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"The Master of Nine Tribulations Sword? Has the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword appeared?" Jun Lu Lu suddenly stood up. She was completely unaware about Chu Yang's matter. So, she had never heard about the identity of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master.

A light flashed through Young Master Yu's pupils. He gently said, "Ah Lu, there are some things… you're better-off not knowing about. The more you know… the more danger you'll be in."

Then, he folded his hands behind his back, and leisurely looked outside the window, "We mustn't get in contact with anything related to the matters like that of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master. This is the catastrophe of the Nine Heavens that comes once in every ten-thousand years! And, it will take our lives if we get linked to it in any way!"

Jun Lu Lu didn't truly understand, but she still nodded.

Young Master Yu gently sighed. His eyes became limpid and calm since he thoroughly understood the ways of the world. He then casually grabbed a dead leaf that had been fluttering outside the window, "He's so confident since all of the previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword had successfully unified the world… You'll rule everything with those two mysterious and inexorable eyes... You'll produce clouds with one turn of hand, and rain with another... You'll turn the sky upside down! But… can you see me - Young Master Yu?!"

"Xiao Yu…" Jun Lu Lu anxiously looked at him. She suddenly felt that he was behaving very strange today. Be it his manner of speaking or his appearance… everything seemed very different than usual.

"I'm fine." Young Master Yu faintly smiled. He then slowly walked to the front of the window, and looked up at an isolated piece of white cloud in the sky... He deeply gazed at it.

"Sword energy is soaring and disrupting the Nine Heavens. But, it made me break through the bottleneck of several decades. And, I went past all obstacles, and became a Second Grade Saint Level Expert once I got the epiphany! What do you want? Do you want to make me assist the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword?"

Young Master Yu muttered. He then exposed a taunting smile from the corner of his mouth. A strand of black fair hung down from his forehead. It hung down on his jade-like bright and clean face. This blue-robed man's languid and graceful scholarly appearance seemed to have been enhanced because of his strand of hair.

"But, I'm Young Master Yu… How can I succumb to someone's manipulation?" Young Master Yu snorted. "I don't care if he's the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. It won't do if one can't get my approval with their abilities."

He thought for a while. Then, he slowly said, "Transmit an order to the people of the Dark Bamboo of the Middle Three Heavens. They will only observe the war. They have to hold back our troops. Tell them that we can't participate in this chaotic fight. We won't participate in this!"

"Ok." Jun Lu Lu complied.

"All the great clans of the Middle Three Heavens are already in chaos. So, the Middle Three Heavens would be done for if the underworld also entered into the fray," Young Master Yu quietly said, "Your elder sister will probably come out from the seclusion after one or two days. But, it's better to let her watch over the headquarters…"

Young Master Yu looked somewhat anxious. "Upper Three Heavens probably won't get involved in this chaos of the Middle Three Heavens. Lady Zhu and I must be separated, and keep a balance of things from both ends."


"I'll go and take a look at what's happening." Young Master Yu turned around. He still didn't have a definite plan. He sadly said, "It's too early for the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword to become known to the world at this time… What's that for?"

Young Master Yu took the letter from Jun Lu Lu's hand. He then gave it a glance. Then, he waved his sleeves and his blue shadow flashed… His whole person disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Jun Lu Lu bitterly smiled. She thought in her heart; [You've strictly ordered Dark Bamboo to not participate in this chaos. But, you yourself can't wait to jump-in. Aren't you contradicting yourself?]

The black ink-like darkness of the night was exuding killing intention and bloody aura.

Ao Xie Yun's body was covered in blood. He had sustained serious injuries on his chest and back. Flesh and blood were dripping from his leg. His shoulders had been shattered. His right leg had been broken. It had gone limp, and was dangling. His body was tied to Rui Bu Tong's back. And, he was trying his hardest not to fall down.

He had exhausted almost all of his willpower to keep himself from fainting.

