursuers for a moment…

Tan Tan's body was getting hotter and hotter!

Finally, Tan Tan's forehead flashed again. The strange mark on his forehead seemed to have become bigger. It flickered three times in a row.

Tan Tan suddenly looked upwards, and roared madly.

Then, an aura suddenly emitted out from his body. This aura was darker than the night. It densely rose up, and shrouded Tan Tan's entire body! And, it turned pitch-dark around him.

Tan Tan's body had seemingly vanished inside this black fog!

The Zhuge Clan's people swarmed in!

All of these people were experts. Their capabilities were leagues above that of Ao Clan's people. So, they overtook the Xie Clan's people in just a few pounces.

The black-clothed and masked leader looked-on, and saw that the black fog had suddenly risen up in the forest several hundred feet away. His eyes issued a proud look. He insipidly said, "It's a pity. You're late!"

He waved his hand, "Begin!"

However, two long and loud shouts suddenly resounded outside the forest at this moment. Then, an intense sword-energy and a sharp saber-light surged!

Two bursts of murderous aura penetrated into the forest!

Then, a sword-light magnificently radiated, and a saber-light fiercely blossomed. They had broken into the forest whilst conquering every obstacle. They seemed like two giant balls that would change everything that came in their way into dust!

There was a big tree that would require three people to wrap their arms around it. It suddenly changed into dust, and made the whole sky dusty in a flash!

That black-clothed masked man of Zhuge Clan emitted rays of amazement from his eyes. He suddenly stopped moving. He then said while being shocked, "Pure Sword Emperor and Pure Saber Emperor?! How can such men appear in the Middle Three Heavens?"

Another man next to him found it baffling. He unconsciously muttered, "Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor are supposed to be arch enemies. But, these two are coming shoulder to shoulder?!"

Two furious shouts echoed like thunderclap amid the sword-energy and saber-light! Then, they illuminated the entire sky at the same time… just like two strikes of lightning!

"Who dared to hurt my brothers!?"

"Who dared to hurt my brothers?!"

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