"Put me down! Abandon me!" Ao Xie Yun repeatedly begged and yelled. He hurriedly said, "They want to kill only me. So, put me down, you bastard! Just put me down, and quickly run away!"

"Shut up!" Rui Bu Tong started to rebuke without turning his head. He was running fast, and was following Tan Tan.

"I'm begging you to put me down… All of us will die if you don't put me down!" Ao Xie Yun pleaded, "You guys must stay alive… so that you would be able to avenge me in the future. I request you… Grandfather! Big Brother! Please, discard me! Abandon me!"

"Shut up! I'll skin you alive if you don't shut up!" Rui Bu Tong's complexion had turned pale. His whole body was riddled with scars. It seemed that his injuries were far worse than those of Ao Xie Yun. However, he was still leaping forward with ease… In fact, he was moving like the wind.

"Oh Brother Rui!" Ao Xie Yun's voice became serious. "Oh Brother Rui, I got the chance to be friends with you in this life. So, I - Ao Xie Yun - will die with no regrets! But… the people before our eyes would die if you continue to drag me in a situation like this! Is it worth it to take the trouble for me alone and let so many brothers lose their lives in the process? Put me down!"

Perhaps, Ao Xie Yun would've gotten down by himself if he hadn't been tied on Rui Bu Tong's body… or if he had any strength left to struggle. He wouldn't have bothered Rui Bu Tong and the others in that case.

Rui Bu Tong ran silently for a long time. Then, he said in a deep and low voice, "Big Brother had once said - we brothers must live with pride if we live together. And, we must let our brothers die with pride if there's no way to save them!"

He heavily said, "And, everything that the rest of us brothers have done for that dying brother is his pride!

"Ao Xie Yun, I hope you step on the road to the netherworlds proudly because of us… But, only if you can't avoid death till the last moment today. You must be proud even when you become a ghost! That's because we will have put our maximum effort for you.

"Don't let down us or our kind intentions for making so much effort for you even if you die!"

Rui Bu Tong became silent after he spoke this. He didn't say another word. He just swiftly rushed forward.

Ao Xie Yun was suddenly startled by this. He didn't say anything for a long while. Then, two teardrops fell down from his eyes, and he tightly shut his lips. He only felt emotions surging inside his heart.

He had been thinking that he could save them by sacrificing himself if Rui Bu Tong put him down. And, it would be noble to do so. But, Ao Xie Yun had suddenly started to feel that… [Making such a request is tantamount to insult in the company of such brothers!]

"Yes! Brother, I'll certainly be proud…" Ao Xie Yun exposed a smile of satisfaction and pride on his face, "Even if I die! Truly!"

He suddenly felt boiling hot in his heart. A kind of strange yet soul-warming feeling rose up in his heart at this moment.

[Such Brothers! They are real brothers! I - Ao Xie Yun - will devote my life and soul to them if I don't die today. And, I will definitely be one of them!]

[That's because this is the biggest pride of a man… whether in life or death. This is his most precious wealth!]

Ao Xie Yun didn't speak. He just circulated his primary power with all his might, and strove to restore his strength a little bit. [You people can make me feel proud even if I die. So, could it be that I — Ao Xie Yun — can't make you feel proud of me?]

Meanwhile, he felt something strange in his heart. And, the battle scene from earlier surfaced in his mind…

Rui Bu Tong had fought two Emperor Level Experts at the same time, and had gotten seriously injured in the process. Ao Xie Yun had even heard Rui Bu Tong's ribs breaking. The enemy's swords and sabers had attacked all at once, and Rui Bu Tong was about to be killed in no time.

Ao Xie Yun had gone all-out to rush to his help at this time. And, he had bumped into them. Consequently, he had also gotten seriously injured. Then, Rui Bu Tong had escaped with all his strength whilst carrying Ao Xie Yun on his shoulder… He had grabbed Ao Xie Yun, and flown out. He had eventually caught up with the fleeing troops that had broken through the enemy encirclement. Then, he had been nudged forward by Tan Tan so that he could finally keep pace with the team.

[Rui Bu Tong's injuries are more serious than mine. However, I'm lying down on Rui Bu Tong's back in such a way that he doesn't even have the space to move properly. I'm almost dying. But, Rui Bu Tong has still run for a thousand miles whilst carrying me on his back?!]

[How is this possible?]

Tan Tan was carrying Xie Dan Feng on his back. He had been dashing like a gale of wind. He was currently at the forefront of the fleeing troops. He was leading the troop in the direction of escape.

Tan Tan's complexion was unprecedentedly grim at the moment. An extreme madness was brewing inside his pupils…

The ancestor of Xie Clan — Xie Zhi Qiu — was behind Tan Tan. He was bathed in blood. Even his snow-white beard was dripping with blood. He was carrying Xie Dan Qiong on his back. Both of them were silently rushing forward with their teeth clenched! They were just rushing!

They were just rushing without knowing where to go…

Xie Dan Feng was unconscious… Xie Dan Qiong's face had also turned like a golden paper. His whole body was injured. His breathing had also gone weak.

Everyone was battered and exhausted.

Tan Tan and Rui Bu Tong were regretting in their hearts. Chu Yang's healing medicine worked on almost everyone. But, it didn't work on Tan Tan and Rui Bu Tong. Therefore, these two had casually declined when Chu yang had been distributing the incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pills to everyone.

They felt like slapping their own faces tens of thousands of times as they recalled it now! They couldn't use it for themselves… but other people could always take them, right? They needed it the most right now. But, they couldn't get them…

The attack on Xie Clan had been very sudden. 700-800 people had broken out from the siege together. But, there had remained less than 200 who were fleeing as of this moment!

That's because the pursuers had been launching concealed weapons in the dimness of the dark night. Therefore, the people who were at the back of the team had been continuously falling down while screaming. However, they wouldn't be able to crawl up once they had fallen.

The people in the front would only feel a knife twisting in their heart as they would listen to the screams. But, they would tightly bite their lip until it bled, and wouldn't dare to turn around.

It was because it would be a total defeat of their team if they were to turn back!

No one had thought that the enemy's attack would be so formidable!

In fact, the enemy hadn't even used any conspiracy. They had just rushed in! They had smashed everyone with their tyrannical military strength!

The Xie Clan's people had been routed as soon as the enemy had come in contact with them…

The first grade Monarch Level Expert Xie Zhi Qiu had been fighting three eighth grade Emperor Level Experts alone at first. He had been winning. But then, a mysterious masked man in black robe had appeared. And, only one palm of his' had announced the destruction of the Xie Clan!

That one palm had fiercely hit the first grade Monarch Level Expert Xie Zhi Qiu. Blood had spurt out of Xie Zhi Qiu's body, and he had fallen back.

Xie Zhi Qiu had many years' experience of Jianghu. So, he had quickly realized that nothing could be done. Conseuqntly, he had made a prompt decision, and had broken through the siege. Finally, these people had been able to escape from there.

The enemy would've surrounded them if he had been a moment late. After all, they had an overwhelming numerical advantage. And then, it would've been impossible for them to escape.

The pressure from the pursuers behind them was like a poisonous sore that grows close to the bones. The enemy could be faintly heard. The distance between the enemy and them was almost nothing. It was a few kilometers at most…

It was such a short distance that the enemy experts might catch up with them in just a few pounces. However, the enemies were moving at a moderate speed whilst chasing after them. It was clear that they were waiting to take timely profits after these people would get completely exhausted.

Or… could it be that they intended to use these people as bait to lure Chu Yang and the others… so that they could wipe all of them in one fell swoop?

However, how did so much formidable power come in the hands of those four Young Masters of Ao Clan? Perhaps, all the experts of Ao Clan had come out in full strength, and that had resulted in this kind of victory…

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